Love is in the process of being redefined, new and deeper connections forged and ancient bonds renewed – and with Saturn moving forward once again we sense relief and increased lightness.

We start this first full week of August on a positive note as Saturn finally turned direct this weekend after many months in retrograde motion, taking us back over old ground and making us face up to the past in terms of karmic lessons.

Now that he moves on his way out of heavy, watery Scorpio again there is a sense of relief and newness in the air – energies that will intensify over the next few weeks as he moves out of the “shadow zone” and moves into new territory.

Power Issues – Valuable Lessons

This has been a challenging few months for many of us with long-gone memories and trauma being dragged up again especially as Saturn recently has been transiting Scorpio, sign of power, death and rebirth – but if we’ve used this time wisely we’ll soon be able to move on lighter and with considerably less baggage dragging us down.

That is the role of the Saturnian energies – Saturn (one of the Titans, God of Time) pushes through cutbacks and makes us let go of anything that doesn’t serve us (often he uses force), but ultimately his effect is for our own good. If you’re carrying tons of baggage it’s not easy to move forward.

Creativity as Healing

We have a huge amount of energy in Leo again this week, with both Venus, Jupiter, Mercury and the Sun present in this fire sign. Leo energies support playfulness and creativity, so if any challenges come up this week work on facing them from a creative viewpoint.

Far from being “just play”, creative expression and artistic work are powerful healing modalities that have the power to not just release negativity and heaviness but transmute them into light and new creations.

Whether you express yourself through singing, speaking, painting or acting, this week might be a good time to revisit any old passions that have been pushed aside in favor of “more important” worldly tasks.

Spiritual help in Twin Flame Ascension

We still have a high amount of retrograde planets in the Zodiac right now so it might feel like progress is slow – we are being asked to review and release any holdbacks from the past before we move on.

As the current Neptune sextile Pluto indicates, however, we are receiving spiritual help in the purification and Ascension process – the energies feel smoother for allowing release right now. These supportive energies will be present for quite some time; a gateway allowing increased assistance in Ascension.

Renewing Values

Venus conjuncts Jupiter in Leo again this week, but this time it’s on her way back in retrograde motion through the sign in one of her extremely rare “backward” movements – this signals not just a review within personal Love but a review of Love from a societal perspective.

We are being nudged to take another look at Love. Often in our modern society love is something “extra”, it’s something seen as secondary to achievement and survival – and it’s often something people downprioritize and even see as unrealistic or inessential.

Spiritual truth however, is that Love is Life and that it is central to all existence.

Twin Flame Love as Power

When we act and think and speak and feel with Love, existing in the energy field of Love, each thing we do carries with it a transmutational power that helps lift everything and everyone around us into a higher vibration.

Rather than seeing Love as separate and something that exists outside of us, Love is an energy we can shift into and experience any time we desire. Love is in us. It is a frequency on the energy spectrum. When the Twin Flames connect, this Love becomes so extremely palpable, but know that you can access and live in this Love permanently if you choose to do so.

Like tuning your radio or TV into a certain channel, you yourself choose whether to live life tuned into the channel of fear and problems or the channel of love and freedom.

Note that often we do this by default and many of us have energetic patterns that keep us anchored into lack and fear – in these cases energy clearings are essential in order to move out of negativity (which can often be a genetic pattern, as it was in my case) and cutting the cords that hold us back.

The True Twin Flame Mission

Love and experiencing and being in Love is in itself healing, and two people in this state – energetically radiating love into their surroundings – are more powerful than we tend to realise. This is what the Twin Flame Mission really is.

The energy of Love transmutes “darkness into light” – if you’ve ever been so giddy with love you weren’t able to stop smiling, you know this feeling, it’s like taking off into the skies with happiness. Like turning on a huge floodlight in a dark room.

As we human beings influence each other with our energy and actually have the ability to shift the collective energy field we can help both individuals and society as a whole when we are in this state of Love and radiating bliss.

Living Twin Flame Love every day

This rare Venus retrograde doesn’t just herald a personal rehash of the romantic past and healing individual wounds but is a call from the universe asking us as a society to reevaluate the meaning of and the power of love.

The reason it feels so amazing to meet our Twin Flame is that we feel this unconditional Love we share as souls. In a world filled with fear this is often the only time in our physical existence we’ve ever felt this unconditional Love (for this reason it can feel overwhelming and even frightening to some).

Imagine if you could feel the bliss of Love all the time, how invincible would you be? That’s what Twin Flame Ascension is about – rising up out of anything that keeps us from living in that state of pure love and radiating it out into the world around us. Both for our sake and others’.

Until next time, sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

PS: If you feel overwhelmed on your journey and need help in releasing negativity and moving past repeating cycles of running/chasing and separation, please have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program I made for Twin Flames. You can also see some recent testimonials from Twin Flames who have experienced positive shifts on their journey with these tools.

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