Resurrection Of The Divine Feminine Reality. Are You Ready To Forgive All To Make Room For Love? Death And Rebirth Of The Twin Flame Paradigm…

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The Shadow Side Of The Feminine

I love to be the bearer of good news but this week is unfortunately set to be a challenge…

With a triple conjunction between the Sun, Venus and Lilith in Aquarius – we’re dealing with potential for severe blow-ups in love.

The big asteroid Lilith represents the Shadow side of the historical Feminine…

And when it interacts with other planets we’re always dealing with collective karma which is interacting with and triggering our own “baggage” negatively.

It’s no secret that females have been disempowered and abused throughout history in various ways, and many new age writers talk about this new era as being one where the “divine feminine” pradigm will rise up again.

That the wisdom of receptivity, kindness and unity will become valued and influential once more.

(Read more about what the Divine Feminine is really about here)

Preparation For A New “World”

However, what’s often not mentioned, is that in order to get to that point the cosmic energies are pushing us to deal with the considerable karmic energies surrounding the past hurts experienced…

To resolve, release and heal the old negativity.

The power abuse, the repression, the violence, the helplessness often imposed upon the feminine principle and above all the biologically female.

Over the last 18 months or so, we have been pushed to confront and hash out the old conflict patterns and inequalities and above all the *emotions* stored in the collective fields relating to this.

What If The Issues Weren’t Yours?

And we’re shown by spirit that the Twin Flame pairs have been instrumental in “playing out” these negative energies in a project designed to cleanse and uplift the old negative karma.

This is why Twin Flames are pushed to forgive each other over and over.

It’s as if the Twin pairs have volunteered to take on historical negativity especially between male and female, so that we could heal these hurts on behalf of the whole.

In order for there to be room for the new paradigm of love to rise forth.

Because, like with a cup of water that’s already full, you can’t put coffee in it until the water is first gone. We had to cleanse out the negativity before the new love based reality pattern could rise forth for the human collective.

Because as you know fear and hurt are some of the lowest energies on the spectrum, whereas love is one of the highest. They cannot exist in the same place at the same time.

Or, as I often say, they’re on different “radio stations”. So in order to get onto “Love FM”, we have had to clear all the stuff that’s kept us stuck in conflict.

(To learn more about energy and how it impacts your Twin Flame journey, have a look here)


Karmic Hurts And Power Abuses

Lilith has been interacting with several key planetary energies over the last 18 months and is set to continue this push for cleansing and integration throughout 2018.

Pushing alongside powerful planets like Pluto and Saturn, this is karmic and unconscious material we’re dealing with.

Do beware that what negativity you believe to be real, right now, between you and your Twin, is actually this old negative energy expressing itself in the collective fields and you’re both picking up on it and “acting it out”.

Spirit shows us the faster you can forgive and see through it to the love that lies beneath, the faster you’ll move away from the negative cycles and up into love.

I would highly recommend reading this article on the truth about Twin Flame forgiveness as this is key right now.

And have a look here, where I take you through the process of true forgiveness.

Not to open up to be hurt by the same person or others, but so you can let go of pain and heaviness for good and shift into a higher expression of love. Where you won’t be wired to attract hurt anymore…


Click here for more

Male Twin Confronted With Past Connections

When Mars enters Sagittarius on the 26th, he’s set to move into interactions with Lilith over the next month and it most likely won’t be pretty.

When activating the old Lilith points from these last 18 months, we’ll be dealing with the Masculine or in particular biologically male Twin being confronted with old negativity.

Spirit shows us, the hurt he’s inflicted on others through his “enjoyment of the male freedom privilege”. Old sexual exploits and power abuses are being shown up so he can see them in a new light. That’s the purpose of this.

In order to clear out the residual energies of your counterpart’s intimacy with others, which can feel torturous to Twin Flames, have a look at this special clearing session spirit channeled to me. The Complete Twin Flame Harmony Healing.

As we cleanse both your chakra systems and the channels between you, you’ll feel more at peace and the triggers will be gone – we also align and uplift your shared timelines as a pair and gift you a beneficial energy from the higher dimensions.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

Have a look here for more.

Blow-Ups Likely – Keep A Cool Head

With Pluto conjunct Mercury most of this week, there’s high likelihood of unconscious hurts and fears being expressed “out of the blue”.

Keep this in mind – we see someone “taken over by their shadows”, fears you might not have realized you had.

We see fears of the future, of trusting someone (especially your Twin or the Universe) and being let down. These are key.

