Solar Eclipse Paves Way For Change – Finding The Key To The Lock. Lion’s Gate And Healing The Masculine Paradigm…

Before we start today’s forecast I have a message:

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Retrograde Season – Feeling Stymied?

We’re still in Retrograde Season, and this colors the cosmic energies and the collective powerfully. Mars, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Chiron and Mercury are all moving “backwards”.

Signalling that we are being called to go within in terms of straightening out our inner motivations and situations in the realms of:

1) action/the Masculine, 2) power/sexuality/secrets/death and rebirth, 3) manifestation and achievement, 4) spirituality and unity, 5) healing and 6) communication and ideas…

The outer situation might feel stymied and blocked in several areas of life right now, but there is a deeper cosmic wisdom to this, to untangle negativity and uplift our functioning.

So that when the planets begin moving direct we are aligned with a higher state!

Past Love Returning In Some Form

A key indication in these areas is also revisiting the past.

With Pluto and Mercury moving retrograde, there’s a high likelihood of re-considering an ex or a past relationship connection, or them showing up in your life again somehow. Even meeting someone who reminds you of the old mate…

“Rebirth” of a “dead” relationship or situation.

It could also be happening with flare-ups of old wounds in terms of ego… Or even mistakes shown up in work you thought you were already done with – some underlying flaw showing up that you’re now required to fix.

Don’t worry, if something like this shows up it’s not to “punish” you so try to stay as detached as you can and be neutral about it.

Write down pros and cons, assess things without being so emotionally involved. Even if it’s an ex partner who shows up.

Stay cool, because you might change your mind (emotions) later on down the line.

Best to stay logical now. Logic won’t change but your emotions likely will.

Inner Fears Of The Masculine

With the Sun in Leo aligned exactly with the asteroid Pallas at the beginning of the week, we see there is no need to fear. There’s a sense that a powerful aspect of the Divine Feminine is overseeing or guiding what is going on.

There is a firm hand “steering the ship” so to speak.

With an opposition between these two and Mars R in Aquarius, we sense the Masculine Twin being prodded, shaken up a bit, to get him to question his situation and himself above all.

He is set to be feeling insecurities rising, doubts about the future and himself and may be irritable or easily angered.

Really, he’s dealing with an inner sadness based in the human belief that a man must be “perfect”, strong, stoic. Because the truth is he is not (and neither is any other man).

Most men deny their emotions to an extent, and live with the burden of feeling that they have no one to turn to, no one to open up to.

Because the message they are given by society since birth is, that they are only loved when they are strong.

For most males, love is withdrawn when they show “weakness” – crying, doubt, insecurity.

Even in adult relationships, men feel pushed to not show weakness. Many women are merciless with their male counterpart in this regard.

How Would It Feel To Be Completely Alone With Your Emotions?

Not being able to be open about their fears and innermost feelings, is an incredibly heavy burden for males to bear and causes many psychological complexes, we’re shown.

This inner situation causes a pressure cooker complex where their unexpressed emotions get pushed out in unrelated situations.

It can cause meanness, power complexes, acting out to get validation through sexuality, addictions… The deeper truth is, he feels utterly alone deep down.

Like he is bearing a terrible secret that he can’t share with anyone.

Namely, that he’s not invincible the way he’s told he’s “supposed” to be. Ashamed that he isn’t “good enough” for his counterpart because of this.

And know that we’re dealing with very subtle messages fed to the masculine and male persons since early childhood.

(To help your Masculine Twin with this – clearing out negative ancestral programming of suppression and more, in alignment with his free will, have a look here)


Reasons For Twin Flames To Run

We see, even the feminine Twin has had no idea of this. She’s been so busy with her own problems and issues within the connection. She didn’t realize the pain her counterpart was in.

But we’re shown this is the crux of so many Twin Flames’ conflict and problems.

When the counterparts come together, the Masculine or male Twin instinctively feels those repressed emotions coming to the surface – all the insecurities, all the pain.

