“Love Comes Home”: Once In A Lifetime Heightened Period For Twin Flame Reunion, Chance Meetings, Reconciliation, Destiny… 222 Gateways, Mars/Venus Conjunction. Are You Open?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Mars and Venus reunite – the “Masculine” reaches his love. Gateways, code activations, heightened time of “destiny strikes”.

But are you experiencing the love you’ve been longing for? 

Discover more below!

“Love Comes Home”

This is set to be one of the most special weeks for Twin Flames in a long time.

Exact on February 16th, Mars and Venus meet in their “reunion”. In traditional astrology, this week means: “Love comes home”.

If you’ve been waiting for someone, especially a Masculine partner, they reach you now! In some way, somehow.

Because this happens in Capricorn it’s HIGHLY likely it’s in physical 3D “reality”.

(As well as this, we have the heightened “True 222 gateway series” continuing on February 20th and 22nd).

How Are You Handling It?

Because this is such a HUGE time for the Twin Flame connection, I have something to help you make the most of it:

A Free tarot reading which will give you insights into the deeper factors of your connection…


And, a brand new 42 page Twin Flame guide to the 222 gateways and Mars/Venus reunion period.

The guide includes info and day to day steps for how to flow you to unity now at this exceptionally rare time.

(Includes powerful protection for your connection and using the power of your hearts to “flow reality to your unity” – showing up any resources, interactions, connections and more needed to make it happen!)

Get the report here

Runner Twin Worry?

When taking any of these recommended sessions for this time, and the 222 guide will be added at no cost:

Twin Flame Oneness Code Activation
Twin Flame Harmony Healing
Twin Flame Star Activation Ceremony
Higher Dimensional Anchoring And Awakening Session

twin flame awakening

“The Higher Dimensional Anchoring completely blew me away. I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. I’m so grateful for your tools, and I’m merely without words on this latest one. It really was the answer to my prayers.” – Sarah (via Facebook)

“Thank you Cassady! It was AMAZING and HUGE. Back home, on track in 9! And we spoke finally again!” – Daisy (via instagram)

“After I did it, he messaged me! BAM! Just like that – got the meditation, did it, and there he was.” – Indi, New York

More testimonials here

Why? When one Twin pair reunites, it helps the whole collective. So I want to give you a boost to make it happen at this unique time.

What To Watch Out For

Mars and Venus will after this not “reunite” until 2024, and 2022’s 222 gateways will understandably not repeat in our lifetime…

So how WE handle this immense flow of cosmic potential, is crucial.

I know that there are many Twins out there now frustrated that things have NOT panned out how they hoped for this time so far, and that love and reunion looks completely out of reach…

If this is your situation, know that it’s just an outer expression of some inner energy alignment or limitation passed down to you from family… something you’ve absorbed via society or your own fear keeping it away. 

The important thing is, you CAN change your alignment. To become a match with love and unity.

Is Your Twin Flame Bond Open In The 3D?

I hear from so many Twins who literally experience overnight breakthroughs with their counterpart when they clear and shift their energy.

This is because “as within, so without” – our inner state draws back an outer mirror.

I know it can be disheartening to feel love is out of reach, and maybe that HAS been your experience lately – but you can change it!

When you change your energy setpoint higher and clear blocks, your connection shifts into love and attraction. It doesn’t matter what has happened in the past, that’s how the Twin Flame bond works.

I take you through how to approach this, with exact steps and help for how to flow with the highest potential in this period.

Confessions Of Love

As Mercury and Pluto conjunct this week, there is a heightened connection with the unconscious. Deeper issues, motivations, fears and desires are being expressed.

And, spirit shows us it’s highly likely that someone who has seemed disinterested or distant (including likely, your Twin Flame counterpart) finally admits their true deeper feelings to you…

And they will show you, THEY were holding back – from fear of being rejected by YOU!!!! 

This transit in fact, is a re-activation of the point where Mars and Venus met last summer during the period around July 9th 2021. (Their “last” reunion).

No More Holding Back

So you may discover that something they perceived from you back then made them feel like you weren’t open… But now, they confess their feelings.

With Mars and Venus together this is a time for Re-unions.

