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Eclipse Season Begins – an Autumn Full of Changes in Love. The “Third Wave”: Awakening Those Who Have Been Asleep. Plus, We’re Put to The Test: Are You Truly Willing to Love Unconditionally?


Get ready for a month full of action and change! September is truly the headline month of the year for Twin Flames and Lightworkers. Buckle up and brace yourself for lots of newness, old stuff moving out of the way to make room for the better, and a huge boost for relationships and Twin Flame togetherness – as long as we play along and don’t resist.

We’re set to meet dramatic changes in a month packed with “action” – with two Eclipses, the Autumn Equinox, high vibration influxes and the planet of love impacting the 7th house of relationships. Purging of old negativity and new Upgrades are in store for the Twin Flame Pair.

As with Mars Retrograde’s period in spring we are going deep in this period, but this time it’s not just about the Divine Masculine – both sides are being pushed hard to leave old patterns and beliefs of polarity behind to prepare for and enter into Union. To purify our energies to be a match for unconditional love, to align in preparation for union.

I’ve created a Free Help Kit for Twin Flames with a powerful energy cleanse tool to get you started on raising your vibration and clearing your chakras to open up to Twin Flame Union. You can have a look at the amazing experiences other Twins have had with energy tools here.


Tough Realizations Before Union Push Begins


September starts with a Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Virgo, plus Mercury going Retrograde. Let that give you an indication of the profound cosmic events for the month.

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Virgo signal the end of a long human cycle in terms of Ego-based patterns of perceptions. Conjuncting the North Node and oppositioning Neptune, this is all about a restart in mind and heart – for the good of the collective soul development, stirred by the higher realms.

There’s a sense of humanity having held on tight to the old methods and patterns that have been leading to stagnation – away from unconditional love – and we’re being pushed into a reset here. Away from separation and into unity.

Highly significant for Twin Flames, who are here to bridge unconditional love into the earth planes. This is a powerful time for Twins, and many as yet unawakened Twins are receiving a huge push right now.

An uncomfortable time for “Sleeper Twins” as the old ego facade is shaken to finally fall off – many will receive wakeup calls through dreams, significant symbols and other synchronicities at this point. The dark night of the soul meets the pale rays of morning.

This eclipse indicates “off with the false face” – the mask of Ego. Reveal the soul self beneath.

A new phase is set to begin for those Twins who have had counterparts “asleep” – things are set to change a lot over the coming months. Spirit describes this as a new wave beginning.


The End Of A Cycle


Falling in Virgo this eclipse/new moon restart deals with the energy of perfection, service, the feminine.

The Divine Feminine incarnate is being given a stern wake-up call. Let go of societal beliefs of the “perfect man”, the “perfect relationship”, the “perfect woman”, the “perfect marriage”, the “perfect love life”… Ideals of romance and chivalry from media, family and peers have been clouding your vision.

Twin Flame Union is more than what earthly traditions and perspectives can fathom. In order to open up, we must let go of the small yet persistent ideals we’ve been fed growing up. No more old definitions of Perfect.

We are being forced to leave behind a lot of our habitual perceptions now, both in the world and in the Twin Flame relationship. The purpose is to strip us of anything that’s blinded us from seeing what could truly be, anything that blocks us from being open to the True Love between Twin Flames – new templates and codes of a Spiritual, Higher love than what earth has known before.

To help with this process, spirit recently channeled to me complete harmony clearing for the Twin Flame pair, to cleanse out low vibrational ancestral programming in the Twins’ systems and importantly to unify your timelines and uplift you into the highest vibration and dimensional alignment possible at this time.

It includes a deep chakra cleanse for both Twins as well as shielding, cord cutting, downloading new light codes as well as unifying and uplifting your energy fields – so that your continued journey may unfold with as much ease and harmony as possible. Have a look here.


