twin-flame-soul-contractThe Key Lesson We Agreed To Learn Together – Karmic Cycles Twins Get Caught In, And Why It’s Happening… Plus Heightened Dream Connections, Telepathy And More…

Welcome into a week full of new potential developments, lessons, challenges, opportunities and positives!

There’s a powerful process going on behind the scenes – preparing us to “bring heaven to earth” in tangible terms.

But spirit has a strict message to the Twin collective, meant to shake us up and open to union. 

More details below!

Alchemizing The Twin Flame Bond

So many Twins struggle on their journey, and it’s not because Twins are “divinely decreed” to suffer and learn lessons of conflict. It’s not meant to be a jigsaw puzzle of years of back and forth…

When that happens, it’s a signal that there’s something up on a deeper level.

Twin Flames share a divine bond of love. When this gets disrupted, when there’s running, chasing and problems… It’s because there’s negativity in their systems!

(Watch a video here on how it works and how to heal the connection to bring out unconditional love)

To step out of heaviness, frustration and uplift into light, make sure you use my Free Twin Flame Help Kit to uplift your connection to avoid issues around separation, running and struggle!


Perceptions That Have Clouded Love

We still have several notable transits active from last week including Uranus R opposition Venus and Mars conjunct Neptune.

This deals firstly with shaking us up in terms of our old habits of seeing and approaching love… Including our self perception – because it’s likely been holding us back severely.

And secondly, there’s a behind the scenes process going on – preparing us to “bring heaven to earth” in tangible terms.

All Engines On!

We now have every planet except one moving direct, plus all the major planets are in the northern hemisphere of the zodiac!

This indicates a period for forward motion, for getting things done in the “real world”, for being focused and present in the physical and for taking aligned action.

Everything we’ve learned and all the challenges we’ve faced over the last year are set to benefit us now. Now, we put our increased wisdom into practice.

With the heavyweights Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto all moving direct we’re being supported to go forth and make things happen. Like a child who’s had the training wheels taken off their bike, we’re set to be ready and able to reach our desires.

It’s as if we’ve been through a preparation process, paving the way WITHIN for our desires. And now, we’re being pushed to make it happen in the physical.

Battling With “What If…”

The unconscious and “inner issues” are set to be put on the backburner for a while – at least from the cosmic perspective. We’re allowed to do what we want, we have free will, but the momentum is pushing us out of ourselves and into action.

Venus is still opposed with Uranus as mentioned, and we have a feeling of … “What if something goes wrong again? What if it falls apart once more? What if I get hurt?”

(Read more in “Twin Flame Separation: Why Did It Fall Apart Again”)

twin flame separation

The cosmic message is, things should be different now!

We’ve been equipped with resources and solutions that change the parameters of the situation (if you’re still searching, have a look here and ask what you feel the most drawn to – that’s your intuition telling you what is to your highest good).

We’re supposed to have become empowered. And with empowerment and wisdom comes responsibility for ourselves.

Taking The Training Wheels Off…

Another thing right now, is the major planets are mostly “leaving us alone”. We’re being put to the test in some way – to manage by ourselves.

Because the message is, we are the ones experiencing our human life. No one else can do that for us.

We are the ones who must make the choices, take the actions, decide what we want and where we are going.

(Read more here in “Crucial Insights For The Twin Flame Path – As Within So Without”)

This time might feel free and exciting to you, or confusing and a bit scary – depending on how secure you feel within yourself and with your ability to make things happen in the world.

If you need some help getting things straight and building up your confidence, harmonizing your situation with your Twin Flame, click here.

Hidden Gifts In Recent Challenges

On December 12th Mercury moves into Sagittarius on his way over old ground from last month’s retrograde, signalling that we’re getting to take a fresh look at a troubled situation.

We’re set to have solutions and higher insights now – something that was a problem can now be solved.

Spirit also shows us that you’re set to gain hidden resources from what seemed like a challenge before. You’ll now realize there was a “gift” in the experience.

