All Planets Direct! But… Forward Momentum Missing? It’s Because Of Heavyweight Planets, Pushing You To Go Deeper And Re-Start Everything From The Heart, Not The Mind…

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: 

Why You May Be Feeling Low, Despite “All Planets Direct”…

Saturn/Uranus’ square ties in Venus, putting pressure on you to question and re-evaluate your approach to life, wealth and relationships…

The purpose is to help you rise out of struggle/karmic versions of love, and open to the glory heart-led living and romance.

Will it be easy? Likely not… But will it benefit you? For the rest of your life, if you “play your cards right”!

Discover more below! 

“Missing” Something?

Uranus just went direct at the weekend, and you’ll likely see a lot of talk about how this supposedly is an amazing time for manifestation and forward momentum…

But the idea of “all planets direct” being such an amazing time, doesn’t consider what ELSE is going on with the chart.

Squares and oppositions can bring considerable pressure – regardless of whether there are retrogrades or not.

So if you’ve felt confused that you’ve been down lately, try not to worry because there IS a divine reason for it.

Saturn’s Heavy-Handed Message

Venus conjuncts Saturn at the beginning of the week, and both square Uranus. This is why you’ve likely been feeling pressured and heavy.

Traditionally, Venus conjunct Saturn symbolizes commitment in romance, but with Uranus in a square it becomes much more complicated.

Saturn tends to bring a heavy-handed wakeup call to “cut the dead branches”, so your life improves.

Any major Saturn transit tends to bring “cutbacks”, flagging of problems and a general reduction in ENJOYMENT.

Highlighting Problems, So You Can Fix Them

If this is happening – most likely in regards to love, wealth and/or creativity and enjoyment on some level – try not to worry. 

Saturn deals with cause and effect and responsibility, and is highlighting any problems or weaknesses, so you can fix them.

Pay attention. Clear what comes up. Don’t just wait for this to pass. That’s the key.

Happening in Aquarius, Saturn is showing up all the debris and the un-serving content you have taken on regarding love, wealth and creativity/enjoyment.

Or, where you need to gain more control/awareness and take things more seriously.

Feeling Down?

Saturn tends to bring feelings of hopelessness, despair or a focus on everything that is “wrong” – so it’s important that you stay aware this week and don’t get emotional.

With Aquarius as the focus, it’s highlighting and causing a purge of all the toxic third eye/mental content and perceptions you have absorbed. 

Anything which is working AGAINST your true desires and soul purpose.

Such as ideas that males and females are opposed, or that life is hard, that Twin Flames suffer, or that it’s impossible in this world to enjoy abundance from doing what you love…

This is being pushed to the surface – brought to your attention – so you can clear these toxins and open to more of your true joy, true harmony, love and satisfaction.

Tests Of Love

Venus conjuncts Saturn is traditionally considered beneficial for long term relationships, for lasting love.

HOWEVER, it’s more of a test than most people realize, because Saturn’s approach is:

If you can deal with these challenges and STILL be in love/committed/pursue your dream… THEN it’s “meant” for you.

Your Heart’s Desire

The pressure he puts on us or a relationship, can be extremely challenging to overcome. And that’s the point. It’s his “test”.

Saturn’s purpose is to cut away that which does not serve you or your true heart’s desires. Therefore, this time can bring upheaval and unpleasantness. 

The goal is to make you think twice about what you have been focused on and have given your energy and effort to, to rehash your life moving forward (especially in terms of love/wealth/creativity and play)…

Feeling Blocked? Good News

As mentioned, Saturn is not a very pleasant energy to deal with.

It will require for you to stay logical and be able to detach from the feeling of being blocked, which is common at this time.

The good news is, have you felt this weekend that your Twin is out of reach, or love is not for you? That it will never happen?

Be aware that it’s Saturn! Working to show that you have these BELIEFS in your system still – which is attracting to you those exact events in some form.

The best approach is to clear it out – which is his mission to alert you to – so you can open to what serves you better. 

I recently created the Twin Flame Essential Healing pack, which will help you with all of this

More testimonials here

Do You Feel “Deserving”?