And, Twin Flame meeting in the physical somehow for the first time – including online. 

More than any other time in the astrological transits, it’s a time for love! Mars conjunct Venus means: the two counterparts are (back) together.

High Time For Twin Flame Reunions

Your challenge this week, is to not let fear, doubt, worry or skepticism and other blocks master and overwhelm you.

Be exceptionally aware of your mindset right now. Over coming weeks, PLEASE stay calm and in a high alignment, and be open to HOW this heightened period manifests in your life.

Relax and release worry.

Because you can otherwise get in your own way and BREAK the alignment that makes it possible.

Cosmic Love Portal 

So: is this a time for Twin Flame Reunions? In cosmic terms?

One of the most key times in many years! This is a HIGHLY rare period!!!!

However… Does that GUARANTEE it? Not at all.

Can you YOURSELF get in the way? Yes. Absolutely.

Above all, with fear, stress, worry and control energy.

Again, get the full guide here for how to flow with the highest potential. Includes an energy ritual specifically for calling in unity at this time

Know Thyself

So ask yourself:
Do you feel deeply relaxed and at PEACE at the prospect of an impending meeting, Reunion or Union?

Or do you feel concerned, worried, stressed, excited to the point of hysteria?

Or somehow like … it drives you crazy that you can’t KNOW what will happen?

Those are ALL fear based, and will unfortunately make it a LOT harder for it to happen.

This is why I was asked to create the report and include brand new energy work and steps for you to easily flow with this period’s unique potential for unity.

Why It’s “On You”

Because to really make the most of these next few weeks’ heightened potential, it’s CRUCIAL that YOU step into your highest self.

That you align with the highest outcome. 

It is CRUCIAL that YOU find your inner unity and inner peace no matter what. So you are open. Another immense help in this, is to anchor in SELF UNION within.

Anchoring in unconditional love in your system, embedding the masculine/feminine “sacred marriage” Hieros Gamos.

Because when YOU embody unity, in spiritual terms you’re a match with it showing up in the 3D physical and every space of reality. (And it will bring you deep inner peace, so you’re OPEN.)

Read more here.

How Did That Go?

I know that the temptation for many Twins during this time is to leave everything to chance, to not take action, to hope that it shows up by “magic”…

But let me ask you this: At 11/11, 8/8, the previous Mars/Venus conjunction in July 2021…

and all the other heightened gateways this last year and before…

Did you magically experience the unity you longed for?
Did togetherness show up out of the blue?

Are You Open Or Blocked?

The thing is, if WE are not aligned with our desire, the Universe can’t push it onto us.

Our desire might not be able to show up in our reality.

The gateways and cosmic transits can help lift us up, but if we’re full of blocks, unfortunately we often DEFLECT our own good. 

So if you want to truly call in and physically anchor in love and unity, you may need to do inner work to adjust your alignment – opening to harmony again. If you could use some help, go here.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

“The Next Chapter”

The good news is Mars and Venus will travel together for several weeks to come.

They will interact with other major planetary powers which will lend additional themes to their journey along the way. But this week, February 16th, is the peak.

Right now, they are joined up in Capricorn close to Vesta, the “goddess of the hearth”, the central fire.

“Your Own Bubble”

This shows us a scene of the lovers being in their own world, being close to home. Sheltered from the world somehow – or activated on the soul level, for the “next chapter”.

Whether you are physically together, or experiencing your counterpart there more noticeably as a soul.

(If you’re not, you’re most definitely congested or not activated, as this is exceptionally heightened in this period – go here to make sure you’re open and AVAILABLE to them). 


testimonial cassady cayne twin flames

(Read more Twin Flame testimonials here)


Mars and Venus as a “couple”, also trine Uranus in Taurus, which is the home of Venus and love – at 11:11 degrees!!!

This is another massive indication of positive unity for Twin Flames.

However, Uranus’ involvement strongly tells us that you must RELEASE the past and old ways of looking at things in order for love to fully show up or anchor in.

Be open to a new beginning together completely, and for yourselves to experience love… not based in the traditional human modes of rigid cultural expectations…

A Higher State Of Love

But love for love’s sake, love from the HEART!

