Did You Know This Was Happening? Your Souls Are Working To Bring You Union – But First, Non-Aligned Relationships, Work Or Other Circumstances Need To Break Apart… 

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: 

Soul path changes are still working to bring you to 3D union – Twin Flame situations shifting in major ways.

Venus opposition Pluto Retrograde, North Node conjunct Uranus and Mars entering Gemini bring changes to “destined connections”.

Have you been listening and actually taking action on what you’re being guided to?

Discover more below!

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Destiny Gets Involved

We are still experiencing major full-picture shifts and “destiny rumbling” due to the North Node conjunct Uranus.

It means, in short, that your soul path is making itself STRONGLY known and/or you are being “divinely redirected”.

Especially in terms of soul bond love – the Twin Flame connection.

If you have been living in alignment with your soul’s truth and your highest, it may just bring an intensification of your progress – more flow and expansion…

But if you have veered off course in life, by sacrificing your truth, doubting your Twin Flame connection or one of you getting tied down with an “outsider” – expect this to be rattled now.

Did You Notice This?

Your soul is working to bring you back on track with your pre-life purpose and plan. (Learn more here about what that involves).

For Twin Flames, there can be surprising or sudden changes around life path, direction, relationships and life situation happening.

The purpose is to direct you back to each other or to a situation where you are open and available to 3D unity, as agreed in your core soul contract as Twins.

Do your best to see the higher perspective, because anything that seems to break apart now is happening in order to get you to your soul’s “true destiny”.

Karmic Partners Leaving?

Likely occurrences include non-soul aligned plans not working out, or relationships ending, work situations crumbling or choices shifting.

It can also include karmic partners being majorly triggered to break up the connection, or leaving altogether…

Or “outsider” relationships ending, to make way for the Twin Flames to come together – if the contracts and karmic lessons have been learned.

Make sure you resolve any karmic lessons that might have kept you or your Twin stuck and unavailable in an “outsider”/”third party” connection, so this can be released for good.

The Universe Gets Involved

For a few weeks still, we are in this rare process of “recalibrating destiny”.

You might experience feeling like the universe, outer events or synchronicities are “getting involved” to help free you up for Twin Flame unity – and your Twin.

These events can seem dramatic at the time, but work to recognize what the purpose may be in sudden changes – it’s to actually get you to unity and love by “freeing” you up.

The good news is, will be easier than usual to resolve outsider connections and karmic attachments that have held you and/or your Twin back, as the cosmic energies support you to free up your path to Twin Flame reunion.

For help, go here where I take you through this work step by step.

Twin Flame Collective shifts

Above all, Uranus/North Node teaming up shows us that all Twin Flames are being rattled to align with their true soul purpose and path in this period.

You’re being shaken up. To remember that you ARE still capable of having your desire, and to get you to take action on it. 

Above all, do not listen to the outsiders, emotional baggage of ‘it will never work’ and people who have NOT achieved what you want – because it will only hold you back.

It’s likely that you’ll have to cut some people/sources of influence off in this period, to get to your ideal.

Pay attention to what shows up this week and next, and listen to your intuition. Know that you truly CAN have love and unity. Your soul will help you, but you have to open to that knowing and LISTEN.

Healing Around Power, Sexuality And Secrets

With Venus opposition Pluto retrograde still, we see there is a refinement process happening in love. You are being pushed to “detox” from old illusions and perceptions of powerlessness.

Power imbalances are coming up for review and healing, and it can often happen in the realm of sexuality and intimacy. Secrets can be revealed. Dreams can become intense.

Pluto’s influence can be extremely challenging, as it deals with unconsciousness and deep “toxins” we have taken on in life…

It always seeks to show us these hidden blocks, so we can be free to fully open to and receive the highest form of love.

Pluto’s “Twin Flame Gift”

Pluto’s challenges are actually meant as a “gift” for you to expand into more love and being able to receive union in the totality of your life.

Not just as a 5D/spiritual experience but “detoxing” your body and unconscious mind energetically, so you are able to hold it in your physical experience.

So this whole week into next, do your best to see any current challenges as an energetic/emotional detox and balancing, because that’s really what is happening.

The purpose is to bring you more love, harmony and unity.

(For help with this process, so you don’t have to struggle with the heaviness but can zap through blocks and rise up quickly and with ease, have a look here. I’ll take you through it, and help you download the balanced, harmonious Twin Flame templates of love and unity.)


“I have been doing this every week since you made it and now the karmic relationship my twin was in is over and I know it is because of this …I can’t thank you enough Cassady…lots of love…x” – Diane (via Disqus)

“I began to use oneness activation code every day. I began Saturday because I have felt so heavy for many weeks. Immediately I felt better. Then I ran into my TF by ‘accident’. He called and texted and came over later that day. I continued with this practice and still he is reaching out at a much higher level, which is ironic considering it had been months the last time we spoke. Thank you so much!” – Julie (via Disqus)

Click here to learn more and download

Perspective Shifts

At the beginning of the week into Wednesday, Mercury trines Uranus/North Node and encourages us to shift our perspective. This is a transit of inspiration, positive incoming information and “news”.

Above all, you’re set to feel more connected with your higher faculties and find it easy, guided and inspired to see the next steps toward your dream come true.

The cosmic wisdom to Mercury trine Uranus is that looking at things differently, or taking a new approach, can change everything.

So if you have been getting stuck, try to see things differently or at least open to the knowing that more is possible – even if you’re not sure how that will look.

Souls Speaking

This transit is also set to bring more information regarding soul path/your Twin Flame union path and shifts in destiny.

