The Universe Wants To Bring You Gifts… But Is The Past Preventing You From Being Open To Receiving? Twin Flame Unity In Focus…

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Pisces season intensifies, bringing “supernatural” Twin Flame interactions…

And, Jupiter and Venus join together in Aries, activating the 11:11 code, wanting to bring you blessings and gifts…

But has your past set you up to be blocked from receiving? 

Discover more below!

Pisces Season

One of our first transits this week is Mercury entering Pisces, joining the Sun and Neptune here.

It opens to Pisces season intensified, which tends to be a spiritually heightened time – especially in the Twin Flame connection.

Make sure you take time to go within, as this period is set to bring valuable insights, Twin Flame messages and inspiration!

Soul Messages From Your TF

Mercury also trines Mars in Gemini, indicating that the Masculine Twin is set to be extra communicative – especially in soul and spiritual terms.

You’re highly likely to receive dreams, telepathy, songs, signs and other “non physical” messages from your Twin this week – even if you’re not in touch in the physical.

(Learn more about Twin Flame Telepathy and how to unlock this “supernatural” aspect of the connection here)

twin flame telepathy

Lessons For The Masculine Twin

Mercury nears Saturn, and for Mars/the Masculine, it shows us that “he” is journeying out of listening to others and identifying based on constructed programming…

And being challenged by the universe to be more in charge of himself, and to cut cords to toxic elements in his life.

Mars is also square Neptune. This indicates that the Masculine Twin is feeling blocked from his higher faculties, or he may be unaware of the higher purpose and connection at work in the Twin Flame connection.

However, we DO have the option to take matters into our own hands with an Unawakened Twin Flame – have a look here for how.

Blockages, Static

In general, it means for all of us that there are some blockages and some static in the way of our intuition and guidance, unless we work to resolve it.

We are not perceiving the guided next steps very easily and are likely stuck in our minds trying to figure things out and it’s getting staticky and stressful.

The solution is, as shown by Saturn, to clear any limiting or toxic outside content (ideas/information/energy) we have absorbed.

Karma, Throat Chakra

When we do this, we can perceive our soul truth and our divine guidance clearly – including from our Twin Flame’s higher self.  

Saturn deals with limitation, responsibility, time and karma…

So when he joins Mercury, it means we’re being asked to cut away what has outworn its use.

Our throat chakra may be triggered to purge, and any outworn attachments/soul contracts/karma come up to be resolved.

Opening To Twin Flame Soul Love

Saturn works to make sure you “spring clean” your ideas/communication now.

It will be a powerful help for the connection with your Twin Flame, in particular. 

He is in particular asking you to reevaluate your beliefs and perceptions, and, to likely step back in terms of our online activities. (Aquarius, where Saturn currently is located, is the ruler of technology and groups).

The goal is for you to release anything that doesnt help you!

Damaging TF Info?

So in short, cut back on where you may have allowed the outside to negatively influence your perceptions and ideas of your Twin Flame.

If you have been taking in a lot of conflict/opposition based info on Twin Flames…

Don’t continue to let it in. Don’t continue to interact with it.

Moving Forward

Take some time now to see how it feels without that influence.

And in a few weeks you can see how you feel, and how things are potentially improving.

Saturn tells us, we have to take responsibility, and to become more active as a leader on our journey.

For example: If your Twin is not with you in the physical, and you are not in communication… you can wait on it, and ask others for their opinion, and wait, and hope…

Or you can embrace your power, take action on manifesting it and make it happen!

Your Power Of Choice

Don’t be afraid of embracing responsibility and action, “says” Saturn. Because you are more powerful than you likely think!

As an infinite being, you CAN make your desires come to fruition if you just claim back your power and CHOOSE to get started!

(Sound crazy?In energy terms it truly is possible. More on how this works in this brief video)

twin flame video

Examining Beliefs

Above all, keep an eye on what works and supports you and what doesnt.

So: How do you see yourself? What are your beliefs about the universe and life — and yourself?

Do you believe that things are rigged in your favor, or that life is hard and predestined?

What do you believe about the Twin Flame connection – Have you accepted negative beliefs around running, chasing and separation?

Attraction Of…?

If so, be aware that these become energetic patterns that push you in a certain direction (what we BELIEVE and EXPECT, is what we attract).

If you believe running is inevitable, for example, you are inviting it in energetically to your experience or entrenching it if it is already there.

For help, take a look at the Complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames, which helps you dissolve blocks like this, as well as any karmic negativity and genetic patterns that could be causing trouble on your journey.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

Rare, Positive Cosmic Event

Our beliefs shape our lives and experiences much more than we tend to realize.

