Are you ready to release control? Yet again the energies are pushing us to let go and allow old wounds to be healed – and Twin Flames get a chance to rekindle romance and passion from the past.

Our main headline this week is Saturday’s Full Moon (“supermoon”) in Pisces – sign of the higher octave of love and the universal unconscious. With the Full Moon falling in a water sign as heavy as Pisces, the days leading up to the Full Moon might feel extra intense emotionally – keep an eye on your inner dialogue and make sure your inner voice is supportive rather than negative.

Increased ESP

Pisces energies are attuned to spiritual breakthroughs and extrasensory perception, so don’t be surprised if you feel your Twin’s emotions more at this time and experience increased telepathic communication.

However, the shadow side of Pisces is escapism and loss of self, so make sure your emotions don’t carry you away completely. Like being on the beach and going into the water, make sure the undercurrents don’t suddenly carry you away even though the surface seems calm.

The shadow side

As human beings live and exist on earth, we all leave energy behind and interact energetically with others. Human beings have been leaving energy behind on earth for hundreds of thousands of years, and the collective unconscious is full of layers of energy from the huge population of human beings who have and are existing on this planet. A lot of these energies are negative and limiting: fear, shame, guilt, horror from times past with war, conflict and power abuse.

This Full Moon is set to stir up the collective unconscious so that this heaviness can be released and make room for more high vibration energies. Often we experience strange or disturbing dreams in these periods – don’t worry, be aware that you might simply be reacting to emotional debris. Ground yourself and release the negativity and you’ll soon feel better.

Is it really worth it?

As with all Full Moon periods, beware of triggers. Often we spiral into negativity due to what is really a tiny comment or thought when we look back. If something triggers you, stop, think twice and ask yourself “is it worth it?” Jealousy and blame are notorious patterns for easy triggering – so if you don’t want to go through the whole downhearted, angry loop yet again, halt before things get out of hand.

You can take charge of and enjoy this weekend’s intensity by channeling the powerful Pisces Full Moon through creative activities – pent up energy can be released in a healthy way through writing, painting, dancing, singing.

High vitality and enthusiasm

Earlier in the week we see the Virgo Sun conjunct Jupiter, a high vibration energy of eagerness to get to work and progress, enthusiasm and joy for improvement and being of service. Use these energies to move forward with anything you desire to bring to completion over the coming year until the Sun conjuncts Jupiter again in 2016.

A new look at Twin Flame sex

This week we also see Venus in the last part of her retrograde period conjuncting Mars in Leo – this indicates heightened passion and romance, but potential challenges. The heat could go so high that things turn explosive. These energies indicate revisiting the sexual side of love to release any past negativity, fear and shame. We’ll be clearing out so much of this unhealed karma and negativity in Thursday’s Live Energy Clearing Session for Twin Flames.

Society still teaches us that sex is something bad or that desire is something we should be ashamed of or that is used for power and bartering. Now is the time, especially for the Twin Flames, to transcend these old limiting paradigms and delve into the spiritual and unconditional side of love relating to sex.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t have to exclude any raw, intensely physical lovemaking – love does not have to be gentle; it’s the emotion and intent behind the ferocity that’s changing.

Questions about love

This is another role of the Twin Flames incarnate on earth right now, to create new energetic blueprints around love and thereby show the way into a new cycle where sex is not connected with fear, abuse and opposition but with increasing love and blissful enjoyment and togetherness.

As Plato said; In order to change, do not focus on tearing down the past – focus on building the new.

So what would your ideal sex life be like? What would make you satisfied and feel loved? What would make you feel close to your Twin and safe to open up? How can you experiment with this? (You can absolutely do this even if you’re not physically together. Experiment with meditation and remote touch.)

Moving past fear-based desires for control

Interestingly, we still have a square between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. Spirit has shown me in numerous intuitive sessions that the shadow side of these two entrepreneurial, action-loving signs relate to a desire to control the world. Ultimately, wanting to control the world and people is rooted in a deep-seated feeling that the world is not safe and that people can’t be trusted.

