Where Are You Holding Back From Becoming All That You Can Be? Cosmic Push For A Higher State. Virgo Full Moon – Criticism, Old Scars And Judgments Rise – The Stuff That Makes Twin Flames Run…


This is set to be a heavy week energetically – with an important purpose, to open us up to more of our full potential and to weed out old scars that have kept us from feeling safe to love and be loved…

With a Full Moon in Virgo on March 1st/2nd (depending on where in the world you are), we’re dealing with emotional material that’s been keeping you from feeling “good enough” for Ultimate Blissful Heaven love… Peak Twin Flame Unity.

How To Bring A Runner Twin Flame Back

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Who Made You Feel Attacked?

This week’s big headline regards the Full Moon at 11’22 degrees of Virgo, on 1st/2nd March. Virgo is all about perfection, and its shadow side regards criticism and hurt regarding “not enough”.

With this Full Moon occurring in direct opposition to Venus, Mercury, Neptune and the Sun in Pisces, we see there are emotional scars from the past we’re asked to deal with.

This is about others’ criticisms of us.

Times when we opened up and felt attacked or wounded.

It could be about appearance, it could be about being “not manly enough” or “feminine enough”, it could be about not being “smart enough”…

Any kind of criticism that created deep wounds that have been keeping you from feeling safe, right and good to open up.

For many Twins it’s your counterpart who’s bringing these issues to the surface – as if their soul is pushing you so you can release the damage for good.

(Read about how this works in “The Real Reason Your Twin Flame Hurt You”)

Feminine Imbalance Around Love

And spirit shows us, importantly – anything that has been keeping you from being able to *receive* love.

And in that regard, we’re reminded that many females have a deep imbalance as regards love. Unable to fully *receive* the love they deserve. With the Full Moon hitting in Virgo, this is emphasized.

Many females are able to give so much more than they receive, and it creates a dysfunction in relationships.

It’s a malfunctional Heart Chakra programming, spirit shows us – a program that most girls are taught in childhood.

That it’s appropriate and good for a girl to be kind and loving to others, but brash or unlikeable for her to receive and expect love back.

And for Twin Flames having a block to fully receiving love at your highest potential is a *big* problem, one that our souls are always working to make us face up to and release.

We’re shown – money and love are similar in terms of energy also, so if you find it hard to receive it most often impacts both these areas.

Are You Able To Really Receive Love?

So how do you know if you are open to receiving love?

Is there a lot of love in your life? Do you feel loved by others? And your state of receiving love from your Twin Flame is a key indicator…

Hold your hand on your heart right now and say “I love myself. I deserve love. I am loved by all the universe. I am open to giving and receiving love”.

Does it feel good to say? Does it feel truthful?

If not, it’s a clear sign that something is up.

Somewhere along the line, you were made to believe you didn’t deserve love… And/or perhaps even that it’s not OK to love ourselves, and that we’re instead supposed to wait for others to give it to us…

Which keeps us in a state of always longing and chasing for love, alienated from our own power (read more here about the so-called “Twin Flame Chaser” phenomenon).

Living On An Empty Tank

Do you find it easy to accept compliments? Do you walk with your back straight and a confident manner around others? Would you find it easy to strike up a conversation with a stranger or smile at someone?

These are other key indicators of how “deserving” you feel.

To get to grips with any love blocks for good and finally open up to receiving the love and positivity that’s there for you, have a look here:

To help with what so many in the Twin Flame Collective are dealing with at this time, I was guided by spirit to create a brand new transformational session to unlock the higher codes of Unconditional Love at a Heart level, and bring in the new codes of self love and self acceptance.


In this hour long deep session we go into why self love is so crucial on the Twin Flame journey – “As within so without”.

What you hold towards yourself is what you attract in your Twin Flame connection, and self love it is the key to manifesting unity and harmony with your Twin Soul (read more here in “Why The Twin Flame Journey Is An Inside Job”).

Twin Flames And 5D Unity Consciousness

To assist with this, spirit helps us to actually download and embody the new 5D programming of self love in the session.

Not just as a mental concept, but as a way of living, an emotional state, an embodiment of complete self acceptance and wholeness within. The core key to unconditional love with your beloved Twin Flame.

In the session, which was created as a Transformational Journey into your soul – bypassing the ego by using a specially formulated meditation…

We go deep to discover what old hurts are really hiding in your heart so we can clear blocks, upgrade your love templates and open up the Twin Flame heart bond from a place of harmony once again.

We also engage with your Twin’s soul and guides to deal with anything that’s blocking their side of the connection so the two of you can move into a higher state of unity and harmony.

This really is the most fun energy transformation I’ve ever done or created – and it’s deeply powerful – like a technicolor journey into the soul.

The session really shifts the whole foundation of how your Heart Chakra and Twin connection function, so you can live with an open heart, feeling whole inside and attracting wholeness with your Twin Flame on all levels.

Are You Holding Yourself Hostage?

