Powerful Full Moon In Leo Calls On You To Stand Up For Yourself – But Is Ego Causing TF Deflections? Neptune Triggers Soul Path, Pushing To Release Illusions… Nothing Is As It Seems Right Now!

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: 

Neptune/North Node square asks you to take a good look at how you have been treating YOURSELF, and to shift your perspective out of powerlessness/victimhood…

Plus, Full Moon in Leo ignites your inner fire – but can you avoid the temptation toward conflict with your Twin, and instead fuel it into harmony?

Discover more below!


Deep Shifts In Self

This will not be the easiest of weeks, but if you approach it wisely, you will grow as a person…

And the old issues that have been bothering you in your connection will never return again.

It may feel like love and your counterpart are out of reach this week, but it’s deep down an illusion. Nothing is as it seems right now.

Keep reading to find out why and what’s really going on.

Feeling Abandoned?

A new beginning awaits in Twin Flame love this week… But first, you must confront your own shadows.

Neptune semi-square the North Node, brings an uncomfortable atmosphere of bursting illusions.

In particular, if you were waiting for some magical solution to “fix” your life or twin flame situation without any input from you…

You may get the strong feeling and knowing now, that this is not going to work. In fact, you may feel completely blocked and abandoned by your Twin/the higher realms now.

Activating The Power Of Action

What’s happening is that the universe and your soul are pushing you to take control of your OWN destiny.

To set strong intentions, actually do your inner work to confront shadows and clear blocks… and become an active participant in making your dream come true! 

The North Node deals with soul evolution, and when there is a challenge with Neptune it deals with rethinking spiritual ideas, illusions – and in particular escapism.

Better Than Expected

You may feel worried as what you got used to believing (especially regarding “shortcuts” or “magical” instant solutions, miraculous TF returns and other inner child beliefs) seems to fade or bubbles seemingly “bursting”…

But if you open to your true capability, you will realize that your life and Twin Flame connection can actually be BETTER than you had expected! 

With Uranus square Saturn still, we see that your ideal situation could be very different than what you had expected or that seems “normal” or traditional.

But if you open up and embrace your power, it can shift for the better, surprisingly quickly!

Taking Responsibility

Along with Neptune, Saturn also interacts with the North Node.

This shows us yet again that we are being asked to take responsibility for our path… and to become an ACTIVE and conscious participant on our journey of co-creation with the universe.

What does this mean? Taking inspired action, instead of sitting on the sidelines and waiting for someone else to “magic” our situation or show up our dream…

The planets show, that when we embrace this, our path will open wide to progress – even if it has seemed blocked in the past 

Higher Versions Of Your Path

With Mercury trine Uranus, shifting your perspective is a huge part of this. Allow yourself to release preconceptions and perceived limits.

You will realize the possibility is right there, for what you desire. All you needed was to release the attachment to what you thought HAD to be.

And the higher version shows up right in front of you.

Twin Flame Challenges

With Venus square Mars, the Twin Flame relationship is likely not flowing smoothly right now. Above all, there is a sense of disconnect on the emotional level.

The Feminine Twin likely feels that her counterpart is distant or not “on the same page” … In particular, that “he” doesn’t have any compassion or understanding for her situation…

And “he” might seem distracted and removed in 3D world activities and ego, too full of stress or static to be in his own truth.

Don’t Mistake Their Ego As “Real”

We see that this can be a frustrating time for the Feminine Twin, but the answer is to go to your counterpart’s HIGHER self.

They will offer unconditional love, guidance and support and be there with you every moment if you allow it.

And as you interact with your counterpart’s higher self, it helps awaken it more and more in their physical 3D self too.

Don’t make the mistake of focusing on the ego as “real”, as it unfortunately only strengthens it more!

(Read more in this article)


Leo Full Moon

Throughout the week, emotions build for the Full Moon in Leo, which happens on February 5th.

Leo is a sign of passion and exuberance, but as with all the fire signs it can border into ego, especially if someone feels challenged.

The biggest “enemy” to love and reunion this week is EGO (and past clashes based in Ego). 

There is a possibility that pride will keep you in a state of conflict or battle, blocking you from forgiveness, and therefore blocking your Twin and love.

So make sure you CHOOSE to start over!

The Problem With Blame

Release any past agreements. It’s the ticket to the harmony and love you are longing for.

Unfortunately, as tempting as it can feel when someone has hurt us, resentment and anger will never bring the peace or love we want.

Remember that fear, shame or anger can never bring us love, because they are on the opposite side of the vibrational scale.

If we are in a state of anger, wishing for love, we are unfortunately on the wrong “channel” and we cannot receive it.

(Take the quiz here to assess where you’re TRULY at on an energetic and unconscious level – and learn more about how to raise your vibration powerfully to call in union) 

energy vibrations

The Cause? Karmic Baggage 

With the Leo Full Moon opposing Saturn, it’s tempting to blame others or point the finger right now.

If your situation is unhappy on any level, or something has not worked out (yet), the temptation will most likely be to cast blame onto others…

But Saturn highlights that the deeper causes are NOT other people or outside circumstances!

It’s the karmic baggage that has made you ALIGNED with those lesser results or negative experiences.

TF Outsider Issues?

If you have had repeated cycles of running/separation or outsider involvements in your Twin Flame connection, for example…

Saturn highlights that the solution is to clear the karmic wounds which have CAUSED this on a deeper level.

(For help with this, I take you to the Akashic Records to access and heal your karmic information and your Twin’s in the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames.)

twin flame karma

Releasing Disappointments

Leo is the ruler of the heart and courage – of kings and queens.

Spirit shows us, this Full Moon deals above all with releasing past disappointments so that we can move forward into a higher state.

In order to do so, the past letdowns have to be cleared from our systems.

(Spirit’s message is that even if this seems “impossible”, your INTENTION to release disappointments is powerful. Above all, be willing. The rest will follow.)

The Lure Of “Victimhood”

We’re being asked to release the past stuff that clouded us from being able to experience the highest in the here and now and future.

With the Leo Full Moon and Venus in Pisces, there is unfortunately a strong tendency to victimhood for the Feminine Twin this week.

The cosmic gift is, that we get to acknowledge and clear it (because it only attracts more of the same mistreatment/negativity).

Be aware that if feelings and perspectives of being victimized or mistreated are coming up, or subtly affecting you, it is completely false on the spiritual level.

Infinity Speaking

As a soul, you are INFINITE!

Look at all the strange synchronicities and signs and experiences you have had so far on your Twin Flame journey…

It’s infinity speaking to you. Showing you that there is more.

That YOU are more than you ever used to believe.

The Next Chapter

Release any ideas of victimhood, as challenging as that may feel right now.

Know that when you do this, you open to the next chapter of your Twin Flame journey to arrive.

Love cannot reach you when you are in victimhood, because you are shut off.

If needed, write it all out and burn the paper. Get it out of your system so you can rise higher.

You truly are capable.

Cassady x 

PS: If you would like more consistent support, healing and help to make 2023 your best Twin Flame year ever, have a look here x


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