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Masculine Templates Uplifted Through the “Higher Octave” of Love, as Old Repressed Emotions are Healed. Increased Unity for the Twin Pair. Plus, A Strong Cosmic Message: There Is Still Hope For The Hopeless…


December is in some ways set to be a month of uplifting, compared to recent times. There is a sense of the intensity of earlier months calming down, a new plateau being reached – particularly for those who have been taking action on their spiritual path, confronting and integrating inner shadows and healing old wounds.

(To read about why outer cycles of Running and Separation are actually your own “shadows” calling for you to go within, have a look at this article on the inner key to your outer Twin Flame dynamic).

The Masculine energy templates are being reworked again this month but with gentleness as opposed to the deep purging of Mars Retrograde earlier this year.

More action for Mars in Aquarius on December 6th as we reach a sextile to Uranus in Aries, this is a sense of giving “him” fuel for the journey, a rallying cry for the power of action and for the Masculine’s ability to get things done.

These two parallel currents of the active polarity of energy coming together as an arrowhead to propel development forward. We’re shown by spirit that in spiritual circles the Masculine often seems villified…

A reminder that Patriarchal society has perhaps misused the Masculine energy polarity at the expense of the other point of balance, the Feminine. But without the yang, there is no yin.


Appreciating The Sacred Masculine

We might want to look deeper into the positive parts of the Yang essence now, to appreciate and honor and show love for the considerable good traits inherent in the so-called “Masculine”.

There’s a sense of suggestion for the Feminine to go within and thank her counterpart for everything “he” is. To let go of past negativity and see “him” in a new light, sending love and gratitude for what “he” embodies.

What she was distancing herself from, fearing, hurting from – the deeply engrained human biological wiring of female fear of the male – it wasn’t his true nature.

As a soul, her counterpart is all good, all love. We are again experiencing the release and re-conceptualizing of old ingrained programming so that it can be cleared energetically and we can uplift into unconditional love.

To read an article about why human perceptions of masculinity are so skewed, and what the Divine Masculine really is all about – go here.

Again, remember that Masculine/Reminine doesn’t have to exclusively relate to biological sex. Some females have a masculine energy emphasis, some males have a feminine energy emphasis. This energy transit relates to both biological and energetic “masculinity”.

Most people have both polarities present, but in varying degrees. Some Twins are fairly balanced, but most express an emphasis towards one side. You most likely know already what the case is for you and your Twin.


Congratulations On A Job Well Done

Uranus seems to be patting Mars on the back for recent progress – things are moving in the right direction. There is a sense of support for the Masculine from the cosmic energies, and a sense of new high vibrational archetypes developing for the male.

There is a new wave of “illumined males” coming into their own across the planet – many of whom are Twin Flames and Lightworkers – expressing and embodying the Divine Masculine archetype.

Being an enlightened source of power, leading from the heart, taking action for the good of all. Using the classic traits of Masculinity but from a higher perspective. Power coming from love, not domination.


Masculine and Feminine Aligning

In a parallel move, Venus now moves into Aquarius – the same sign Mars is still located in. This is an exciting transit which clearly spells out in energy terms that the Masculine and Feminine are now on the “same page”. And the place they come together, is in the greater good, progress.

Leaving behind any disagreement within the pair to look outward, upward – aiming ever higher for humanity. Clicking in to the “Twin Flame Mission” of love.

When you love, you are carrying out “your mission” perfectly. And your souls will always be pulling you back together for this reason.

We’re shown that the Masculine is becoming a more and more active participant. Ask your Twin Flame’s Higher Self to assist you on your journey right now – you’re not alone.

To read more about the Twin Flame Mission, go here.


Potential Heaviness – Doubt Arises

December 9th-11th we have a conjunction between the Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius – potential heaviness and being made to face responsibilities and karmic debts, but also potential for opportunity, greater focus and planning and creating for the long term.

Discover more about karma and the Twin Flame Journey here – karma is something which we must willingly and consciously resolve with our free will intent. It’s not something that can or will resolve itself of its own accord or through wishful intentions because it is locked in the deeper layers of consciousness.

