The Mystery Unfolds – Crystalline Light Floods In As Venus/Neptune Brings Immense Spiritual Love. But Have YouBought Into This One Lie About Twin Flames, That Blocks It?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

 Venus/Neptune bring a “heaven on earth” gateway with dream connections, telepathy and unconditional love wanting to reach you!

But are Pluto and Saturn’s involvement getting you down and making you unable to feel it?

Plus, the issue with Valentine’s day and the Twin Flame connection…

Discover more below! 

As we enter Valentine’s week… 

I know there are many Twins out there hurting (even) more than usual…

I know from experience that it is a major struggle to be on the Twin Flame rollercoaster, or in separation…

When it feels like “everyone else” is spending time on romance… Not to mention if your Twin is with someone else right now.


Twin Soul Presence

It’s extra important to shift our perspective at this time.

This Valentine’s day, know that your Twin’s soul IS always with you, working to show you their love – including in the physical 

(You’ll likely see signs or angel numbers even more than usual, or feel their emotions)

Because the truth is, the Twin Flame journey is MEANT to be full of love, joy and harmony.

That’s the SOUL truth of the connection.

3D Blocks To Unity

HOWEVER, over the last 8+ years of working with Twin Flames as a healer and coach, I see that unfortunately most Twins don’t GET to that higher level of their journey.

The 3D negativity and programming gets in the way, causing disruptions, delays and conflict.

When really, your soul and theirs KNOW the steps to love and are ready to show you, whenever you begin to tune in and listen (and clear the blocks in the way).


Twin Flame Love Guidance

This Valentine’s week, please don’t despair if things are not happy right now.

Know that you don’t have to settle for less, or accept an idea that unity is not “meant” for you.

You can tune into the soul steps, with your Twin’s soul supporting you every step of the way! Valentine’s 2024 can look completely different than now if you take action and shift your alignment.

For more info, and to learn how, >>go here

Major Heavyweight Planets

This week we have some rare conjunctions creating intensity and pressure – to release the human ego patterns and move higher.

It CAN be amazing… But it will likely bring considerable challenges.

Mercury is moving away from Pluto, lessening the intense “obsessive” mood and strange unconscious fears and dreams we’ve noticed the last week…

Lord Of Karma

However, the Sun now meets Saturn, the “lord of karma and time”, for a conjunction in Aquarius.

Saturn tends to bring restriction, heaviness and shows up all the pitfalls and problems we need to deal with for a smooth path forward. It’s all about grounding.

When these two meet, it will tend to highlight everything we need to RESOLVE in order to experience our true desires.

Soul Contracts, Past Lives

As Saturn rules karma, it means that past life issues, negative soul contracts and other past attachments/cord holdbacks will come up for resolution.

The gift is that we are being shown the root causes of any negativity or frustration, IF we pay attention and go deeper.

It’s a key time to look into “outsider involvements” and attachments that may have kept your Twin Flame connection stuck in separation or drama, and inability to reunite.

Learn more about how this works here, where spirit and I explain what some of the major holdbacks to union are and how to solve them.


This week, Saturn will help you cut away blocks for good so you can attain the lasting unity and love you desire.

Another facet of Saturn is dedication and responsibility, so the good news about his presence is that he brings focus.

It’s a great time for “detail work” involving practicalities, or really getting to grips with clearing karma or negative energy once and for all.


The downside is, if you don’t focus, Saturn can bring a tendency to pessimism, depression and gloom. It can be easy to only see problems ahead.

The solution? Be pragmatic..

If you want someone “on your team”, I’ll help you make this a time when you make major positive shifts happen – paving the way for harmony and unity in the coming year.

Go here to find out how.

Spiritual Love Gateway

The second major headline this week, regards Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces.

This is a rare and epic transit for romance, but can bring confusion, illusions and downheartedness, depending on you.

Staying focused, energetically clear and in charge of your mindset is a huge help.

Venus is “exalted” in Pisces, and conjunct Neptune they bring a rare and powerful gateway of unconditional love and spiritual possibility for miracles and incredible and amazing experiences.

Supernatural Twin Flame Experiences

You may feel your Twin Flame with you as if they were physically present even if you are “apart” in the 3D.