And it’s terrifying to him. Because he’s been “programmed” with the belief that it’s unacceptable to feel that way.

Especially in front of his counterpart.

(Note here how damaging traditional new age ideas of the divine king and queen can be – because it builds on this idea that both parties must be this perfect ideal of old fashioned masculinity or femininity – read more about that here).

Compassion And Healing

This week, we’re being pushed to open up to a new version of masculinity.

To heal the human condition. For Twin Flames to be able to reunite.

We must accept that the male person or masculine is as whole and varied and full of both love and darkness as the feminine. We must see them as a whole person.

Ourselves mirrored.

There’s a real wakeup call going on right now. About how much we as a society are hurting each other by denying one gender the right to have feelings, to show weakness.

The right to lean on others for support. The right to be vulnerable.

What :The 8/8 Lion’s Gate” Is All About

You’ll read a lot in social media about the “lion’s gate” happening on 8/8. The focus is on guiding us into more heart centered living.

The cosmic message is clear on what the themes are right now – happening directly opposite Mars retrograde in Aquarius.

We’re dealing with this incredible pain built up in the contrast between ideal and reality. And the focus right now is on the Masculine.

(Read more here about what the Divine Masculine really is all about).

Leo is the sign of kings and queens, ideals, romance, “royalty”. But the truth is, we can imprison someone in ideals.

We’re being pushed to open up to a reality where each person has room to be themselves in their wholeness.

And right now the focus is on the male or Masculine persons – to lessen the pressure, to open up to forgiveness, to release all the expectations and the stereotypes pushed onto them.

Because the way things have been, many have acted out their inner pain in hurtful ways both on an individual and a collective level. Just look at human culture for the last few hundred years.

Spirit shows us, hurt towards their counterpart often comes from this inner pain. (Read more here in “The Real Reason Why Your Twin Flame Hurt You”)

Venus Moves Into The House Of Relationships

On this same day, 6th August, Venus enters Libra and sets the theme for the coming month – leading into the retrograde period this planet is set to have later.

We’re entering into a state of seeking and reaching for harmony.

And we are being asked to remember that love exists in harmony. Love cannot exist where there is blame, conflict, judgment.

Remember that with your Twin Flame, you are dealing with your *other self*, a vulnerable being who’s dealing with experiencing life in all its complexities and ups and downs, with their own baggage and challenges.

Have compassion for them right now. Remove the distance caused by judgment, to open up to love both within and without.

You’ll remember from before how judgments and blame “create” separation between Twin Flames.

Read more here about “5 Secret Underlying Reasons Reunion Might Be Eluding You.”

Love Programming Re-Evaluated

Come 7th August, Tuesday, yet another planet goes retrograde! As Uranus turns to “move backward” – change goes inward.

Sitting in Taurus for the first time in over half a century, we’re dealing with upgrading love, partnerships and the heart chakra.

Old programming regarding attachments learned in childhood (read more about that here), are being triggered so we can clear them (remember they don’t just “go away” you have to delete the frequency consciously).

Spirit shows us, insecurity around abandonment complexes, not feeling recognized or loved for who we truly are deep down are likely to come up over the next few months.

The purpose is to clear out of the way anything that’s kept you from being fully free to live with an open heart.

Such as old pain and negativity you “learned’ or took on in childhood.

Hidden Resources Brought To Light

If you can do your own inner work voluntarily, you’ll notice getting through this time with a lot more ease. Without being triggered so much.

For a session where we upgrade, heal and cleanse your heart chakra, download the codes of unconditional love and importantly self love, go here.

After doing this work, you won’t be so pushed by the cosmic energies to “learn lessons the hard way” in love.

Other themes to this coming few months are – you discover you were your own best resource and rescuer all along.

Hidden resources become revealed and highlighted. Seeing your own beauty from a different perspective. Appreciating your own uniqueness.

