Eclipse Season Begins… The Heart Of The Lion: Transformations Underway As Love Is Put To The Test – Secret Shadows Of The Karmic Feminine


This is set to be a pivotal week for the Twin Flame pair, with a Super Full Blue Blood Moon Eclipse setting the scene for major transformations! Discover more below…

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What Was Swept Under The Carpet?

So onto the cosmic energies. We pick off from last week with a strong energy transit posing challenges to many relationships – not just Twin Flames, but the collective in general.

With Pluto and Lilith Retrograde in close position with Mercury, we’re dealing with potentially explosive situations from the past being pushed up for resolution.

This has to do with things that were swept under the carpet, especially as regards inequality towards the feminine polarity (particularly biological females, as Lilith deals with the shadow side of the female karmic collective)…

With the Moon in opposition we see there are a lot of emotions that are pushing to be released now.

Spirit shows us, we’re being asked to deal with old situations in which the feminine/female had to “suck it up” and try to just deal internally with grievances – most likely to “accept” that there was nothing she could do.

This stuff has been congesting and clogging up not only our individual systems but the collective energy fields – blocking a higher state of romantic unity from showing up between man and woman especially.

Past Hurt Asking For Resolution

We’re shown primal scream therapy – symbolizing that the strength of the feelings coming up right now aren’t even something that can be put into words.

It’s not so much about finding a *solution* as to release in some way the old negativity. Above all the awful feeling from past situations, where it was as if nothing could be done to correct or heal injustice or hurt…

As mentioned in previous 2018 forecasts, you might not be dealing with your own feeling material in this period. You might actually be picking up on collective karma from injustice and power abuse historically.

(Read more in this message from the Divine Feminine)

Where Twin Flame Disruptions Come From

Remember that in energy there are no boundaries unless you yourself put them there – our bodies may seem separate but when we interact with others and the world, places, tv shows, movies, the internet…

We are swimming in that energy, blending ours with it unless we deliberately work to shield ourselves or rise out of alignment. When we’re a match with an energy, we “blend” with it, which is why it’s important to not *emotionally* involve in negativity.

Shielding and grounding are a powerful practice for the Twin Flame journey, as this helps you move out of the 3D realm of stress and protects you from disruptive influences.

It can stabilize mood swings (which are really a sign of coming into contact with different energy flows) and uplift your Twin connection by removing unnecessary stressors that could otherwise trigger both you and your Twin.

I teach you simple yet powerful methods for this and more in the Vibrational Alignment Program. In the program, I show you step by step the methods that got my Twin and I to Union within 18 months of our first encounter! Have a look here for more.

twin flame program

Need To Let Off Some Steam?

For best results this week – especially Monday-Tuesday with the Moon in Cancer – do something to release powerful negative emotions.

Exercise, sing, dance, do a ritual where you write it all down on paper and burn it up to show you’re letting it go – something to release!

And of course, the most permanent and effective method I’ve discovered in my years of research into the subject of energy and the Twin Flame journey – metaphysical energy clearing.

In the new energy shift on planet earth, we are coming more and more into our non-physical power. We don’t have to just pray or hope for things to change or to spend hours on meditation or affirmations.

We can use our intention to neutralize negativity, to cut cords that have been draining us, to move out of hardship and manifest our desires.

To learn more about energy work and the Twin Flame journey, have a look here for a session where I take you through it step by step, including clearing the most common blocks Twin Flames experience – the typical causes of Running, Chasing and Struggle.


Go here to learn more.

What Are Your Dreams Telling You?

With Venus and the Sun in Aquarius square Jupiter in Scorpio, there’s a sense that we’re being blocked off from the higher dimensions – but it’s actually far from true. What’s really going on is that a lot of unconscious work is happening.

You might notice your dreams being more active in this period, that you’re dreaming about old situations, seeing symbolically strange expressions …

What’s happening is that your soul and guidance team are assisting you in working through old issues from a new perspective. To release things on a deeper level. Your dreams are the “window” into what’s going on.