Telepathy, shared dreams and spiritual “supernatural” Twin Flame experiences are common with this transit.

The key is to go within and allow yourself to be AVAILABLE to the incredible potential of this “divine love gateway”.

Being Available

Because if you’re busy and preoccupied with human activity, stress and daily drama you won’t be fully AVAILABLE to the guidance and immense love looking to reach you.

Spirit comments that it’s important to remember that unconditional love and divine togetherness is not just there for you for a short period.

The spiritual bliss of the Twin Flame connection is ALWAYS there if you align and open. And that is how you call in True Divine Union (learn more in this article).

twin flame union

Crystalline Light

Therefore, they are not wanting to focus too much on this specific “gateway”. Is the potential huge?

Yes, immensely high dimensional crystalline light is flooding into the planet’s fields at this time.

And it can bring you closer in PERCEPTION to your Twin. You may FEEL closer to the divine.

But truly this is available to you every single day.

Dimensional Bridging

Spirit describes this as a “heaven to earth” gateway, due to the dimensional bridging that happens during this time.

But we have to open up and align, to receive the full potential.

They suggest going through the Free Energy Cleanse Guided session here, where I take you through a self love mudra to open your heart and release any limits to unconditional love… And bring in new healing energy to all your chakras.

After this short 15 minute relaxing, guided session, you will FEEL how much more aligned and open to love you are!


Go here to see more testimonials

Here’s The Thing…

It can be tempting to see this Venus/Neptune gateway as a miracle cure, and you may see it presented as such… But it brings in Pluto as well.

Pluto is the ruler of detoxing, secrets, death/rebirth and power.

Supporting in a sextile, Pluto is bringing a purge of anything in the WAY of the unconditional love of the higher realms being the truth here and now.

This means that unconscious survival programming, primal fears and conflict paradigms are being pushed to the surface.


If you are carrying a lot of “energy baggage” and wounding, you will experience this more intensely, so it’s a key time to get to grips with it.

And it doesn’t have to be a struggle, it’s easy once you start taking action.

What spirit shows us, is that the separation/opposition based templates and polarity of the “old 3D reality” – human history – is being purged. Including any karma from this.

Unconscious Toxins

It can mean that you feel weirdly out of sorts without fully realizing why.

The easiest thing to do is cleanse it out, because it may not even be content you are fully aware of or can get clarity on by journalling or simply “intending” to release.

To permanently shift out of the separation based templating that keeps so many Twin Flames stuck in delays and problems, have a look here where spirit channeled a complete session with me on this exact subject.

Rebirth Of Soul Love

The higher purpose of Pluto’s support of Venus/Neptune, is for us to embrace our soul power to BELIEVE in and manifest love.

Pluto is the ruler of death/resurrection and the unconscious, so it can also contribute to a “rebirth” of soul love.

Pay attention to your dreams and make sure you cleanse your telepathic channels so you can fully perceive what your Twin is trying to communicate.

Twin Flame Dreams

February 18th the sun enters Pisces, amplifying these effects.

Dont be surprised if messages in the form of images, words and songs pop into your mind from your Twin Flame, and dreams and astral experiences between Twins are common with these energies present.

(Make sure you tap into the full potential by understanding how to open your telepathic channel fully).

twin flame telepathy


Soul realm encounters are highly likely, and extra powerful for those who are already involved with this.

Many Twins will be shown palpably for the first time now, that physical separation is an illusion.

And many Twin Flames will be connecting with their counterpart for the first time, including via dreams or intuitive flashes.

Opening To The Mystery

This has the potential to be a magical week of incredible love experiences – regardless of anything to do with Valentine’s day!

Make sure you are aligned and open, as that’s the key to experiencing the heights of the amazing gateway potential…

And if you’re struggling, don’t let lack of love become a self fulfilling negative prophecy. Join me here to make the shift happen.

It truly is possible when you begin to apply the right steps.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3 

Cassady x


twin flame program

Want more? For a step-by-step “roadmap” to Twin Flame Union, created after my Twin and I reached Union on my own journey – have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames.

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“This has been truly amazing, every time I use this my Twin Flame texts or calls me immediately afterwards. It’s really crazy! It’s amazing that I can do this type of thing and my Twin be so affected by it as well!” – Teresa B., California, USA

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