twin-soul-karmaRole-Reversal In the Twin Flame Connection. What Happens When the Hunter Becomes The Hunted? Fear Of The Female – The Truth About Why So Many Males Shut Their Hearts



We start this week with a challenge between emotion and love. Venus in her home sign Taurus, being challenged by the Moon in Scorpio. This is two sides of our desires and feeling nature pitted up against one another.

And it has a powerful impact on the Twin Flame connection.

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The Difference Between Love And Need

So back to the cosmic energies at hand. At the beginning of this week you’re likely to feel unsure not only about the future and your relationship… But about what you truly want and need.

Moon in Scorpio is pushing you to consider:

Who are you if you are on your own? How can you be great *without* a relationship? Are you willing and strong enough to be truthful to *yourself*?

Is it worth it, to compromise your own truth and well-being long term, to be with another? These are themes many Twin Flames are struggling with right now. There is no “correct” answer.

But these challenges are coming up to help you pinpoint the “missed connections” within. To light up the places where you’re not playing as a team inside yourself.

Where you might unconsciously be sabotaging love due to fear…

When The Mirror Turns Ugly

Do you perhaps not feel “enough” on your own? Do you “need” others, especially your Twin Flame?

If so, these things are all highlighting inner fears that block you from wholeness.

And that in turn, can draw out a challenging and often ugly reflection from the Twin Flame mirror.

Finding inner wholeness, self acceptance and a space in which you can connect to love and unity *within*, regardless of what your Twin Flame situation is – is the key to the lock many are looking for.

This is the Game Changer so many Twins unfortunately ignore (read more by clicking here).


Because as you might know – when we go after something or someone out of a longing or a need, there’s embedded in this a fear frequency.

Need and longing is a signpost that fear is involved, a fear of *not* getting what we long for.

Longing and need are like opposite magnets to happiness and love. Longing and need push away from us what we desire – because they contain so much fear.

Here’s the truth; If you believed love and happiness were on the way, you would be happy already in that certainty.

Longing and need and yearning are signposts that tell you to take a deeper look into your situation: They’re highlighting that secretly, you believe your desires to be out of reach…

(And in manifestation this means you’ll be attracting and creating more of your dream eluding you)

Stepping Into Mutual Attraction

So ask yourself this: Do you need and long for and yearn for your Twin Flame?

If so, unfortunately it’s causing an energetic repulsion between you. Resolving this will completely change the dynamic between you, to begin attracting you to each other.

And when you can clear out the fear that causes longing, need, desperation… the dynamic can change almost instantly. You go from being the “chaser”, to mutually attracting one another.

Monday-Tuesday this week is a peak time to “weed out” any unconscious fear that’s been blocking true unity between the Twin Flames.

To work on these issues right now – love patterning, the heart chakra and unconscious fear blocks to love – it’s highly beneficial to go within and light up what’s really going on beneath the surface…

Have a look at this session, which goes specifically into a meditation to circumvent ego blocks to discover and clear old hurts and fear from both sides of the Twin Flame connection.


Identity “Stories” Causing Twin Flame Blocks

Midweek we also have Sun and Mercury Retrograde joined up in Aries – with Mercury travelling backwards past the Sun.

This signals that there are early life and past issues regarding identity, self and communications we’re needing to deal with.

What about your identity and how you look at *yourself* is blocking your ability to receive love, to function at your peak?

What secret “stories” are you telling yourself about who you are, in a way that’s blocking you from your desires? Have a look here for a session that will help you with this.

(Read more here in: “Is Your Twin Flame Story Making Or Breaking Your Connection?”)

Have You Been Worrying Since Last Week?

As the Sun/Mercury Retrograde happens in a square to Saturn/Mars in Capricorn, there’s a clear message.

Many Feminine polarity Twin Flames are questioning their love situation after last week.

If you’ve had a happy reunion or reconnection with your Twin recently – please don’t question it!

