Full Moon Puts Pressure On The Twin Flame Connection – Sexuality, Power And The Unconscious. Plus, What Early Life Societal “Lies” Are Blocking You From Allowing Unity?

We enter into this week with a powerful Full Moon in Scorpio putting the energetic pressure on not just Twin Flames but relationships and individuals in general…

Later, we have challenges to Masculine Twins’ egos as the cosmic energies push for awakening… Which involves another Lilith challenge…

Yet in the background this whole week we see the higher dimensions reach through with encouragement that yes, heaven on earth really is possible – don’t lose sight of your dream come true!

How To Uplift Your Twin Flame Journey

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Full Moon In Scorpio – Sexuality, Power, Secrets

So now onto the energies at hand this week. The Full Moon in Scorpio, which hits Sunday or Monday depending on where in the world you are, is “extra watery”… intense emotions are set to express themselves at the beginning of the week.

Scorpio’s domain is sexuality, the unconscious, death and rebirth, secrets. Traditionally, the sign where the human being journeys to transcend their animal nature and reach up into divinity while still alive on earth.

With strong Scorpio energies, we are assisted in purging those issues that have been repressed, particularly relating to sexuality and alienation from our true divine power.

The human psyche is multifaceted and deep, with unconscious beliefs and patterns that must be examined closer in order to heal and resolve.

Deeper wounds around sexuality and self expression are coming up for resolution now – and it’s set to be challenging for many…

Especially because it’s dealing with the kind of material we haven’t even been wanting to admit to ourselves. Fears of abandonment, jealousy, hatred and other “ugly” emotions are likely to express themselves in often unexpected ways.

Scorpio and Pluto also deal with secrets that were attempted hidden, coming to light.

Is It Love Or Fear Of Being Alone?

Periods leading up to the Full Moon are tense times because the collective energy fields are stirred up with unconscious material.

The Moon steers the tides in and out and the human body comprises 70% water, so when the Moon’s light shines with its full power onto earth things can get intense.

With this Full Moon happening in Scorpio we’re being pushed to answer these tough questions: Is it Love or is it fear of abandonment? Is it Love or is it a need for someone to understand us? Is it Love or is it Ego need to feel needed?

Love is an active polarity, you can feel how expansive the high vibrational energy of Love is. If you’re feeling any stress, tightness, fear or heaviness, you’ve got some negativity mixed in – and this will be pushed up until you fully release it.

It’s a part of preparing you for Union, for harmony within and for harmony with your mirror self.

Thankfully, there are energy tools available that can lighten this load considerably (click here to learn more).

Because unfortunately negativity doesn’t go away just because we wish or hope for it, or intend to “let go”.

“Messages” From Runner Twins

Another highlighted theme this week for Twin Flames is that the Mirror is highly active – you’re likely to notice your counterpart’s inner fears and insecurities, the stuff going on at an unconscious level with them…

A gift spirit shows us with these energies is, if your Twin is running, the true deeper reasons for this are set to be revealed to you.

Pay attention with your emotions, is their advice. Instead of listening to what your Twin is saying or not, feel into their feelings. The stuff they’re too afraid or ashamed to tell you…

As Scorpio is the ruling sign of the Sacral Chakra – creativity, sexuality, power – we are especially dealing with imbalances and repressed negativity here.

When there are blockages in the chakra system we become imbalanced and can develop symptoms of negativity and dysfunctional interactions with others.

(Read more about the chakra system here)


Whose Sexual Programming Is Messing Up Your Twin Connection?

In traditional Ayurvedic practice it is described that Sacral chakra blocks can cause feelings of disempowerment and helplessness, lacking or overactive sex drive, jealousy, an inability to express one’s creative truth, procrastination, lack of self esteem, obsessive attachment to others, lots of drama in life, denial of pleasure, digestive disorders, shyness or excessive fear, lack of passion and excitement in life…

Scorpio energies tend to push for a detox, purging anything unhealthy that needs to go in order for full health (energetically and physically) to be restored.

