Once In A Lifetime Gateway Hits. Plus, The Deadline For “Sleepers” Arriving, Karmic Guardians Getting Involved. Discover Why Things Are Coming To A Head, And Where The Path Goes From Here…

Welcome into another brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Jupiter joins Neptune for a once in 150 years gateway for spiritual illumination and birthing “new worlds”, Mars and Venus signal a period of healing in love.

Plus, the little known deeper cause of Twin Flame ghosting – and how to resolve it.

Discover more below!

Heightened Period

We enter into this week with a powerful and rare stellium in Aries, with the Sun conjunct Mercury, Pallas and Chiron.

This shows us that we are in a heightened period for healing. Old wounds may flare up.

The benefits are significant, but the path there may be challenging.

Deeper hurts you have been repressing may show up in words and thoughts when you least expect it – so you can shed light on them and heal.

Divine Feminine Healing

In short, wounds around how you see yourself are being triggered to purge. It is especially heightened for the Divine Feminine (Pallas rules the divine feminine).

Happening in a square to Venus, it relates to relationships, creativity and romantic connections.

Self worth wounds are in focus, which may have blocked love or good from being able to fully reach you. 

The good news is, if you go deep and resolve the true roots of rejection, abandonment fears and more now, they will be healed for good as the cosmic energies strongly support you.

Working with the inner child is recommended, as this is about early life wounds.

Building The Future

With Jupiter/Neptune supporting Saturn and the North Node, enthusiasm and reaching higher into physical world purpose is in focus – this will also help you.

Use your passion and excitement for projects, creativity, ideas and wishes for a better world, as a compass. Building your ideal future will in itself help heal the past.

This is an important key to getting to your soul’s pinnacle for this lifetime. Including as a Twin Flame.

We’re shown, your PHYSICAL life is important now.

You are being guided to a better place as an individual, because aligning with your true purpose helps open you to love.

“Heaven On Earth” – Once In A Lifetime Gateway

With Jupiter conjunct Neptune, it means reaching into spiritual potential and bringing it “down” into your physical life’s circumstances.

Your own personal “heaven on earth”, however that looks for you.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune is a highly rare and powerful transit that only happens once every 12 years. It will not happen in Pisces again for another 150 years.

It can bring transcendence and “heaven on earth” but can be difficult to deal with due to shadow potentials.

Rare Spiritual Gateway – Jupiter Conjunct Neptune

This is a challenging gateway to master and benefit from, as there can be illusion and unconscious heaviness involved.

Jupiter and Neptune both deal with higher potential and spiritual illumination on a mental and inspirational level…

However, Neptune can bring heaviness, powerlessness and feelings of being submerged in the suffering of the world.

Jupiter CAN help you find solutions…

However, it’s crucial to shield yourself and make sure you’re not absorbing others’ unconscious emotions and suffering, as it would just weigh you down.

(Learn how here)


Miracles Vs Powerlessness?

At its best, Jupiter conjunct Neptune can bring illumination and awakening, inspirations for life changing developments and ideas… “Miracles”, “magic”…

Even a feeling of being unconditionally loved by the universe and having a re-ignition of purpose and “luck” showing up…

But the big pitfall is being trapped in emotions, victimhood and powerlessness.

I would always recommend shielding and energy maintenance for the Twin Flames, but these coming weeks it’s extra important, as our “energy boundaries” are less strong due to the massive amount of focus in Pisces.

To learn how to protect your energy, cut cords and lift into the highest potential for your path, go here. I take you through it step by step.

Soul Love “Speaking”

As well as these two powerful transits, we have Venus and Mars bridging Saturn and Juno in Aquarius this week.

This is all about soul love, karma and past life love commitments.

It is another HIGHLY rare event. Old promises are activating between the Twin Flames. 

Chiron and the Aries stellium are triggering old wounds around relationships to come up… And Saturn’s involvement with Mars and Venus shows us it relates to karma.

Soul Recalibrations, Trigger Point

There are MASSIVE soul recalibrations happening.

Soul contracts coming into effect, we’re shown.

