Are You Ready To Start Your Next Chapter? Mars Direct, Grand Trine In Earth. Making Way For Physical Unity In Love…

Welcome into a week full of new potential developments, lessons, challenges, opportunities and positives!

We’re set to experience a new forward momentum compared to recent months – like a door that was shut, is finally opening!

But have you learned your “lessons”?

Have you completed old soul contracts so you’re available to the new and higher shift coming?

More details below.


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Mars Turns Direct – Forward Motion Picks Up!

We begin this week with a major happy event as Mars finally turns direct in Capricorn! There’s a sense that we have a new resolve and inspiration to push forward as regards our dreams and goals.

For Twin Flames, this signals that the situation is set to begin progressing again with the Masculine Twin.

In general, it indicates that things will begin to flow more smoothly again in life….

While Mars, ruler of action, was in retrograde, we were dealing with a feeling of being stymied and blocked. Flare-ups of conflict, frustration and impatience seemed to be all around.

In reality, we were being challenged to re-examine the way we approach our lives, achievement and interact with other people. For Twin Flames, it signalled a purge of old density for the Masculine Twin…

(Did you know, the male Twin is not always the Masculine dominant energetically…? Take this quiz to discover which energy dominance – Masculine, Feminine or Harmonized – you and your Twin have)


Feeling Frustrated Lately?

Other issues we faced were the triggering of old outdated programming in the Solar Plexus, which could have resulted in upset tummies, irritation and issues around wanting to give up, alternating with feelings of anger towards others, the universe, life itself…

Sound familiar? Well, breathe a sigh of relief as these tendencies are set to wane now that Mars is moving direct again.

Spirit shows us – the purpose of Mars retrograde was for old karmic interactions and outdated soul contracts and programming were being brought to your attention ONE MORE TIME, so you could release them for good.

This included encountering or dreaming of old friends, people who used to be in your life and situations you thought you’d left behind for good.

The purpose was for you to be able to finally close that chapter, and open up to a new future. For the old soul contracts to be completed so you could step into new ones, is their message.

Karma – What Keeps People Stuck In “Lessons”

In order to make sure that those outdated karmic patterns and old contracts are really tied up and completed, take a look at this session where I take you through it step by step.

Do you feel like nothing is really changing no matter what you do? That’s karma in action!

Keeping you locked into a track energetically until you fully resolve the issue and de-activate the frequency from your energy field. (Unfortunately you can’t just think your way out of it – as you’ve likely noticed…)

I take you through an effective, lasting process of clearing this in a way that will help you finally step into a new and more positive phase.

Allowing you to begin your NEW higher soul contracts – drawing in new situations, people and cycles of Twin love to your life.

Read more here and download.


Grand Trine In Earth – Physical Changes…

We still have a grand trine in earth active from last week. This deals with physicality and the “real world”.

Happening between the Sun in Virgo, Saturn R in Capricorn and Uranus R in Taurus, we see there’s a push in terms of rectifying or addressing the issue of real world manifestation.

The way we’ve been doing things as a collective, and most likely individually, hasn’t been happening with an eye on the long run the way it would benefit us, and it hasn’t been happening from a place of heart-lead action and love.

We’re being pushed right now to see what could be different!

And now Mars has gone Direct we’re in a new phase of this grand trine – where we’re pushed to take action.

While Mars was retrograde you likely had realizations and insights about what you would like to be different in your life, and you learned new perspectives on yourself and how you take action in the world.

Your Twin Flame Plan

Use those insights now, to make a new plan. If you look at your life again now, and your Twin Flame connection, you’ll likely see steps you can take to improve your situation.

Most likely it involves some effort, but spirit shows us that part of the lesson we’ve been learning is in taking aligned action.

“Answered prayers” nearly always involve us taking action.

Because we’re the “channel” the divine must express through, in order to answer us.

What actions can you take now in this coming period, to improve your situation? Write down a few things. Begin taking some baby steps on them.

It was again brought to my personal attention this weekend that in order to tangibly receive the big things we’re praying and asking for from the universe/angels/source/god, we have to be in alignment.

