Turning The Twin Flame Connection Upside Down – Duality As Gateway To Unity. Telepathy Awakens. But, Have You Been “Brainwashed” To Block Love?


We’re headed into a week full of interesting shifts!

The journey of love progresses… Many Twins are set to be shown things from their counterpart’s perspective, and communication on multiple levels is highlighted between the Mirror Souls…

No, I’m Not Trying To “Trick” You!

But again, I have a reminder for you before we get started!

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Uplifting Out Of Twin Flame Struggle

The resources in the Free Kit are specifically designed to uplift your system and harmonize your Twin Flame connection over time.

To really notice the positive results, use it daily for at least two weeks.

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Things Aren’t How They Seem

Now back to the energies at hand this week!

The first theme apparent and which is continuing in the background of this week’s event is that love is firmly progressing in a physical sense.

A trine between the Sun in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn shows that progress is being made. With you personally above all.

You are definitely making progress in a positive direction, whether you realize it or not.

And right now with Saturn retrograde, you’re getting to take a second look at the last 6 months and seeing if you’re happy with the direction you’ve been going in.

Right now it’s a lot about observing, noting down what you’re happy with and not, and knowing that you are headed in a good direction if you allow for your manifestations to show up tangibly.

It’s not an overnight thing, but there’s an energy of solidity.

You’ve been making real world progress towards your biggest goals, is spirit’s message. Well done!

Old Disappointments Tainting The Future?

However, you might not be feeling that way yourself. With Venus opposition Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio, we sense irritation, fear and frustration as regards love.

And we’re shown that what’s going on here is that many Twin Flames are viewing their present and future situation from a flawed perspective…

They don’t realize it but their perspective is clouded by the past.

They’re unconsciously assuming on an emotional level, that things will be the way they’ve been with past hurts, aligning with old disappointments.

The universal wisdom here is to light this unconscious “self fulfilling prophecy” up for you so you can clear it (to do so, have a look at this clearing that deals with healing old wounds and disappointments, and uplifting your chakras’ programming).


Because the truth is, you really can uplevel into a higher future and more love than you’ve ever experienced before.

Something better than you’ve ever known is possible.

To not allow past disappointments to affect your visions of the future.

The Human “Negativity Bias”

A caveat here is: it’s human nature to remember old hurts, to try to protect ourselves from being hurt again.

There’s even a scientific term for it, that the human brain is hardwired to have a “negativity bias” (click here to read more).

Because for our species to survive, it was more effective for our ancestors to remember danger and how to avoid it, than to remember and retain positivity. The brain evolved to hang onto fear, memories of how to avoid danger.

So for us today, it creates complications especially for those wishing for a better future. For those wanting to manifest positivity.

Because often, we *think* with our analytical minds that we’re visualizing and creating and hoping for amazing love, our dreams come true, staying positive…

But the truth is that our unconscious deeper minds are working on the opposite!

Why Some People’s Dreams Never Come True

The deeper mind is programmed to hang onto old hurts because it’s how we avoid repeating it – that’s the “natural logic” that’s been engrained in humans.

So the unconscious often revolves around fear, worry, feeling like we’ll be disappointed or things will turn bad.

And the key is that because the negativity is UN-conscious, many people fool themselves into thinking that they’re manifesting positivity … and then they feel confused when their dream never shows up!

The truth is that to really align with our dreams come true, with love, with twin flame reunion, it’s imperative to uproot old hurts, to heal wounds from the past…

Above all to REPROGRAM our deeper habitual thoughts with something new and better.

To deeply ingrain in our minds the information and beliefs and perceptions that serve us better.

Have You Been “Brainwashed” Against Love?

For this reason, I was guided to create some new Twin Flame Affirmations audios with music, which are deliberately made to help you re-program your deeper mind over time.

Click here to learn more and download.

Think of it as if all our lives, we’ve been “brainwashed” by our surroundings, and by “3D society” and the media, about what love is about and what to expect out of life.

Most often this has been fear based – we’ve been given messages that marriages end in divorce, that men cheat, that life is hard, that money is scarce and so on…

But what if we can begin to deliberately take back control and “brainwash” ourselves with what *we desire*? With spiritual truth? With messages of love and positivity?

That’s exactly what the new Twin Flame Affirmation Audios will help you with. And the best part of it is, you don’t have to “work at it”.

This is all about your *unconscious* mind, so these audios are meant to almost slip under the radar of your ego mind, to be on in the background until you’re unaware that you’re even listening.

That’s when these new positive messages begin to be dominant in your deeper mind. And that’s when the true benefits begin to grow.

When you fully align with love on all levels.


Again, click here to discover more.

Affirmations: More Than Just Wishful Thinking

You might already be familiar with Affirmations and Mantras from New Age culture and yoga and meditation practices, but last year research showed that affirmations aren’t merely “wishful thinking” (read more here at Wall Street Journal).

Positive affirmations were shown to alter brainwave activity and create new neural pathways for positive emotion and thought.

This is amazing news for Twin Flames! It means that no matter what we’ve experienced in the past, we can shape our journey to something more positive.

Remember that when you’re in a state of inner wholeness and love, you begin to attract a higher reflection from the Twin Flame Mirror.

