Solar Eclipse In Aquarius Heralds New Era For Twin Flames – Love And Leveling The Playing Field. Are You Ready For This?

Before we start today, let me remind you that if things haven’t been ideal for you in recent times, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Your journey can really be lifted into a state of love and unity – it’s why you came here!

But in order to get to that point of harmony, you might have some work to do on clearing out the negativity you absorbed from others’ during your lifetime. Watch a video here on why so many Twins experience struggles and how to resolve it.

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Eclipse Power – New Beginnings

And now: Welcome into a week that has potential to change the very reality you live in!

Yes, that’s above all what it’s about this week – breaking open the very boundaries we’ve lived within!

This Eclipse is set to be the strongest we’ve had this year, as it impacts the sign of Aquarius which is symbolic of all “lightworkers” – the soul come down from up above to bring light and wisdom to humanity.

(Read more here about the different dimensions and what “up there” really is!)

Twin Flames are all so-called “lightworkers”… This is the term most often used for souls who have volunteered to reincarnate to bring illumination, higher dimensional unity perspectives and codes to the earth plane.

Both to assist in the planet’s own ascension and in the positive evolution of human society into a love-based reality.

The End Of Conflict And Fear?

With human history being so full of fear, conflict and “darkness”, so-called lightworkers are in essence answers to prayers sent out by humanity itself – for more peace, more love, for more harmony and understanding.

So here you are. Hopefully comfortable with your life’s path and secure in your identity.
If not, this eclipse is set to assist you in stepping more fully into a sense of purpose and happiness with your onward path…

Because above all this eclipse in Aquarius is set to take off more of the layers of old identities that no longer serve us – and stirring up our very lives’ situations to shake off what’s outworn its use.

This Eclipse is about tearing away the past and opening up to the future path. A new chapter of life begins in this period.

Some will find this uncomfortable. There’s a sense of lying in bed and having the warm blanket of sleep ripped right off.

(If you have an Unawakened Runner Twin who’s acting out against love and pushing conflict into the connection, have a look here – this session has had so many amazing responses!)

twin flame awakening

Flare-Ups In Conflict From Runners

Something will change in this period. Something will never be the same again. And it can feel really scary right now.

Many who are still stuck in ego are set to balk at what they feel as a threat… So there can be flare ups in conflict between Twins who are unaware of their deeper motivations this week.

But spirit’s promise is this – in another few years’ time, you will look back at this period of your life and see that this was a pivotal moment that opened up to a new and higher reality and life’s experience for you.

Even if you feel stressed or down right now, this is a time which seems to have been scripted in for you where you leave behind more of the old “regular” self and life of the past somehow and more fully step into your true soul’s identity.

We see more dormant codes are activated. We see DNA more fully activated to bring us online with more of our full potential.

Multiple Areas Changing At Once

There are huge changes happening right now. Significant inner events are set to happen. Sudden realizations. Changes in perspectives.

Spirit shows us Runner Twins having higher dimensional dream experiences they are not consciously aware of but that have a subtly transformative effect…

This Eclipse happens with a tight conjunction between Mercury, Sun and Moon in a square with Jupiter, but sextile Uranus. It shows us that change happens suddenly and on multiple levels.

This goes for those who already consider themselves “awakened” too. Ego masks of “spirituality” are set to be rattled.

Both Ego identity and feeling nature are set to go through challenging changes in this period. It’s as if the universe is shaking us up for our own good. To shake us out of our habitual modes of being.

This can be scary, as we’re faced with reconsidering everything we accepted as “real”, “possible”, “good” and “bad”. Many will be pushed to see their counterpart’s side of events now – in an uncomfortable way.

To get the best out of this time, have a look at the Complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames here – to cleanse out negativity that is triggered by Unawakened/runner Twins in this period as they feel pushed to let go.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

Is Your Primal Self On Board With Love?

The way we think, feel and see ourselves is in flux. The way we communicate who we are to the world is in a process of being “upgraded” and above all this means we’re being pushed to let go of the old.

Spirit shows us that no matter how enlightened or spiritual we consider ourselves, change is frightening to a human being because the primal psyche is so strongly focused on staying safe.

It’s ingrained in us from an evolutionary standpoint – hardwired into our brains and bodies. Change and opening up to love is seen as a huge threat (discover more about this here in my article about the “3D brain” and how it can block Twin unity).

This means, in the depths of the human animal mind (for more on this, read up about the “reptilian brain”) any change is dangerous and must be warded off. So this period is set to rattle many.

Ego defenses are likely to crop up, panic, irritation, lashing out without really knowing why, or unconsciously sublimating this primal fear onto seemingly small details of living.

Twin Flames turning on each other…

Being Honest In The Face Of Fear

Be aware of the deeper processes going on right now. Be honest as regards any fear you feel (It’s always impacting the Twin Flame mirror…).

Spirit often tells me, the biggest block on the spiritual and Twin Flame path, is when someone isn’t willing to be honest with themselves…

Because without acknowledging how we need to change, or how we might be unconsciously causing dissonance, we cannot move past it.

