We are still in the midst of a cosmic purge as a part of the ongoing Twin Flame Ascension process, and I have been asked to bring through a message from spirit:

“Dear ones, we know these past few months have been a challenge for many of you and we want to let you know that all is well and will be getting better and better. Do not fear. We are proud of you and pleased to say that everything is going according to plan.

You are going through a cosmic gateway right now where you are being pushed to let go of anything holding you back from ultimate Ascension – past life trauma, karma, ancestral energies of survival.

Upgrading, out of survival fears

In the old days before modern medicine, refrigeration, government structures, plumbing and so on, things you take for granted now were essential for survival and the energy of fear permeated every part of living on a deeper level than today.

Things like staying clear of infection and disease was essential to survive because there were no hospitals, earning money was a life or death situation because there were no banks or credit, having a family was a necessity and survival wasn’t possible alone because there was no insurance or social support if things went badly. In other words a lot of fear, gathered up over hundreds of generations.

These energies are still present in the average human being, transmitted through genetic energies passed onto you – modern human beings still carry these fears into this time, even though society has radically changed. We are pushing you to release this now because it is no longer needed.

Enlightened Twin Flames

You are at the moment upgrading your whole systems. You have been like old computers trying to run brand new software, which is slow at best and at worst can cause crashes and breakdowns. The current energies are busy updating the very fabric of your beings so that you can handle the higher frequencies and increased light absorption.

This is not an endless process – Ascension has an aim and becomes more and more a joyful process as you go along. Those of you who are already deep in Ascension and who have been stirred in this way can feel within that you are in a period of change, like the caterpillar in the chrysalis about to emerge a butterfly soon. You have felt yourselves changing profoundly. We want you to know that this is the last of it. You are becoming “Enlightened Twin Flames” – filled with ever more light.

Accelerated Twin Flame Ascension

Those of you who are newer to Ascension especially the past few years, are going through an accelerated version of it – those of the younger generation who are impatient to get moving on your path and get to the good of it, the light of it. You feel it in your being, the blueprint of wanting to emerge victorious after a period of darkness, confronting your inner weak spots and challenges and pains and wounds.

This density and dark energy is being brought up into the light to help you so you can then move on into ultimate freedom. Being a creator of your own and others’ good on earth, and in perfect alignment with your Twin Flame. You are also coming to the end of it, and we understand your impatience – you can already feel what awaits you happily at the other end. Use this sense of hope and positivity to help you forward.

The upgrades are a process going on behind the scenes and you have all been aware of it on a soul level – you have agreed to it. Much of the energetic upgrades are happening at night especially during sleep, to help you “uplevel” yourself. Therefore, if you experience strange dreams or resurfacing fears during sleep, do not take this as a sign that bad things are happening – it is simply a part of the release process.

Challenging past months

You are now nearing the end of this process, another higher plateau where you can feel more at ease. Depending on your level of inner awareness, many of you are coming to the end of this dark night in the coming months. We have pushed you these recent months, pressed you on to get rid of the last negativity that you had hidden away in the recesses of your being. You may have felt it. It has been challenging for many of you. Deep fears, so deep you had almost forgotten until they came up.

Advice for when you feel ungrounded

In the near future you will begin to notice changes, a feeling of knowing where you are headed, your inner “compass” comes up to date, you feel like “yourself” more and more. In the mean time be patient with yourselves and take care of yourselves while this goes on. If you are feeling hazy and foggy, unfocused or on edge with discomfort or fear, spend some time in nature.

Be around others who make you feel good, and around animals and children – they are therapeutic. Do not lose yourselves in abstract information and overthinking – this will only make you feel even more ill at ease and ungrounded. Go upward and outward. Summer is coming in the northern hemisphere – rejoice. Let nature lift you up with her as she blooms into life once more and know that by autumn you will be feeling like a new person, lighter and freer.

Positive developments

One last thing we want to emphazise is that Ascension is not endless. It has a particular purpose, for you to rise into light and freedom and live as a beacon for others to see. To live as an example of freedom and love, however that manifests for you. Do not be afraid.

You see, the goal is to get you clear and light sooner rather than later. We do not expect you to spend decades wading through the pain of the past and old energies – we would like this to be as quick and smooth for you as possible, and this is why we are stirring individuals to explore and publicly share energy clearing tools and modalities which will enable and assist large amounts of you in rapidly speeding up the release process, so that you may enjoy your existence on earth and your Twin Flame connection as much as possible.

Inspired action

That is the aim. We know that it is possible. We are aware that some of you struggle with faith, but remember if you do not take action and at least try and open to the possibility you cannot per definition get any further. The universe assists and protects you, that is correct, but it does not run the whole “show” for you when you are on earth: you are source energy embodied and in that capacity you are always the co-creator of your own experience. We cannot as easily release the past for you if you keep holding on. You have free will at all times.

We are proud of you, you have come so far already and we have complete faith in you. Call on us should you ever be in need of assistance, comfort or support.

Yours eternally,

The Archangels of Light”

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As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey!

Cassady x

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