Not for protection, or to subdue loneliness, or to silence inner emptiness…

Or expectation or to please some idea of perfection or an idea that you “have” to be in a relationship. 

Keep this in mind, because Uranus will try to rattle it away from you otherwise.

Receiving More Guidance

Venus/Mars also form positive connections with Jupiter and Neptune, which means the journey will likely feel more guided right now…

and you’re able to flow with the highest outcome and perceive intuitive insights more easily.

Pay attention, and for best results stay clear of outside congestion and other people’s ideas and thoughts and energies, as they can otherwise mess up your alignment.

Heightened Sensitivity

 As the Sun enters Pisces on February 18th for the coming month, this becomes extra heightened…

If you are clear and in your own “Soul Song” frequency, this will go amazingly.

But if you are full of outside toxins and repressed negativity, however, it can cloud up the process. And “Pisces season” is an extra sensitive time.

(For Free help with this, get my Twin Flame Energy Cleanse here.)

twin flame cassady cayne review 2021cassady cayne review

Deepening Commitment

Mars and Venus in Capricorn also symbolizes commitment.

So it indicates that a lot of Twins who have NOT so far been living together, may plan the future as a couple, consider moving in, getting engaged and other acts of commitment. 

Capricorn is the sign of physical reality, responsibility, commitment and karma.

Physical unity is coming closer – the important thing is it “wants” to reach you! So your job is to stay open and in alignment (I help you with that here).

Ego Challenges

Wednesday the 16th we have a Full Moon in Leo, which opposes Saturn.

This shows us that the biggest “enemy” to love and reunion this week is EGO (and past clashes based in Ego).

There is a possibility that pride will keep you in a state of conflict or battle, blocking you from forgiveness, and therefore blocking your Twin and love.

So make sure you CHOOSE to start over!

Release any past agreements.

Being “Available” To Love

Make sure you go within, and pay attention to guidance so you don’t “miss out” on this exceptionally heightened time for love and unity!

When you go within, you allow your system to relax and stress won’t have the chance to derail or block you.

You don’t want to get into a panic that you might miss the opportunity, that you won’t be in the right place at the right time, or that your counterpart will “miss” their guidance and other likely fear thoughts… because they will only cause deflections

For help, in the special guide for this time, go here

Twin Flame “Kismet” – Destiny Strikes?

The good news is, Jupiter sextiles Uranus throughout the week.

This means that as long as you don’t get in your own way, we also have an added boost of the unexpected – in a positive sense!

Kismet, synchronicity is making itself known.

Don’t be surprised if you run into your Twin unexpectedly, or somehow, some synchronicity or “accidental” happenstance bring you together or into contact.

But again it will be important to trust, and stay out of worry and stress over it.

Major Shifts In Destiny Happening…

As Pluto trines the North Node as well, we see there are major shifts in destiny happening in this period.

Especially if you have been willing to face your fears, and have done your inner work.

Transformation is happening. Recalibration of the collective human timelines. And Twin Flames are key to this.

But we have to be able to release fear and anchor into a space of deep love within.

The “Lovers” Travel Together

In short, this week and beyond is an exceptionally heightened time for the Twin Flame connection.

Again, for more on this period and how to maximize its results, have a look at the  guide, which covers exclusive info you will not find elsewhere.

Due to space, I will NOT be able to share all the info on this period in the weekly forecasts.

Providing Protection

For the deeper info and steps for HOW to maximize and work with these energies, use the guide which has been created especially to help you.

Click here to see everything that’s included.

Importantly, you get step by step daily exercises that ensure you’re open to flow, love and 3D physical togetherness…

You get alchemical work to release doubt and fear, rituals to provide crucial PROTECTION from interference and negativity during this time… and so much more.

Once In A Lifetime…

So in short, this is a once in a lifetime current of possibility.

I wish I could promise you that love will arrive now… But in truth, YOU are the portal to your reality.

If YOU are not willing, a match or ready on some inner level – even if you’re not aware of it – this may be a time of love on the spiritual planes but not in physicality. 

If so, enjoy LOVE regardless.

And if you want to maximize your chances, let me guide you there. 

I’ll be back next week for more.

Sending you love and light <3

Cassady x


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