Stepping Into A New State Of Being – Do You Know Your True Power? Plus, Discover What’s Really Been Going On With Your Twin – Fuming With Frustration To Reach You…


This week there’s a lot going on karmically with the female energies. Old negativity is being dealt with on an unconscious energetic plane for the whole human collective.

As “volunteers of love” many Twin Flames will be feeling this strongly, especially as the moon and Lilith join up with Saturn between the 10th-11th of February…

Old negativity is likely to be expressing as “real life problems” but don’t be so quick to buy into it.

Uplifting Your Twin Flame Connection

We see small things potentially causing a spiral into blow-ups between the Twin Flames. Beware of this, as you’ll be “secretly” triggered by the negativity that’s rising to the surface in the collective fields.

Do your best to stay in light and harmony by using the Free Twin Flame Help Kit here.

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Were You Someone Else?

Really, the deeper process that’s reaching a peak this week, is that the Feminine/Female is being encouraged to let go of past modes of self and to develop a new identity structure that’s more worthy of her.

Spirit shows us (which honestly took me by surprise) that many females, among them Twin Flames, are actually souls who have reincarnated as males many times… Who are now in an “opposite” experience in order to assist the collective in balancing gender roles and society.

In this we’re also shown that many current males are souls who have many previous incarnations as females. So – the wisdom of this and the purpose is to bring increased balance.

That masculine polarity souls could incarnate into female bodies to expand the human concept of what it means to be female, and that feminine polarity souls could incarnate as males and push the boundaries for what is considered male.

Reaching For Universal Balance

This is deep stuff, and we’re shown this is an important “project” many souls – including “especially” Twin Flames – have signed up to work on. To help humanity rise up into a higher state of harmony, to expand the concepts of self.

As always the universal energies push for balance. Harmony is the natural state of the universe.

So this week we’re dealing with releasing old modes of identity – especially for the biological female. Spirit shows us ripping off a coat, to take off what is not truthful. To remove the falsehoods so we can step into what lies beneath.

The feminine polarity Twin is being encouraged by the universal energies to step into her own greatness. To nourish and honor her own strength, her true power.

To reconfigure the way she perceives herself. This has powerful repercussions for the Twin Flame connection – as you know the Mirror is always “on” (read more here about the Twin Flame Mirror).


An Exercise For New Positivity

When we uplift and harmonize our relationship with ourselves, we draw out a higher expression of love and unity with our counterpart.

Right now we see the Feminine/Female twin flames downloading and activating more soul codes behind the scenes. And we’re shown that aside from being pioneers of love, we are in fact also here to “gift” humanity with new love based programming for relationships between the sexes.

Here is a powerful exercise:

Right now, take a few minutes to write down all the *limiting* things you were told in life about being a woman or a man or a boy or girl…

Then write out all the positive higher consciousness things you wish yourself to be, regardless of gender.

If you aspire to be a master manifestor, write it down!

If you know yourself to be a powerful healer, write this down! Write down everything you admire about yourself and everything you aspire to be!

Now, tear up the first list – the one of limitations. This is powerful work that signals that you’re done with the old pattern and opens up to the new!

What Chakra Programming Is Holding You Back?

If you want some help with fully releasing the old limitations, have a look here.

Did you know most of us carry ancestral programming in our chakras, which become limitations and blocks on our life’s journey because they keep us tied to a limited grid of reality?

We go through clearing this and more in the channeled Higher Dimensional Awakening and Anchoring session. In this session we also assist Unawakened Twins in stepping into a fuller awareness of your connection – to trigger awakening to begin, with their own free will involvement.

twin flame awakening

I’ve had so many amazing responses for this session. Have a look:

“After I did it, he messaged me! Just like that – got the meditation, did it, and there he was.” – Indi, New York

“Thank you Cassady! It was AMAZING and HUGE. We spoke finally again!” – Daisy (via instagram)

“The Higher Dimensional Anchoring completely blew me away. Not only did this seem to impact me on an enormous level, I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. The change in him was the biggest change I’ve seen in him to date. I’m so grateful for your tools, and I’m merely without words on this latest one. It really was the answer to my prayers.” – Sarah (via Facebook)

“I want to thank you so much for the Higher Dimensional Anchoring! I felt like it was made just for me and the things I have been facing on my journey! I know my guides are always communicating to me, and hearing your voice transmitting their words of encouragement and teaching moved me in a way that I haven’t in so long. I am lifted!” – Mary, New York, USA

Have a look here for more.

Breaking Open Struggles

Monday to Tuesday this week we have the Moon in opposition with Uranus, which indicates ups and downs in emotions. Do keep an eye on yourself to ensure you don’t “spiral”…

A suggestion is, if you get triggered by something – write it down. Uranus is all about higher insights and the “spiritual intellect”.