It Was You All Along…


Just before the big relationship boost comes next month and more Twins than ever are brought together in Union on the soul planes, we have to be cleansed of what has kept us from realizing this one huge thing…

That we have always been together. That the Twin Flames are never separate. You are one already.

In order to move onto the next step, we are brought face to face with the tough reality of this: You were the one who left Yourself, You were the one who hurt You, You were the one who held a grudge against Yourself this whole time, You were the one running from You. This is the spiritual truth of the Twin Flame connection.

This is the perfect imperfection of the Twin Flame relationship.

And in order to accept and love both ourselves and our Twin Flame no matter what, at which point we can move into the Union Process and become “bearers of light” – we must clear away those old illusions of Ego. All the You vs Me. The hurt, the conflict. Because it was never really true.

This is a big one, so it’s not something we’re all expected to take in all at once. But this Solar Eclipse is set to shake us all up royally to get us moving in that direction.

The spiritual Ego will tell us “Sure, that makes sense, I agree that Ego is terrible and unity is good. OK – I’m ready now”. But it’s not that simple. The unconscious mind holds onto what is safe and familiar.

An estimated 95% of the human psyche revolves around unconscious processes, so the majority of Twins are completely unaware of the true, deeper causes of their blocks.


The Deep Programming That Blocks Twins


The lasting release from Ego, conflict and separation comes from energetically eradicating the hold of the old belief patterns, the identity structures, the 3D programming that we’ve inherited through our genetics and society. This stuff is actually present in the very cellular makeup of our bodies.

That’s why recent years have been painful. That’s why it’s been a struggle – because your soul has pushing up all the old negativity and limitation for you to release it (not just the idea of it but the actually physical and neurological imprinting of conflict and separation).

The aim of all of this is for you to step into the joy and love of who you really are – who you and your Twin really are. One. Each other.

The question is, have you really been clearing the negativity? Or are the old issues and blocks still sticking around?

I know there are so many Twins reading these articles every single week without ever trying the energy tools – if that’s you, please take action for yourself and experience the shift of cleansing and updating your energetic system so you can open up to the love within.

To start clearing low energy and entrenched separation/conflict programming out of your field for good, download my free energy cleanse tool for Twin Flames here.

Eclipses: Pressure Building

The pressure of the upcoming Eclipses is building day by day – you might already be feeling the intense “heaviness” around the head due to Mars/Saturn’s recent conjunction.

Twin Flames are really being pushed right now in these advanced phases of the second wave of Ascension, and opening up to “wave three” who will be gradually awakening (and according to the messages I’ve been receiving – walking in as well) over the next weeks and months.

The Twin collective is going through huge changes – you’ll have a much smoother ride this tumultuous month if you begin working deliberately with your energy.

If you’re tired of the “Twin Flame Rollercoaster” and keen to start shifting your connection into a higher, happier place – both for your relationship’s sake but also for yourself and your own peace –  have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames.

It helps you understand why this journey can be such a struggle, how to deal with it and how to become the master of your own path and connection so you can lift up into a place of harmony.

I was asked by spirit to create the program to help as many other Twins as possible reunite in love – it’s a step by step guide based around everything that got myself and my Twin to Union within 18 months of our first encounter.

Time to Rethink The Whole Thing


As if the Eclipses and the increased push in the Ascension process wasn’t enough, Mercury now goes into Retrograde again. Mercury will be moving retrograde most of this month – underlining the signal that this month is time to get going with some deeper inner work (and there’s a lot of it, pushed up by the cosmic energies).

We’re being told to get busy sorting out things behind the scenes (energy, unconscious beliefs and emotions) before we are “allowed” to move on together later.

Moving backwards through Virgo this time, Mercury is all about tidying up the recent past in terms of creation and communication (Virgo is ruled by Mercury so this is highly emphazised).

Joining up with Jupiter and Venus who are on their way out of Virgo, Mercury is giving us a reminder to be careful with our words and thoughts – in fact, “he” is demanding we deal with the repercussions of negative communication from these recent summer months. Especially in the Twin Flame connection.