You could be offered new opportunities, you could see a possibility you didn’t notice before…

Or your Twin’s soul could be getting involved to guide you more noticeably (really, they always do guide you but you would be more open to perceiving it now).

Sometimes life can surprise you in a positive sense, so do your best to be open now, especially if you have gotten stuck in repeating cycles of running/chasing/separation and other common Twin Flame issues.

(How do you solve that? Have a look here for step by step solutions)


Love In Growth

Also into midweek, Venus trines Jupiter, which brings expansion to love. It could bring excitement to your connection, an experience of luck or feeling more guided and loved…

However, because Jupiter is Retrograde – and in Aries, sign of individuality – it’s likely that this focus will deal with SELF love.

Meaning, you’ll feel better about yourself, more confident, you’ll be activated to your own strengths and gifts and achievements more than usual… Especially if you had forgotten, or ended up in a funk of self criticism, for example.

Your Divine Greatness

Jupiter and Venus together bring you a boost of positivity.

You may suddenly notice feeling more at ease in life, or remember a time when you were on top of the world or won something, and that feeling will carry you to a higher alignment.

(Remember your attitude toward yourself always affects your experiences with your Twin Flame).

This boost will also help you actually take advantage of the opportunities your soul is working to bring you – the soul guided possibilities and steps that lead to your bliss. 

Super-fuel for The Twin Flame Love Path

Make sure you take advantage of the positivity at hand, because the one shadow side of Venus/Jupiter’s feel-good vibe is that we can end up a little “lazy” and not fully making the most of the positive momentum.

If you DO act on enthusiasm and positivity now, you’ll reap rewards for a long time, not just in the moment.

Use this as fuel to boost your soul path to unity and love!

Mars Enters Gemini

When Mars enters Gemini on the 21st, it sets the scene for the remainder of the year.

This combination is all about being versatile and diversifying your energy.
And for Twin Flames, it brings a major shift to the Masculine Twin. 

One potential downside is that Mars in Gemini is NOT inclined to commitment or exclusivity. However, it doesn’t HAVE to be problematic.

Do your best to not start worrying about your Twin if they’re running, as you don’t want to reinforce negativity.

Twin Flame Magnetism Vs Fears

The best attitude to take is to know you are always bonded as Twin Flames, and to open to how the universe and your souls are encouraging you to explore NEW areas of your connection.

Stay in the MAGNETISM of knowing you are “made for each other”, instead of letting your mind run riot with worries, as can often happen with Gemini influences.

Mars in Gemini CAN be an amazing transit for intellectual bonding, for getting to know each other better if you can approach it with curiosity, lightheartedness and an expansive mind.

(For more help with how to deal with a “runner”/unawakened Twin Flame, go here).

Duality, Polarity

Mars in Gemini can create a scattered tendency, so be mindful of decisions rather than jumping in without thinking – you might change your mind later if you don’t.

When it comes to relationships, the emphasis is on mental connection. Mars in Gemini brings with it a special sort of passion, one of the mind rather than the body. 

This means that communication is paramount. As this is the sign of the Twins, duality and polarity are also a theme.

This means, you’ll likely be nudged to see things from not just your own perspective but to metaphorically “walk in their shoes” and make sure you’re not pushing your perspective onto your counterpart without considering their emotions and experience.

Confusion? Or Spiritual Connection?

As Mercury also opposes Neptune this week, things CAN get confusing. Spirituality and practicality are at loggerheads, in some way.

Perhaps your mind or a friend says that it’s “impossible” to have true love in your human life… But your heart and soul are FEELING it and you are longing for more. 

This dissonance can cause pain, as many Twin Flames experience.

It’s only too common to feel illumined by unconditional love on the spiritual planes, then let down when their physical self doesn’t live up to the promise…

What The Longing Means…

Try to keep an eye on yourself and know that just because something isn’t there YET or because life has not been that way SO FAR, doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Spirit’s input is that you would not be able to feel that love and spiritual connectedness if it was not MEANT for you and could happen in the 3D physical. 

No one is trying to torture Twin Flames or set us up for failure, is their message. It’s meant as a guiding post, to reach for those heights of bliss and love.

twin flame union

Did You Know This?

And, they tell us that your counterpart is truly experiencing things like this as well, even if they do not seem to.

They show us that even the “unawakened” counterparts are having dreams of being together, feeling themselves being embraced, hearing songs meant to guide them, and more. 

Perhaps they do not understand it logically yet – as the opposition shows us – but they are receiving the guidance.

By the time Mercury meets Neptune in March 2023, things are set to be more palpably recognized by them. The process going on now, is set to reach a peak and in some cases a spiritual awakening.

Lifetime Shifts

Mercury opposition Neptune can tend to make you question your intuition and guidance, so spirit suggests that you journal on and make a note of what comes up for you this week…

Including signs, inclinations, guidance, dreams and more.

This will make it easier to see the connections and know the guided next steps. 

Above all this week, know that your soul and the cosmic energies are working to bring you to unity. It could mean that your situation needs to be shaken up first.

If so, do your best to move with the changes. 

In a year’s time, you’ll look back and see why things had to happen this way. And you’ll see how it all tied in with bringing you (back) to love.

If you want more direct help with your journey, I would love to help. 

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

I’ll see you next week for another forecast!

Cassady x

“Your Vibrational Alignment program and Harmony Healing have been so valuable to me and I use them daily. I also use the Higher Heart session weekly. Thank you!!! My Twin Flame and I reconnected again in a way that was better than I ever could have imagined.” – Joy, California, USA

Read more testimonials here

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