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Living With An Open Heart: Diplomacy Called For Between Twins – Beware Hurtful Perfectionism And Skewed Perceptions As Grand Purification of Love Continues. Plus, Receiving Higher Insights For the Journey Ahead…


We get off to a fresh new start this week as the New Moon hits in Leo on August 2nd conjunct the Sun, signalling a coming month period where we’re set to feel much more in harmony with ourselves, more at peace, less conflicted.

Recent Full Moons have been opposition the Sun, so this Sun/Moon conjunction restart will feel like a huge relief for most – the murky waters of the unconscious are being lit up and calmed for a period of increased unity within.

The Sun in its home sign of Leo is shining its bright light. Mind and emotion align more than in a while, and the Leo fire gives us a sense of strength and courage for the journey onward, wherever it may go.

The unconscious battles with the “shadows” on our alchemical journey of Twin love are not over but for now, we are lit up by hope and strength that we can get through it.

A sense of the love that awaits at the end of any challenges. 


Leo’s wisdom is that strength comes from within – that those who live with an open heart may sometimes be hurt but they may never be vanquished.

This energy polarity reminds us: If we close ourselves off from hurt we also shut the doors on love.

This week is set to reignite a sense of purpose, a sense of being willing to fight for the love we share. Giving up is not an option and now we feel this in our bones. Kings and Queens arise.

Courage to live with an open heart is something the Leo energy current is helping us to learn. Its wisdom is that emotion is a strength, not a weakness – adding emotion to manifestation means “supercharging it”. Closing off and repressing our emotions alienates us from one of our greatest powers.

As creators, our emotions are our fuel. It’s what signals out to the universe what we want to attract. Emotions are “prayers”.

Take a moment now and resolve that any old hurts are in the past, forgive whatever needs forgiving, and allow yourself to get a fresh start. Write down your aims and goals.

Clearing your energy is essential to this – emotional wounds are stored as energy blocks in our beings. To resolve old wounds and clear what’s been blocking your heart and your journey try the cleanse tool in the Free Help Kit for Twin Flames, which contains a selection of my Full Vibrational Alignment Program

The past is only ever alive in our minds. Living in the now moment is the nexus of manifestation where you create the happy future you desire.

If you’re worried about the future, you can’t fix the future by going out there now – you must readjust the future from the now moment, because that’s where your energy is manifesting from.

Be as joyous as you can in the here and now, and it will have powerful repercussions for the future. 


The sign of the Lion dominates cosmic events all this week, as Venus is still in this sign too. The Head and Heart are still in sync, and we’re set to be receiving Higher Insights for the Journey ahead.

We are approaching a strong energy gateway in August – a special requested update from spirit is upcoming this week. I was asked to transmit a message to the Twin collective, which will be up later in the week.

Early in the week we also have a trine between Venus in Leo and Uranus retrograde in Aries – key words here are sudden developments, inspiration, insight from our own inner faculties – especially related to love.

A message from spirit is to revisit your previous intuitive insights and any psychic messages received either directly from your guides or in the form of symbols along your path, or even through a psychic…

The indication is that previous insights hold more solutions and positive info for your Love Life than you might have realized.


Early in the week we also have a trine between the Sun in Leo and Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius – the theme here is the Ego being stripped down in order for us to move forward with more ease. Illusions of grandeur or even insecurity issues are brought up for us to see how distorted these things are.

This has a sense of alchemy to it, suddenly we are shown our mirror image for what it truly is – the “mirror or truth”. Often, this is more pleasant than it sounds. We are beings of light – the Ego is the mask that has distorted our inner loving power and beauty in one way or another…

Saturn is “correcting” our sense of self so that we won’t be blocking our good from coming to us. Those whose ego is inflated, might deflect insight and help with a “know-it-all” attitude, and those whose Ego is small and insecure might deflect love, gifts, help because they have a pattern of not feeling worthy…

Skewed Ego perceptions are being pushed to the surface now so we can face them, deal with them, clear them. Then, we can move on from a new place of truth. And when we come from a place of truth we are able to follow our soul path – if our perceptions are distorted, we often end up walking in a loop and getting off course.

Expect triggering this week – prepare with energy management and you’ll be able to handle whatever comes up. Download the free energy cleanse tool here and you’re set to be able to deal with any challenges.

Ego can be deceptive – not because of meanness or “evil” but because it’s so busy trying to protect us from perceived danger that might not even be there in the first place.