Unless resolved, karma will keep expressing itself over and over in your life’s circumstances, for example in repeated cycles of being abandoned by lovers and friends. Twin Flame Running and Separation are frequently based in past life karma between the pair, which is why it seems to not go away no matter how much the pair try to change things from the outside.

Because it’s like trying to hold a beach ball under water, you have to use pressure to keep it there and as soon as you let go things go back to how they were.

Clearing karma is perhaps the most transformational method I’ve seen on the Ascension path. It has the ability to profoundly change your outer reality for the better from the inside out.



How To Use Saturn’s Heaviness To Your Advantage

Saturn’s impact is famously heavy. Some methods for dealing with this energy December 9-11th and avoiding the existentially numbing doubt and depressive tendencies it can bring…

Spend this time clearing out congested energy, doing your taxes, exercising, or getting some tricky admin work completed, or tidying your house, or some other practical yet boring task you’ve been avoiding.

Saturn’s energy is perfectly suited for this, channeling the heaviness into discipline.

Spirit suggests not thinking so much about your Twin connection in the days around December 9th-11th. If you can put any niggling issues to the side and just deal with the here and now tasks, making steady steps forward with your energy work, your projects and your own goals – you’ll find this time much more pleasant.

The tendency in considering the Twin Flame connection now will be to see the flaws, why it’s unrealistic, lighting up every way it’s unlikely to ever work out. So to avoid struggles just focus elsewhere, is the advice we’re given.

Saturn’s energies are perhaps the most challenging in the zodiac and it can be tough to master. This is a way to get the best out of it.


Fear Of Change Highlighted Again

The same day Uranus in Aries stimulates Chiron in Pisces (this is actually ongoing a few days before and after too), pushing us to once and for all deal with our perpetual human fear of change. We’re shown that the core root of this fear is in our primal ancestry – and it’s hardwired into our bodies.

This transit deals with purging and triggering the typical human trait of feeling the need to control our surroundings and worrying about our futures (just look at our modern world, it is an exercise in controlling our natural surroundings).

So if things feel yucky and weird and just ‘off’ right now – look to your body. It has its own consciousness and is carrying a lot of old programming. Make sure you connect to the light and clear your energy now, as your body is releasing some “old trash” for you to take out.

Again, we’re reminded that change is imminent or already happening for Twin Flames and Lightworkers all over the world. And this transit is helping us clear out blocks in the way of it.

So that we can move into the next phases of our development, to answer our prayers of reuniting, to help us move to a place where we can be surrounded by those who understand us deeper, to find a job where we feel our gifts are being used in a positive way, to end outworn relationships and friendships to open up to new ones forming.

The universe and our “teams” are busy re-shuffling our situations to make way for what we’ve been asking for, wishing for, praying for. And often, these changes have been scripted in, is what they’re telling me.

You have had soul contracts that are now ending, for new ones to take over, new places, new people, new developments.


When You’re Saying Yes And No At The Same Time

Ultimately for you and your Twin Flame to reunite harmoniously, is what I’m shown. The two of you are always working on the soul level to come back together, and these next few years are set to bring many new developments.

So we’re now being assisted by a series of cosmic transits, to finally release our fear of change. As mentioned, the tricky thing is fear of change is programmed into us genetically. It’s part of the survival mechanisms that have developed in the human body over millennia – since the very beginning. So this is an ongoing project.

Energy clearing will help you remove this programming and clear out any old trauma (including past life abandonment issues) relating to change, so you can move forward from a place of joy.

Because as spirit shows me, underlying fear of change means we actually put the brakes on and block the very things we’ve been asking for… It means we can be working against ourselves, sabotaging ourselves.

Because, say you want get together with your Twin Flame but you fear that they’ll hurt you again or you’ve read that all Twin Flames have a terrible time when they meet – those things are working against each other, effectively cancelling each other out. Blocking progress.

Have a look here for my complete Step By Step Method for Twin Flames for simple yet powerful ways to address this and more.


Rooting Out Fears and Control

Chiron is helping us face up to the deeper emotional wounds underneath this desire for control. The root cause of perfectionism and the desire to control, is ultimately a lack of trust in the natural order and in the universe – and a fear that things will go “wrong” unless you control everything.