We’re being given a last chance to tidy up before the focus shifts into the increased push for Unity.


Second Chances In Twin Flame Love


Mercury Retrograde is now giving you the chance to straighten out negative intentions you’ve sent out that might be blocking your journey.

You know the ones: Sending out the desperate message to the universe that you never want to speak to your Twin again or that you’ll never want to be with them or that they’re a horrible person or that you wish you never met them…

So have you been sending out negativity to your Twin lately? If so, you’re in good company now with the energetic heat that’s been on all summer. Many have been feeling the pressure, and lashing out either in thought, feeling, emotion or direct words.

Set the intention that you’re cancelling this negativity now. Clear your energy and the energy between you and your Twin to erase the negative impact of these things (try the complete harmony healing for the Twin pair to cleanse the channels that connect you and remove triggers of separation and running).


Have You Created The Blocks Between You?


Past moments of anger can become blocks to union so think twice – we’re learning that all intentions have ramifications. I discovered on my path that thinking “I never want to talk to you again” to my Twin in fits of despair, actually became energy blocks between us.

Twins impact each other more intensely than most other people, because we’re one and the same. 

A highly significant period for Twin Flames: high energies moving through the last parts of the sign of the Virgin, symbolizing that the life of soul “singledom” is about to come to an end and a new phase of togetherness is about to begin.

Energetically this means we’re preparing to move out of our earlier phase of Ascension and into a new maturity where we’re moving closer to each other both energetically and physically.

On this journey, Virgo is clearly symbolizing the early life of the “maiden” before she comes together with the male in the adult “union” in the sign of the scales in a few weeks. These are exciting times!

Expect a week full of noticeable energetic shifts – there’s a feeling of pressure right now, a sense release around the eclipse, but the tension swiftly builds again for the next eclipse… The headline month of the year – by October, your situation is set to have significantly shifted.

Now we’re approaching the time of increased support for Reunions, we’re being put to the test to see if we can actually embody the energies of harmony and union through love. Not just wish for it.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


Want more? Download the Free Twin Flame Help Kit to get info on the awakening code 11:11 and the Ascension process going on across the planet right now, plus a deep Alpha Level meditation to connect with your Twin Flame on the soul planes right now!

And if you want to take the bull by the horns and begin deeply healing and shifting your energy and Twin connection, have a look here for more info on my tailored program for Twin Flames – the methods that got my Twin and I to union within 18 months of our first encounter.

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  1. Thank you! I’ve been feeling the energy shift, feeling a lot of harmony and accepting the oneness on the spiritual level. I’ve been doing energy clearings and other personal and spiritual work while we’ve been apart. I don’t want him to feel pushed into something he’s not up for but I also don’t want to get too attached to the idea that he will reach out and be ready anytime soon. In the physical realm I have let him be but I know we feel each other’s energy anyways. Past couple days I started to think (which tends to become a problem when I think instead of feel) that maybe the reunion at the physical level is not as likely as I believed for my TF and I, and that is ok. We haven’t spoke in what feels like forever and I know the intensity has been a lot for him (and for me too of course!) I really miss him.

    Just tonight that shifted and I began to feel differently. Unsure of what the feeling was. So I came to your page and sure enough there was a new article. Always seems to happen that way. Thank you for your guidance and this important work you do!

  2. Over the last couple of days I find myself more angry with my twin flame. We live together but are not together, she has decided that she does t want a relationship while she is on her path to sobriety, that she can’t choose between me or being sober. I have said she can have both, but has decided to not to be in a relationship. It has been a very hard time during the summer with all the drama. I downloaded the kit and read through everything … Why do I feel so lost???