(Read more about this here in: “Why Should Never Compare Your Journey To Anyone Else’s”)

Solar Eclipse – Illumination Of Self

On 11th August we’re onto the week’s big headline, the solar eclipse in Leo.

Eclipses function to clear out the old to make way for the new – this year we have 5 eclipses, instead of the usual 4, indicating a year for major changes.

To read more about the eclipses and this year’s shifts, sign up to download the complete 2018 energy forecast for Twin Flames for Free here [grwebform url=”” center=”on” center_margin=”200″/].

The eclipse gateway is open approximately 2-3 days before and after the actual event. Beforehand, negativity tends to build up to be released at the peak of the gateway.

Headaches and tension in the body is not uncommon during heavy cosmic events
So be mindful of yourself and what you react to right now.

Shield yourself, connect to the light and do what you can to stay up and out of the way of the collective chaotic energies rising up to be released.

Your Twin Flame might also be reacting to collective material right now – to protect the two of you and help you get the most of the incoming light rather than being dragged down by others’ negativity, have a look here.

In the Complete Harmony Healing we go through chakra cleanse, cutting negative cords, shielding and more for you as a PAIR. Click here to learn more and download

Complete harmony Healing Tool

It’s All About…

This is a partial eclipse, and is not triggering as many planetary interactions as previous and coming eclipses.

Spirit shows us, it’s all about self, in centering into our own inner truth above all.

Outer circumstances and issues being obscured so we can tap into our truth. There’s a sense of a pause, getting breathing space away from the world.

We’re shown, in all truth, your journey begins and ends with you!

You being the greatest, happiest, most whole and well-adjusted you you can be, has positive repercussions both for you and for everyone you come into contact with.

This eclipse in Leo shows us, that if each person was whole and balanced and self loving inside, the world would be a different and better place.

That the reason things are problematic not only on the world stage, but in our lives and relationships, is because of inner issues. Inner complexes and instabilities creating outer static, conflict, problems…

Lightworker Clarion Call

So the spotlight right now is on you. We’re shown, the spiritual clarion call to us as lightworkers. As volunteers to life (read more about the Twin Flame mission here).

To remember: That the key and the crux to every single thing we experience, is SELF.

When we can be in inner wholeness, everything on the outside changes.

Remember that you are your master, you are your savior, you are your own sunshine. And when you dwell in this state, love is “inevitable”.

Your Twin Flame is powerfully affected by the state you are in (watch a video on how this works here).

And I know, it’s not necessarily the easiest thing to be whole and happy. In fact, most of us are set up for the opposite in life by our upbringing, media, other people…

But that really is what it’s about right now. About getting the “inside” straight, to open up massively to a whole illumination of our lives and our love relationship.

I was guided to create a deep transformational program to help people with this – have a look at this video where I explain why so many Twin Flames and others are experiencing pain and struggle, and how to uplift into greater fulfillment and happiness.

The Giver Of Life – Sun/Leo

The Sun and Leo are all about self – the sun is the ruler of Leo and the sun is what gives life to everything living that exists on our planet.

The sun is the giver of life and light – showing us this symbolic connection to self as crucial to everything else.

For this Solar eclipse in Leo, spirit shows us the following image: Each person as the sun obscured by clouds. But that we can move the clouds away. That’s what it’s all about right now.

The only major planetary interaction with the Eclipse reinforces this message. A square to Jupiter tells us, don’t seek the outside or expansion.

It’s not about the outside right now. Go within! That’s where all the answers, resources, solutions, keys to the locks are waiting.

Pallas in a close conjunction echoes this, saying – you are so much more knowledgeable, strong and capable than you’ve given yourself credit for.

It’s not about other people, or outer situations, it’s all about you!

Have a look at this article, which is very fitting for this time.


The Next Guided Step For You

Another message we’re getting is, you already know the path forwards. You already know the next step to take. Think back or feel inside – it’s clear to you.

Don’t get distracted by the outside. Go with your knowing.

You’ve got it. You hold the key.