Some people are NOT living up to their soul contract and this means, as we hit these activation points, action will begin to be taken by their souls and the guardians working with the Ascension plan.

If someone, for example a Twin Soul, is not living as their soul intended before coming here… If they are not acting on guidance, or choose to run from their own soul agreements…

It will be made clear to them, the karmic repercussions of not acting on soul will, of ignoring the “divine plan”. (How does this work? Read more in this article on Twin Flame Free Will – Soul Vs Ego)

What Twin Flames Are NOT Here For

We are shown, that we have all EARNED our place here.

We were not born by accident. 

We are not here to keep reinforcing the patterns of separation, division, conflict, exploitation or unconsciousness which we agreed to come here to AWAKEN from.

We always have a core soul contract for this life.

What we wished to accomplish, learn and experience as souls.

Volunteers In Love

And Lightworkers, Twin Flames and star souls have particular agreements, as volunteers in love. We are here to bridge into higher states. Unity consciousness.

When these agreements and soul contracts are ignored, it does not go unnoticed. Above all, the person’s own soul begins to get involved.

And it can be exceptionally unpleasant when the soul works to awaken someone.

Many of us have experienced this in the past, through losing a job or relationship which felt like it broke us, and then later seeing that it directly opened to a divine path.

Karmic Guardians Of Light

The unique thing is now, the karmic guardians get involved.

Because we are in a major transition as a society, meant to journey out of division into unity consciousness.

If you are here, if you have worked on yourself, you are NOT being pushed or punished, is the clear message.

You are doing good work. You are appreciated, even if it does not seem so.

But it is not the job of those who have journeyed deep into their own awakening and soul work, to carry the burden of those who don’t. That’s what they are saying.

Repeating Cycles?

Those who do not listen, will be addressed.

And the more influential someone’s position is, as a lightworker or public figure, the more karma is at work for them right now.

What does that involve? The soul brings challenges, to attempt to wake the person up.

If the soul is still ignored, karma travels with them in repeating cycles until they learn. Meaning, the world will begin to mirror to them what they are lacking or trying to ignore.

Challenges seeking to wake them up. A deep inner malaise from the soul, designed to get them to open up. (More on how to deal with the unawakened Twin here)

“Soul Deadline”

Now is the cosmic trigger point for this wave of volunteer souls. The point at which it was agreed, this is your “deadline” in this lifetime.

And now, work will begin to happen to correct course behind the scenes, if the person has not willingly followed their soul’s path.

Know that you are loved. And you are not alone.

Help is being put into work, because YOU are not meant to be suffering.

Tables Turning

You, the one of light or in awakening, is not meant to suffer with the negativity, patterns or harm your other self (or even other people) may be bringing into your connection.

Watch, they’re saying. Pay attention this week, you will see that the tables are beginning to turn. Remember to take action on their guidance.

We are shown, if your counterpart or others are not able to match you in your light, you will be brought to a better situation WHILE they are “spiritually rehabilitated”.

It never helps the planet for you to suffer.

You are being prioritized, as the person working from light.

(For more help and to make sense of the more complex aspects of the Twin Flame journey, go here to apply for the soul alchemy group coaching.)

Changing Themes In Love

April 5th, Venus enters Pisces, followed shortly after by Mars.

This brings a shift in Love – emotional needs are in focus. 

The challenge is that there can be blurred lines between WHO is feeling WHAT during Pisces times – especially for Twin Flames.

Twin Flame telepathy and remote interaction is more noticeable, but things can get confusing and heavy.

Crown Chakra Open

We’re shown, you are strongly spiritually active now. Your crown and third eye chakras are open, so it is important that you shield yourself from “3D static”.

Because the light is bringing you updates in this period.

You are guided through checking in with your soul plan, being given instructions for any adjustments and the future path.

You may notice this through dreams. You are receiving instructions. Often unconsciously. Staying clear helps you receive and be open.

Journal or make a note of visions, signs and messages, as it will help you with this process.

Spiritual Communication Between Twins

During this coming period of Mars and Venus’ journey adding focus to Pisces, work to discern between your own feelings and perspectives, and others’.

We are energetic beings, so we are always interacting with the energies of those around us – even on the internet.

