Powerful Full Moon In The Sign Of Completion, The Unconscious. Twin Flame Unity Calling – But Where Are You Divided From The Oneness Of All Things?

Welcome into a new week full of incredible potential!

The Twin Flame Mission is in focus. Guiding the collective out of separation and into unity consciousness…

More details below.

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Full Moon In Pisces – Unconditional Love

The big news this week is the build-up to the Full Moon in Pisces at the weekend – sign of unity, completion, the unconscious. The “higher octave of love” – the codes of unconditional love.

Mercury just went direct and we’re set to feel the wind in our sails more than in recent times.

However, with the energies brewing in the run-up to the extra watery Full Moon we’re likely to feel lost at sea, so to speak.

Yes, we’ve got some momentum, but we feel unsure where things are headed. We’re not quite clear on what’s up and what’s down…

It’s because the collective fields are stirred up with a lot of emotional material in this culmination part of the Moon cycle.

What *Kind* Of Unity? Alignment

Themes right now deal with unity versus separation. In spiritual truth, we are all connected, there is a oneness of all… But we can either tap into this on the human level, in which case we’re likely to feel weighed down by others’ emotions, fears and collective troubles…

Or, we can align with the unity of souls, in the higher dimensions beyond the “human drama”.

This time will show us clearly what we’re habitually aligned with.

Whether this Full Moon feels energizing and inspiring to you, or whether it feels like swimming in strong currents about to pull you down – It’s speaking loudly about your alignment.

Keep an eye on your dreams in this period, and know that Twin Flame telepathy is highly aspected also (click here to read more about Twin Flame telepathy and how to activate it even if you’ve never experienced it before).


The Body’s Cells Purging Old Fear

Spirit shows us that around the 26th on the exact Full Moon date, there is old physical body negativity likely to rise up.

As the moon turns the tides on planet earth and we humans are made of over 70% water, I’m sure you can see how this can be intense.

We’re shown the cells of our bodies purging old fear. What has kept you out of being habitually aligned with the greater oneness of light will be coming up. Old trauma that’s kept you from feeling safe to open up to your beloved.

And they show us, when we are disconnected from the unity of souls, disconnected from our light, we are alienated from our power.

This is the 3D separation reality. It is something nearly all of us are taught, that we are separate from one another. And that we are separate from light/god/creator/source/angels/the higher dimensions.

Playing Out The Human Separation Trauma

This time is heightened for Twin Flames, we’re shown, because on this divine journey we are assisting the collective in reclaiming their own unity…

By playing out the separation trauma between ourselves as “one soul in two bodies”, and healing this with unconditional love and unity.

When we can unconditionally love, we “de-activate” separation programming more and more, spirit shows us. An activated heart, “melts” away fear and separation.

(Get my complete Twin Flame Energy Session here – includes clearing 3D negative programming, karma, negative attachments, cords to exes and more…)


How Do You Know When You’re In Unity?

Their crystal clear message is, that we will palpably know when separation programming is out of our system… Because unity won’t be something we’re *seeking* or *chasing* anymore.

It will *be* there. When someone’s energy field and system is in a state of unity, their outer reality will match this.

If you still have “issues” or your (living) Twin isn’t physically present with you – there are deeper programs active in your system blocking it.

Spirit shows us, ancestral programming is a deep block for most Twins. Because it’s not just about shifting our mindset into unity – it’s about our energy vibration.

The wordless signal we’re sending out to others and the universe every second.

(Watch this video for more on how this works).

Gateway Of Unconditional Love

Their message is, this Full Moon is set to open a gateway of unconditional love between the Twin Flame counterparts, re-activating the feeling of having been one.

And once you’ve tapped into this you can use this as an “anchor” to pull you forward, to help you be in this state at all times.

In order to fully notice it, it will be very helpful if you can go within. Take some quiet time to meditate (you can use the free guided meditation here). Keep notes of your dreams this week. Write in your journal about what you’re experiencing and feeling.

This is set to be a time of tenderness where tears might come. Be mindful you (or your Twin) might be reacting to other people’s stuff – especially if you’re sensitive!

