“Last Minute Tests” Brought By The Universe In The Lead-Up To The Most Heightened Time For Twin Flame Unions In Years…! Are You Really Ready For This?


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Mercury Direct, Powerful New Moon in Aquarius and physical world shifts opening to Twin Flame reunions in the 3d…

Are you ready for this? (Beware the inner voices of fear…!)

Discover more below!

Aquarius New Moon

We start this week with a New Moon in Aquarius. It will likely feel like a breath of fresh air compared to recent times. 

Independence, enthusiasm about the future and Self Love are huge themes now – especially as Mercury goes direct on February 3rd. 

To make the most of these New Moon new beginning energies, aim big, but keep an eye out for where you might be fighting yourself, belittling yourself, making yourself dependent on others…

What Have You Been Telling Yourself?

You are strong, but you might have been telling yourself “stories” about smallness and helplessness in the back of your mind…

Unfortunately this will block you and your journey.

Become aware of this, clear it now as it’s a heightened time until Mercury turns direct.

Twin Flame Magnetism

Then write down some intentions now for the next month:
How can you lean MORE into your authentic truth and uniqueness?
(This will amp up your Twin Flame magnetism!)

How can you love yourself more?

How can you make sure your life becomes more filled with what you truly enjoy? 

(If this feels tough or only reminds you of how you’re NOT happy or living your truth, I can help. Go here and I’ll take you through it)

Uniting With Yourself in Love

A huge key that you may have noticed in recent times, is that our inner relationship with ourselves is in focus.

If you feel good about yourself, you’ll likely feel in flow on your journey.

But if you have deeper issues around self worth, fear of rejection, not being kind and generous and loving toward yourself – it has likely felt even worse lately.

That’s because the universe is working to show it to you so you can shift it!

Inner Unity, Wholeness

We’re being alerted to this strongly by spirit right now.

For Twin Flames this is crucial – and is in fact a necessary step to be open to receiving unity when Mars/Venus unite in a few weeks…

If you’re still not feeling whole on your own or good enough on your own, work is needed on the “inside” before things can fall easily into place on the outside.

Because “as within, so without” – when we can be whole within, it opens to “outer” unity arriving.

Spending this “preparation time” wisely and doing your inner work, will make sure you’re really aligned and open when the heightened period for reunion comes over the next few weeks…

Cutting Through Emotions

The New Moon happens in a conjunction with Saturn, which is HIGHLY rare.

It means, we’re being encouraged to stop paying ATTENTION to and giving away our power to negative emotions and fear based beliefs.

We’re asked to become a bit more detached, pragmatic…

And to cut away cords to old draining cycles within ourselves…

Giving Away Your Power?

We’re being asked to grow up a bit.

To CHOOSE our ideal reality and MANIFEST our unity… instead of allowing ourselves to wallow in emotions of powerlessness, sadness or doubt that maybe it’s not here (YET).

It’s a “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” time, says spirit.

A time to realising that your own effort and input gets results.

Not giving away your power to an outside source, or staying in waiting, despair or victimhood. CHOOSING a new beginning. 

Mercury Direct – Crucial Messages

On February 3rd Mercury goes direct, which many will be happy about!

But hold your horses a minute longer: Mercury goes direct while conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, which gives us some further important indications.

 These last few weeks, your whole perspective has in some way been encouraged to change… Your reality and identity has been changing or been encouraged and guided to…

And now, the new beginning will commence!

But it’s important that you keep an eye on your perspective and don’t slip back into old habits. Above all, don’t settle for less, is the message we get

3D Unity Coming Closer?

Pluto and Mercury also tie in Juno, asteroid of soul mates and divine relationships, so for Twin Flames, this is a signal that:

Due to how you have transformed your perspective and self image over recent weeks, or info you’ve come into contact with…

You are now more open and able to receive unity in the 3D physical.

Something about your physical situation is different, the path is more open now. If you have listened to your guidance.