  3. This article is really beautiful. It gave me goosebumps all over while reading it and it made me feel even closer to my twin. We are one. Always been. And always will. I have been feeling the pressure lately and i let it come to the surface to heal it completely. Old patterns of relationships going back to 20 years ago were coming up to the surface and were making me doubt my twin and what he felt for me. It was awful but necessary. I feel like clearing energy and healing and realising old pattern is an ongoing work you have to be committed to do daily. This year has been so transformative and i am so grateful for everything i went through. I know there’s only beautiful things awaiting us. Thank yu for this beautiful meassage of love today. Xx

  4. Hi Cassady thanks for this!
    It resonated so much, specially the laser about never wanting to talk to them and that creating blocks…my last conversation went something like this ” if you do “x” again I’m done talking to you”… And I haven’t heard from him since… I’m so confused lately, we had such an amazing month in July and I thought we made progress but nope. I felt the need to assert myself and let him know that the same old pattern was just not going to work for me anymore, but then I feel that that was my ego talking, how do I comminicate that I deserve the same amount of love I put out there? If that causes him to run then what? Am I to conform to it and he just does the same thing he’s done before? I’m at a loss trying to figure this out, while continuing to love myself and put myself first… I know that there are no conditions to how I love him, my love just is.
    It’s amazing how you’re always so right about how we are feeling or where we are on the journey.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Marie,

      I understand completely – i’ve been there too. The interesting thing is those lashing out times are always the old programming and limiting patterns working their way out of our system – the Ascension purge. Flare ups of the past, fears, that kind of thing.

      There’s no “damage” that can’t be healed between twins, so just clear your energy with the cleanse tool to remove whatever negativity you might have sent out. You might also want to do the harmony healing for the twin pair, as in my experience these kinds of feelings and reactions come from triggering between the Twins.

      It’s ok to focus on yourself and your own space. Take your time and ask your soul to support you in finding unconditional love for yourself inside and to then continue from that place of harmony on your Twin journey when you feel ready.

      Sending you love and light <3 xx

  5. Dear Cassidy,

    I just love the energy reports and how accurate they are! I’ve been feeling the building pressure and assumed it was due to my positioning in 3D at this time. If we aren’t in full alignment with being out of a relationship does that basically mean we get shoved even harder? I feel like that might be happening, there is an exit plan just not in place yet. Not sure that counts to the universe!? Any thoughts on this? Thank you so much ??

    1. Hi Amber,

      Thank you! I’m so glad it resonates with you! The answer to your question is we’re never pushed beyond what our systems and our psyche can handle. No one ever gets pushed beyond their free will (the higher self can have planned things ahead so it can put some pressure on us if things are in the process of being brought into alignment).

      Sending you love and light x

  6. Cassidy! I know there is an expected boost you have talked about in past for light workers in the healing arts field, something maybe science related that would give us more validation. Wondering if that is also in the works for the month of September? I would so love it!

    1. Hi Amber,

      Interesting question – from what I gather from spirit there are a lot of ideas already out there with people, on their way out into the “public” sphere. As you know, “earth methods” of scientific research are very time intensive, to empirically verify everything… There’s interesting work being done behind the scenes for sure! The next decade is going to be a very exciting time for this!

      xx Cassady

  7. All this TwinFlame stuff is just amazing. We all have our stories! Probably the best place to start is unconditional Love. That in itself is amazing but even more amazing is that for TwinFlames this is natural!
    I met my twinFlame 10 months ago. We came to the realization that we were TwinFlames 6 months ago. My TwinFlame is on board with the concept but since it was not her decision – as such – in this life time, it seemed to be imposed! When we met she was not in a relationship. And I am married. Since then she had 2 new boyfriends! It does bother me some but figure that for her this is her best defence against this “imposed” relationship. I know she loves me and I try to understand why she needs to protect herself against something as beautiful as a TwinFlame relationship. The best thing remains that neither I or her can get out of this TwinFlame relationship. It is AS IS! And that alone is a great comfort regardless of what happens! Love to all.