Many who deny their true fears, stay stuck in the same situation year after year.

I’ve had clients who waited for their Twin Flame to change for 20 years without success, because their energies were in a gridlock of unconscious fear of coming together.

They weren’t dealing with the underlying emotions and energies pushing them apart, so they were out of alignment with reuniting on so many levels…

If those Twins had been able to face their inner shadows, heal and uplift their energies into a state compatible with love, their journeys could have been so different…

So, are *you* compatible with reunion, are you open to the love and harmony you desire and hope for? Discover the answer with this channeled quiz.


“Who Were You Before They Told you Who You Were?”

The wisdom and challenge of this eclipse is – you are not your baggage. You are not even your name, your address, your childhood, your family, your job… You are so much more.

And for this “more” to rise forth and bring the light of love into your life, your Twin Flame connection and everything you are… You have to let go of the tight grip on what you already accepted as true. As real. As “you”.

When we make room, when we clear out what doesn’t serve us anymore – we open up for a new and higher reality, a new and higher state of love to show up.

When we’re full of assumptions, beliefs, perceptions, rights/wrongs, conflicts, opinions… there’s no room.

As the spiritual saying goes: “Who were you before they told you who you were?” That’s where we’re being pushed to go right now.

This Eclipse is set to feel tough for many, because it’s pushing us to let go of any ego masks we’ve been holding onto.

This is what Runner Twins are fearing above all, to lose their mask, because somehow deep down they are afraid, they feel unloveable for who they feel themselves to truly be.

If your Twin Flame is a Runner, have a look at this session to help them open up.

Wrong-Doing Between The Sexes

Spirit shows us, the most stubborn block for Twin Flames is the perceptions of right and wrong and of inherent difference.

Read more here about the Twin Flame mirror and why you are never really apart.

And if you’re struggling with a situation where you feel you can’t let go of your Twin hurting you, please read the following article. So many Twins have contacted me to tell me how much it helped them.

With Lilith conjunct Saturn impacting the run-up to the Eclipse, we see that one of the biggest parts of our “old” reality we’re being asked to let go of for good now, is the perception of wrong-doing between the sexes.

We’re being asked to remember that we’re all *souls* above all. We’ve inhabited both male and female bodies in our past. Just like we’ve all belonged to different races.

Spirit is kind of strict with this message – their point is:

“Dear children, how can you have unity and love like you desire, if you keep looking for differences? How can a woman truly love and be loved by a man if she believes men to be hurtful on any level?”

This can be a watershed shift. You might have seen it in the media that society is dealing with these very issues. Many are still stuck in conflict mode and this is *precisely* why Twin Flames are here.

As one soul divided, often in opposite gender bodies, we are those who can bridge that gap – not merely with words but with energy and emotion and completeness of experience.

To harmonize and heal those ancient hurts.

Twin Flames’ Secret Deeper Power

This might seem like a challenge, but if you feel into the depths of your heart you’ll feel your soul’s answer. Actually, it’s really easy. It was always easy because you were always one.

It was just the perceptions and the beliefs of the world that caused you to see things otherwise. And if your Twin Flame hurt you, that was what caused them to act that way.

To clear away the “3D” ego blocks that trip up so many Twin Flames, have a look at this complete clearing session – we also clear karma on love, cut cords to any past relationships that might have kept you and your Twin Flame unavailable to reuniting, and I answer common Twin Flame questions…


The Seemingly Simple Key To Reuniting In Love

With this next months’ Pisces focus, the universe is set to somehow deliver “Proof” That You Really Are One Soul In Two Bodies…

As the effects of this powerful eclipse carry out into the weekend, the Sun and Mercury move into Pisces, joining up with Venus – and this message is echoed again. The cosmic focus is moving into unity.

Love only exists in unity. Can you see that? We’re asked. Love is a feeling and energy that brings you closer to someone.

Whereas fear and anger is a feeling and energy that pushes others away… This is a huge thing to remember.

This might seem like a small insight but if you apply it to your life and your Twin Flame connection, you’ll see it’s the KEY that opens the doorway to what you’ve been asking and hoping for.

Now with this next month’s focus on the collective unconscious and the wisdom of higher dimensional unity – you can truly begin to experience the unconditional love that exists between you and your twin.

But in order to get there, we’re now asked to let go of our differences. Not just for our own sake and for our unity, but for the sake of the whole.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey!

I believe in you! <3

Cassady x


Want more? Learn the methods that got my Twin and I to Union within 18 months of our first encounter – in the step by step Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames. And, go here to read about other Twin Flames’ amazing experiences with the program.

twin flame program

“Dear Cassady, I can’t put into words how grateful I am to you. Each week your writing clarifies, uplifts and inspires me to continue, and the meditations and vibrational alignment tools have made all the difference. I can feel the changes in me and see the changes between my twin and I. I am learning about unconditional love and becoming more in touch with my soul everyday. Thank you for all your energy and effort in helping me. I would be so lost without it. ?Sending you love and light, “

Rachel, Sydney, Australia


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