Galactic Power, Divine Gifts Of Union Open To The Year’s Peak. But There Are Also Tests Of Love: “Forbidden” Shadow Aspects Of The Lion’s Gate Twin Flame Portal…

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Lion’s gate portal wide open and peaking, highlighting soul activations, light code influx and powerful “shifts in destiny” to make way for Twin Flame union.

But did you notice the shadows rattled in your connection lately? Venus enters Leo, illumination and the Aquarius Full Moon…

Feel like people are acting extra “crazy”? You’re not wrong…

Discover more below!

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Galactic Sirian Gateway – Peak Twin Flame Time

We start this week with the Lion’s gate portal open at its peak.

Known as the Sirian gateway, it has been celebrated since ancient times. (The pyramids of Giza align with the Orion constellation and Sirius at this time).

Spirit shows us it as a bridge to higher dimensional codes entering the earth plane. A galactic gateway. (Read more about what this actually means here).

Its power will be felt throughout the week – and it’s a peak time to connect with the soul planes.

The higher self is set to be more noticeable than usual, including your Twin’s higher self. You may notice vivid dreams, messages arriving, shifts happening in your physical 3D situation and more…

“Light Waves” Of Awakening

Most people talk about the Lion’s gate as a time of manifestation and prosperity, and it IS, however, as you may have noticed already it’s also a heightened time of triggering.

Why? The massively powerful light waves incoming are triggering any “falsehood” (i.e. the constructed ego self and limits) to come undone.

The higher light triggers the masks of ego, shadows and illusions to purge.

“There is no hiding anymore (for “darkness)”, is the message.

This process means we may be triggered…

So we get the chance to recognize where we may have been holding OURSELVES back with our perspective on the world, our Twin Flame connection and above all our SELVES.

Shadows Blocking Twin Flames?

These shadows can also involve where we have had attachments, programming, and OTHER people’s “darkness” blocking our path…

(This is surprisingly common, as Twins with outsider involvements unfortunately often experience the hard way…).

But the gift is that as we recognize and identify these patterns and “shadows”, we get the chance to release them and opt for a higher state.

To “up-level” into higher timelines and a state of greater harmony for the future.

Leaving Behind Lower Twin Flame Cycles

At this time, we have the opportunity to release lower chapters and cycles once and for all, to activate higher timelines.

As you may already have noticed, the triggering can be intense and tricky to deal with, so for help, use the Free Twin Flame Energy Cleanse.

It will help you shift out of blocks and negativity with ease, and bring in new light in just 12 minutes.

Love Lessons

This whole week is a time of powerful new beginnings.

Butt again, the past and negative outworn patterns and consciousness will tend to be shown up, for you to make a NEW and higher choice. So stay aware, and use your INTENTION wisely.

Because the clearer we are, the more “room” we have for these higher dimensional upgrades and incoming codes.

We can embody more of our “light” – love, unity, the soul identity.

Emotional Cleansing

Even though the process can be challenging, this emotional purging/cleansing process is meant as a “divine gift”.

Anything you release now, will ultimately help you able to shift into a higher set-point for the long run.

We also have the North Node conjunct Uranus still, which signals major sudden changes and shakeups in “destiny” are part of this.

Destiny Shifting

The whole path of your life and Twin Flame “destiny” can seemingly change overnight now as a result of sudden choices, events and encounters.

It’s set to be surprising and expansive, more than directly happy… Breaking up stuck situations, to enable us to expand into our soul’s potential.

You may feel that change is happening FOR you but that you are somehow an observer of it – this is your soul and the universe manoeuvring on your behalf.

Take a deep breath and work to center yourself in the present moment, as there really is a LOT going on in this period.

Soul Embodiment

With the Lion’s gate power, what is important is above all soul embodiment. Remembrance. Willingness to allow your full light to shine.

Trusting your higher power, and allowing for your original soul plan to reunite and the steps there, to be activated. (For deeper info on this, go here)

You are being pushed to remember or sense into your soul’s purpose and your Twin Flame “plan”, as well as align with your truth for the forward path.

So it can be a time where you feel like making big changes happen in your life to follow your dreams, or feel inspired and guided to shake things up.