  8. Cassady, as always great article i couldn´t read till the end i stopped many times and came back because of the excitment.
    Yesterday i had an insight and talking through my experiences i notice that before we met our tf there are some events that happened before they repeat again when the Union is near. Specially for spiritual twin i don´t know if this happens to the matrix twin. This is very interesting! Tought i should share with everyone.
    Hugs and thank you for your work.
    Blessings to you.

  9. Hola Cassady
    I want to thank you for all your help that you give us in each article. It always come in handy. You always uplift our soul.

  10. Hi Susan,

    I was going to say I’m sorry to read about your situation – but I know that as a soul you are experiencing this as a journey so worth travelling, and that you are in acceptance of what you and your Twin chose for yourselves for this life – you are always connected by love above all.

    Spirit’s suggestion is this: Focus on the inner, with your Twin. Nurture your soul bond, cherish his soul and do your best to not be dissuaded by the outer expressions of his ego self and those who are living on the surface level around him. His soul and you are in perfect love.

    Work from the inside out, and the facade will begin to form cracks for him, his soul of light will become more strongly expressed than the fear patterns that are steering him in the direction he’s been moving in. He will become on the outside, that which he is on the inside already – love and light, your mirror self.

    They are letting you know that the behaviours described are all due to a lack of self love – chasing pleasure and “love” (the distortions of it) on the outside so desperately are due to a misalignment on the inside, being alienated from true love. They’re indicating it’s not an instant shift to start with but at some point the soul will become more strongly expressed than the ego. And this month’s energies are pushing for that – which is why the ego patterns are flaring up.

    They’re saying… already he’s questioning his habits… he is not feeling pleasure from the other people the way you think he is. No interaction can feel the way twin souls coming together feels. And that’s the feeling he’s really chasing from those others. The high of completion, the high of connection with source. The high of returning to a state of non-resistance with spirit.

    He’s not finding that feeling of completion and that true rush with anyone else. Their advice is to try your best to focus on his soul and nourish your bond on that level. And ask on your guides and his higher self for help. His higher self seems to be indicating, “not long”, there are shifts coming… His higher self is very eager to interact with you and show you.

    Sending you love and light xx Cassady

    1. Thank you Cassady, from the bottom of my heart. I was exhausted when I wrote that message, and your and Guide’s kind words brought tears to my eyes. I saw some of those “cracks” on his facade in his messages last nigt. They gave me hope, but I have seen so many of these moments in the past, that I can’t let myself to get too excited about it if and when he’s going to wake up. I just have to concentrate on my healing and do what I can to clear his energy and love him from the distance.

      It’s been 3 months since I first heard the words “twin flame” and oh man, what a ride this has been. I was clueless all these years. How can I love a man I hardly know? Why he doesn’t leave me in peace? Why I can’t leave him? (I tried! I really tried! I’m GREAT at leaving men behind me, I am a very proud woman, I know my worth!) Why do I have this feeling that my soul has made a contract aeons ago to love him no matter what? Why our sex is mind blowing? How come I know how he feels and what he does even when he’s hundreds of miles away from me? How come I feel that he loves me more than anything even though he acts cold, distant, never talks about his feelings and doesn’t even read my messages? These questions were on my mind before I heard about twin flames. And in a second it all made sense…

      I know that the problems he has are mine, too. I haven’t been that great at loving myself until this year. I don’t have to sleep with 100 guys to know that there is no one that feels as good as my TF. Not even close. But if he has to do it before he realizes the same, then by all means, I let him sleep around. So far he has tought that all we have is this amazing sexual chemistry and nothing else. He thinks that he’s just a “toyman” for me, but it’s his lack of self loving that speaks then. I know it’s hard to explain a sunlight to a blind man, but I will be here with my undying love until he opens his eyes and realizes he can see after all.

  11. Hi!I love your article and makes every week a lot of sense in my twin flame journey.I have been waking up this week 4 times at 1.11 in the morning .any idea what this could mean?

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