Now, with Pluto and Uranus – planets of abrupt, sudden change and of death and rebirth – being in long-term transits through these two determined, controlling signs, we are given a crystal clear message: Control must be broken. We have to let go, we have to start releasing and trusting. Get over any old beliefs that the world and people are bad or unsafe.

The Twin Flame illusion of opposition

Resonating with the Venus/Mars conjunction, we’re told: Love goes deepest when we release fear. If we hold back from fear, we can never open up fully. So keep an eye on yourself and your reactions. What do you most fear in your Twin Flame relationship? Where might this fear come from?

Remember always that our surface-layer earthly selves are simply one part of who we are as souls. Inside, every single person is good once we peel off the layers of patterns and behaviors they may have taken on in life. Your Twin is yourself. You are not opposed. Oppositions are an illusion.

Look deep enough and you will see that your fears are your Twin’s fears. If you focus on separation and conflict, this is what you bring out. Think and focus unity, on the other hand, and you will discover and cultivate more and more unity.

As always, sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

PS: ***I hope to see as many of you as possible on the Live Energy Clearing Session for Twin Flames on August 27th!***

We’ll be tackling and shifting as much negativity and unhealed karma as possible so you can really move past any blocks and difficulties, move forward on your path and really enjoy your connection with your Twin again the way you’re meant to!

You can sign up here right now, and again there’s a limit to the amount of spaces so I won’t be able to make any concessions if you miss out. You can participate either online or by phoning in (local call cost in the USA and the UK) – all the info will be emailed to you once you sign up.


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  1. How can I go trough this easily if every night I have had dreams just about him and how he hates me? I don’t know what’s going on but I have had a dream in which I went to his hometown and I found his mother. She tells me that she likes me but his son (him) hates me and doesn’t want to know anything about me or to see me anymore. And I feel inside my dream and now that I’m awake that it’s like he thinks that I’m the worst thing that ever happened to him. And it’s unfair since I did everything in my power to be there for him. I even change all my life and move to another country. I’m doing all that I’m suppose to do since years. I don’t know if these are the last stages of clearing but it is really difficult when you have these kinds of dreams and it’s worse when you even can’t rest. These last days have been really difficult to handle not just because his intense energy since the blue moon, but also because of all the synchromicities and signs, and I don’t know what to believe. Also people from my past is showing up to end cycles healing wounds. I hope in the few next days everything will be clear because it is tiresome to just go blind without knowing anything and with mix signals. Also I feel that finally, after years of struggle it is time for retribution. I don’t know but I’m ready and open manifest, receive and embrace my inner goddess. Thank you for your energy forecast because without this I wouldn’t know what’s going out with me and why. Probably I would think I’m crazy while I’m not. I’m just in this journey.

  2. I would like to hear your thoughts on what to do if your twin is in a relationship with another person out of convenience but still wants to be with you (me)? He has a fear of being vulnerable, once his feelings for me were verbalized he was overwhelmed and ran. He has spent two years without me and it took two years for him to acknowledge why he ran which was a huge thing for him to do. He wants to be with me and stay in his convenient relationship as well but I have been resisting. I read conflicting information on this subject, some say follow your heart and be together, some say its bad karma etc etc. I value your opinion and would like to know what you believe about that kind of situation. I look forward to the online event on Thursday!!
    Much Love!

    1. I share this question.

      What I make of it till now: if I follow the line of thought Cassady is teaching us, I believe that the most important is to make sure that we ourselves learn, align, clean and become more light. Then also your twin flame will do so, and will therefore be able to deal with whatever issues s/he needs to deal with (including in his/her current relationship).