Perhaps you were able to let go of an old childhood wound because it was reactivated in the present… Or perhaps a now moment challenge showed you that you didn’t believe your dream was possible – and therefore pushed you to clear old fears to open up to receiving your dream come to fruition…

An indication for this next week is, you still have to keep a close eye on yourself in terms of how you think, speak and communicate.

You might slip back into old habits (negativity) if you’re not careful.

But if you can be mindful at this time, it’s set to carry positive repercussions for the future. (For some help with this, staying in a high vibration and inviting in love on “automatic”, click here)

Improvements In The Twin Connection

With the Sun in Sagittarius trine Uranus R at the tail end of Aries, we see that there have been developments in your personal life that have likely uplifted the way you see yourself.

You seem confident, kind of sparkly with how you’re pleased at recent developments in some area of life.

People see you differently and something is set to be improving in your life.

We see with a square to Mars that this impacts your Twin connection too. You’re set to be less concerned with your mirror soul than you have been before.

Or, to say it with different words without meaning to offend (I’m describing the energy), you’re less “desperate” to make things work with them.

Before, you might have hinged everything on the connection, whereas now there are other positives in your life and it’s taking the pressure off the Twin connection.

Now, that might sound like a bad thing – but we see it’s actually giving the connection a chance to shift in dynamic. When you stop pushing for Twin Flame reunion, it has a chance to show up.

Learn more about how this works in this video about the Twin Flame Mirror


Process Of Awakening – Masculine Twin

The Masculine Twin counterpart seems to feel burdened with emotions and sensitivity in recent times, but it’s teaching him the wisdom of discernment and helping him get in touch with his intuition.

Spirit shows us, many Twins awakened when Neptune returned to Pisces for the first time in 64 years in 2011, and now that Mars is conjunct Neptune some of the same kind of process is going on.

Whether or not “he” realizes it the Masculine Twin is set to be brought “online” with a higher aspect of self…

But it can be challenging and trigger hostility while it happens.

Have a look at this article for more “Essential Resources For Dealing With An Unawakened Twin Flame”

We’re shown his higher self knows fully what is happening and is happy with these developments but the process is highly triggering to ego.

Deep down your Twin longs for your unconditional love, so you might want to visualize giving them a hug…

Or saying “I love you no matter what” telepathically. These things can change everything. Click here for the free meditation where I take you through connecting with them on the spiritual planes.

Returning To The Twin Flame Sanctuary

Spirit also shows us, the Masculine Twin counterpart is likely to feel sensitive and like reverting to childhood. Life feels tough for them right now, confusing…

And deep down they want to return to the safe haven of childhood or the womb, to that space of love with no demands… Really, the sanctuary of the spiritual Twin Flame bond.

You can help them with this.

Hold them with no expectation, no judgment. Send them unconditional love.

Or, if you’re not on good terms and you need a solution, have a look at this Inner Child Healing – it’s a key to resolving the deeper root causes of negativity.

Twin Flame Interactions Beyond “Reality”

As the Moon joins up with Neptune and Mars in Pisces this weekend – Friday-Saturday – there’s a very high indication of non-physical Twin Flame interactions.

Telepathy, remote romantic interactions (feeling them in bed with you is an example), dream experiences, astral travel… The supernatural aspect of the connection is highly active!

You might experience knowing what they’ll say before they say it, think about them, then they call you, or know what they’re eating!

(Have you ever had this happen? Comment below! I’d love to know because I hear from Twins about this and it’s not a commonly known aspect of the connection – but we can make it better known)

Spirit shows us that with this amazing opportunity, it’s wise to stay aware of what you’re focusing on and feeling because it’s traveling between you as a pair. Focus on love (it should be easier than usual due to Pisces’ energies) and make sure you stay positive!

And if things have been challenging or your telepathic channel is blocked, you’ll benefit from clearing the channels between you and your Twin. …

Click here for a session where I take you through that and more.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

The Core Twin Flame Lesson

Forgiveness and unconditional love are in focus – step away from the “real world” and any mental analytical judgments, and it’s there. That’s all you have to do, says spirit.