Remember to ground and shield yourself to get the best of this time. (I share simple yet effective methods for this and more here)

Grand Trine In Earth – Supporting Real World Changes

Midweek we have a very rare grand trine building up in the element of Earth – dealing with physicality and the “real world”.

Happening between the Sun in Virgo, Saturn R in Capricorn and Uranus R in Taurus, we see there’s a push in terms of rectifying or addressing the issue of real world manifestation.

For Twin Flames it deals with physical togetherness – or lack thereof. (For a session where we deal with this, have a look here – clearing blocks to union)

twin flame session

The way we’ve been doing things as a collective, and most likely individually, hasn’t been happening with an eye on the long run the way it would benefit us, and it hasn’t been happening from a place of heart-lead action and love.

We’re being pushed right now to see what could be different, and this could be tricky.

Although trines are supportive energies, this time could show up flaws in the basic foundations of your plans and the way you’ve been implementing them.

Level-Headed Gets Things Done

However, with the sun now in Virgo you’re likely to notch this up to experience rather than be as upset as you might otherwise be.

You yourself can see now, that some things might need to change. Your mindset and approach, the place you’ve been taking action from above all.

We’re being encouraged to ground into our deeper truth and inner wholeness, and take joy-lead, love-lead action from there.

Saturn “asks” – if your heart isn’t in it, why plan for something? Why spend time building a relationship/job/career/life you don’t care fully about?

This is a powerful time for grounding into what you truly LOVE and seeing how you can do things differently in going out there and getting things to happen!

To get inspired, have a look at this article!

Twin Flame Expressway To Love


We’re also shown that for the Twin Flames, LOVE is the expressway that takes us to reunion.

LOVE is the “shortcut”, the “turbo” – what really powerfully brings us back together and manifests our unconditional love in the physical!

Saturn “shows” us that if we approached the connection exclusively with love and from love, we’d be living that love right now.

What blocks the way and causes trouble for most Twins is the fear energies that get involved.

Negative beliefs, fears, judgments and the idea of “impossible” we’ve learned from the world – or the negativity such as anger, fear and hostility in our counterpart (Go here for a session where we clear those! Yes, even on your Twin’s side – their soul works with you in alignment with Free Will)

twin flame awakening

Did You Blow It?

As the Moon joins up with Saturn R in his home sign Capricorn Tuesday into Wednesday, it’s likely you’ll see the flaws and problems in things a little too clearly.

It’s likely with the Retrograde that you’re feeling down about the way you’ve spent your life or recent times.

You feel like you’ve wasted it, or like things haven’t turned out the way you’ve wanted. Or like you’ve messed up…

The gift in this is, Saturn is showing up that maybe in the next period you’d benefit from doing things differently.

Here’s a “recipe” to make the most of it: Take what you were unhappy with, what you regret, and change it for the future!

So look back: What do you wish you’d done, that you didn’t?

What kinds of choices made you feel bad in retrospect?

Make a note.

Now, what would you like to do differently in this next period?

Make a few notes.

Now you have a plan!

Turning The Cosmic Taskmaster Into A Friend

In this way, Saturn’s notoriously heavy and difficult influence can become a help rather than a problem for you.

Really, the cosmic wisdom he carries is for you to continually make adjustments and improvements until you’re living your bliss every day!

Depression and heaviness are likely when Saturn and the Moon meet – BUT this is a great time for work like taxes and other admin work that requires concentration.

Going to the gym and clearing out your house are other positive activities you could benefit from these energies in. Because Saturn is all about stripping down, about constriction. Cutting away what is not necessary.

Keep this in mind and you’ll find these times (which come along once a month) much easier – maybe you’ll even begin to enjoy them!

For a session where I take you through upgrading your journey through pinpointing what’s been messing things up or slowing you down, refining your process and instilling new and positive measures – click here.

Balancing The Male-Female Collectives

Come Thursday 23rd August we have a significant conjunction between Mars retrograde, the moon and Lilith the asteroid representing the karmic shadow feminine.

Lilith is now moving direct (for a long time she’s been retrograde) so there’s a lessening of the male-female conflict theme we’ve had in recent years at this point of the zodiac.

We see a sense of working together for a greater goal – and we’re reminded that male and female alike, we all long for the same things: To be loved and recognized for who we really are.