Love Activates Sign of The Twins

Another significant event this week is on April 24th Venus the planet of love enters Gemini. The sign of the Twins!

This next month period love is more about communication, mental understanding and togetherness.

We’re stepping into a conscious experience of the duality of the Twin Flame connection. You’re likely to be shown in some way your Twin’s side of events this coming period.

It can happen through a varied number of ways:

Maybe you encounter a similar situation in your life, or maybe you have a dream meant to symbolize something significant, or maybe you meet or encounter a person who mirrors them somehow, or maybe you “just happen to” pick up a book or watch a tv show that deals with their exact experiences…

Somehow in this period, you’re set to be shown the situation from a different light so you can above all open up more fully to love through higher understanding and forgiveness. And we’re shown that the same thing is the case for your counterpart.

They may not know exactly what’s going on, but they are on the same journey of learning about how they’ve affected you and seeing things from your perspective, whether they realize it or not.

Telepathy is also highly in focus this period. So make sure you take advantage of this time to open up if things have felt congested or disconnected lately (read more here about Twin Flame telepathy).


Another highlighted theme is that for this next month’s period Twin Flames are set to be seeing things from each other’s perspective.

Spirit reminds us that harmony exists in equality.

So often, we’re shown – Twin Flames’ souls push for the pair to experience or perceive in some way, how the other has been experiencing things.

So that the two Twin Flames can fully understand each other’s actions and motivations.

The Big Payoff This Month Comes From You

Pay attention to your dreams and messages from meditations this month, and expect to notice symbols and repeating messages of this.

There’s also likelihood that in some way your experiences now will mirror your counterpart’s perspective and motivations.

Stay open, and spirit shows us, you will find journalling to pay off this month. We’re even shown ‘channeling through pen and paper’ to open flow with your Twin Flame’s higher self.

Asking your Twin’s higher self to speak with you and setting the intention that you will write whatever words pop up in your mind, and opening the flow that way.

Know that it can come out garbled to start with, so to begin with, don’t read as if it’s a definite message.

But spirit shows us that even just beginning this, helps open the channel between you to telepathy and a lasting connection.

The Shadow Feminine Poses Challenges

We do also have some challenges this week as several Lilith conjunctions with Saturn (24th April), Pluto and Mars (26th-27th April) cause disruptions.

(To refresh your memory regarding Lilith – the shadow feminine – and what these transits mean for Twin Flames, have a look at this energy reading from earlier this year)

With Lilith triggering Saturn, we’re dealing with old wounds regarding reponsibility between the sexes … burdens placed on the Feminine while the Masculine was “allowed to be free”, are among common wounds highlighted.

For more, read “Twin Flame Conflict: Why Do I Have To Do All The Work?”

twin flame conflict

As regards Pluto and Mars, we’re dealing with power issues and challenges to the masculine.

This later transit is more likely to express itself in an unconscious manner – relating to sexuality, hostility and power issues between the sexes.

Is It Even Your “Issue”?

As always, during these periods the Twin Flames tend to function unwittingly as “actors” playing out the ancient human dramas of conflict between man and woman.

Know that if you’re triggered this week, it might not even be “your stuff” you’re dealing with – on both sides of your connection.

Spirit highlights, your counterpart may be the one acting out collective energies in a negative sense.

If this is happening, they recommend the Complete Harmony Healing session for Twin Flames to cleanse out the old negative material and uplift your connection and your timelines into a higher state.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

Have a look here for more.

Light Code Downloads For Masculine Twin

All the while, we see Neptune supporting Mars, indicating that there is a process going on with the Masculine Twin Flame, activating dormant light codes and downloading programming of a higher dimensional nature to their system – even though they are unaware of it…

If this week feels like a challenge, you might find the following inspiring:  Words Of Illumination For The Twin Flame Journey”

Or, if you want to speak to someone one-on-one about your connection, click here.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey!

I’m so honored to be on this beautiful path alongside you. <3

Cassady x

Want more? For an easy, smooth way to clear blocks, heal your energy and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here.

twin flame program

“Your Vibrational Alignment program and Harmony Healing have been so valuable to me and I use them daily. I also use the Higher Heart session weekly. Thank you!!! My Twin Flame and I reconnected again in a way that was better than I ever could have imagined. “

– Joy, California, USA



Alternatively you can try our Free Help Kit For Twin Flames here

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  1. Wow, Cassady. I am always amazed at how on point your articles are and am very grateful for your blog. I am definitely experiencing some of the frustration with my twin you have been talking about. Things have been very stagnant as of late to the point where it did not make any sense! However, upon further investigation I feel that I am being shaken up to take action in areas of my life where I have been complacent, like pursing my career in wedding planning. I somehow feel this is directly connected to reuniting with my twin. Although there is a great deal of change and chaos coming to the fore-front this week, I am choosing to center in my truth and trust that everything is working out in my favor. Sending love and light xoxox

  2. Love the affirmation audios! I wish we could custom design our own… letting you know what we want said and being able to pick the music also. It would be nice to have a relaxing one to fall asleep to at night. I’m happy you did this though, thank you! ??

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