Unfortunately, in this universe of Like Attracts Like – that kind of negativity only becomes a negative self-fulfilling prophecy. When we fear that bad things will happen, we’re actually attracting them with our energy.

Have a look here for how this Impacts the Runner/Chaser Dynamic and how to Make Your Twin Flame Stop Running for Good.


Worry Breeds Worry

So right now the message is: Face the wounds, clear the fears and karmic debts keeping you locked in them – so you can move on in freedom. Stop the cycles of experiences from keeping you trapped in the same situation over and over. Step off the wheel of karma.

Venus joins in with this in a square to Chiron on December 12th, emphasizing the feminine’s role in this – the ancient myth of the worrying female, feeling it’s her duty to keep everyone safe and that she is not safe in this world.

Know that worry only breeds more worry… Worrying for someone only adds to their burdens.

This is a time where the spotlight is shone onto all of our deepest lying fears about change. So do your best to keep a detached mindset now, don’t take yourself and your own feelings and reactions so seriously because they are likely an expression of ingrained ancestral programming.

“It’s not you, it’s them. And it’s not now, it’s the past.”

Holding high intentions for others and your future – including your Twin – and sending love, is the best method. Sending unconditional love to your Twin Flame can be truly transformational and healing.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


Want more? For an easy, smooth way to clear blocks, heal your energy and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here – How My Twin and I got to Union within 18 months of our first encounter…

Alternatively you can try our Free Transformation Kit for Twin Flames!

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  1. When you say things like not to be hurt because it really wasn’t his higher self hurting me.. How do I know? He thinks it is okay to look at other people and find them appealing. I don’t. Is this his Ego?

    1. I know this can be a tricky thing Jennifer. My best suggestion would be to clear your energy so you don’t have to feel the hurt in your body and being so strongly.

      Then have a look at these articles:

      “The Real Reason Why Your Twin Flame Hurt You”


      “A Message For You From Your Twin Flame’s Higher Self”

      Sending you love and light! <3

      Cassady x

      1. I just don’t understand why he changed.. I didn’t think it used to be that way but he changed. Why does he not have the same idea? I don’t want to be attracted to others and I’m not. I’m not saying I was completely innocent but I never took it as far. I just wonder if he genuinely is attracted to other people or if he was just hurt by me.

  2. This is a question I have never seen before and I do not think you wrote about it but when you were going through your Union did you feel confused with each others energies? I’m not sure how I can ask this the right way. I hope this makes sense.

    1. Hi, sometimes Angel Rose – it still happens where I’ll realize he’s thinking or feeling something. Often we say something at the same time and I’m unsure who felt it “first”. But it’s a part of the fun, in a way. I’d try to look at it as a mysterious and fun thing, because it lifts the connection into a higher vibration.

      Daily energy clearing really helps me with this, especially clearing the channels between you and your twin like we do in the Complete Harmony Healing. That really shifted things into more happiness for us, because any individual insecurities don’t travel between us anymore. And once you get to that place, it’s more obvious when/if you’re picking up on someone else’s energy. The clearer we get the more noticeable other people’s energy gets, even our own Twin’s.

      Hope this explains things a bit more for you <3

      Cassady x

  3. Hey Csanz,

    I used to struggle with that feeling – but in a weird way, “they” did “tell us” because we’re the ones who planned this stuff… Our souls. We knew all of this stuff when we came here.

    It can be a challenging journey but we chose it for a reason – the love and bliss we get to experience when we transverse the purging of the Ascension process is unlike anything most other human beings could ever dream of! We get to live actual happy lives when we clear all the human baggage… that’s a very unique thing on this planet <3

    Cassady x

  4. The visions I’ve had of my Twin, what do they mean? I’ve seen Her from 3 similarly different aspects. One where she’s hugging someone in front of her, one where she’s staring right at me knelt down on her knees flirtatiously smiling, and the last one where she’s on top of me in an intimate way. These visions presented themselves in clairvoyant fashion, but Idk if I’m seeing future scenarios past scenarios or her feelings.

  5. Out of curiosity, if you feel side effects from energy clearing can your twin feel the side effects too? I’ve been working a lot on energy clearing lately and my twin has been saying he feels a bit sick. It could be just a common cold but it made me curious.

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