So right now, there’s a strong focus on purging unconscious sexual blocks.

Keep in mind that much of the energetic baggage we carry related to sexuality and the Sacral chakra are ancestral issues. If things don’t make sense to you and your situation now, this is highlighted as a key reason.

We go through clearing out this damaging programming in the Higher Dimensional Anchoring and Awakening session for Twin Flames here – for both you and your counterpart. (And yes, it’s done with their free will).

twin flame awakening

The Deeper Truth Reveals Itself

Emotions are set to run high in this period – for 2-3 days after the actual full moon.

If you feel low, frustrated or enraged at this time – Look below the surface, it will be highly fruitful to ask yourself the following questions:

Where is this *really* coming from? What is it really I’m afraid of, deep down? Where do I feel lacking? What is this trying to tell me? “

In any tough lesson, there is a gift waiting to be unlocked.

If you feel that you could use some help in resolving negative emotions and patterns individually or in your Twin Flame dynamic, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Energy Program I’ve created for Twin Flames.

It focuses on giving you day-to-day tools and information for you to shift out of anything that’s holding you back, lifting your vibration and moving you to Twin Flame Harmony and Union with ease and speed.

Unawakened Twin Egos Triggered

Another significant transit this week regards Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. This deals with early life unconscious patterns and ego identity structures being slowly eroded in the Masculine Twin Flames and in the karmic collective fields of the biological male.

In other words, what’s kept them “unawakened” is being pushed to the surface.

In “real life terms” it can trigger issues of irritation, frustration, lashing out due to suppressed anger and insecurities coming up for resolution.

However, you can help both your Twin and yourself with this by using energy clearing – such as the Free Energy Cleanse Guided Meditation here.

By cleansing away the negativity that arises, you can avoid any triggering or flare-ups of conflict/running.

Visions Of Twin Flame Union – Heaven On Earth

With a trine between Neptune, the Sun and Saturn Retrograde we also see that this week is a wonderful time for integrating higher dimensional visions of your ideal, of unconditional love, into physical being…

Above all, spirit shows us, to tap into flashes of knowing from your higher self that yes: Heaven on Earth really IS possible.

Unconditional love, physical Reunion and the pinnacle of Twin Flame unity really ARE possible.

And in this period, it’s like you’re taken on a tour of your past, especially early life, to light up and move away from any old patterns where you accepted the world’s ideas of limitation.

Where you aligned with powerlessness or that ‘life is hard”.

When you notice these themes coming up, do your best to clear them! Either by writing them out with a pen and paper and burning the paper in a safe place.

When Pain Becomes A Thing Of The Past…

Or, use metaphysical energy clearing methods to uproot the pattern at the core.

When you clear with energy methods, you’ll notice that what used to hold “rich pain” or “discomfort” – where you could tap into the past or fear or jealousy and feel it strongly triggered… as if you were almost palpably revisiting an old hurt… those things will vanish.

You’ll find that it’s like that place is gone. You cannot access the negative vibration anymore when it’s been cleared at the root.

I have had moments in recent years where I literally cannot feel into old pain anymore, where people have asked me:

“How did that feel to you, to be hurt that way?” and I try to answer but find that there’s no connection to the old pain anymore.

It’s such a gift to have, because in life most people go around like a walking library of past pain, ready to access in a split second. It used to be like that for me too.

But when we have removed the negative frequency, the “stored memories” of pain and hurt, we will no longer have that active in our field.

It means we’ll feel much better, and avoid attracting more of the same.

So many Twin Flames have told me the same after using my energy clearing methods – read some of their testimonials and stories here

What The Universe Really “Hears”

Remember how I’ve explained that the universe doesn’t “hear” our prayers? It responds to the frequency we emit – conscious and unconscious.

And our personal frequency is affected by the past hurts we’ve had, weighing it down and blocking us from love and Twin Flame unity unless it’s cleared.