I see so clearly that many Twins are doubting right now whether happiness can last, whether they really can come together harmoniously…

The message here is, it’s especially the Feminine Twin worrying about this. And the cosmic message is – be careful, because you’re not seeing clearly right now!!! (Yes, that many exclamation marks)

Your thoughts right now are programmed by negative past experiences!

The doubt and worry really is unnecessary. It’s only creating what you don’t want.

Who Taught You To Doubt Love?

For some reason, at some point, it appears you’ve been taught to doubt that you really can have what you desire in life.

You’ve likely been taught things like – dreams don’t come true, and that men don’t stay, that a love like Twin Flames’ can’t exist in real life…

These are such immensely powerful belief blocks, that left unchecked will keep messing up your relationship not only with your Twin Flame but your whole life’s journey.

When you can begin clearing these out and stepping into awareness of the “stories” you’ve been operating off, you can completely change your life and your connection around.

Have a look here at my first complete energy clearing for Twin Flames, where we go through illuminating and clearing out the most stubborn belief blocks and negative programming that keeps Twins stuck in struggle and unhappiness.


Feminine Twin’s Clouded Perspective

Echoing our point, where we see the Feminine Twin doubting love and especially physical real world harmony and happiness… We see that she’s not seeing the full picture.

With a strong positive trine between Mars and Saturn in Capricorn to Venus in Taurus, it’s clear that love is and can and will be happening.

Her counterpart *can* be physically available to her. Love really can happen in the physical.

But mentally, for the Feminine Twin Flame, it doesn’t feel that way.

There is a lot going on right now affecting the situation – but in essence: mental and identity issues are clouding Twin Flames’ perspective.

Love is here, available to you somehow, and if you can’t see it it’s because of old identity structures creating worry and doubt in you.

Dis-arming Fear With A Simple Technique

So right now, for your own sake, to light up and move past these things:

Write down all the worries you have about your situation.

Write down every fear every doubt about the Twin Flame connection that you have.

Preferably on paper and with a pen. Take a snapshot of it. Then tear up the paper to symbolize being done with the fears!

Because as a co-creator of your reality, fear only attracts more. It stymies your happiness. Or, for deeper and more powerful results – have a look at my Vibrational Alignment Program here.

As Abraham Hicks has said: “Worrying is using your imagination to create what you don’t want”.

The snapshot of your list is so that after Mercury turns direct on April 15th you can have a look at what you wrote.

You’ll have a different perspective on it then. And you’ll realize how transient emotions can be.

“Trickster” Emotions

As Mercury keeps moving retrograde these next few weeks it’s important to keep this in mind: Emotions are not the essence of who we are. Often, they’re illusory.

Our body can create the “feeling” of upset if we’re tired and hungry.

Our bodies can mirror sadness from seeing another person sad.

Our heart can ache from thinking about an old painful memory.

Emotions always *come from somewhere*! They’re never just “who we are”. This is an important insight that can save you so much grief on your journey.

If you feel bad, ask yourself:

“When did the feeling start? What thought or input or image or others’ statement or experience triggered it? What’s the real reason I’m feeling bad right now?”

This will help you center into your own power, more able to stay happy over time and less at the mercy of the Twin Flame “rollercoaster” so many struggle with.

Twin Flame Karmic Challenges

Late this week you’ll benefit from using this technique, as we have a considerable challenge on our hands again.

You probably remember reading in the forecasts earlier this year about the continuing interactions from Lilith, representing the “shadow of the feminine” (click for a reminder of what this is about).

Lilith has been interacting erratically with several powerful planets these last 18 months or so, triggering intermittent challenges as old collective karmic energies begin to be activated and purging.

You might also remember how I’ve highlighted that as “pioneers of love” many Twin Flames react strongly to these interactions.

Ending up feeling and being triggered by the ancient human dramas of conflict/hurt/power abuse between male and female especially.