So to get some distance from emotion and to see it from a higher perspective, write it down, then take 10 minutes and come back. You’ll see your feelings will likely have changed already…

And in doing this exercise, you won’t return to the negative emotions as easily again. You’ve “broken” the pattern somewhat. It can be very eye-opening.


The Truth About Your Masculine Twin Flame

Another interesting development this week regards the masculine/male Twin Flame. It appears “he” is incredibly keen to get together with his counterpart, so much more than “she” realizes.

There has been a lot happening with him behind the scenes – his emotional state is different now than a few months back. He “feels” more ready for love.

In fact, there’s great irritation from the Masculine/Male Twin Flame right now. The square to Neptune from Mars in Sagittarius is showing us a feeling of intense frustration and impatience.

He feels stymied and blocked from progressing as fast as he would like – especially as regards reaching his counterpart.

Expect to sense this in your Twin if you interact on the soul planes with “him” in this period.

In fact, spirit shows us, “his” frustration with not being able to reach through to you and fully convey his love and eagerness to be together, has been why things have felt blocked…

The intensity of his energy has caused “clouds of static” that’s paradoxically kept his counterpart feeling disconnected. It’s made her feel that he’s lost interest, when that’s not true at all!

In fact, the opposite is the case! He is so interested (especially as a soul) that he’s practically fuming with wanting to get closer.

To clear out the static he’s inadvertently causing, use the Complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames – it will cleanse out anything that’s blocking you from each other.

Because the spiritual truth is that frustration breeds more frustration – when a Twin Flame is focused on not being able to reach their counterpart, they’re actually pushing distance between each other…

Complete harmony Healing Tool

Discover more here

Fighting For Change

Mars is now moving into the position Venus was in a while back – feeling that outside powers (the universe or other people) are positioning themselves against him, and/or against love. We sense anger and impatience.

The truth is, he is infinite. It’s as if he’s being challenged to face up to it – we see him exhausted from “fighting” and trying to push for change, and by default going within from not having any other choices…

And as his “willpower” trying to make things happen by force collapses… he by default lowers his defences. And it is here, inside, in his vulnerability that he re-discovers his inner connection to his soul. The light inside.

This is what the “dark night of the soul” is all about. And once this connection has happened, it begins to change him from the inside out.

Unity Through Spirit

As Venus enters Pisces on February 10th we see the two Twins were actually “together” all along – as souls there was no separation, it was just how things looked from a human perspective.

“He” doesn’t seem ready or able to perceive this yet, but we see “his” counterpart is always present with unconditional love. Even if you are angry with your Twin, your higher self is there supporting them…

In this way, the Twin Flames are journeying together through levels of consciousness, from seeming separation into recognizing the eternal love that was there all along.

Read more about how this really works here in “Do Twin Flames Share The Same Higher Self?”

twin flame higher self

What They’re Trying To Tell You

Plus, are your ears blocked or do you feel pressure around the ears and neck? Do you often hear a high pitched whine in your ears? These can be signs of your Twin Flame’s higher self trying to communicate with you.

Discover what your Twin Flame’s Higher Self is desperately trying to tell you here.

With Venus in Pisces from Saturday onward we’re moving into a new phase in love. We’re stepping out of the intellect and into the feeling realm. And that seems like a good thing.

There’s a feeling of a more comfortable, happy romantic love than in recent times. Somehow, love catches up with you now – and it’s likely to happen from the “inside out”.

With a trine to the recurring challenging Lilith/Saturn conjunction, we see that by the end of this week there’s set to be a change in how the Feminine/Female Twin feels on the inside.

A shift has been made that opens her up to love. And now, she feels her counterpart with her. He might even be present physically in a deeper and milder way than recently.

There’s a feeling of seeking sanctuary in each other, and finding it. Sweetness between the pair on some level.

Transformative Times


This is set to be a week full of transformations, especially if you can work consciously with the energy current to shift into a higher state.

There is much positivity available to you, and if you can use this time wisely you will reap big rewards.

Have a look here for some more inspiration “Why You’re Lucky To Be A Twin Flame”

And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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twin flame program

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  1. Cassady I cannot tell you how much this writing is spot on ! I have in the last months had such a peaceful feeling. Your energy clearing sessions work. I cannot thank you enough. My twin flame continues to communicate more frequently and has recently arranged a meeting for us! I can feel him sensing my ease and way less fear. I feel his vulnerability! I will continue to clear and work w my guides. Hoping he too will continue healing and feeling less fear. I now understand this is a MIRROR! As I am not in fear he has come towards me. I feel so blessed to have your resources …… your information is truth and wrapped in love and compassion.

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