Have a look at this brief explainer video to see how it works:

twin flame video

In this period, know that you can ask your Twin Flame’s higher self to do this kind of work with them too.

Spirit shows us, if your Twin has acted in a hurtful way towards you, be aware that it’s not an expression of *who they are*. It’s patterning – past negativity. And you can help them move out of this.

Have a look at the following session for more.

Twin Flames As Healers Of Humanity

May 5th we have a challenge between Lilith, Pluto, Mars AND the Moon (read more here about what these Lilith transits are all about and how they affect Twin Flames) – do keep a cool head as best as you can in this period.

Conflict is highly likely, but you can choose to take a higher perspective and stay grounded in the knowing that what’s really happening is collective karmic energies are expressing themselves.

“It’s not really you” – or your Twin Flame. It’s to do with the human collective, male/female history and inequality and how Twins are helping to heal old hurt with our souls’ love for each other… Again, you can read more here.

Irritations Surging – Feminine Twin

Lastly this week, a Venus challenge with Neptune and Mercury in Aries, shows us that the Feminine Twin has a high probability of lashing out at her counterpart, for impatience being expressed without consideration…

In other words, do keep an eye on yourself this week as Ego is likely to be rearing its head. And we see it’s got to do with impatience, frustration with her counterpart and with the situation at hand.

Remember that when you get angry, you feed into negativity. What we focus on, we attract.

So try your best to detach, write out your aggravations on a piece of paper or journal about them, then write out what you DO desire instead, and work to focus more on your ideal than any irritations.

And if you need some help with this, have a look at the Higher Heart Manifestation Session where I take you through the process step by step.

Opening To Forward Motion

This week is set to be challenging, but if you can use the energies at hand to release old limitations and “baggage” for good we see you will more and more lift up into alignment with what you desire – what you’ve been “praying” for in some form.

In fact, we see, everything that is going on right now in the collective is relating to the process of bringing answers to the prayers that have been made for more love, more harmony and more positivity…

Sometimes what’s caused the imbalance must be removed before the situation can correct itself – we’re shown a bike wheel with debris blocking it from spinning. Once the block is removed, motion forward can begin again.

Do make sure you keep as neutral a perspective as you can this week, so you’re able to allow negativity to be released instead of activating and “owning” it again (which just keeps it in your system).

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


twin flame program


“Dear Cassady, I can’t put into words how grateful I am to you. Each week your writing clarifies, uplifts and inspires me to continue, and the meditations and vibrational alignment tools have made all the difference. I can feel the changes in me and see the changes between my Twin and I. I am learning about unconditional love and becoming more in touch with my soul everyday. Thank you for all your energy and effort in helping me. I would be so lost without it. Sending you love and light, “

– Rachel, Sydney, Australia

Click here to learn about my Step By Step Program For The Twin Flame Journey To Reunion – The Vibrational Alignment Program.

Alternatively you can try our Free Twin Flame Help Kit here!

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  1. Last week I woke up at 3 am with the knowing that my twin was struggling with jealousy about something…or just in general. And his higher self also gave me a song this week about letting love in…interesting indeed!

  2. Past hurt connection gone. Its like not there. Feeling peaceful most of the time. Thanks Cassady. Love and Light to you.

  3. Wonderful article. I read them every week. My twin flame is my childhood sweetheart from 11. We are now 22.
    The only part that confused me was the part about whether it is love or wanting to be alone, etc.? Does that mean for twin flames? I thought, aside from ego, that doesn’t exist for twin flames? Our love is unconditional, pure? At least, I swear to god i thought it felt that way deep in my core
    Please help me understand, it was a bit unsettling

  4. I’ve just realized this…both my twin and I are dealing with issues surrounding abandonment. BUT his core fear of abandonment manifests outwardly as jealousy…mine manifests differently. DANG. Two sides of the same coin. Heads and tails.

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