Courage, Heart, Happiness

Be aware that these intense Leo energies CAN bring anger and aggression – just like lions themselves can get violent and wild…

Focus your energy wisely to move forward with your dreams, so you do not get caught in conflict.

With Leo being the ruler of the heart, passion and creativity, you’re likely feeling brave enough to move in the direction of bliss, not merely “playing it safe”.

Twin Flame Soul Ache

However, if you feel trapped in soul aching right now, that things are NOT how you longed for – know that it’s NOT too late.

Don’t just give up!

FOLLOW that longing, because it’s your soul trying to call on you.

There is help. Let me guide you to get started (below).

“Level Up” In Your Twin Flame Connection

To help as many Twins as possible reach higher, I was asked to channel the Twin Flame star activation ceremony for the collective, to release at this time. 

A gateway ceremony with deep activations of latent soul gifts, coding and light origin link-ups, and the ancient “forgotten” Masculine/Feminine 3D physical union template…

We go through powerful, channeled work, including:

Activating your etheric fire letter “inscribed soul promise” to one another made before birth…

Bringing online soul protection, higher codes of unity…

Dropping out shadow timelines and negative attachments/soul contracts…

Downloading and integrating the fully balanced Masculine/Feminine 3D unity template, and so much more.

Until the end of the week, I am offering the Twin Flame Star Activation Ceremony at 30% off so as many Twins as possible can benefit from this powerful time.

(Use code “STAR” to get the discount)

Crystalline Wings

I love hearing from you about your experiences with the channeled sessions, and this one has been getting a lot of amazing feedback:

“WOW!!! I experienced a physical sensation…And I saw my TF and myself sitting next to each other watching the stars as well as being a part of it all. Amazing!” – M. Sweden

“I did the Star Activation session last night and it was amazing. I saw crystallline wings forming behind me and later in my sleep, I heard song lyrics talking of running into my twin in the physical!” – Violet (via Disqus)

“I was very heavy for weeks and felt drawn to the Star Activation. I feel SO different afterwards. I feel 100 times lighter now. I really felt my twin there as we did the clearing on both of us, and I got a text from him as soon as it ended!!!!! The same night, I dreamed that we were together and I feel this huge shift has happened between us. Thank you so much!!!” – Helle, Copenhagen, Denmark

Click here to learn more

Channeled Message For Lion’s Gate

When preparing this forecast, there were messages for you:

Spirit is saying that at this Lion’s gate portal and beyond, the veils of illusion are being lifted.

This can affect you in varied ways, from feeling triggered (at first) to suddenly feeling a bit removed from yourself.

It’s meant to be happening. You’ll notice especially at the Aquarius Full Moon on August 11th that the OLD illusions will come up.

Be extra aware of yourself at that time so you don’t get dragged down into hopelessness, pessimism, ideas of being unloved or that your dream is out of reach.

Divine Truth Vs Illusion

How do you know the illusions from truth?

Divine truth is always based in love, unity, harmony, light and peace. That is the nature of the universe.

Power imbalances are always based in illusions. 

And cloudedness, sadness, anger, disappointment and other low states are all rooted in fear based energies – forgetting that we came from love and that our souls are always connected with divine supply.

So in short, light expansive emotions are signals of truth. Heaviness signals there is a lie or illusion at work.

(In the Star Activation, we help you clear these lies and illusions that are blocks to love and unity)

Unsettled States

Things will likely feel unsettled this week.

If you are open and clear, it can feel invigorating as if the future is opening up wide in a huge way – even if you’re not quite sure exactly what lies ahead…

But if you have had any baggage or wounding in your system, it will likely be purging.

Rest assured your soul is allowing this process SO THAT you can open to more of your unity and love.

Fearless Hearts

Lion’s spiritual message is always about having courage and being true to yourself, to live with an open heart as your authentic self.

To be fearless in the face of “darkness” that is likely around you lately.

So if “darkness” is bothering you, know that it’s simply the dregs of the past coming up to release. Clear it. It is coming up for a REASON.

This can be a powerful time of testing. But the rewards can also be immense.


People Around You Acting “Crazy”?

For best results, go within and connect with your own light and your Twin Soul.

Because everyone in the human collective and the planet itself is ALSO stirred up by the incoming galactic coding, there is a lot of static and triggering around.

