twin-flame-girlCosmic Push To Get You Out Of Your Comfort Zone – Into Love’s Arms. You Can’t Start Over If You Keep Re-Reading The Last Chapter. New Moon in Sagittarius, Mercury Direct…

Welcome into a week full of new potential developments, lessons, challenges, opportunities and positives!

We’re getting a brand new chance in love this week – but it involves leaving our comfort zone behind… Do you have the courage that divine love requires?

More details below.

Shaking Up Your Self Perception…

We’re still in a tight spot with Uranus R directly opposing Venus, now moving direct back into Scorpio… On Monday the Moon joins Venus, adding to the intensity of this transit.

You’re likely to be feeling pressured in love somehow. Impatience and restlessness are indicated – and underlying issues around feeling not good enough are highlighted for many.

The real purpose is to shake up your old way of seeing yourself. Do get you out of your old ways of dealing with love…

Because without you realizing it, you’ve been deflecting love from reaching you fully!

The way we see ourselves “dictates” how “worthy” we perceive ourselves to be… And this shapes how able we are to receive our wishes and answered prayers from the universe… Including Twin Flame happiness and reunion.

I was just speaking with spirit about this, the difference between “asking” from a place of smallness and *hoping* things will show up…

Versus “claiming” something from a place of empowerment and knowing you are an infinite being that can manifest your desires no matter what…

Read more here in “Reasons Why Your Prayers Are Going Unmet”

twin flame prayer

Stepping Out Of 3D Perspectives On Love

Many Twins are being challenged to step into their infinite light right now, to stop accepting and engaging with a lower version of events and reality.

To set boundaries and to call in what truly is worthy of you. Often, that means leaving the past behind.

Mercury going direct and the New Moon both echo this. You deserve your dream come true – but do you believe that? Are you in a place of worthiness?

(For more help with this, click here)

Spirit’s input is many will be positively surprised by how rapidly things change once they CLAIM their HIGHEST desire, instead of hoping for something from a place of smallness!

What If Miracles Really Were Possible?

The ongoing interaction between Uranus R, Venus and Mars/Neptune tells us something important for Twin Flames.

The cosmic energies are pushing to shake up the Twin Flames’ perceptions of what’s possible… Especially as regards love, and especially for the Feminine Twin.

There is so much good waiting to happen… If you can allow it and align with it. “Heaven on earth” really is possible… But you have to get out of your old ways of seeing relationships, your Twin Flame and yourself.

There’s a key indication that most Feminine Twin Flames have been severely underestimating their counterpart’s abilities and power to make things happen!

To get insights into the truth about the Divine Masculine, the higher self presence of the Masculine – click here.

divine masculine twin soul

Feeling Stuck Lately? There’s A Divine Reason

Limiting beliefs are being triggered powerfully, so that you can shift into a higher state of being.

Forget about what the world told you and any old experiences, spirit says.

Let go of those old things, and allow your higher consciousness to show you that unconditional love, real physical bliss in love, really is possible.

Read more about that here in “Crucial Words Of Inspiration For The Twin Flame Journey”

Mercury Retrograde – Secrets Revealed…

Mercury retrograde is also pushing for this same thing – we’re being challenged to step into MORE of our light, to claim more of our higher abilities and to step into a higher version of reality.

And to do this, it’s challenging us to release our old outdated UNconscious perceptions – especially regarding relationships, sex and power.

There are secrets waiting to be revealed now.

This is a week in which you will benefit much from going through the following exercise:

-What do you really believe about love?
-About relationships?
-About women or men?
-What do you believe about the Twin Flame connection?

Write without editing yourself and notice all the limiting content that shows up.
Now, write out new and positive beliefs that support you, to replace the first ones.

(For a deeper and more permanent, metaphysical “version” of this exercise, have a look at my first Complete Energy Clearing Session for Twin Flames.

I take you step by step through eradicating all the dozens of most common negative belief blocks around love, relationships and the Twin connection…)


The Secret Saboteur Inside…

Spirit shows us – what if your secret fears and negative belief systems were what had “sabotaged” you the whole time?

What if it wasn’t other people or circumstances that had directed your path negatively… But the darkness in your own being? 

When your deeper beliefs and system are and clear and high vibrational, your energy flows smoothly and you begin to attract more harmonious experiences into your life.

(For help with raising your vibration, not just individually but for your pair connection, click here)

Complete harmony Healing Tool

Twin Flame Telepathy, Astral Connections…

All through this week Mars joins Neptune direct in “his” home sign Pisces – a highly notable event in the cosmic energies! This is extra powerful because Neptune is on his own home turf.

We see positivity between the Twin Flames, although the Masculine seems somewhat shy about expressing it openly in “real life”.

This week is key for Twin Flame telepathy, remote romantic interactions, astral travel, out of body experiences and dream messages between the pair.

Spirit shows us, it’s also likely to be guided to places, people and things that will serve you on your journey.

This is also happening with the unawakened Twin – subtly it’s as if their feet are moved to where they’re “supposed” to be… At the exact right time. (Read more about this here in 10 Signs You’re About To Reunite With Your Twin Flame)

A higher aspect of self is being awakened in the Masculine Twin in this period – specifically this week. It might be an emotionally intense process, frightening at times (help them with it using this resource).

