Make A Wish – The Ancients’ Time For Miracles. Are You Ready To Let Your Dreams Lead The Way? Mars Retrograde Keeps Pushing For Physical World Change.


Welcome into a week full of magical potential! Despite several heavy retrogrades, including Mars, Marcury, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn – we see positive developments shine through.

It’s all about tuning into what goes beneath regular reality, what’s happening on a deeper level – beyond what we see and hear with our physical senses.

Make no mistake about it – even though things seem like a slog on the surface these days, there is a lot going on. Worlds are changing.

As the lyric goes: “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

More in the full forecast below.

How To Uplift Your Twin Flame Journey

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The reason this happens is that all Twins share an energy field and everything we do or intend or feel impacts the other.

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What Would You Feel Like If Your Wishes Came True?

Because this could be the week that all your wishes come true – or at least some of them!

Why not wish upon a star? In fact, why not wish upon dozens of stars? The beginning of this week sees the annual Perseid meteor shower. Although the shower runs for several weeks, it’s now at its peak.

In a clear night sky after midnight, it can be possible to see as many as sixty tiny meteors creating glorious streaks of light, radiating from the constellation Perseus.

In ancient times, shooting stars were considered a gift from the gods, and were symbols of enlightenment. They can light your path, show you a new direction and inspire you to change…

No matter what has been happening recently in your life, there’s always a better way – it’s simply a matter of finding it.

The Perseids offer innovative solutions to problems, a clarity of vision to make a magical transformation in your life.

The answer you’ve been seeking might be waiting to be revealed in your dreams (learn how to interpret your dreams’ messages here).

Did Your Childhood Wishes Come True?

But whenever wishes and miracles are spotlighted by the cosmic energies, there’s a shadow side to consider…

Spirit shows us this: Most people carry scars from childhood regarding magic, wishes and dreams. Some of us are even challenged in adult life by “realism” foisted on us by others…

So consider this, the memory of asking Santa Claus for a gift and not receiving it, mirrors into adult patterns of experiencing the universe to be withholding.

The experience of wishing for something big and having adults or older peers laughing at your belief, stores in your system as a negativity around wishes and believing.

(Read more about this in “5 Secret Reasons Why Your Prayers Are Going Unmet”)

twin flame prayer

Is This A Friendly Universe?

Being alienated from embracing the power of “magic” and wishes is a big thing for Twin Flames…

Because it can block you from fully expanding into the experience of physical world love and happiness together. Because for many, complete blissful Twin Flame togetherness is akin to a miracle you’ve waiting for, or a wish you’ve made.

So if you have the programming that wishes go unmet… that miracles don’t happen… that the universe doesn’t listen or answer your prayers… can you see how this is steering your journey from behind the scenes?

When you were a child, did you feel that you got what you longed for and desired? Did you *experience* that belief and wishing paid off or were encouraged? If not, what was the reason given?

This can have big repercussions for your adult life ability to *receive* the love and happiness you’ve been longing and asking for. (Read more about this here)

Beheading The Snakes Of Fear

Within the constellation of Perseus lies the blinking star Algol – the star of beheading and Medusa’s eye.

The one beautiful Medusa was seduced by the sea-god Poseidon and jealous Athena turned her into a serpent-haired gorgon. No-one could look at her face without being turned to stone.

So Perseus was guided by the Gods to destroy Medusa by using his shield as a mirror to see her reflection and cutting off her head this way.

To face our fears directly can be overwhelming. But if we look at them from a different direction and refuse to be blinded by them, we can use the light of the Perseids to inspire us into right choices.

Your Intuition Speaking Through Imagery

After Medusa is slain, her blood gives birth to the winged horse, Pegasus, the patron of poetry. Everywhere he struck his hoof to the earth, an inspiring water spring burst forth, one of these is where the Muses drink.

From fear and rigid immobility came forth inspiration and creativity. We can rise above our fears, accept fear as a catalyst to prompt us into creative action.