You may notice people acting really “crazy” if so, it’s because their inner darkness is being stirred up.

Meaning, their fears, old traumas, ancestral programming/consciousness, even negative attachments.

The consciousness which has benefitted from them being separated from love, and which wants them to stay oblivious to the love and light of what is possible.


The Truth About The Twin Flame Connection

Spirit’s message is:

“As a Twin Flame, it’s important that you anchor in now more than ever to the knowing that love is who you and your Twin ARE. And unity is why you came here.

The whole universe is supporting you, if you can shift your perspective and release this old 3D world “baggage” which seeks to keep you stuck in suffering or lack of love.

We are in the ascension project, and this means that all karmic negativity has existed on this planet is being phased out gradually.

This means that you have been triggered for years to allow it to leave.”

Outdated Conflict Programming?

“For Twin Flames this means you are being pushed to clear and release the old gender models of opposition, the ideas of suffering and power abuse and negativity to go once and for all.

We know this can be challenging so use the Free Resources to help you, as they have been created to benefit you to unite in love.”

“Did you forget why you came here?” 

Unity and love IS WHY. It IS what is “meant” for you.
But you have likely gotten downtrodden by the world’s beliefs, as most Twin Flames do.”

Human Cycles

“Guard your mind more carefully. If you do not want more of something in your experience, do not allow it into your mind.

Love is the path, love is the purpose, love is the truth.

Everything else is a construct reinforced by human cycles of suffering. And you, friends, are here for so much more.

True love. Awakening to the truth, with joy. Nothing less. Allow yourself to be guided by your soul. Be willing to release past grievances. Release your burdens.

When you do, you open to love. Because you ARE love.

You do not have to BECOME someone else for this, for unity. You merely have to remove the masks and burdens that were placed upon you, which were never truly yours.

Remember this, and the process will flow. You ARE love. You ARE light. You ARE soul.

Your truth as a Twin Flame pair is complete unity and harmony. Dissonance comes from the human world, like a virus. Stay aware.”

Going Deeper in Love

This is set to be a big week of processing, shifting and recalibrating, due to “light downloads”, to help you rediscover your inner power and bridge into more of your soul’s gifts.

It can be positive, light and invigorating but as mentioned triggering is also possible. Ultimately this week, you are being asked to remember why you’re here (as a pair).

To release the “3D illusions” and to allow your soul’s light to shine more and more into your physical life.

Your higher dimensional self. (Selves).

Twin Flame Magnetism

You’re being harmonized behind the scenes, and may notice this in dreams and subtle undercurrents.

You are also being asked to learn to stand up for your choices, without fear of going against the crowd or being rejected. To embody more of your soul.

This will anchor in a new state of inner balance, which then attracts your counterpart from a place of true Twin Flame magnetism.

The Power Of Perspective

The planets “say”, the more you encourage your independence and tap into your authentic truth, the faster love shows up on the “outside”.

This is set to be a week of powerful shifts – and above all, they come from your perspective and your willingness to release old ideas of reality, the connection and yourself.

I take you through this work in the special Star Activation session, as the period around 8/8 is a massively powerful, key energy gateway.

A time where you can (if you know how to fully consciously use the astral and etheric realms) “collect forth” higher programming and templates to benefit your journey, your Twin Flame connection and your own path of bliss.

It’s a time of re-connecting with your soul and shifting into a whole new level of the journey.

Remember this:
“When you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at change.”

I can’t wait to journey with you in the Star Activation Ceremony for this Lion’s Gate and help you embody and radiate the energies of unity, so you can call it in, to your 3D physical life!

(Use code “STAR” for 30% off until the end of the week.
And do let me know below what you experience with this session!)

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

Cassady x

“Your Vibrational Alignment program and Harmony Healing have been so valuable to me and I use them daily. I also use the Higher Heart session weekly. Thank you!!! My Twin Flame and I reconnected again in a way that was better than I ever could have imagined.” – Joy, California, USA

Read more testimonials here

twin flame program

Want more? For my step-by-step “roadmap” to Twin Flame Union, created after my Twin and I reached Union – have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program

Alternatively, download my Free Twin Flame Help Kit which contains two resources from the full program

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