This is why Ego can be so damaging on the Twin Flame path – because it perceives the divine mirror self to be such a potential threat.

For Unawakened Twins, this week serves as another chapter in stirring awareness of the deeper soul self – gradual awakening by removing the layers of illusions… 


The New Moon in Leo on August 2nd reinforces these themes – there are a lot of fire energies around, indicating heightened passion but also potentially heightened Ego responses.

Be mindful of distorted perceptions now, and allow Saturn to help you shed those fear responses that were designed to keep you safe even though there was no real danger.

This is especially worth considering in relation to Twin Flame Love. Often, relationship troubles stem from the Fear of Hurt or Remembrance of Hurt, not from actual hurt itself. In order to have true intimacy, we must shed our fear of hurt.

For more info on the most common unconscious hurts and fears that trigger Twin Flame Running and how to deal with this, have a look here.

With the alchemy of Saturn’s “mirror of truth” and the Leo sense of courage and strength, we are now set to have the “right ingredients” needed to finally make some big progress in this arena.


At the end of the week Venus moves into Virgo, signalling a new theme in Love. This is classically seen as a disadvantageous placement for the planet of Love – Virgo deals with the energies of purification and perfection, and in Love this can be extremely challenging.

Be careful to avoid over-analysis and criticism this month – no one feels like opening up to someone who makes them feel like they’re never good enough. And with Twin Flames we can feel each other’s energies and emotions, intensifying this considerably.

Be gentle with your counterpart, especially if you have requests and desires for them to change something about themselves.

For Twin Flames, Venus in Virgo deals with shedding the unnecessary on our journey back to Unity, and with the contradiction between our ideals and reality. If you have a built in idea of your Perfect Love and your Twin doesn’t fit your ideal, there is some work to be done on reconciling the two opposites.

Spirit says: What if the love your Twin can offer is more and “better” than what you were able to imagine in your mind? What if your Old Ideals are obsolete?

As Mars in Sagittarius challenges Venus in Virgo on August 6th, this is set to come up strongly. It’s likely that your Masculine counterpart feels uncomfortable with demands to be “perfect”, whatever that entails.

This can also refer to a female with an emphasis on the masculine energy polarity.
The message here is that the pressure to be “perfect” might not be coming from you, but your Twin feels it from the collective female cultural perceptions.

They are likely to misinterpret it as coming from you, however, feeling that you’re putting pressure on them, not allowing them the freedom to be themselves. So tread a little carefully…



Make sure your Twin knows that you appreciate them for who they are as a unique person. It will help you avoid any blow-ups. And know that on this journey, the two of you are completely compatible. Any disturbance is rooted in the “earth baggage” you took on in your early life.

Be open and forgiving now instead of pushing for your Twin to change – this is actually likely to help them realize that they want to be your ideal… that they will shift their habits for you down the line out of their own Free Will.

Diplomacy is useful this coming month – the energetic theme in love is purification and elevation in preparation for the powerful influxes of high vibrational energy and the push for reunions next month.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


Want more? To take the next step on your journey moving into harmony and putting struggle and separation to rest for good – have a look at my complete Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames.

Alternatively you can try our Free Starter Kit, which contains a selection from the full program.

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  1. Hi Cassady,

    Thank you for this beautiful insight and so spot on. You have touched a lot of points that reflect my situation with my twin at the moment. And it definitely helps to know to be more patient and gentle with our divine counterpart.
    I wanted to ask you something which i am not entirely sure. I keep seeing everytime i walk, a single glove on the floor. Different ones of different materials colours and for different purposes. Do you think this has anything to do with my personal journey? I just can’t find a meaning to it.
    Many thanks and love your way xxx

  2. Every post seems to be exactly what I needed to hear but this hit exactly what I needed at this very minute! I will be gentle in dealing with my TF who just needs my appreciation and support. Thank you a thousand times, Cassady!

  3. I wonder whether we can actually feel that the physical union is about to happen? Can we feel our twin thinking about reaching out? I’ve been feeling very restless the past two days as if something is going to happen, and my twin has been on my mind a lot, which didn’t happen since several months. I feel like I’m ready for meeting, can we really know when we are ready? Several times in the past I thought I was ready, but now I know I actually wasn’t, but this time is somehow different, there is no urgency or neediness about him reaching out. It’s not even a feeling that I’m waiting for him do do it, it’s just a feeling that maybe now we are both ready to establish contact again…

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