Love is always there, the question is, are you tapping into that? Or are you being swept away by the 3D world’s beliefs, doubts, fears, judgments, conflict paradigms…?

They show us, that the more you can connect with, tap into and enjoy your inner connection of love with your Twin, the more it shows up that way in physical life.

They say, somewhat exasperated, that SO MANY TWINS MISS OUT ON THIS!

The solution is right there!

Instead, so many begin to try to unravel things logically, enlisting the opinions of other twins, psychics, “experts”, unfortunately feeding into more and more problems to solve, more and more “issues”…

Why There Won’t Be Any Revelations Or “Miracles”…

When the real solution is to go within, connect with love and allow that love to shine forth in the physical too… As within, so without. “You know this by now!” They’re saying to us.

It’s vital that we step out of the mindset of waiting for some “revelation” from spirit… Some prediction, some future magical solution that brings all Twins together happily… That’s not how things work.

The magic is love, the revelation is this – love brings you more love!

You must be in the now moment to be able to do it. It’s not about the future!

It’s about the here and now and the choice of what you align with in this moment.

Love? Or conflict, fear, blame, judgment, problems and solutions and all the rest of it…

“This Is The Twin Flame Soul Contract”

Love is the path. The only path. All the other stuff is useless when it comes to love and reunion.

Their input is, looking for mystical predictions and revelations will never get you what you want.

Love must happen through YOU, in the here and now moment. You must consistently align with love. When you do, the key unlocks the door. You open.

They show us, again somewhat exasperated:THIS IS THE TWIN FLAME SOUL CONTRACT!!!”

This is the key lesson we agreed to go through learning!

That LOVE is how you get LOVE. That to make this connection work, we must approach it from love, with love, for love.

The Frequency Of Pure Creation

Nothing else matters. Love is the greatest power in the universe because as an energy it unifies, uplifts, heals. It connects. Unity consciousness.

Unconditional love is the frequency of pure creation. We agreed to learn this. Here is the answer.

They show us, so many Twins fumbling around in the dark trying to find a “solution” when it was here all along. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Only if you look at it from a human separation perspective.

They are you and you are them, and it was so all along.

Can you see that?

This is what makes Twin Flames so unique. “This is why it is the highest bond in the whole universe,” are their words. This is what makes it so special.

Can you feel this?

True Twin Flames will feel this in their hearts. Your soul knows this. It’s been waiting for you to learn. Now, can you understand? Can you see that this is what it all hinges on?

Nothing on the outside works unless you learn this lesson. For yourself and for your Twin. To love, to be loved.

Putting Down The “Baggage”

The reason it’s so hard for many to apply it, is because we agreed to take on so much human karmic baggage and templates of polarity when we got here.

Cleanse these out of your system, to fully open up to love – not just as understanding, but as an immersive experience on all levels…

Learn more here.

As Uranus R and Neptune move into a challenge on Sunday – but active throughout the week and into the next – we see that there’s a hard look we need to take on spiritual information…

A lot of the information human beings rely on for spiritual experiences, is faulty. Outdated. There’s a shakeup that needs to happen in the spiritual community.

For people to stop repeating things just because it’s been said for a long time.

For people to go within and tap into their OWN spiritual connection, instead of letting it be dictated to them from an outside source.

Do You Know Yourself?

Unless we know ourselves, we don’t know what love truly means, says spirit.

It all happens within. Everything you experience in life happens through the vehicle of self.(Have a look at this article for more on this and how to shift into your inner power of love)


This next period of forward momentum in the cosmic energies demands a lot from us.

As opposed to what you’ll read online about rejoicing in the direct motion, it actually demands more of us than any challenging retrograde!

Because it puts the onus on us as co-creators. Those who are unaware, will rush into more of the same dissatisfaction and problems. Repeating cycles…

Right now, the universe is shining the spotlight on US. It’s time to grow up, in spiritual terms. It’s time to take responsibility.

I believe in you! And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


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– Jessica N. California, USA


twin flame program

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