To learn more about this, have a look at this deep alpha level session where we use the archetypal imagery of your unconscious mind and your intuition to uplift your whole system into your greater potential:


The Higher Heart Transformation Session, is created as a transformational journey into your soul – bypassing the ego by using a specially formulated meditation.

We go deep to discover what old hurts and fear programming is really hiding in your heart so we can clear blocks, upgrade your love templates and open up the Twin Flame heart bond from a place of harmony once again.

We also engage with your Twin’s soul and guides to deal with anything that’s blocking their side of the connection so the two of you can move into a higher state of unity and harmony.

And, in my favorite part of the process, I show you a simple yet powerful method for manifestation for your onward journey! Click here to learn more and download

The Lesson Of Letting Go

Also, still shuffling backwards, Mars enters Capricorn on 13th August. Mars is exalted in Capricorn, meaning that he’s treated like an honored guest, offered everything he needs to feel comfortable and welcome…

We don’t yet have the control we’d like to direct our energy in the way we want right now… But we are able to direct our energy in productive ways, to redo that which has fallen apart or not manifested because our plans were lacking.

Capricorn is also associated with fear, so Mars allows us another avenue to visit whatever it is that causes us to freeze and to melt it with Martian energy so it can be transformed.

If fear has been preventing you from establishing a close bond with the person who has claimed your heart, this week you will be more able to understand what this fear is truly telling you and work out ways in which you can use it to your advantage rather than letting it control you…

Use the Twin Flame Inner Child Healing to get to the bottom of lingering fear and causes of running/separation between you and your counterpart. Click here to learn more

Mars Retrograde – Masculine, Aries, Solar Plexus Upgrades

Some of you have asked why I describe the Masculine Twin as unawakened or experiencing challenges this summer, so I wanted to clarify.

Although some are highly spiritually aware and awakened, the cosmic energies describe the majority of Masculine Twins as being in a process of beginning ascension in recent years. 

As opposed to the Feminine Twin, who in general seems more self aware and “developed” on a spiritual level.

Remember that when we interpret astrology Mars stands for the Masculine polarity and Venus stands for the Feminine polarity…

So when Mars is in a three month long retrograde, this is pushing a release of old energy in the Masculine or biological male (and Aries natives – as Mars is this sign’s ruling planet).

It also deals with a purge and “upgrade” of the solar plexus chakra and how we deal with self, ego, action and power. But make no mistake about it, when Mars is retrograde it powerfully affects the masculine collective energies as a whole.

It’s ongoing for another few weeks… But there’s a deep level learning and remembering process going on in this period, set to push for growth and more understanding between the counterparts in the long run.

Opening To Second (And Third, And Fourth) Chances

At the end of this week, Jupiter and Neptune form an exact trine, pointing us towards our inner potential and how we can express it. What was fear and worry is now truly turned into hope and idealism.

It also signals an uplifting of old experiences where we may have been blocked from our spiritual potential, where others opposed our connection with the spiritual or our strong belief or optimism.

Spirit shows us, in essence where others blocked us from embracing our power as co-creators of reality beyond the “3D” collective.

The same pattern occurred on 25th May, but we may not have been ready to take full advantage of its energies at that time. Or perhaps we did and now recognize there is even more we can do.

We begin to see that although our desires matter, we are part of a larger whole and by helping others to discover their true purpose, we can uncover our own.

We can separate truth from illusion, and have faith in the people with whom we spend our time. We can reject false boundaries to experience what lies beyond.

Don’t Give Up – Tune Into Vision

Jupiter combined with Neptune reminds us to listen to our dreams – with Neptune Retrograde it highlights old dreams we may already have given up on. It’s time to reconsider.

What might have seemed impossible or unlikely before, is shifting into vision (albeit subtly). Don’t give up. Be open to second (or third, or fourth, or fifth) chances!

When we choose to make a connection with another, we don’t need to always analyze what it means – we can feel our way forward and connect in deeper ways than are obvious on the surface.

A deep romantic connection is possible if we allow ourselves to trust the power behind our visions.

However, we do need to beware of setting unrealistic expectations. It’s possible to be disappointed if we are unrealistic about what others have and are willing to offer our hearts.

