Perspectives In Focus, Twin Flame Unity Calling – From Within. But Where Are You Letting The Past And Old “Lies” Dictate Your Future?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights include:

Virgo season continues, self love still in focus. And, perspectives are being challenged in the Twin Flame connection – tensions between ideal and reality.

Are you really open to the energy of love? Lessons in magic and Twin Flame unity from “within”.

Discover more below!


Self Love In Focus

This is a week where perspective and your own relationship with YOURSELF is still strongly in focus. We’re in “Virgo season”, and this is the sign of perfection, service, learning and healing.

For Twin Flames, it can bring up issues with lack of self love.

Or you may feel you are giving and doing so much in your connection, and yet your counterpart does not seem to be grateful or repaying you.

Be aware that when you feel that way, it’s a sign you need to go within and connect with your OWN love for yourself and fill up with your own inner wholeness.

Love From Within

Because love is an energy we always have access to. When we connect to our higher consciousness, to the light, we are fuelled with love everywhere we go.

And then, we become magnetic to love from others as well – especially our Twin Flame.

The key is, it has to come from within YOU. You have to make that reconnection happen, and tap into that love.

I take you through this in the Free Energy Cleanse session for Twin Flames here.

Life is too short to go through your journey feeling drained or unloved.

It takes just 12 minutes to fill up with light and love again, and I take you through it step by step. All you have to do is listen along.

“The Twin Flame Blossom”

Spirit shows us that when you’re not connected to your own wellspring of light and love from within, your Twin Flame connection tends to be like a wilting flower.

It feels lacking, or there are distortions. But when you fill up again, and reconnect with light, it’s like watering and nourishing that flower.

It blooms again.

Virgo season tends to be a time where we’re extra hard on ourselves and see all the flaws and problems only “too clearly”, so self love is extra important.

The reason we find self love challenging? It’s most often rooted in childhood.

To go deeper into this, have a look at the Higher Heart Transformation Journey – and use code SELFLOVE for 20% off this week.


5D Alignment

There are actual energy codes and templates of self love, that are needed to fully embody this, and to ascend into 5D alignment.

And most people simply do not have these because we live in a society so lacking in self love and self acceptance.

Go here to learn more about how to rise into a state of feeling fuelled up by love from within – making you magnetic to Twin Flame unity.

Issues Of Perspective

A general theme this week, is tension in terms of perspective.

You may have to take “reality” with a pinch of salt. Things are not as they seem on the surface right now.

With Mercury opposed to both Neptune Retrograde and Jupiter Retrograde, and Venus opposed with Saturn Retrograde, we have a lot of tension.

Above all, it shows us that you may be incorrect in how you’re seeing your love life, your path or your position in the world.

Closer Than You Thought

On some level, you’re likely seeing things through the lens of past wounding or old patterns, and it’s not accurate.

In general, this tends to mean that things are really way MORE positive than you have thought they were.

Or that you’re closer to your goals than you thought!

And it tends to indicate that you are WAY more powerful, capable and “lucky” than you give yourself credit for. Especially in love, you have likely underestimated your appeal.

(Remember that if a Twin Flame is running, it’s never because they don’t LOVE their counterpart. It’s because of some deeper fear that has been triggered.)

(Read more about that here)

Past Life Connections

Venus opposition Saturn Retrograde can also show that your current love situation is held up because of past connections, including past LIFE love commitments.

Are exes corded to you, or your Twin? Are there outsider attachments, or even family control/influence issues involved in your connection?

Are there past wounds from earlier relationships you haven’t healed?

If so, this is what’s caused delays or have kept union from fully happening.

(Make sure you resolve this – I take you through soul contract work, cord cutting and releasing exes/karmic outsiders from both sides of the connection here)


With Mercury’s opposition to Jupiter and Neptune R, we see that you may have been feeling unlucky in some way, or unsupported by the divine…

You likely felt on some level that THIS was why things weren’t moving forward the way you wanted…

But Saturn shows us, the real reason is unresolved karma/attachments and wounding.

Now is the time to resolve it, because the truth is you ARE always supported as a Twin Flame – and not in a small way.

Twin Flame Guides

Did you know? Every Twin Flame has a whole TEAM working to help them spiritually, to reunite!

This includes not only your guides but your Twin Flame’s higher self, and so many more advanced beings who are there JUST to help you on your journey!

So many Twins miss out on this help, which can transform your situation in major ways if you learn to tap in.

Spiritual “Safety”

One of the first things spirit asked me to include in the Vibrational Alignment Program was info on how to work with these guides for best effects, so more Twin Flames can start to benefit!

When you work with guidance, you powerfully accelerate your journey to union in such a huge way.

Because they can give you help and steps based on their higher perspective.

They know exactly which blocks might need to be resolved, what the best step forward is, what mindset shift is needed or what your Twin needs to hear to open up, and so much more…

To start opening to this help now, have a look here (class 2, 4 and 6).

Importantly, I take you through how to do this safely, so you don’t tap into ego or negativity by mistake (this is unfortunately very common and tends to drag Twin Flames off course).

Love Away From Home

With Vesta, asteroid of the home and hearth, also in opposition – it’s likely you feel far away from love right now, or that love happens for you far away from home.

It can also mean you are being asked to get comfortable outside of your usual habits in romance and relationships.

To stretch yourself, and open beyond.

Sudden Changes

But in general, love is challenged right now. SEEMINGLY. With squares to Uranus and the North Node, there are changes going on that you were not prepared for, or that are unpleasant.

Likely in your private world.