Masculine Fear Of The Feminine

Unfortunately, this week from 7th-8th April, Lilith is interacting closely with Mars, the Moon AND Pluto – all in Capricorn.

This has to do with purging negative collective material relating to real world physical interactions.

We’re shown by spirit that the collective Masculine harbors a fear of the Female. Unconscious feelings of hurt and guilt, an expression of the historical negativity of power abuse…

These ancient energies of guilt and shame are causing a fear of coming together.

As this deals with the collective karmic fields it’s highlighted that these are issues relating to biological male and biological female.

A feeling that he is not good enough for her, that his presence is tainted or that she is pure, and he is damaging her or doing her injustice merely by touching her or interacting with her. That he’s “bad” for her.

The Real Reason They’re Pulling Away

In essence it’s about unconscious feelings that are causing distance between the Twin Flames.

If you feel into your Masculine Twin Flame late this week, you might sense their energy lurching away from you, or shutting off, or of withdrawing.

If this has been the case for you, know that there’s highly likely guilt and shame they’re picking up on.

Spirit shows us again, Twin Flames as actors embodying human history’s females and males – coming together so that these hurtful and heavy feelings can be transmuted into love.

So that the old pain experienced can be released through forgiveness.

The Importance Of Forgiveness

Right now, if your Twin is pulling away from you, it’s because they haven’t forgiven *themselves*.

They feel so bad about the past (or are picking up on collective negativity about this) that they’re holding themselves hostage with it. Spirit shows us, feeling like they don’t deserve love.

To help them and yourself, make sure you use the Twin Flame Harmony Healing here. It will cleanse out your chakras and theirs, clear out negativity from the cords between you and your Twin, removing any old heaviness they’re feeling.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

So many Twins love this session, as it clears out the residue from old romantic interactions that their counterpart has had with others, so they don’t have to feel it anymore.

And when it’s gone, it truly gives you a fresh start as a pair, to rekindle your own connection instead of being stuck in past connections.

It will also help you re-open your telepathic link if you’ve been feeling congested or shut off recently.

Why So Many Men Shut Their Hearts…

Spirit is very keen to communicate on this subject of collective male karma, and shows us something eye-opening.

That many human men have such an aversion to feelings and heart-centered love relationships, because of guilt and shame towards the feminine.

They have shut their hearts, and instead use sexual connections as the bond, the outlet, the love…Because they’re so afraid of going into their hearts.

Because in their heart they feel the pain, shame and above all guilt from the male collective energy fields.

In essence, even if they’ve been good to others, they feel the collective “effect” of hurting their counterpart…

Sexuality, Power And Fear

April 7th-8th unfortunately isn’t set to be easy. Above all, these themes are not likely to be easy to spot because we’re dealing with *unconscious* conflict and challenges between male and female. Based in sexuality, power and fear.

To stay in a positive space and avoid any negative repercussions from this, do make sure you use your energy clearing tools (get the free energy cleanse tool here).

Cut cords to the collective fields, keep yourself free from others’ “stuff” and fuel your system with light and love.

Remember that love is the truth of who you are as a soul. This is why you chose to come and experience this complex journey.

You had no fear of conflict, because as a soul, fear and conflict didn’t exist for you.

Fear and conflict only began to happen when you came into human society.

For more info on how this works, have a look at this brief video on the Twin Flame connection and the real reason for Separation.

twin flame video

Feel Like Reunion Is At Risk?

If it seems like love and physical reunion are in jeopardy right now, please don’t fear. Because with this whole unconscious collective drama happening in Capricorn, near Saturn – tying into a Trine to Venus in her home sign Taurus…

The truth is that all this stuff is being purged *so that physical reunions can happen* – to rework the relationship paradigms, to “clear the playing field”, spirit shows us.

Love is there or on its way the whole time.

If things seem stressed or heavy this weekend – it’s like there are two parallel things going on. In “reality” you’re on your way to a more and more harmonious and solid connection in physicality…

But in the “karmic fields” – what’s beyond the physical, it might feel like things are completely running riot.