Have a look at this article to get inspiration and reconnect with the divinity of your journey – from a place of knowing, not just “hoping”.


Nourishing Your Soul – Going Within

So how do we get it right? Jupiter and Neptune together remind us that occasional withdrawal for contemplation will help us to find the answers within ourselves. (Have a look here for more insights on that)

If we consider where we might be acting out of compromise, leaving our true values… And go within to focus on our higher ideals, we will reveal the answers we seek.

This week, listen to your dreams, allow your mind to wander where it will in the quiet moments. And if the noise of the world is preventing clarity of thought, seek out a peaceful space.

This is made so much easier by the fact that Mercury turns direct on the 19th. The cotton wool that some of us have had between our ears can be flung away.

Mercury Turns Direct!

Muddle and confusion that arose in the last three weeks can be forgotten – at least until the next time! Whenever Mercury turns direct it’s as if a fog has lifted.

This time, because Mercury is in Leo, we’re less inclined to worry about the finer details in favor of the grand plan.

You don’t have a grand plan?

Of course you do! Listen to your dreams and you’ll be ready to take the first steps on the road to achieving it. This week, make sure you open to the possibility of your wishes come true…

You don’t need exactly how to reach your dream, but open to the possibility and you subtly shift your alignment to allow the next step to show up!

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


twin flame program


“Dear Cassady, I can’t put into words how grateful I am to you. Each week your writing clarifies, uplifts and inspires me to continue, and the meditations and vibrational alignment tools have made all the difference. I can feel the changes in me and see the changes between my Twin and I. I am learning about unconditional love and becoming more in touch with my soul everyday. Thank you for all your energy and effort in helping me. I would be so lost without it. Sending you love and light, “

– Rachel, Sydney, Australia

Click here to learn about my Step By Step Program For The Twin Flame Journey To Reunion – The Vibrational Alignment Program.

Alternatively you can try the Free Twin Flame Help Kit here!

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  1. Another great one! So much detail!! I wondered if you could elaborate on what you say about “setting unrealistic expectations”? How do you reconcile dreaming big & going for what you wish while also keeping “realistic”? Thank you!!

  2. What exactly does this mean regarding dreams and wishes? My twin has been so cold lately and angry and it makes me fear that he’s not capable of change. How do I transform this? Xx

    1. My twin has been the same, but I have to believe that my wishes will come true 🙂 if you live in fear and think he’s not capable of change, then you’ll get more of that! Trust and believe. It’s hard at first, believe me I know! However continue to believe and your belief will change. He will change, trust your inner voice and guidance.
      I’ve not seen my twin since we had an argument about 2 weeks ago, I’ve been avoiding him. However I firmly believe that when the timing is right, my guides will reunite us both again 🙂 keep doing the meditations and send him love and forgiveness 🙂

  3. Bless the very hallowed ground on which you stand. Deeply wonderful. Deeply knowing. Deeply compassion-ate, Pegasus is rising and flying out of the gate!

  4. May 25th was a pretty amazing day for me – I drove past my twin in traffic and, as soon as I went through his line of sight, my sacral chakra started swirling and heating up and then my heart chakra felt like it expanded out until it popped. I felt amazing and everything was tinged green for days afterwards. Best of all the next time I saw him he gave me a beautiful serene smile and his energy was so relaxed that he completely matched the feeling I get from his Higher Self. It was an amazing day so I am quietly looking forward to a return of those energies this week 🙂

  5. I was able to see 6 beams across the sky, so beautiful!

    I definitely confronted one of my fears this week, and I was guided to reach out to my twin; it wasn’t to gain a response, but my guides mentioned that, perhaps, his “human” needed some reminding in the physical. After that, I immediately cleared with the Harmony Healing, and just purchased the Inner Child Healing.

    Thank you, Cassady! Always holding the brightest torch for us. <3 Medusa is one of my favourite archetypes, and despite how she has been painted/perceived by many; I believe we can learn and be inspired to heal from her powerful story.

    By the way, is the new affirmation track no longer available? I was hoping to purchase, but cannot find it in the store.

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