      The thing is: we do not want to harm anybody else, also not the spouse of our twin (or our own spouse), but do we do that by wanting to unite with our twin flame? Isn’t this person also part of our learning processes, or our lessons to be learned here? I feel it is really hard to deal with that, to find a way to distinguish between what is the true way, without being steered by old patterns of myself, my culture, and so on (such as: it is not right, do not hurt another like you would not hurt yourself, step away). It hampers my creative visualizations: can I ask for that, meaning that someone else will be hurt?

      What I try to hold on to is: also the spouse’s soul came here with the goal to learn lessons, and did not for nothing get into this mix. It is up to her/him to deal with this and grow because of it. However, we are not to mess with that, it is up to them.

      We just have to do ‘our part’, and trust that our twin flame will also be aligned because of that. I guess, if we all succeed in that, twin flames will be able to unite, but all souls involved will have learned the lessons we wanted to learn: to love unconditionally. Worst case, you will have to try again in a next life.

      But I certainly would like to believe we can get thee in this life time.

      So, the hardest often for me, is to trust the universe that will happen.

      But hard it is, and it often shakes my belief. I really would like to hear more about this, how to be able to feel free to wish a unity with my twin flame in this life time, with still honoring the others involved. So I am really curious what Cassady’s and Douglas’ thoughts are on this.

        1. I just read the new Q&A, thank you for posting it, it is a struggle to know what the right thing to do is! When your heart says one thing and your morals say the opposite it is very hard to know what to do. I appreciate your wisdom so very much!

    2. Anything you can do is to work on yourself, on going through all your (karmic) lessons and forgetting any expectations of being with him. This, what you wrote, means explicitly that you are yet far away from changing yourself: drawing conclusions from your past, changing patterns of behaviour for intoxic, living your full life in the now and letting him also live his own, making his own issues in his own time. And trusting God. You can not force anybody, even him or circumstances to be together. If the only thing you want is to find a way how to be with him, you even did not begun work under yourself and did not touch the border of your ego – to go out of it. You do not understand, that twin flames is first of all about you, your spiritual development, exercising patience and going to emotional stability and unconditional love. If you really reach that point, you will never ask anymore “what to do if he is in a relationship?” as not making any sense (you are directed still by your ego and fears). First of all, you will wish your twin flame finding happiness in that relationship and will be sad if you feel he broke up. Everything what wants a truly loving person is that the beloved is happy and fulfilled. Second, it will be obvious for you that he needs that relationship in his life. Third, you can not even think about being with him when you won’t get to know yourself, your true self, very well and work on changing yourself. Fourth, any true twin flame is not going between two people, not breaking any relationship or marriage as they have a respect for bonds of any two people. Even if the relationship is toxic, it is not you who has a right of doing anything with that. He is a part of it and it is something he needs to learn his lessons from. Respect this.

      1. Well you sure do seem to think that you have me all figured out don’t you Disqus! I wrote in my post that I have been resisting him so I find it very unfair of you to say that I have not even begun my journey. You do not know anything about me, or what I do to try and better myself everyday, and how I wish I could not think about him. I meditate everyday, I attend holistic healing classes, I help run a spiritual awareness page, I listen to the vibrational alignment meditation from this blog every day. This man pops into my head for no reason at all, I have spent the last two years working on getting over him with no luck. I have done many meditations on breaking soul ties which also did not work. I have begged the Source to take this away from me so that I may not feel this hole in my heart. What else do you suggest I do to make this easier then since you seem to have all the answers?