Do know that this is what’s happening. Even if it’s not with your Twin, you’ll likely notice this male/female karmic triggering going on.

This is set to be a challenging week, but long-term it will be instrumental in healing some deep-seated issues that have likely caused distance between you and your Mirror Soul.

Again, a key to getting through the week in a way that benefits you rather than drains you, is energy clearing.

Have a look here for some more info and ask yourself what you feel the most drawn to. This is your soul speaking to you.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x



“Where can I start Cassady! Since having started your Harmony Session things have changed so rapidly. I cannot even describe it with words. My heart has opened so much and I am standing in a place of acceptance, love, compassion. I keep seeing 1111 and 111 and I keep repeating myself as a mantra – we are one. I feel this love inside, I feel the changes. Thank you is not enough! Xxxx”

– Annalisa, London, UK

If you want to go deep, uplift your Twin Flame connection and get to the bottom of Running and Separation struggles for good – have a look at my complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames!


Or alternatively, you can Download the Free Twin Flame Help Kit to get a powerful energy cleanse tool at no cost – a sample of my full methods.

When you sign up you also get my 26 Page Free Yearly Energy Forecast for Twin Flames!

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  1. When I am aware enough to see the stories generated in my head, I stop and physically call out all of my emotions in succession as I will in this moment: fear-anger-confusion-frustration-saddness-alone-hopeless-empowered-soverign-spiritually strong-open hearted-sad-needing to be held…I’m experiencing an overall relief of pressure now.. This has literally moved energy but also shows me how to accept everything in this moment as part of it.. Hugs and love to everyone ?

  2. So grateful for this article, as always! I have a burning question, please. Has anyone experienced a physical reunion between twins with different sexual orientation, such as one heterosexual and the other homosexual? The spiritual reunion has already happened for me, but the physical separation happened after that. No fight, no chasing, but lot of suffering, even though the Love is there always, both sides, always together energetically. I know that his opposite sexual orientation has saved me from turning everything in a complete disaster, but it would be so encouraging to hear about others in the same situation surpassing this obstacle and manifesting love in the physical realm. Much gratitude! Peace and Joy, Eewana.

  3. Can soulmates (who are not twin flames) run too? I recently met someone who I felt was my soulmate and we are interested in one another romantically but she cut all contact w me and it is playing out so much like it has with my twin flame…same reasons for running…weird??

  4. Ahhhh so today my TF’s higher self revealed to me that he was a serial killer in a recent past life. In a 10 minute google search I was able to verify the info my TF had given me in 5D. He’s been coming to me sobbing in visions and dreams lately. I’ve held him in my arms without knowing what was going on. Now I know. We occasionally communicate lightly in 3D but not about stuff like this.

    On a subconscious level at least, my TF feels very guilty, very badly about his past actions. They still color the way he views himself in present day. Whether he knows it or not! I’m sending him lots of love and compassion.

    Is anybody else having these sorts of revelations in 3D, 5D or any other D? ;)~

    1. My Twin has telepathically told me some stories about us that (unfortunately for me) I can’t verify for whatever reason, and are of a somewhat scandalous nature. So you’re not alone!

  5. I just want to let you know, Cassy, that everytime you post a new reading, it feels like you are just describing what I am living at the moment. It is unbelievable! Yes It was my question this morning for one of my best friends! What is wrong with me! I see in his eyes how much he likes me, how much he wants…i can see and feel, but at the end he just run away. It is very frustrating. I will try the cleaning tools, meditation and lots of pray. I know who I am, I just want to share! Tks

    1. Thanks for this question RT!

      He could be trying to alert you to a pattern in your connection with each other. This happens sometimes with my Twin – he’ll say things repeatedly to get my attention. Ask your Twin to clarify/or confirm. Sending you love and light <3 x Cassady

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