Why So Many Twins Are “Lying” To Themselves

Did you know it’s estimated that 96% of all our thoughts are unconscious? This causes HUGE problems for so many people. Often, people have no idea what’s really going on behind the scenes of their own being…

So many Twin Flames tell me, I love my Twin and just want to be together – but when I look at their energy it’s clear they have a lot of underlying fears that are pushing them apart…

Fears they aren’t consciously aware of or willing to face up to.

Unconscious fears and blocks are an important thing to work on for a happy Twin Flame connection -because that’s where the deepest blocks lie! That’s where the running, chasing, struggle, fear comes from…

Down there in the “storehouse of your being” there are memories, old experiences, perceptions, beliefs you might not realize are sabotaging your efforts at coming together happily.

It’s why spirit asked me to create the Higher Heart Transformation Journey, where we use a specially formulated deep meditation to bypass the ego mind and show up what’s really going on in your unconscious so we can deal with it, heal what’s wounded and uplift your journey for good.

Discover more about that here.

Why Twin Flames “Run”

The unconscious is where our “shadows” live. The aspects of ourselves that are afraid and trying to block love, often because we’re afraid of being hurt. This is what’s going on with so many Runner Twin Flames.

They’ve been triggered to flee because they don’t feel safe to open up. And in the intensity of the Twin Flame connection they feel vulnerable…

Helping your Runner Twin deal with unconscious fears is one of the best ways to turn around the situation for good – read more here about how that works.

Symbolic Answers To Your Questions

This week, it would be helpful to keep a dream journal by your bedside or to note down what you remember onto your phone or computer when you wake up.

Interpret the symbols you’re shown – they don’t often make conscious sense but when you look them up with a guide like you’ll start to see that there are underlying messages. You can also read this article on how to interpret dreams and symbols on the Twin Flame journey.

When we’re asleep the unconscious mind is in charge, so if you pay attention in this period, you’re set to receive important insights…

Above all, pay attention to how you *feel* after a particular dream.

Lunar Eclipse In Leo

With the Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo hitting on 31st January we have strong oppositions between ego and emotion.

This Full Moon is the second full Moon of this month, so is called a “Blue Moon”, and in addition it occurs closer to earth than normal – so it’s termed a Blood Moon and can tend to look orange or red in color…

Lastly, it’s a Moon Eclipse happening! All in all, science reckons something like this event only happens every 150 years… So this is a peak time in the cosmic energies.

Early life identities and emotional programming is being pushed to release so that the new and higher identity can step forth.

In some cases this actually deals with the higher self aspect stepping into the personality in a greater way.

The past is strongly coming up for release, and it above all has to do with feeling-attachment to ego identity, pride, insecurity… Especially regards romance and feeling worthy of love.

In energy terms we are dealing with sluicing out negative energy from the heart chakra, activating higher frequencies and light codes. Making way for “heaven on earth” – the heart is the portal for Unity.

Later this year we are set to step more fully into a “new era” for the collective as Uranus makes a rare move into Taurus – setting the start for a new time of heart centered living.

This eclipse is a “taster” of the themes we’re set to be dealing with throughout this year and beyond – moving out of the old modes of relating to others and self, moving out of the “conditional love” templates and into “unconditional love”.

Are You Really Ready For Unconditional Love?

Self versus unity is an issue coming up strongly for the Twin Flame collective right now. There is no correct way to deal with this, as balance is something that looks different for each pair.

You’ll know when you’ve clicked into that space of unconditional acceptance for yourself and your counterpart. But if you’re not there quite yet, expect this week to push you to face up to it.

Spirit shows us – childhood is the root of negativity right now. Infancy – the very first templates to love and relationships you “downloaded” from your parents or caretakers.

Do make sure you check in with your inner child this week for relief and to resolve intense emotions or negative situations that might be showing up.

Have a look here for more

Masculine Twin Facing Old Temptations

As Mars has now moved out of his alignment with Jupiter and is on new territory in Sagittarius, the Masculine or male Twin is set to feel more at ease, more “like himself” again.

We sense that although Mars in Sagittarius is often about the male desire for social and romantic adventure “no strings attached” – the masculine Twin is feeling more… reluctant now compared to the past.