There’s a lot of underlying emotional material coming up now in the lead-up to the Full Moon – all the stuff of “not good enough” is being pushed to the surface.

Who might have told you or shown you that you weren’t good enough for love ever after? Who might have told you eternal love was unrealistic or impossible?

Who might have told you you didn’t deserve being number one to someone? And when?

Most likely there is severely heavy childhood material rising up on both sides of the Twin Flame connection in the lead-up to this Full Moon.

However, Virgo being the sign of the archetypal maiden, it is most highly emphasized for the Feminine/Female Twin Flame.

This is all about holding ourselves hostage with judgments based in comparing ourselves to others, about the perfectionism we torture ourselves with…

The Magic Of The Full Moon – Or Not…

Spirit’s input is, we don’t do those things because we want to, we do it because we’ve been taught to.

Somewhere, someone told us we were lacking somehow. If we are experiencing less than love, less than abundance, less than harmony with others – it’s always based in an inner imbalance.

And usually it’s about how much we value ourselves (or how little).

How flawed we feel.

So how do you really feel about yourself? How does your Twin Flame feel deep down?

When you look beyond any ego compensation, which can be like a balloon or a shield in front of inner insecurities…

These are the issues we’re dealing with right now.

And it’s emphasized that just because we’re re-experiencing the yucky feelings, doesn’t mean they’ll magically evaporate and forever be gone at the stroke of the Full Moon…

We actually have to symbolically and energetically declare to be done with those things!

We have to enlist all of our being – conscious and unconscious – and release this material in a way that actually removes it from our system for good.

To do this, have a look at these powerful energy clearing sessions that will take you through it step by step.

Do You Know Your Shadow Self?

Consider this: When we’ve been hurt, a deeper part of us is always working to avoid it happening again.

The unconscious shadow self that’s in “darkness” due to past wounds and trauma, is always seeking to escape further pain… Including emotional pain.

It’s always pushing away others because they’re seen as dangerous.

This is the kind of thing that “creates Twin Flame Runners” – the real reason people “run” from love.

Runner Twins are afraid of opening up and being hurt again, or being made to feel they’re not “good enough”…

Read more about that here

We clearly see that the big problem with the wounds from others’ criticism, is that it’s disrupting the relationship between the Twin Flames.

Are You “Enough” For Your Twin Flame Ideal?

With a square between the Full Moon, Venus and Mars, we’re clearly seeing that judgment and “not good enough” issues are holding the Feminine twin back from being in alignment with love.

(And yes, that little headline is meant to trigger any baggage you’re holding on the subject – if it bothered you, there’s something up)

Whether she knows it or not, this stuff is keeping the feminine Twin Flame from being able to fully open up to the love her counterpart could give her.

Especially his higher self (read a message from your Twin Flame’s higher self here).

Remember that what you hold inside impacts every single relationship you have with others, especially your Twin Flame…

So if you on any level are carrying insecurities relating to: appearance, worthiness, whether you’re “good enough”, “attractive enough”, “feminine” or “masculine” enough…

This stuff is creating a deflection between you and your Twin Flame.

This is the kind of underlying stuff that keeps Twins from being able to fully come together. It’s like rubber, bouncing the Twins away from each other every time they try to get closer.

Ideas Of Perfection…

If you’re a female Twin Flame, I know that you’ve been inundated with ideas of what you’re “supposed” to be like as a female throughout your entire life…

I have too. I grew up reading fashion magazines and it lead to some very unrealistic standards and expectations that my Twin Flame pushed me to deal with so I was even able to open up to him and feel deserving of this incredible love Twins can share…

You might have picked up these ideas of what you’re “supposed” to be like as a female from family, peers, magazines, social media… And a lot of it can be very hurtful.

Above all it encourages us to compare ourselves to others all the time, when our uniqueness is the most important key to the Twin Flame journey.

To get a different and deeper view of what “Femininity” really is about, have a look at this message from the Divine Feminine. Read more here

Is Your Twin Flame On Edge Lately?

And it might be that your Twin Flame is the one dealing with the scars of others’ perfectionism and judgment from earlier in life right now.

How do you know? If they seem on edge, touchy, like they’re keen to not open up too much… Like they’re “running” from you.

These are all hallmarks of a person who has been wounded as a result of opening up to others and being deemed “wrong” or “not enough” in the past.

To help your Twin Flame to release old wounds that have kept them from feeling safe to open up to the incredible power of the love between you – have a look at this Inner Child Healing for Twin Flames.

Why You Should Dream Big

Another big theme for this Virgo Full Moon 1st/2nd Full Moon in Virgo is “dreaming”…

As I mentioned, Virgo is about perfectionism, but the deeper wisdom right now is that we’re being encouraged by the cosmic energies to break open the boundaries of what we think is possible.

To understand that there are no real limits, only what people have agreed upon.

What if Twin Flames were here to show the world that love can be eternal, that dreams really can come true?

To show the world a new way of blissful living?