(For help with this, to tap into divine support and refine your Twin Flame Telepathy, have a look here – class 2, 4 and 6 in particular)

twin flame story

“I wish I had all this information much much earlier!”
– Natalia F, Athens, Greece

“I am doing your program and people around me began to tell me that I am full of light and I feel really better with it!” – Nicoletta C, Rome, Italy

“This has been truly amazing, every time I use this my Twin Flame texts or calls me immediately afterwards. It’s amazing that I can do this type of thing and my Twin be so affected by it as well!” – Teresa B., USA

Click here for more on the program, and here for more Twin Flame feedback

Rekindling The Flame

As Mars and Venus are nearing their conjunction…
and Venus is joined with Vesta, asteroid of the hearth (the central fire) and the home…

We’re getting important messages from the cosmic flow.

Above all: The Twin Flame connection is likely in the beginning stages of being reconnected or deepened somehow, in the 3D physical.

A flame that will grow and expand as the counterparts, Mars and Venus (Masculine and Feminine), join together over the next few weeks and then travel together for a long period. 

Twin Flame Sabotage?

HOWEVER, it’s important you keep an eye on yourself and listen to TRUE guidance…

Because these “love planets” are opposed by Lilith retrograde in Cancer.

This represents the shadow karmic feminine… And this can mean several things.

It could indicate that your OWN fear of being hurt is blocking you from being available to love in the here and now, and keeping you from unity…

Or it could mean an outside – even COLLECTIVE – toxic female influence is “working” to keep you apart.

Such as negative opinions from others, belief systems telling you that men hurt women or true love doesn’t exist, or other Twins telling you unity can’t happen and more.

Love Vs Fear – Your Choice?

It’s important you KNOW that this is not real or true.

The toxic influence is speaking from FEAR, from feeling unloved.

It feels rejected by love, therefore it believes it “not real”. But that doesn’t have to be YOUR experience. In soul terms, only love is real.

As long as you anchor into the truth of your hearts’ bond and Twin Flame unity, you should experience this as a passing blip, no major issues.

But you have to ground into your higher truth. To stay focused.

Your Twin Flame’s higher self will help you if you go to them… (I take you through that here)

And in fact activating your inner unity on a higher plane, will help you call in physical togetherness.

Innocent Bystanders?

It could also be that some physical world outsider, is distracting or blocking you from unity, perhaps even without realising it.

To resolve anything like this, it’s important that you anchor into the now moment. To fully feel and be available to love.

Don’t let outside factors derail you.

Steps To Take To Unity

To move smoothly to unity including in the 3D physical, it will greatly help if you can tap into your divine support and guidance.

So you KNOW the right steps, where to go and when, to run into your counterpart…

When to potentially reach out to a runner Twin and how, or how to broach the subject of love and commitment… 

Because otherwise, you’ll likely end up unsure of yourself and finding this whole period stressful, which can and likely will block you from its highest potential.

So for help with this, go here.

Shedding Limitations

As the Sun joins Saturn in Aquarius this week, you could be seeing all the problems, “impossibility” or the negativity in things.

Your own doubts, and fear of disappointment and rejection, will likely be even LOUDER than usual.

What’s really happening is that Saturn is lighting up your negative or limiting beliefs.

What Do You REALLY Believe?

“He” is showing you what you need to clear! The veils of illusion that have blocked your third eye in particular… So you can see and move forward into love.

What does this mean?

You’re being shown where you have ACCEPTED any ideas that love is out of reach, or you don’t have what it takes to reunite, or that the world will withhold it from you, and more…

So whenever you notice them (it will likely show up in the form of sadness, heaviness, frustration and other emotions)…

It’s crucial that you clear and release these and don’t “buy into them”.

Finding Your Power

Saturn conjunct Sun also says “stay strong”.

Even if the world feels like it’s falling apart or good won’t find you – that’s temporary.

It’s the past outworn cycles working to break down so that the new and higher reality can find you.

So it has ROOM to arrive.

Don’t buy into the negativity! See it as old baggage being shown up so you can release it!

And then do so! (If you’re not sure how, I help you here for Free)

Falling Apart? Or Finding Freedom?