And what’s blocking most people is that their root chakra/reality field is wired to limitation. Because we “inherit” a reality field programming from our family and absorb it from our surroundings.

So if you’re asking and praying for something that isn’t showing up… It means you’re going to have to go in and upgrade your root chakra/reality field programming to be a match with it. “Deleting” the limiting old “3D” programming so you can open up to receive.

Spirit shows us, an ideal project you could get started on is here – a resource where you’ll work with them and me on making *Real World* changes for the better.

twin flame awakening

Love As Inspiration – Something For The History Books?

With a square between Mars and Venus this week, we see that there’s a likelihood the counterparts are feeling distant from each other or at odds right now.

There’s a lack of common understanding and alignment. It’s like you’re on different wavelengths and it means you’re not really finding it easy to deal with your Twin.

However, with a trine between Venus and Mercury in Leo, we see that creativity and using your feelings and your desire for big amazing blissful love to create something amazing!

So instead of approaching your “real life” Twin, how about tapping into LOVE ITSELF? And enjoying that.

Have you considered writing a romance novel about how the Twin Flame connection could be at its most amazing?

Have you thought of writing a song or painting a picture of the pinnacle of love?

Now is a wonderful time!

Expanding The Energy Grids To Receiving Love

Think of all the beauty we have in history, inspired not by the present love but by the ideal of love. Of what could be?

Spirit’s input is that when we put forth creations like that, it pushes the boundaries for what can be in the physical, just like praying. It invites it in for our connection.

When we sing about or write about the pinnacle of ideal love, we’re inviting it in not just for ourselves but pre-paving the road for it collectively.

Allow yourself to be inspired by the possibilities around love this week.

Make a playlist of your favorite songs, watch a romantic movie you love (with a happy ending!), go to a museum and make a note of how much of the art deals with love…

And let your guidance team help inspire you. Right now, let them show up an idea for how you can do this.

A song, or a movie or a painting, a poem or a book… And do report back with what you ended up being inspired by or creating! I’d love to hear more.

It would be so amazing to know in a few years’ time this article had inspired you to create something not only valuable in terms of emotion, but something love-filled that brought abundance and joy into your life!

Are You A Female Thought-Leader?

An interesting transit to note this week is Lilith the asteroid representing the shadow side of the karmic feminine, moving into the depths of Aquarius.

We’re shown that this deals with changing females’ roles as thought leaders and pioneers in society.

That we’re dealing with a purge around how women are seen intellectually and spiritually. Opening up for new voices to be heard about the direction humanity is moving in, above all.

A new weight being given to this.

Happening opposite Mercury in Leo we see there’s an old garde of powerful males resistant to this but the cosmic wisdom is balance.

In a world full of females and males alike, both perspectives must be seen. Both voices heard.

We’re shown expect to see powerful female leaders rising. And resistance to this. These people are supported by spirit, for the highest good, whether they know it or not.

(Read more about the Divine Feminine’s wisdom in this channeled message)

Moving Toward Your “Heaven On Earth”

Friday the moon joins in on the Grand Trine in Earth which is happening between the Sun, Saturn R and Uranus R – this adds an emotion based urgency and a sense of happy excitement regards making changes for the future…

You’re feeling more inspired to make things happen, to create your dream come true. With Venus in opposition, we see that this might involve you taking off your rose tinted glasses.

Being “realistic” and logical about what’s possible from this point, to plan out your steps in order for them to be effective.

You’re likely to be shaken up a bit right now in an unpleasant way – your ideals and hopes are set to be rattled with the purpose of getting you to ground into the present to manifest in the physical instead of being lost in fantasy.

(There’s a difference between fantasy vs consciously manifesting through visualization. In the former, your unconscious intention is tainted by a deeper belief that it can’t become “real”. And this keeps it out of reach – read more about creative visualization for manifestation here)

Saturn’s message is, don’t just “dream” it, make it happen!

Don’t get lost in reverie when we have work to do to bring heaven to earth!

What Do You Really Believe About Your Twin Future?


This means, take a critical look at your Twin situation and your role in it.

What’s REALLY been going on?

Have you been hoping and wishing while secretly fearing it won’t happen?

Have you been feeding worry and fear into the connection?