There’s almost like a challenge going on right now, “his” soul is putting him to the test. Old situations might crop up, old “temptations” return – but he is set to have a stronger sense of conscience now compared to the past.

We see him make different choices than in the past.

The lure of old pleasures isn’t as strong as before, and likelihood is, he will be feeling (often unconsciously) a sense of honour towards his counterpart – loyalty.

Those unawakened Twins who are with non-Twin partners are in this period likely to start questioning their life choices. To feel pulled toward their eternal love counterpart in a real life way. (Read more about this here)

To assist your Unawakened Twin in releasing past attachments, connecting with his soul identity and begin to “wake up” – have a look here. Importantly, all the work we do in this session is in alignment with the Unawakened Twin’s free will.

Spirit channeled this session to me with the message that many Unawakened Twins have been *waiting* for this – calling out for help to step out of the 3D ”matrix” where they’ve been stuck in ego.

Discover more here

twin flame awakening

This is set to be a pivotal week for Twin Flames, and again, it’s highly centered in the unconscious and emotion.

Do your best to keep your cool, use the free downloads here to center into light and love again and draw out harmony with your Twin.

There’s a lot going on right now but all in all 2018 is set to be a year with higher shifts and developments available to you if you take the opportunity to step into the new energies available.

To read more, sign up below to get the full 26 page 2018 Energy Forecast eBook sent to you on email.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


Want more? Learn the methods that got my Twin and I to Union within 18 months of our first encounter – have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames. And, go here to read about other Twin Flames’ amazing experiences with the program.

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“Cassady, Your tools have continued to be a direct link to my healing. Thank you for the love and continued information. Your tools have helped me more than anything I’ve done to heal my karma and pain. Love to you “

Karen, Arkansas, USA

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  1. Thank you Cassady,
    I always read your posts and funny enough they are always spot on for me. It has been an incredibly difficult 2017 for me, total rebirth ( I actually doubted i will make it through to 2018). I must say (I feel I must say) that the guidance I have received from other dimensions was/ is incredibly enlightening,soul enriching and mind-broadening. I am discovering things/information as I go in the process. I am learning to trust my heart not my eyes as much. Can you tell me more on the light energy shower that I have experienced lately!? Do you know where I can find more information on that! Thank you and God bless!!

    1. Hi Mm,

      Thank you for commenting – I’m glad it resonates. Goes to show how we feel the cosmic energies and how they affect us in our lives!

      Light energy showers are there for you whenever you choose. For you it seems like your Twin Soul’s higher self has been responding to your requests for help and uplifting. He’s “sending” that to you – or, opening you to it. I’m sensing he’s there with you – a very benevolent presence and that’s his way of answering your request for help.

      He’s kind of apologetic about not being able to show you his presence more often but he shows me (awwww) kissing you on the cheek every night as you go to sleep. There’s so much love there for you. He’s showing me he’s always there, he never leaves you even if you feel like he does.

      He’s very proud of you and showing that there are good things in store. And right now! He’s saying, as long as you have each other xx

      Sending you love and light and thank you for the opportunity to open up to such lovely communication from your Twin’s higher self aspect.

      Look into what’s going on with your crown chakra, he’s showing me. Do you feel deserving of the kind of immense love he wants to show you? Do you feel deserving of “miracles”?

      Sending you love and light <3 x Cassady

  2. I can’t believe I’m saying this but we reached union yesterday! It was so unexpected and out of the blue! I was to the point where I felt like there was always going to be something keeping us from union block wise, because old things kept coming up for me to heal. As soon as I shifted my focus and stopped every little action or inaction from affecting me, bam. It just fell into place. It really does feel like coming home. No fireworks or 3D stuff that comes with a new relationship. Just a genuine feeling of being home and everything just happening so naturally like we’ve been together for years. (We have been running and chasing for 23 years.) All the things I thought were going to be issues just seemed to not seem like such a big deal anymore. Forgiveness is key. Self love is key. And being able to live a life that is conducive to being with or without your twin is key. You really do have to be okay either way for it to happen.

  3. Hi Cassady! Could you tell me what my twin flame thinks I have to work on? Thank you so much for every insight, I have been following you for 2 years now.

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