The next day, 12th August, Mars moves into Capricorn on his backwards journey through the Zodiac. Entering into a trine with Venus.

This shows us, there is a process of getting closer between the Twin Flames. There is increased closeness on the way in the physical reality but it could involve un-doing what’s been done before.

Giving Love To Get Love

Right now the Masculine or male Twin seems terrified deep down. He feels out of his element, pushed into a vulnerability he’s not used to confronting.

The purpose is to get him to open up to his emotions and thereby also love.

Send your Twin love and positivity, just know that when you hold high intentions for them you’re powerfully affecting them. Be proud of the progress they are making behind the scenes.

Know that you came here together for this incredible journey through darkness and light. And that despite how things may have seemed on the surface, he is doing his part. He is experiencing this challenging transformation for the sake of love.

For you.

To show your support, to connect with his eternal soul self and be shown what’s really going on right now, to join together – make sure you download my free guided meditation to connect with your twin soul to soul here.

This is set to be an incredible week full of positive developments on the inner plane. Remember to keep your focus set to the inner world, your own self.

Miracles can happen. Satori moments.

How is your soul showing you your true greatness right now? I can’t wait to hear from you about this!

Comment below with your positive experiences. And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

“I started with your free toolkit and immediately felt results so much that I had to get the Vibrational Alignment Program and wow! I’ve been doing it consistently and I love the energy clearings and exercises. I feel lighter and my twin and I are so much closer. Every day gets better and better. And since my vibration has become higher and higher, I’m attracting in wonderful opportunities and amazing abundance as well. I’m so grateful for your work, Cassady. Thank you!” “

– Jessica N. California, USA


twin flame program

Want more? Download the Free Twin Flame Help Kit to get info on the awakening code 11:11 and the Ascension process going on across the planet right now, plus a deep Alpha Level meditation to connect with your Twin Flame on the soul planes right now!

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  1. Words cannot express what it means to me to read these forecasts every week. By the end of every week, I feel like I have done all I can and start to feel uncertain if I’m doing the right things, and then I read these forecasts and you always describe EXACTLY what I am doing and I feel so relieved to know I am staying on the right path. It makes me want to cry because I feel so blessed to be on this journey and to know that I am doing the right things. You never cease to amaze me with your ability to know and understand exactly what is going on, and then to convey it perfectly into words. Thank you so much, Cassady. I cannot thank you enough.

  2. Cassady, this article is like magic?????
    i type this as tears of love and joy roll down my took me more than an hour to finish this as it resonated so profoundly and just pulled a trigger that cracked me open and I started purging immediately. Lately, these purges, I feel them coming and without any hesitation, I dive into them.And i sense i purge more for the collective than for myself.Tears are so valuable, i feel they wash away all the low vibes and open up space for peace.Love and light everyone, ?love you Cassady, ?

    1. Denise, thanks for sharing this!

      One thing I’ve been shown by spirit recently is that sometimes one Twin will “take on” the other’s negativity so they will purge it through their system – the one who is more conscious and willing to release the density.

      Yes, let’s not be afraid of tears! They can be cleansing and refreshing for sure : )

      Sending you love and light <3 x Cassady

      1. I hit an intense low the last couple of weeks and kept fighting back the tears, thinking that I didn’t want my twin to feel the negative energy in me since I knew he had a lot going on. I tried to stay happy and upbeat around him, now in hindsight I’m thinking it looked like I was insensitive to the things he has been dealing with, and I’m pretty sure he felt the negative from me anyway which just puts a wall up between us instead of supporting each other.

  3. How do you know if you have met your twin flame already,? is it a past ex? or someone you may have met briefly or is it someone you have not met yet? I met a person and they were much like me but I did not feel the chemistry but they were very similar. I met a different person I liked but they didnt seem to have the same with me and they were younger. Then and ex is back of course this month but I dont feel its a good idea to go back and they are younger than I. So I”m confused if Im still searching for someone I have not met or I have met already.

