3D Polarity Flares Up As a Final Block to Union – Winter Solstice Opens For More Anchoring Into 5D. Meeting Place Between The Spheres – Powerful Influxes of Light…


Welcome into one of the peak seasons of the year! With the holidays there is a lot of tension in the collective fields in this period, especially as Mercury goes Retrograde from December 19th.

In general it’s helpful if you can focus on positivity and nurturing your inner happiness right now, as it will lift you up above the fray.

Shield yourself, listen to holiday music (music clears and uplifts the energy in a room), and if you’re set to be spending time with family make sure you clear cords afterwards so you don’t take anyone else’s “baggage” with you and have it complicating things with your Twin Flame.

Using the Free Energy Cleanse Tool here will help you lift up into a higher vibration where you are less likely to be triggered and weighed down by the typical “holiday stress”, and it’s powerful in opening up your Twin connection into love.

Softening Of the Masculine

In cosmic energy terms this week is a heightened time of change, the culmination and release period of recent months’ developments. We now see the Masculine “softened” and uplifted on his journey through Pisces, the “higher octave of Love” – old wounds around repressing emotions are brought up to be healed.

Plus, ongoing themes of balancing patterns and programming between the Twin Flames and eradicating 3D polarity templates of gender in order to enter into Higher Union.

Winter Solstice sees more Twins anchored into 5D, even some who have felt “hopeless” in recent years.


Mercury Retrograde – How Use It To Your Benefit

Mercury goes retrograde on December 19th in Capricorn close to Pluto, bearing the message that we’re going within now – this is a time for introspection, going down into the depths of who we are.

Just like nature in the northern hemisphere has gone “underground” to seek protection and gather nourishment to begin a new cycle of growth in spring – we’re being asked to go within to reevaluate the direction we’ve been headed in.

To rethink things, and with Pluto’s involvement this means to reexamine what our deeper motivations have been, to figure out whether we’ve been aligned with our own true happiness or sabotaging ourselves behind the scenes.

To dig into what really has been going on beneath the surface in our lives – particularly what emotional responses have been steering us.

Mercury Retrograde is infamous for misunderstandings, complications, technology breakdowns and errors, so it can be a good time to go within and sort things out there… If you’re out travelling during this time, make sure you check all the details twice.


Recap Of Period Since The Eclipses

Mercury is set to be moving backwards well into the New Year, so use this time to gain new insight into yourself and what you truly want for 2017. Consider in this period what has gone well and what hasn’t gone so well in this recent period 3-6 months, especially since the September Eclipses.

What would you change for the future? Ruminate now, so when January comes you’ll move forward with new confidence, knowing what path to take and what you need and want .

When we send out strong intentions to the Universe, manifestation happens faster. Most of us have a tricky time with manifesting and getting answers to our prayers because we’re usually dithering back and forth with what we want and sending out contradictory messages.

When we pray and ask for things while simultaneously being terrified of what will happen – say, you want to reunite with your twin but are afraid they’ll run again and you’ll get hurt – we’re sending double messages.

Like driving left and right at the same time. It means nothing can happen because we’re cancelling out our own intentions.

So gain clarity now for better results later.

In order to cut through the roots of this type of unconscious self-sabotage and assist the Twin Flame collective, spirit had me channel a new session recently.

We go through a powerful yet easy method for conscious manifestation in the new Higher Heart Transformation Journey for Twin Flames, where we also “uplevel” you and your Twin’s heart chakra programming and infuse you with new light codes so you can both feel safe to open up to the powerful love in the connection (running often stems from fear of opening up, fear of vulnerability).

We also clear blocks on both sides of the connection and re-open the heart bond between you with pure divine love. And in addition, we update your shared Akashic Records, unify and uplift your timelines and gift you a powerful beneficial energy for your onward journey. Discover more here.


Positive Shift for the Masculine

As Mars moves into Pisces on December 20th, we see a shift in the energetic focus for the Masculine energy polarity and the way we take action, our sex drive, our feelings and approach to power and how we go out into the world – we begin to move inward and upward, tapping into a higher current of energy.

Pisces is the higher octave of love, the home of Neptune – I’m shown, the gateway sign where this world and the next meet. There is a sense of blurred boundaries between realities, between people – this is what makes Pisces energies so conducive to creativity.

Mars’ move into Pisces is the energetic culmination of the Masculine’s journey through the zodiac and the levels of spiritual development. Much is set to change in this period, we see the Masculine twins “waking up to their higher selves” in a new and profound way. We’re shown “man becoming spirit”, while still in the physical.