Energy protection is important for Twin Flames – now more than ever – because we can otherwise get derailed, dragged down or triggered by our colleagues/friends/family’s or even society’s negativity.

Clearing outside energy out of your space will open you up to your Twin on a whole new level. (Get my Free Energy Cleanse session here)

Collective Metamorphosis

With Jupiter and Neptune sextile Pluto for weeks to come, it’s not just Twin Souls experiencing a period of “recalibration” and intensified soul path evaluation.

Things are not as they seem. There is a higher purpose at work. 

A DEEP transformation and detox of the human collective is happening. Soul will is rising, and you may notice this.

The soul’s will and higher plan is getting “impatient” and wants to express. It will be noticeable.

Because we are not here to repeat history. We are here to journey beyond. 


Divine Courage

This means, survival fears are being pushed to purge and heal so we can go higher.

But in some way a new and higher state is making itself known to humanity.

We may feel more loved, on a deep inner level. Or pushed to awaken, to take action for the greater good from a place of divine courage.

Or, things may shift into a more positive direction than what looked POSSIBLE via the filter of fear we saw through based on the past.

Karmic “Upgrades”

Spirit tells us, karma is being triggered and purged to release. Collective fields are in the process of clearing.

It means old negativity may rise, but it is with the specific purpose of releasing.

This includes negative consciousness, which may intensify during this process.

This is another phase in the collective Ascension out of the old realities, which has been in process since 2020. Into a higher state of oneness. Into “new earth”.

(For help to deal with this, go here, to receive more direct help and release any fear or heaviness you’ve been picking up on from the news or social media).

“The day after (the session) I could feel and see the golden, glowing crown above me the whole day long, and I felt a strong, loving presence of my own Higher self, kind of like, right behind me, and above me, lifting me up. I instantly felt stronger and calmer. Thank you so much, Cassady! This is really powerful.”
– Mein Stern

Click here to learn more about the Golden Light Infusion

What It Takes To Get To “Heaven on Earth”

Jupiter and Neptune semi-sextile Saturn and say, we have to stay disciplined to get to our “heaven on earth”.

This will be easier now than in the past: Saturn helps us focus on the long run, to have clarity and ground in higher potential.

We’re shown:

**The path IS the reward. When we lift higher, WE win.**

There is NOTHING to be gained from going back into the old opposition and karmic reality. Especially for Twin Flames.

The Voice As Transmitter

10th April Mercury enters Taurus, bringing a sense of calm. Deepening of communication. Going within becomes easier. Enjoying the present moment.

Conflict will be less heightened, and if it shows up, it will be based in “stubbornness” rather than aggression.

Taurus rules creativity, manifesting and singing, and there is an emphasis now on how the voice carries energy vibrations and “light codes”.

Manifestation Power

If you’re a singer, speaker, or use your voice in your work – expect to feel supercharged with divine power. Your soul is “speaking” more directly than at other times.

Manifestation via the voice is key.

Expressing our truth through the throat chakra is part of our healthy functioning…

So if you have issues with being able to speak up or share your voice with the world, you most likely have blocks here.


Twin Flame Ghosting

The throat chakra first develops during childhood (approx. 8-12) so if you had any challenging life events around this time, there is healing work needed on this chakra.

This could include feeling ignored, having issues at school or learning disabilities, parents getting divorced, and more… 

When energy gets stuck in particular chakras, it blocks the free flow of light – clearing our energy means, doors that were once closed come open.

(It is a little known fact that Twin Flame ghosting is a throat chakra block, so when you use effective clearing here, it can resolve literally overnight.)

A Week For Breakthroughs

This is set to be a week of powerful breakthroughs – but they are building from the depths and may be slow to fully emerge.

“Realities are shifting”. On a personal level, and collectively.

It is no longer a time for game playing, is the message we get.

Twin Flames are being rallied for the “mission” and that means, karma gets involved.

Do your best to focus on creating and visioning your own happiest life, as this will carry you forward into ‘heaven on earth’.

Follow light, follow inspiration, follow your heart.

And if you want to journey more closely with guidance, go here.

Until then, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

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