Do make sure you clear these. If you merely wait for it to “go away”, it will just settle into your being again and continue to negatively affect your timelines, your manifestations and your Twin connection from behind the scenes.

Better take the opportunity to clear it out while it’s there where you can “see” it. You can use the energy cleanse tool here to do so.

You might also find the following useful: Get a Free Chakra Reading for Twin Flames.


Are You Being Honest With Yourself?

With the conjunction between Pluto and Mercury this whole week, we see this strong message too – there’s something you’re not being honest with yourself about.

We see, and please be open to the deeper wisdom in this, don’t dismiss the message…

We see that it’s possible that the negativity you’ve experienced has been created by you. Not deliberately, but unconsciously.

Did you know all your thoughts, feelings and intentions impact your Twin Flame? And your experiences together? (I explain this more in “What You Need To Know About Twin Flame Timelines)

And yes, you could have been negatively creating because of the beliefs, fears and “baggage” the world has “given” you throughout your life… But it’s happened nonetheless.

The message is this: If your current situation is not what you want, now is the time to change it.

In taking responsibility for your creation, you can move past this and into what you do desire.

But if you keep acting as if the current situation is imposed on you, blaming others for it, it can’t seemingly change. Because you keep feeding into it with your focus.


A New Reality Rising

We’re shown you have to simply draw a line in the sand and go: This is not what I want, so I’ll end it and begin creating what I do desire. You really have the power to do that.

Remember in December how Saturn’s return to Capricorn set the start for a new cycle of Twin Flame Reunions in the physical world?

Well, now Pluto is waiting further along the line in the same sign – blocking your path by demanding you to take responsibility for yourself before you move further into creation.

Demanding that you go within and face the truth. That you face up to yourself, above all.

Because if “he lets you pass” with the same old patterns running the show, all that will happen is that you’ll create more of the same but with the added power of Saturn’s manifestation energy.

Are You Really Ready For Unconditional Love?

This is a peak time of preparation above all. We’re shown that many simply aren’t ready yet to come together in Reunion, as the same old issues would merely end up expressing themselves over and over in a different environment.

The cosmic energies are always working for harmony, so this week, we’re being put to the test.

Pluto demands a “death” of your old method and a “rebirth” into a new and more conscious approach.

Then, you may pass and begin to physically create your “heaven on earth”.

First, it’s essential to deal with the unconscious fear and blame patterns that have caused “secret” self-sabotage for so many Twin Flames these last few years.


Words Of Encouragement

Please don’t feel that this is me castigating you, as I’m interpreting the energies at hand. Do your best to use this time to resolve old blocks so you can move forth into more and more love and harmony.

To read more about how the human brain is actually “hardwired” to block love, and how to resolve this – have a look at this article.

And if it sounds like an overwhelming task to deal with unconscious patterns and shift out of the “old version of reality” – have a look at the newest session spirit channeled, where we actually clear out old ancestral limiting grids of manifestation and collective reality alignments that keep so many Twins stuck in conflict.

I believe in you! Although this week has plenty of potential for challenges, there’s also great reward for those who can use these elements to their highest expression.

This is a week in which you truly have the chance to change things around for good and open up to a future full of love and unity – but it’s up to you to take action and make it happen.

As always I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


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  1. I Been with my Twin flame for 16 years on April 20 2018 !! I been through everything together with him bside me!! He my reason of staying here !! Usually here them day for the children!! No it’s for us !! We made them !! Which we been together through addictions to!! Now both been recovin ADDICT the last ten years !! We know what happened if one leaves the other will die!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing Lara747!

    You’re really in tune – this is something that’s been going on since last year, it’s such a wonderful thing that you intuitively knew what was going on from a higher perspective.

    That knowing will really help you and your Twin shift your dynamic out of “re-enacting” those collective karmic experiences. It’s a sign you’ve already “learned the lesson” so it’s a great indication that this kind of dynamic will begin to lessen from your experiences together – shifting into a stable, harmonious state long term

    Sending you love and light <3 x Cassady

  3. For the last few weeks on an almost daily basis I’ve been seen 1111 mostly on the time on my phone but I’ve also been seeing 555 333 111 but today on the way to work I was putting fuel in my car and once the fuel pump automatically stopped I usually pull the trigger a few more times to get a little bit more fuel in my car……I looked down at the fuel pump and it had stopped on $66.66 I got my phone out to take a photo and it was 11:11….. I’m just wondering if you know the significance of seeing 6666 and 1111 at the same time…..

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