Another indication right now is that the Masculine is in many ways experiencing a “version” of difficulties or burdens the Feminine has had historically or for a long time.

He is being given the programming of these experiences to balance out his system, and to “even the playing field” spirit is saying.

Showing us, to have greater compassion for his counterpart. For the male collective to become more sensitive and understanding.

(Read more about this in this channeled Message From The Divine Masculine)
divine masculine twin soul

Explosive Twin Sexuality – Chakra Activations

This is actually set to be a time of amelioration of old negativity, where forgiveness can take place.

Spirit shows us, that when the Twin Flames can forgive each other in the midst of karmic difficulty, they help heal the karmic pattern for the whole human collective – opening up to a new beginning. To a higher state of love.

Healing some of the deepest historical wounds between biological male and female in particular. This is a key reason we came here – most Twin Flames have soul contracts to this effect.

As the Moon moves on, leaving Lilith and Mars R alone together, we sense a powerful attraction between the counterparts.

Explosive sexuality. We see in this period, full body climaxes, chakra activation… Twin Flame intimacy at its most intense.

(Discover more about Twin Flame sexuality and how to harness this power here – even if you’re not physically together)


Karmic Cleansing Behind The Scenes

We next see the Feminine move forward, free from the past in a new way while the Masculine is still left to tidy up karmic baggage “behind the scenes”.

Learning on the soul level about the impact of his actions, about “cause and effect”, spirit is saying.

You may have significant dreams about your Twin Flame in this period, or pick up on symbols and indications of THEIR karmic side of your connection.

We have a sense of them calling out to you for help, for comfort, for understanding.

This, including telepathic activity and astral journeying, is especially intensified toward Sunday/Monday as the moon joins up with Neptune R in Pisces.

We’re also shown by spirit that you are instrumental in guiding your Twin Flame through their own deeper understanding on the non-physical planes!

That you are helping them take on the information you’ve learned and remembered from your inner work in recent years. Like you are their mentor and they are the willing student.

(Read more about that in this article…)

Your Hearts Are “Speaking” With Each Other

This is set to be a week full of amazing potential for growth and uplifting – but to make the most of it, you’ll be wise to spend some time tuning into what’s going on beneath the surface.

It’s all about what’s happening on the non-verbal, non-analytical planes. Spirit shows us, you and your Twin Flame’s hearts are always “speaking” to each other.

Your chakras are always “talking” (learn more about what this means here).

Learn to listen, learn to hear these unspoken messages and you can open the door on amazing levels of trust and connectedness – attracting unity and physical togetherness.

There is so much love for you! Above all, if you can disconnect from the collective reality and go within to discover your inner light, your inner connection.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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twin flame program


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– Clarity, Victoria, Australia

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  1. This morning, while still asleep, I dreamed I was kissing my TF; I could feel it in real life, as if we were actually kissing. Still, when I woke up I felt like the kissing was important. I’d dreamed of kissing him, having other sexual experiences with him, but didn’t necessarily think much of it since I figured my feelings for him would obviously translate into these types of dreams. I had dreamed of him earlier in the night too, but didn’t quite remember it. All I remember is thinking (in the dream) that I was feeling a few key phrases. I tried to remember them this morning and think it was along the lines of “stability, love, happiness, comfort”.

    However, I’m beginning to wonder if this is telepathy or astral projection, and what this could mean. Is he having similar dreams, too? We have not been in contact for over a year, so I’m not sure how to find out. Regardless of the answer, today’s experience had me feeling extra upbeat about our connection!

    I look forward to this full moon (in my Sun sign!) and hope to harness the positivity and light around me to make the best of this time. I look forward to seeing how the rest of this week unfolds . I hope to be able to help guide my TF through our connection so that we can reunite soon! Sending best wishes to everyone on this journey, and love and light back to you all ?.

  2. For me, when I’m dreaming, my visions seem reminiscent of a movie…however, when I’m communicating with my twin telepathically my visions appear quite different… I only see his essence, meaning he appears translucent and usually his face is right before my eyes, like I could reach out and touch him or that his body is blending with mine…I don’t know if that makes sense, but I’m not sure how else to describe it.

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