Pre-Life Twin Flame Agreements

We’re shown that this next phase of their development was planned ahead. It’s something the two of you have agreed on before life, and have soul contracts for.

We see them having realizations, dreams, insights.

Above all, they have a feeling that they want more out of life.

They want to contribute to a better society. They want more meaning. This searching for meaning is a key into reuniting!

(Read more about how you can help subtly guide them into “awakening” here – without “scaring them away”)

unawakened twin flame

Soul To Soul – Inner Peace…

There’s a sense of calm between the Twin Flames on a higher level right now. It’s also as if masculine/feminine energy is being balanced in each counterpart.

Not between them, but *within* them. This is an advanced part of the Union process.

The Masculine’s system blending with feminine energy and templates to reach an inner wholeness… And the Feminine’s system immersing Masculine root and sacral chakra templates of power on “her” side of things.

Alchemizing the divine counterparts into a greater state of inner harmony – becoming whole within and without.

Read more about the chakra system here and get a “free reading” to find out what’s going on in your system. And – you might know that it’s not always the case that the female twin is the predominately Feminine… or that the male twin is the Masculine. It’s all about energy!

So are you really the Masculine or the Feminine polarity Twin Flame? Take the quiz here to find out.


Mercury Turns Direct!

Happily, Mercury turns direct at the tail end of Scorpio Thursday December 6th! I know so many will be rejoicing about this…

In all seriousness, it does signal the end of the “static” we’ve been experiencing in communication, thinking and travel over the last few weeks.

The collective fields will be gradually less on edge over the next few weeks – however, Mercury will still be traveling over “shadow terrain” a while longer… Making sure we really “learned the lessons” of recent times.

If you’re unsure what these were, take a look back.

In essence it will have been about the fact that we are the creators of our reality. With our choices, our focus, our thoughts, our beliefs…

We attract and nourish a particular experience of reality.

(Read about how this impacts the Twin Flame Journey in “Is Your Twin Flame Story Making Or Breaking Your Connection?”)


Which Version Of Reality Are You Subscribed To?

Consider this:

A fearful person will likely avoid things that could bring great joys into their lives. They will opt out of opportunities, meetings, chances, risk and reward that might be divinely guided – thereby experiencing life as being “same old same old”…

In reality, it’s mainly to do with their choices.

On the other hand, an optimist will likely see opportunities where a pessimist only sees possible failure.

An optimist will put themselves out there, reach high and knock on doors… And usually this brings more change, more positivity. It creates expansion. Invites in light.

As above, so below. As within, so without. That’s universal “law” and even the ancients knew it.

Whose “Recipe” Have You Been Using?

So looking back, how has your dominant attitude to life, and your focus affected what you’ve experienced?

And if you’re not happy with your current state – how can you change things for the better?

And it might not even be “your” belief and attitude to begin with. I was raised by a stubbornly pessimistic father and had to learn the hard way how to train myself to be positive. (Read more about my experience with that here).


I understand it can be hard to change the habits of a lifetime. But it is possible!

The way I managed to do it, was through the methods I share with you here. Ask your soul to guide you to what’s to your highest good right now. All my sessions help you shift out of limitation and heaviness, into a new state of expansion, positivity and inviting in love.

You really can begin to change your situation for the better (even if it’s pretty good already) – from the inside out.

To get an idea of where you’re at in terms of what you’re “inviting in” from the universe, have a look at this channeled quiz. Discover whether you’re really open to the reunion, love and happiness you’re wanting and praying for… Click here

A New 12 Year Cycle – New Moon/Jupiter

The New Moon in Sagittarius on 7th December echoes all the above – we’re getting the chance to make a new beginning in terms of our belief systems, our expectations of life and love…

How we affect our lives through our beliefs and focus.

With this being the first New Moon in the sign since its ruler Jupiter returned here a few weeks ago, it’s a heightened time. This is a significant cosmic event.

The starting point for a new 12 year chapter of your life – when Jupiter again returns here. So be aware right now.

With the powerful high Jupiter tends to bring, make sure you use it to aim not just high – but your HIGHEST!

How do you want your life to be? How do you want your Twin Flame connection to be?
Where could you be in 12 years?

(No fear scenarios please! If that kind of stuff came up for you, know it’s something you need to clear!

Fear scenarios are “virus programs” that left unchecked can mess with your journey and happiness)

Could You Use A Cheerleader?

If you find it a lot to do this kind of work on your own and you could use a “cheerleader” and a guide – I take you through this kind of work and more here, step by step. Holding your hand along the way.

Finally this week, we have Chiron the “wounded healer” turn direct at the tail end of Aries on 9th December. Which means there’s now only one planet in Retrograde (plus the north node)!

This means we’re entering into a time for increased flow and lessened resistance.

In general, Spirit shows us these coming weeks (after this coming weekend) are heightened for manifestation so be aware of what you’re fueling your focus into!

More about this and what it means for the Twin Flame connection next week.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

“The Higher Dimensional Anchoring was the absolute most intense healing I’ve ever done – it completely blew me away. I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. The change in him was the biggest change I’ve seen in him to date. I’m so grateful I’m merely without words. It really was the answer to my prayers.”

– Sarah (via Facebook)

twin flame awakening

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