In general the collective Male energy fields have changed and shifted for the better since the beginning of 2016 – much old pain and harsh energies have been filtered out and released.

There is still more work left to do but upon testing the energy, a significant amount of heaviness has shifted out – the very darkest, deepest layers seem less congested now.

If you didn’t yet read it, get insight into why there have been such challenges around the Masculine in 2016, and what the plan has been behind the scenes the whole time: A Message From the Divine Masculine.


Opening Up Intuition

Mars visiting Pisces is a message of “softening him up” for his own good, to remember who he is as a soul, specifically. Throughout history the Masculine has been focused outward, often to the detriment of his emotional health and his intuitive capabilities. This is set to be adjusted now.

As always, balance is the cosmic goal – the universal energies are always pushing for balance and harmony.

Be mild with your Masculine Twin in this period, as you won’t want to reinforce any previous wounds around having to “toughen up” and bottle up emotions – these things have been big blocks to Twin Unity.

Most often these patterns have been taken on from childhood – have you ever met a man who’s been taught it’s good to open up about his emotions? Where do we ever see the media show that it’s sexy or powerful for a guy to be sensitive?

Your love and understanding can help your Twin open up to completely new levels of love now. This period is paramount.

Show your Twin Flame that it’s OK to be sensitive, that you’ll accept him or her and they’re safe to be themselves with you no matter what.

Mercury Retrograde can complicate things right now though. So instead of hashing things out by “regular” communication and potentially triggering misunderstandings or fear, try the Complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames to cleanse out any remains of old hurt, both from their upbringing and between you. Read more here.

Gateway of Light – Anchoring More Twins into 5D

At the Winter Solstice 21st December, we have a huge gateway of light opening up again – a grand cosmic event.

This is set to be the biggest influx of light in a while – because we’re making more and more room for it. Earth feels and seems lighter than it has done during the release before.

Many sensitives such as Twins and other Lightworkers will feel euphoric now. That’s the word I’m given, euphoria.

This is both because there is a palpable feeling of how well things are progressing and feeling the light coming in. More Twins are anchored into 5D now, I’m shown even some Twins who have thought all was lost in recent years.

The message is – “Keep progressing bit by bit, day by day, and we’ll get there together. All progress is good progress.”


Full Moon In The Sign of Balance


During the run-up to the solstice old pain between the Twin Flames from recent months is set to be released so we can let go of conflict and begin a new cycle of higher development.

If you can allow yourself to forgive and let go of pain, it can be released from you for good now. But you must be willing.

In other words, keep an eye on your perspective right now. The gateway energies are intensifying whatever you’re focusing on – so if you’ve been feeling sad, expect to feel even lower, if you’ve been feeling angry, expect to feel fuelled by rage. 

Sometimes anger can be useful to propel you forward, but remember that anger, jealousy, blame and sadness are separation based energies. They will get between you and your Twin Flame, not create harmony.

Intention is key. And if you can find it in your heart to forgive right now, it will help you tremendously. Read here about how forgiveness is actually the key to you feeling better and inviting in more happiness in your life.

Ultimately forgiveness is not about letting someone else get away with bad behavior. It’s about you regaining your inner freedom to be happy.


Slow and Steady – Building for the Long Term

Christmas is a big day this year as Saturn in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries on December 24th – two of the most powerful energies in our solar system converge – responsibility versus sudden change, heavy, slow power versus high voltage, high volatility power.

The energetic message is that this is a long-term transit that’s due to influence our energy fields for most of December and well into January, as these are slow-moving planets…

December 24th is the exact convergence. Coming together beneficially like this, we get the forward-motion power of both intensity and solidity. Long-term creation with inspiration from the higher realms. The old is being destroyed so we can build something better.  The past is more smoothly making way for a pleasant future.

Many beneficial businesses and scientific projects that will impact the world strongly in coming years are underway behind the scenes right now.


Discovering the Roots of Why You Are the Way you Are

We have yet another interaction between Venus and the heaviness of Saturn on December 25th – this time Venus stimulates Chiron, indicating that this has to do with a release of old karmic patterns and debts.

Family interactions can be intense now, so make sure you shield yourself. And as spirit has let me know throughout my own journey – anytime you’re triggered, see it as a gift to get to clear the old negativity. If you weren’t triggered, you wouldn’t know that stuff was there blocking you behind the scenes.

Right now we are being helped into releasing patterns that have been based in old events. Often in life, phobias and strong fears of abandonment and rejectoin, “shyness” (actually feeling uncomfortable or unsafe to open up to others), recurring sadness and anger are based in early life and even past life trauma.