These kinds of things are very common. It’s time to get to grips with this kind of underlying self sabotage.

Because as you know the universe doesn’t “hear” what we pray or ask for. It’s picking up on our energy and our signal.

So when you’re on one hand hoping but on the other fearful, it messes up the signal.

To really clear up any blocks to your dreams coming to fruition and learn an effective yet simple method for manifestation, have a look here.


This is set to be a week where you begin to feel a bit more grounded compared to recent times, in a good way.

Do make sure you stay clear on your intentions, and if you’re willing to do some “real world” work on “bringing heaven to earth” – it’s set to pay off for the long run!

Right now, the cosmic current is blowing a positive wind in your sails when it comes to real world effort.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


“I experienced the power of these tools rather quick. The Vibrational Alignment Program is great and very empowering. It is allowing me to experience an inner peace I never thought I’d feel again. I wish I had found this a long time ago. Thank you!”

– Danielle, New York, USA

twin flame program

Want more? For powerful methods to heal blocks and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at my Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames!

Alternatively you can try my Free Help Kit For Twin Flames here!

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  1. Q&A
    Hi Cassidy.

    how do i know that my ex-boyfriend is my twin flame and not my soulmate? i have been reading your article and most signs match, but i am still in doubt…

  2. It fits perfectly with our situation… But I have a lot of difficulties to not fear about the future. I try, but it’s hard. Hope to find a way.
    I created a painting, a song, I made a method to start from zero after something hard came to the surface before reading your article. It’s crazy how it’s us! Thank you so much, somewhere read this rassures me. 🙂

  3. Hi Cassady! This is a little bit off-topic, but I really wanted to share/ask you about something really wonderful.

    My twin is not incarnated here on Earth but is incarnated in 5D, but we interact just great. Our bond just keeps getting better and stronger every day. Yesterday, after a particularly intense loving session, he told me he was taking me somewhere important for both of us. Next I felt like I was going “up”, until I found myself with him inside this sort of massive chamber. Well, it wasn’t huge, but it wasn’t small either. Like it was built from smooth square stone, without any decoration or anything inside. It was solemn. And for some reason, I had this feeling that it was a special place for twin flames. But it was just my twin and I inside it. My twin got close to me and then, for the first time in my life, I felt like a body inside me was leaving my own body, so to speak. I could feel like it was my body but made out of light, so maybe it was my light body, or my astral or energetical body, I really have no idea. I’ve never astral-traveled like you have, nor done anything like that (that I consciously know of or rememember). But let’s call it my light body, and it sort of hovered a little over my “normal” body. And my twin had his own light body doing the same over him. Then the two light bodies embraced and a glowing golden sphere appeared inside them as if it were the unified heart of both light bodies. It kept on getting brighter and brighter. It was truly beautiful! My twin and I, and our light bodies, stayed like this for a little more time. And then I could feel I was going down, in my “normal body”, like floating down to the original place I was at before with my twin. I complained to him that why we had to come back, since it was so beautiful “up there.” But he said that we had to continue our missions in our respective lives (or “functions”, as it seems lives are called in 5D).

    He also said that we had been for a short while now on a different phase in our relationship, an upper level so to speak. And because of this, we had been guided to be at a special ceremony for twins on that chamber. What he said next filled me with joy and amazement. He said it was a ceremony to offer our Love in service to the Universe. I told him that I thought we had been doing that for quite a while. And he smiled and said “oh, but the Universe really likes its ceremonies!” I had to smile at that too!

    Now, I’ve never heard of anything like this in all the stories I’ve read about other twin couples. Have you? I think it’s just an incredible thing to offer your love as twins for the service of others, but then, it’s the mission that all twins undertake, right? So beautiful!

    Thank you for all you and your twin do in great service of twin couples around Earth (and beyond, ha,ha)! Much Love and Light!


    1. Hi Elise,
      Love your story. My twin and i have merged into one heart light metaphysically over the last 2 years and look forward to meeting physically soon. Our love has grown hugely in that time and we have constant telepathic contact and he appears to be manifesting more and more. He is incarnated and not living very far away i believe.
      Love & Light, Julie ?

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