Saturn/Venus’ involvement means that unpleasant or sudden info could make you doubt the future in your love connection.

Or sudden inconveniences show up that demand your attention and energy in an unpleasant way.

Seeing Beyond

Again, things are not as they may seem on the surface. Remember that what’s actually happening, is you are being shown the roots of any holdbacks.

You are being shown what needs to change – so that you can take action and resolve things for the long run.

As your Twin Flame connection may seem disrupted in the 3D physical, self love is key.

Focus on finding wholeness within and self acceptance – and go to their Higher Self.

They are always there, ready and wanting to help you in unconditional love with whatever you need.

Going Overboard?

There could be a temptation to go overboard in some way as the Sun challenges Jupiter early in the week. You might be pushing on the OUTSIDE, when the answers lie WITHIN.

Things can get stressful and complicated.

If something crops up, consider how it looks in terms of your BIG picture vision.

If you approach it this way, you’ll avoid getting stressed or embroiled in something that later turns out not to be worth it.

“Heaven” Vs “Earth”

When Venus challenges Neptune, it’s likely that you feel that the ideal Twin Flame unity you’re longing for is far out of reach.

Your Twin’s “3D” physical self might not be living up to your hopes and dreams.

You may feel that the kind of blissful love you have shared on the soul planes, can never happen in the physical. Hold it right there – don’t accept those thoughts.

Unity and blissful love CAN be a physical reality – and if you listen and let your Twin’s higher self help you, it will be smooth and easy.

Go to them, because they know the steps there. (We help you with this here).

Optimism Rising

September opens with Mars sextile Jupiter on the 1st. This is all about being decisive, and is a helpful energy for achieving goals and making progress. 

The air is filled with a sense of optimism and enthusiasm, and Jupiter shows us that progress will be a lot easier if you maintain a positive attitude. 

With passion running a little hotter than usual, you’ll likely notice increased closeness in your Twin Flame connection (but it could happen in a confusing way, due to the other transits).

Filters of Perception

Mercury opposite Jupiter Retrograde throughout the week, is a reminder to keep things in perspective.

And, that past disappointments are not necessarily an indication of the future!

You could be tempted to think that everything will work out well without any effort. (Staying in the wishing and hoping without action).

Or, you could feel that nothing will ever work out because it hasn’t in the past…

Be aware that your perspective is likely a bit off this week due to all the oppositions.

Secrets Of Manifestation

Things are not as they seem on the surface. Go deeper. Ask yourself, what past experience or dynamic does this remind me of?

What happened back then, and how could I have handled it differently to my own benefit? And work to clear it now, so it doesn’t repeat.

Remember that manifestation and our experiences are not about what we SAY we want, they are a match to our dominant energy vibration – our unconscious beliefs, feelings and perceptions.

Twin Flame Worries

So if you have a deep worry that life will never be happy, or that love doesn’t last… That’s unfortunately affecting what you draw in from the Universe and with your Twin Flame.

This is so important for Twin Flames to realize – it’s not just about saying some affirmations or INTELLECTUALLY/LOGICALLY wanting and intending that you’re calling in love.

It goes way deeper.

It’s about the language of the soul – vibration and frequency.

If we’re not a MATCH with love and unity from within, we can’t fully receive our desires for love and unity in our physical experience. But the beauty of this is, we can always shift, to BECOME a match.

Learn more here.

Touchy People

Late this week, both Venus and the Sun challenge Pluto. People can be touchy, and power issues tend to come to the forefront in relationships.

Your Twin may feel you’re attacking or pushing them when you’re not really intending it that way, and it could happen in a sudden moment.

(Or it could be you that feels attacked or criticized).

When power issues crop up between the Twin Flames, try to remember that it’s really about fear.

Hold Space For Love

When we have fear, power becomes of huge importance. When we are in a state of love, we do not feel threatened by others.

Hold your space in love, and you affect your Twin Flame powerfully for the better.

Try to see that behind any anger or upset, is a child who deep down is afraid of not being loved or accepted. That’s always the root.

And you can help them with this!

Going To The Soul

Work with them from this perspective, rather than stressing or trying to control or battle them in the 3D. If you approach it in the physical, you will likely get pushback.

But if you go to their soul, you can resolve long-standing issues and lift your connection into harmony.

Remember that sometimes, releasing control changes everything. In the long run, things will run smoothly if you treat your connection as a partnership – not a conflict.

Regardless of what has happened between you in the past, love and unity is ALWAYS possible!

A Potentially Disruptive Week

This week can tend to bring short-term changes and disruptions.

It can seem bothersome on the surface, but it’s really trying to get you to recognize and release old blocks and outworn beliefs.

So that you can shift your perspective and lift higher for the future.

If you feel a little pressured at any point, remember that this is temporary and there is a gift to learn from.

Look for the lesson, clear the trigger, and the challenge releases with ease – PERMANENTLY.


The thing to watch out for, is making assumptions. Take your perspective with a pinch of salt – and stay aware, so you’re not letting the past dictate your future.

Anchor into the knowing that truly, love is who you ARE as souls. Unity is your nature.

Whatever has happened in the past, or is going on right now is not necessarily an expression of divine truth. It could be human life distortions.

And in the light of Virgo season, the best thing to do is to purify and these distortions and wounds – so your true light and shared oneness can shine through.

As always, I’m sending you love and light <3

Cassady x

Did you know that most Twin Flames’ struggles are rooted in negative karma and energy blocks?

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To find out more about how to shift your Twin connection into harmony, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here, and read about other Twins’ experiences with these methods.

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