If you’re scrunching your nose up right now, I hate to tell you this, but that’s exactly the kind of feeling/energy that’s blocking you from unity and love with your Twin.

If this lovey dovey view of the future practically nauseates you – you bet your soul is trying to draw your attention to the fact that you’re carrying some severely restrictive programming that’s blocking what you desire…

To discover more, click here to get a “Free Chakra Reading for Twin Flames”.

Looking Back To “Magic”

Because what if the boundaries you’d accepted as reality was just a choice?

What if there were no boundaries to what was possible?

And maybe you already knew this… When you were a child, did you ever dream of a different world? Did you ever get caught up in fairy tales or imagine you had super-powers?

This week’s cosmic energies are pushing us not only to let go of old hurts but to realize it’s never a good idea to accept the world’s “rules” and judgments at face value.

Especially for Twin Flames.

What if dreaming and aiming higher than high was the best thing you could do, both for love and for the world?

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! I believe in you! <3

Cassady x


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“Cassady, Your tools have continued to be a direct link to my healing. Thank you for the love and continued information. Your tools have helped me more than anything I’ve done to heal my karma and pain. Love to you”

Karen, Arkansas, USA

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  1. Dear Cassady, every time I am astonished how we are all connected. I can absolutely relate to this week’s energy shift. Started last week when this heavy negative shift babbled to the surface. I have been working on it,and I know the fear and undeservingness Issues I have to release. Felt alone(out of the blue) and still working to heal my heart from a heavy backstabbing toxic marriage I went away from. Has been only months and the wonderful work I have achieved makes me happiest every day. I believe my twin came to help and wake me up for the truth (I had a glimps of him at 18 in a dream. Life went on and just before 40 he showed up,face, eyes and said:”I will be back;then I felt an explosion in my chest…only then I started reading up on repetitive dreams and came across twin flame idea).Soul altering times.
    Lots of love for this week to all.

  2. What I wrote after I unconditionally loved him with all his parts:
    I see your wounds and I love you, I love all your parts, those that love me back and those who don’t. I love you whole because what hurt me was your fear, and what rejected me was the bleeding of your past. I even love the part of you that I cannot look at, but my heart can.
    I love you and I let you free, no chasing, no accusing, no wanting, and no clinging, just calling Love with the whispers of the Spirit Wind, letting you know that there’s a space within my heart that is for you, always open, never locked, free of everything I want, just so you can rest. I even let you have the key to lock the door inside when you need assurance that nobody and no one would step into your tenderness. You lock to rest, and you unlock to go… I will be there for you to know that I am present, not inside, not out, but in the every cell of blood that pumps the life into the house of heart.

  3. Thanks for such a beautiful and timely post. It reflects where my twin and I are at this moment and reminds me of the higher connection between twin flames even when the earthly interactions are maddening. I think that the masculine and feminine imbalance and archetypal masculine patriarchy have been the key elements of our separation. Although I am a woman, I feel equally masculine and feminine so it’s interesting to see how in this human construct being in a female body carries with it so much oppression. Although the twin flame experience and spiritual awakening are the most painful things I’ve undergone they set me on the path to true freedom and living at my full potential. So much of this growth is related to identifying and casting off all the externally imposed limitations of being a woman (professional and financial gender discrimination; physical and sexual abuse; social programming about appearance and worth; gaslighting, etc.) including how my twin has behaved towards me. There is a lot of emphasis on unconditional love for your counterpart in twin flame circles but to me, self-love is the key because unfortunately we are not taught this the same way that we are love for others.

  4. i have to say that this site, and Cassady, truly where sent to me by my angels. I cant even begin to describe how much of a transformation my life has under gone since reading these posts, and working with several of the meditations and energy clearings, not only has my life improved, my energy been ligther and more centered in love and bliss, but my relationship with my twin has improved. my twin was a a runner, and not only did he run but he got himself into another relationship immediately, so needless to say there where months where I was just a mess, completely and energetically out of balance, sad and hurt. I started working with these meditations in January, and immediately things started to shift slowly with my twin, communication started to flow, and we had a few really insightful and meaningful conversations, although still with this other woman. Well yesterday things changed even better, out of the blue, he called me and told me he broke up with her, he just wasnt in love and couldnt do it anymore, that noone was able to connect with him on such a raw, soul level, and that he missed me beyond belief. He is becoming aware of the blocks in his energy that are preventing him from loving and opening up and told me i am the only person who he is able to let his walls down with and just be who he is. it was the most beautiful conversation I have ever had with another person we have finally moved into union, although i know we have some work still to do energetically, this site and working on getting myself into closer alignment with love and with my twin has been a god send. Seriously. a million thank you’s for your guidance, and love and the amazing light and positivity you are able to shine on this whole dynamic. <3 <3 <3

  5. Thank you! As always Cassady, a splendid and deeply insightful post. May I respectfully suggest that if we can’t successfully trace or pinpoint feelings of unworthiness to our childhoods, then they may be rooted even further back, in memories or trauma from our past lives?

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