    1. I’ve found the chemistry to be singular and incredible. I’d say in my experience that if you question too much, it’s not the one. I’ve been drawn back to mine over and over and really not been more attracted to anyone ever.

  4. I’ve been going through the purges for a while now, glad to know why exactly it’s happening with the numerous retrogrades. Work, money, relationships everything is backed up and I feel irritable, but I am working on making the changes I need to in order to move forward. I’ve been getting this message for weeks, but didn’t fully understand it lol. Like clear your space. I kept thinking it meant physical space, but I see it meant what is taking up emotional and mental space in your life that you no longer need. It is really shocking to see what energies I’ve been holding inside without realizing. But I’m excited cause I know once it’s gone I’ll be able to see my twin again. Thanks as usual for the forecast!

  5. Thank you Cassady! I knew I felt “off” low energy, lack of motivation, nothing directly related to my twin but this all makes sense. Sometimes feel overwhelmed when I cannot figure out what’s going on w me. I always remember the things you’ve said and I’m then softer w myself. The energy clearings are sooo helpful. Like a life raft in a tumultuous sea! I’m much less likely to be harsh w myself, my twin or anyone when I stay aware of my energy. Also feeling a lot of compassion for the masculine twin and the lack of support and understanding in our 3-D world. So helpful to read your forecasts! Blessings!

  6. I feel like I’m ready to walk away from my twin for good… He was showing progress, I thought,but the second he didn’t get the response he wanted he back tracked And now he’s back to his old ways and I can’t take sharing him anymore… Im so lost and confused

    1. Wow… This sounds a lot like my TF with an almost identical situation. I figured out why my TF kept pushing back and turning away from me. He’s confused. He doesn’t know what he wants. He needs to find himself, and only he alone can do that. So I left him alone; I moved out. He needs to feel how it is to be able to deal with everything on his own, whether it is worldly issues, or issues within.

      But he’s scared too. He will never ask for help, but I can see that he does need help. I may have left him physically (living arrangements) but I never really left… I’m still doing a lot of Cassady’s energy clearing meditation and other guided meditations and it’s been helping him tremendously. He’s finally doing it; I can feel changes in him. I think the difference between then and now is, I feel he really wants to change, to be able to overcome all his fears and get rid of them for good.

      Try it… it honestly gives me serenity and it helps your TF at the same time.

  7. I love you so much, Cassady! You are amazing. I’ve mentioned before that I believe you to be one of the purest Twin Flame teachers/guides of our time, but I’ve changed that statement because you are the absolute purest to me. This forecast says it all. There are so many out there with good intentions who have been giving dates, “fated” events, and more; but I’ve found myself feeling their followers to be stuck in loops of stagnation, waiting for their TF messiah to usher them into union by some prophesied year. We have to do our work, guys– and Cassady has given us EVERYTHING for that. Please also note that she is in ***union***, and not just speaking about it. <3

    I feel so happy and blessed to say that this eclipse season has been the smoothest one for me in years, and that is because I've followed your advice and teachings on energy work. Spirit decided to be funny and send me a message last night on the bottom of a can of cat food, it had "808111". Any uncomfortable purges took place because I hadn't spent as much time clearing my energy during those days. I no longer feel lack, emptiness, despair, or pain when it comes to my twin/TF journey; I feel pure love for him, and for MYSELF. I wouldn't have been able to reach this state if it weren't for what I've learnt from you, Cassady. Eternally grateful. <3

  8. I am the aware twin. I am a female with masculine energy. I have been purging and working through so much over the last few weeks. I am currently struggling with the line of boundaries and patience with using my voice. I also struggle with keeping my vibration high with all the ups and downs of frustration and staying patient.
    He is not awakened and he tends to be the runner. I have read this numerous times to help find the strength I need to react the best way to get through this time. Thank you for your weekly forecasts! They really help when I need a reminder to stay in the moment and to continue thinking and speaking positively.