We usually accept it as “just who we are” but the truth is that it’s not. We are infinite beings, pure light. Fear and strong reactions are due to “scars” in our energy field, ruptures that keep us locked in repeating the same trauma over and over like an echo.

And we can clear and heal the root causes of these fears and phobias. Discover how here.

Twin Flame Core Fear of Abandonment

An extremely common fear for Twin Flames (I’ve seen this in dozens of clients) is the fear of abandonment or separation.

When Twin Flames meet in life, this fear of abandonment is strongly triggered. It’s not because it’s logical or rational – the basis is usually some traumatic event from the past where the Twins were forced apart by circumstances.

This was the case for my Twin and I personally (you can read about this discovery here) and I’m so glad I was able to eradicate this pattern from my journey by using karmic clearings, as it had brought a lot of pain throughout life…


The Universe’s Gift to Twin Flames

In a sense this is the cosmos’ “Christmas gift” to us this year, to help us move forward with increased harmony and positivity. To help us give up our burdens if we’re willing.

Together, helping the planet shine a little bit brighter, to bring a little bit more love into the world, to carry on with action and faith the traditional holiday spirit of peace and love to all mankind…

The holidays can be such a special time. Remember to shield yourself and take a higher perspective so you can enjoy it to the fullest. I wish you a wonderful winter solstice wherever in the world you are and whatever faith or denomination or belief you belong to. Remember you’re never alone.

Until next time, I’ll be sending love and light your way! <3

Cassady x

Want more? Discover how my Twin Flame and I reached Union within 18 months of our first encounter, and learn the methods that made it possible: Step-By-Step Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames.

Alternatively you can try our Free Help Kit for Twin Flames


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  1. Almost two years ago my twin flame starting visiting me in spirit and telling me how unhappy he was in his marriage and to not forget him. I could n;t believe it was happening and it has been a long journey to complete our connection. He loves me and I love him. We will be visiting together soon in a remote place where we can get reacquainted and it is a long awaited reunion for us. There is no fear now, just unconditional love for him and our reunion. Sending him love and light messages always.

  2. Hi, Cassady. I’m Brazilian, I’m using google translator, I hope you understand me. I am very happy to have found your blog, although our language is different, I have learned a lot (my heart feels that I am in the right place). I began to receive spiritual messages from a person (I do not know yet whether it is man or woman). This person started sending songs that were repeated in my mind, before bed or when I wake up at night. They were songs that were not part of my musical style, but they spoke of nostalgia, love, even jealousy. Then these songs started playing in various places I’ve been. After several days researching, I found your blog. I already read your story (beautiful!). I’ve had some visions with this person, sometimes I miss her so much. Do you have something in Portuguese (course, meditation)? I really want to understand what’s going on. If you can give me some guidance from your spiritual guides, I’ll be very grateful. I am sad and happy at the same time that your mission is being fulfilled as to the twin flames.(I came to your blog especially because of 11:11, which appeared many times for me this year)

  3. Hi Cassady,
    I always love reading your blog posts and this is another fantastic one. I’ve been seeing visions and hearing my TF talking to me telepathically since September but I’ve not met him physically yet, have you known thing happen this way around? Most of the stories i’ve read have the telepathy occurring after the physical meeting and i’m just worried that what I’m getting is just me imagining things even though I’m getting signs from everywhere about him. Love and light to you xx

    1. Same with my twin flame, Flik. We haven’t quite met yet but he has been with me energetically for the whole past year with huge love and support through a very challenging time in my life. ?

  4. wow! that literally was the exact same thing, that happend to me and my twin a few months ago. See, I‘ve come to conclusion, that you can work so hard on yourself, if you still got negative karma inherited in your body, you and your twin will operate from this place. (That was the case for me/us). Have you tried working with your spirit guide in meditation? And clearing negative past lives you may had together?
    See, it was just the same for me, until I realizied, that the two of us had some REALLY nasty and hurtful past lifes together. (Fear of „Coming together„/feeling of „it‘s better to stay apart“/feeling of „not safe to love eachother). And I realized, that this was the EXACT same patter, I hold onto until this life. I always had this feeling inside of me, that it was better to stay apart, because, if we seperate, we couldn‘t hurt the people around us/we‘d be safe). Realizing that this was NOT the truth, was really healing to me. Still working on this issue tho. But coming to such a conclusion can uplift your journey a lot.

    Also inner child healing is a very profound way to heal the two of you „from inside“.

    Sending you love! 🙂
    Best wishes, Ave

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