A significant week with intense energies as Venus enters Leo, Mercury goes direct in Gemini while Neptune goes Retrograde in Pisces – signaling a reevaluation of spiritual beliefs and perspectives.

Planet of Love, Venus, has just moved into fire sign Leo from a period in watery Cancer. This new move heralds a period of heightened love (with potential for plenty of drama). Leo is a fire sign that lends a certain “royalty” to anything it touches – the King of the Zodiac – and this love above all loves suits the Twin Flame connection perfectly: it is a love beyond, heightened and exalted love. During these next few weeks the energies support undying expressions of love, commitments and most of all indulgence in complete and utter romance.

Reconciliation in love

Don’t be surprised if your Twin Flame writes you poetry or you feel like expressing your feelings in words, painting or other creative outlets during the next few weeks. This is an ideal time for unleashing your inner Leo, especially as Jupiter is currently in Leo creating a trine to Uranus in Aries. These are some powerful fire energies at play, stirring up passion and excitement.

On Wednesday the Moon in Aries also forms a trine to Venus in Leo, indicating a feeling of being at peace with these energies, you feel in harmony and at ease somehow – things feel like they are moving in the right direction. You are swimming with the currents, not against them.

When Venus sextiles Mercury Retrograde midweek there is a high likelihood of reconciliation in a romantic relationship; in particular this indicates that one or both of you has had the chance to rethink things, maybe realizing that they have been wrong about something, and they now want to make it up to you. This feels like a really sweet transit, pushing us to leave aside any past hurts and start afresh.

A big shift in the heavens

We also have some big changes in the Zodiac this week as Mercury goes direct while Neptune goes retrograde:

Even though Mercury goes direct on June 11th he’s still in the “shadow zone”, meaning that he’s now moving forward across the same terrain he just moved backwards over, so it will be another few weeks before we’re completely “in the clear”. Don’t be scared by Mercury Retrograde’s bad reputation though; often it just means we needed some extra “time out” to think things over and reevaluate a particular situation.

Rethinking spirituality

When Neptune goes Retrograde he keeps going “backwards” for nearly six whole months (he goes direct on November 18th). All retrograde action indicates that we are now being given the energetic opportunity and motivation to go back over what’s come before and reevaluate – in this case Neptune’s energy nudges us to go back over certain assumptions and beliefs we have in terms of spirituality…

One illusion many harbor on earth still is that life happens “to” us, that we have little or no choice in our experiences and that there is a grand destiny set out that controls everything – the problem is that this is disempowering and can often leave us feeling like there’s no point even trying, or miss out on opportunities we assumed would work out by magic when really we could have taken action to make the most of them.

The truth is that we are all energy, and with this energy we all create our lives and our experiences. Remember that science is now clear on the fact that the universe is all energy in motion, including our bodies and what we would normally describe as “solid objects”. The truth is that the computer or phone you are reading this article on is a grid of energetic particles vibrating at a particular frequency, it’s not really solid, and neither are we. Science is looking into so-called “dark matter” to try to explain why they are only able to map out a relatively small per centage of the contents of our beings and everything around us.

Energy is without boundaries

We all have energy fields that extend beyond our bodies and when we interact with others these come into contact. We are not as separate as we tend to think from a purely physical perspective; on the invisible energetic plane everything flows and interacts beyond what we see as “boundaries” with our eyes. When you think about a particular person, you are interacting with them energetically. You might have felt others’ energy without fully realizing it – especially if you walk into a room where there has just been a fight: the energy lingers afterwards.

Seen from an energetic perspective everything and everyone is interconnected, like waves of particles interacting and flowing – like water can’t be contained – once it’s in the ocean you can no longer tell if the water originated from a river or a mountaintop or a cloud: because it’s all water, intermingled and there are no boundaries.

One chance in 164 years

Neptune is the planet of spirituality and the collective unconscious, the soul – positioned currently in his “home sign” of Pisces – this is a strong indicator that religious and spiritual beliefs and habits in the world at large are due an update. He has come home to start a new cycle (once every 164 years), so these past few years (since 2012) have been intense and significant times.

Neptune retrograde is now asking us to rethink our spiritual beliefs and assumptions. Between Twin Flames this, above all, regards any assumptions about separateness. Do not let your physical senses fool you. The Twin Flames are intimately connected energetically. We are fortunate to be given the chance to feel and sense how strong the connection beyond the physical can be. Don’t forget that your Twin is always with you in this way, and you with them.

Getting over suffering for good

The illusion of separation is one of the biggest pains in love, so when you remind yourself that you’re never really apart you can start to clear away one of the biggest stumbling blocks there is to happiness.

There is no separation between the Twin Flames. It’s a sometimes tough and challenging lesson to learn, especially on earth where we grow up being taught about categories and borders and separation, but once you learn and take in this understanding, trust me when I say that suffering will more and more become a thing of the past.

Until next time, I wish you love and light on your continued journey <3

– Cassady x

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