        1. I never wrote I know everything about you 11Mel11, only I can recognize you yet did not do your own lessons, because I was going through same stages you described. Lessons are spiritual as well, but not only them. And I was telling mainly about the last ones. As far as you rely only on a meditation, which may be helpful, but is only a technique, first of all you have to change your abusive family patterns not to be toxic for your twin and further children. It is an issue of psycholoogy and dysfunctional families. If you don’t change that at the beginning, meditation alone will not lead you to permanent results. Problems with which everyone of us is struggling with begins at our family homes and this, what we were taught there about us, relationships and world. You have to learn what where toxic patterns and false beliefs, that made you feel fear, not being worth love and learn how to express emotions in a healthy manner. Deal with not being resourceful on some area if you have something such as that. First by finding your disadvantages to know, what needs to be fixed. And if you do, go out of your ego. If you want to be with your twin flame, you have to put some effort in a work under yourself. It will help you and him as well. I was also not asking about that and now how very hard, sometimes agonising experience it could be. At the moment when I had such experiences that you described I even had no idea that he is my twin flame, so you are now in much better situation, because have some more information thanks to websites.

          1. Hi there, I’d like to remind everyone that Twin Flames 11:11 is intended to be a positive and supportive forum for all Twin Flames, and be careful you’re not inadvertently hurting others’ feelings. In life we can never judge or assess another’s journey because we haven’t experienced what they’ve experienced. I understand you’re intending to help (I hope) but please allow others to figure things out the way that serves them best. What’s best for us might not be what is needed for another and their particular situation.

            Sending you love and light <3 Cassady x

          2. disqus,
            I needed to come back to this discussion and apologize to you for my attitude in my last response to you. I have read your responses many times since you first posted them. When I read them for the first time I got defensive because you obviously touched on points that I did not fully realize at the time. Now that I have read your words a few times and had a chance to think about it and reflect I admit that you make a lot of good points.
            I am very new to this and it can be a struggle at times figuring out which issues I need to work on first. I am working my way backwards to find the root cause of my issues so that I can acknowledge them and work to clear them. You are very correct when you said we have to get rid of our limiting beliefs that we were taught in the past. I find that I have many that have hindered me throughout my life.
            I appreciate your words, as blunt as they may have been, they were necessary and I thank you for your advice. Again, I apologize for my defensive attitude.
            Love and Light to you.

    3. You are yet still co-dependent emotionally on him, what is bad. So you are even not at the beginning of your journey towards your own self. Stop seeing and contacting him and concentrate on going through your own issues. Good luck!

  3. Thank you for this blog, for the tools, for your site. I am so grateful to have found this. It is a blessing.

  4. Nana, my thoughts on your dreams is that maybe they originate from a place of fear. Do you fear that he will not want t nsee you anymore now that you have changed your life and moved to a new country for him? Have you had a fight recently that makes you feel like he doesn’t want you anymore? Have you asked him directly how he feels for you? You won’t be able to ease your anxiety until you talk to him. But experience with dreams like this is that they are trying to show us what we fear so that we can heal that part of ourselves. That is my opinion. Good luck to you dear one.

    1. Actually my biggest fear became reality almost six months ago, he ran away again and for the third time. I called him almost two months ago and he told me that he is not in love with me anymore and he blames me for everything as always and has even created his own version of what happened. All because it was time for him to go out from his comfort zone, and well I don’t know. It is not the first time but I can’t allow him to treat me that way every time he wants to. I have also have dreams that I think are from past lives (?) I don’t know but now I’m relaxed and well, only God has total control and I’m happy now living my live and learning what I’m supposed to learn. I’m not questioning his process anymore and if we are going to be together only God knows and I trust that everything is as it should be.

  5. Dear Ms Cayne. Where could we connect to the today’s TF clearing session? I enrolled myself, but did not receive any instructions where can I find it and where it will be. Thank you in advance.

  6. Hi there, I sent several emails to everyone in advance of the clearing session, with all the info on how to attend – if you didn’t get these it’s because of your email filter not letting my address through…!

    Check your spam filter – there will be a replay link there so you can access the clearing now and download it <3 I sent it out today xx Cassady

  7. You are 100% correct, he can’t be allowed to treat you that way. It sounds like he has some things he needs to work through and behaviors he needs to work on. You should continue to live your life and be the best you that you can be! Much love sent your way through the tough time you are having, trust that things happen for a reason.

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