Embracing your own power and releasing limiting and toxic information, will serve you well, as Venus nears a rare conjunction with Jupiter this week!

They meet at 11 degrees of Aries… Connecting with Chiron and Vesta.

Healing Around Love

Vesta is the asteroid of the home and hearth, and Chiron, the “wounded healer”.

Therefore we see that there is a powerful process happening around healing love and our inner situation.

Especially in terms of your BELIEF in true love, and your ability to have optimism and faith in true love and your happy “ending” as a Twin Flame.

11:11 Activation

As Venus and Jupiter meet at 11 degrees, forming an 11:11 activation, it is particularly heightened for Twin Flames.

Venus/Jupiter conjunct Chiron can be challenging, as it can trigger old wounds around feeling unloved or unwanted…

But it is a unique opportunity to reach higher and to resolve these wounds in order to open to your highest path and shifting your union timelines. 

Venus/Jupiter/Vesta/Chiron all trine Mars in Gemini, which shows that this transit strongly involves the Masculine Twin.

Inner/Outer Union

It also highlights that your inner world is where you “welcome” and prepare for receiving your counterpart in the 3D physical.

We’re reminded that for Twin Flames, the INNER union and embodying inner wholeness, is a key to the “outer” union.

This is how we align and are able to attract our counterpart in true harmony. (More on that here)

“Not Good Enough”?

So right now, we are receiving help from the powerful planets Venus and Jupiter to reveal and heal any deeper wounding that has held up our inner wholeness.

In particular issues from our “home” growing up, and early life wounding around feeling “not good enough”…

In short, any elements that caused us to start believing that we were not worthy to be loved wholly and no matter what.

The Great Beneficents

Although it can bring triggers, Venus and Jupiter are the “great beneficients” of the zodiac, which means they are considered positive influences.

It means that although there are triggers and there is likely purging this week and next, it will have a positive element to it somehow. 

Or it won’t be as rough as if Pluto or Saturn were activating these points. We are being asked to heal and acknowledge inner wounds… But in a “kinder” way.


Taking The “Bad” With The “Good”

How does this look in your daily life?

It could for example be, that you realise your family made you feel that you were never good enough in childhood…

But in the here and now you have loving and caring friends who help you feel better and it’s not as painful to look back.

Making Up For The Past

Or YOU are somehow able to bring in the love and acceptance through taking good care of yourself, to rectify what you missed in the past..

Or, perhaps your Twin’s higher self is the one bringing you the unconditional love your inner child missed in your upbringing.

In some way, Jupiter and Venus are working to bring an element of “luck”, blessings and current time love to help you move past any deeper, lingering issues where you felt unwanted or unloved.

(If this is not happening for you, make sure you clear any blocks to receiving. I help you with this here.)

Entering Inner “Self Union”

If you can take a higher perspective this week, you will be able to fully release and move past old wounding and enter into a state of inner unity.

This will then make you a powerful match with “outer” unity with your Twin.

Because remember that ‘as within, so without’ – like attracts like.

The more whole and harmonious WE are within ourselves, the more we are a match to it with our Twin Flame and the more we “lift” them into a higher dynamic.

Soul Reunion

For many Twin couples, “outer” Reunion will keep being delayed until they reach inner unity between them as souls first. 

Get things right on the inside – spiritually, mentally, emotionally… And that becomes the blueprint that will usher in the physical unity of Twin Flame Reunion.

To facilitate this process and shift into the unconditional inner love that will usher in your outer bliss, use this.



Full Moon Intensity Brewing

In short, this is set to be a week that brings much needed change, spirit says…

But it could challenge you to take a closer look at how you have been treating YOURSELF, and what you learned about love growing up.

Next week, we have a powerful Full Moon in Virgo, which will bring these themes to a head.

You Are Always…?

For now, do your best to remember that you are ALWAYS worthy, you are ALWAYS good enough and you ARE always loved by your Twin Flame and the universe. 

If that hasn’t reflected in your physical 3D life, it’s due to patterns that you took on in the human world.

And the miracle is, that you can clear and dissolve them!

Once you do, you open to that higher unconditional love and unity reaching you – bringing “heaven to earth”.

I believe in you, and if you need more inspiration to FEEL deeply in your being that love truly is possible in the here and now on earth… Go here.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

Cassady x

Did you know that most Twin Flames’ struggles are rooted in negative karma and energy blocks?

To find out more about how to shift your Twin connection into harmony, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here, and read about other Twins’ amazing experiences with these methods.

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