The truth to really focus on right now is, you really do deserve all the love you desire. You really do deserve that much happiness, miracles, for your dream to come true.

So ask yourself – who told you lasting love wasnt possible?
Who told you your dreams wouldnt or couldn’t come true – and when?

Clear these things. You really ARE so deserving – and capable!

Shifting Perspectives

Uranus square Venus/Saturn means that early this week will feel particularly challenged.

In cosmic terms, you’re being asked to shift your perspective on love and yourself.

To question and release the old ideas of what a happy life or relationship looks like.

Ultimately, having the courage to choose what truly serves you, and not what other people deem “right” or appropriate based on age, gender, culture.

A great session for this time is the New Beginnings Ritual Workshop, where I take you through this process and rooting out the deeper causes of any lower cycles repeating in your connection and your life.


Overhaul Of Values

Uranus squares tend to bring challenges, and when he squares Saturn and Venus, it’s to do with pushing for a complete overhaul of the VALUES you have organized your life and relationship around. 

It’s all about getting us to release the standard beliefs and approaches, cutting away the illusions and what is not serving us…

So we can live in true alignment with our heart and soul.

Dark Night Of The Soul?

Many Twins are experiencing a(nother) dark night of the soul lately, as a result of this pressure between Saturn and Uranus.

There is a state of still point happening, where you may not feel like doing much. Just be still with yourself.

Work to NOT opt into your old worries or projections. Release the negative beliefs. Allow yourself to re-set.

Then the new and higher state will gradually emerge, even if you’re feeling low right now. Remember who you are.


Blurred Boundaries

Wednesday when the Moon conjuncts Neptune, be extra aware of this tendency for heaviness, as Neptune can compound it.

In short, what you are feeling on Wednesday this week may not actually even be “yours”!

Boundaries blur and everyone becomes more empathic under Pisces/Neptune influences, so do your best to remember this.

Highlight Of The Week

Thursday-Friday will likely be the highlight of the week, when the Moon joins Jupiter in Aries and gives us a nice boost of enthusiasm and light-heartedness.

This is the time to focus on belief, planning your goals, and aiming high.

If you try this early in the week, you may just feel a sense that you’re setting yourself up for disappointment…

Jupiter will help you, and into the weekend as the Sun sextiles Mars, you’ll be feeling more motivated to put your plans into action.

Venus In Pisces – Who’s Feeling What?

Friday, Venus moves into Pisces, bringing another shift in Love.

The focus moves onto emotional needs and spiritual togetherness, and the challenging issue is that there can be blurred lines between whos feeling what right now.

Twin Flame telepathy is more noticeable, but you could be picking up on your counterpart’s heaviness.

Keep this in mind – try to differentiate between your own feelings and others. We are energetic beings and always interacting with the energies of those around us.

Twin Flame Protection

On the Twin Flame journey it’s key to stay clear and protected, so we can stay in magnetism with our Twin Flame.

(When we absorb outside content, it weakens our attraction because we leave our shared “Soul Song” frequency)

Therefore, clearing other peoples energy out of your space will paradoxically open you up to your Twin more.

(Spirit highlights that there is a LOT of fear collectively in society right now, based in economic outlook and worry around inflation/recession – so it’s more intense than usual.

They suggest this session as it deals directly with cutting cords to lower collective energies and protecting you and your Twin from negativity).

Attracting The “Right” Things

In short, shielding is a key for harmony in love this coming month.

As you stay clear and protected, you will rise up more and more, and notice more and more divine guidance, synchronicities, signs of love, progress and help reaching you.

Venus in Pisces brings a higher spiritual and unconditional love potential, which will reveal itself to you, the more centered you are in your own truth.

Dreams, miracles, telepathy, synchronicity, and more…

Dreams, Miracles, Telepathy…

This week may feel heavy and challenging to start with, but there is a purpose.

Work with the cosmic energies to prepare ground and clear out negativity, and by the end of the week you will notice lightness returning!

And, by doing this, you will experience the most magical, higher connectedness of your Twin Flame bond when Venus enters Pisces.

Above all, you will experience eternal love and togetherness, even if your physical Ego Selves are perceived to be in Separation.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3 

Cassady x

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