Pluto’s interaction with Mercury, turning direct, “says”:

What if when we thought things were going wrong, falling apart…

We were being FREED?

What if when we thought we were crumbling, we were actually allowing our TRUE self to begin shining? By letting the masks fall?

This is an essential part of the union process, we are told. And for the awakening of the planet.

Emotions Running High

As the Moon joins Neptune in Pisces on Thursday-Friday, remember to go to your counterpart’s higher self and consult your guidance…

Because it’s a vulnerable time when we have emotions running high – and it’s a time we can easily get dragged into perceptions of suffering…

Seeing all the bad in things, and feeling like nothing good lies ahead…

But if you go HIGHER, you will experience oneness, unconditional love, bursts of immense light and higher understanding.

So keep an eye on your perspective. 

Anchoring In Power

We still have the North Node and Ceres joined at the border between Taurus and Gemini, so your own effort and manifestation is encouraged in this.

Don’t approach your journey as if it’s out of your hands. 

Embrace your power as a creator, a manifestor of reality!

Mars Conjunct Venus – Union

Throughout the week, Mars is nearing his conjunction with Venus in Capricorn.

This is a classic indication of lovers united physically, of lovers finding each other for the first time…

And for Twin Flames, a key time of unity and serendipitous events that bring you together somehow!

*****There is a HUGE caveat to this though.*****

And it’s the reason I almost didn’t tell you about this in the forecasts!

Because when not only you, but the WHOLE COLLECTIVE gets stressed about something, the alignment can warp and distort into creating problems. 

High Time For Twin Flame Reunions

Over coming weeks, PLEASE stay calm and in a high alignment, and be open to HOW this manifests in your life. Relax and release worry.

Because you can otherwise get in your own way and BREAK the alignment that makes it possible.

So: is this a time for Twin Flame Reunions? In cosmic terms?

One of the most key times in many years! This is a HIGHLY rare period!!!!

However… Does that GUARANTEE it? No.
Can you YOURSELF get in the way? Yes.

Above all, with fear, stress, worry and control energy.

Know Thyself

So ask yourself:
Do you feel deeply relaxed and at PEACE at the prospect of an impending meeting or Reunion or Union? 

Or do you feel concerned, worried, stressed, excited to the point of hysteria?

Or somehow like … it drives you crazy that you can’t KNOW what will happen?

Those are ALL fear based, and will unfortunately make it a LOT harder for it to happen.

Why It’s “On You”

So to really make the most of these next few weeks’ heightened potential, it’s CRUCIAL that YOU step into your highest self.

That YOU clear fear and all the illusions telling you love isn’t already with you in every second. (Because it is!)

It is CRUCIAL that YOU find your inner unity and inner peace no matter what. So you are open. So you are aligned.

These are exciting times, but then again you have known about this since before you came here.

Your Checklist

Now, the question is, have you done the inner work that brings it into alignment?

Are you able to now energetically HOLD unity in the 3D physical, to be in a state of love within yourself and your connection?

Or have you gotten off track into fear, worry, lack of confidence and other states that deflect love? 

Going within now and anchoring in unconditional love in your system, embedding the masculine/feminine “sacred marriage” Hieros Gamos, is a huge help.

Because when YOU embody unity, in spiritual terms you’re a match with it showing up in the 3D physical and every space of reality. 

Read more here.

I’ll share more on this heightened period next week.

Until then, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3 

Cassady x 

Worried that your counterpart is out of reach?

For a session where we gently assist them in moving closer, by letting their OWN soul activate inner awakening codes in their system with their own FREE WILL, go here.

Importantly this will help them act on their OWN guidance over coming weeks and be open to you, as the divine works to bring you together from each side.

 Discover more here.

twin flame awakening


“The Higher Dimensional Anchoring completely blew me away. I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. I’m so grateful for your tools, and I’m merely without words on this latest one. It really was the answer to my prayers.”
– Sarah (via Facebook)

“Thank you Cassady! It was AMAZING and HUGE. Back home, on track in 9! And we spoke finally again!”
– Daisy (via instagram)

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