  9. Cassady,
    I am going through some tough times with my twin flame. We have separated and I haven’t been with him in over 12 weeks. He won’t speak to me or see me. He is avoiding all the things you wrote in the articles above. Every time I read your forecasts, they are dead on as to what we are going through. My twin flame is experiencing these past insecurities in which he was taught to believe, he feels he is completely alone and must work through this by himself and does not want my help or my suggestions or my love. He became withdrawn and just ended up leaving and he has not returned. I don’t know how to reach him or where he is at. He has issues with addiction and went to rehab, I don’t know where that is, but it is for 90 days.
    So, my ex of 7 yrs ago just came back into my life a few weeks ago. I was so angry, hurt and negative about my twin leaving me and hurting me. My ex stayed and helped me see how I was acting and whom I was becoming. He is positive and had already been through a lot and he came out a better person from it. I am with him now and I am so grateful for him, he has changed my life and I am now “ in love” with him and I won’t leave him for my twin, who has inflicted so much pain and heartache upon me and himself. What do u think about all of this?? I still have the feeling that my twin will show back up in the near future and I don’t know what to do if that happens.

  10. Dear Cassady. Thank you for the lovely words you write in every forecast.
    Me and what i believe might be my twin flame, have broken up 9 months ago. He just decided to runaway. Everything you wrote on this forecast is so compatible with our relationship. We were on a toxic relationship. We have met since our breakup 3 times and it was unplanned. 2 times in row at the same day ,on the same date. Since that happend i began to feel like we are connected spiritually. I can feel it,my heart says so.
    At the moment he is in a relationship ,but he told me he is struggling and still feels alone.
    I am focused in healing myself right now, making myself better. But he is on my mind alot. A part of me knows that i am waiting for him to heal too,to express and accept his emotions.
    I dont know if we will be back together but time will tell, thats for sure.

    Love & light to everyone. xoxo

  11. I just cannot believe how accurate this is to my life, I had to read it over and over for me to process… Thank you Cassady I truly feel like I am being understood, It’s a hard time for my twin soul and I. after being in this relationship for almost 5 years, multiple physical separations, and 3 years of staying together but spiritually and egotistically separated, after so much blame and arguing and hurt and pain, I am the answer to our pain. I have the answers for us and I talked to his higher self for the past 2 days and he finally wants to talk. I have faith in him and I need him to have faith in me, because our purpose wants to be fulfilled,our souls yearn to be together in peace. Cassady if you’ll pray for me today and send out positive vibrations for our love and power, we can change this world in return. Love & Light. -A&E

  12. Hi HD
    I agree with you so much 🙂 I wouldn’t even think of being with anyone else because no one compares to the love I have for my twin.
    I also agree with the fact that being around me is not good for him at the moment and he needs to work things out on his own.
    I’ve noticed that everyone on here seems to be going through similar situations, so the energy readings that Cassidy gives are spot on!
    It’s been 2 weeks since we’ve had an argument, but I’m doing the meditations daily and finding that they’re helping both of us 🙂
    I am noticing positive shifts in his energy and what he’s writing on Facebook as well. Today he shared something on Facebook that I had shared earlier, in a Facebook group that he manages. I take that as a positive sign.
    Cassidy wrote that when you’re about to give up on your twin, it’s a sign that you’re about to break through… The biggest shifts come after the biggest blocks have been confronted and moved.

  13. This article didn’t seem to resonate…at first but what a week it has been and yes all true! My friends have had toxic exes returning and hitting the same roadblocks in relationships! I was compelled to unblock my tf (the blocking was for my sanity) but didn’t feel the need to obsess. He has read texts he had been ignoring. In the meantume I have really stepped into my power, I am excelling at work and in my writing. I have been in masculine, directive energy and loved it. I have had a great week. I have had people poking at previous wounds by telling me I am intimidating to men – just a different way if saying I am not good enough. I have told them firmly I am not concerned about the opinions of sheep. And for once it’s true. Much love Cassady X

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