Time to Unwind

This week supports nurturing, earthy energies that contribute to a sense of well-being and stability. Most of you will be feeling more calm and relaxed than you have during the intense Eclipse Period with a heavy focus in the fire and water elements earlier this year. The time has now come to unwind and give yourself some time to recuperate after some hectic weeks on the energetic front.

Natural Love

Twin Flames everywhere will be enjoying the feeling of companionship and the “first love” phase again, even if you’re decades into your connection. This week is full of Taurus energies (the Sun, Mercury and Mars are all in Taurus, and the Moon starts the week of there too), supporting enjoyment of nature, luxury and what fine things the earth has to offer – even if the cost isn’t high: hearty dinners, lounging in bed together, sumptuous fabrics, candle lights …

Taurus is the home of Venus, the goddess and planet of love, and Venus herself is in sociable Gemini, the sign of the Twins – enjoy yourselves. Enjoy love. These days you and your Twin Flame are like the primordial Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. All is well and there is nothing to worry about.

Break from Intensity

The larger planets of Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter are still active in the fire element but this coming week will feel like a pleasant antidote, a break from the intensity. Enjoy this time and “hold space” to remember it later.

“Holding Space” is an excellent way to ensure that we focus on what’s positive and serves us – when you enjoy a moment of relaxation or love or fun, make the intention of remembering the energy of it. When you encounter tougher times, this will help shift your focus back to positivity – remember that what we focus on is what we bring to us using the universal law of attraction. We are all energetic beings, and what energy we hold dictates what we bring to us. So make sure you cherish the good times with your Twin Flame, as this will help align you with more enjoyment.

Commitment vs Fun

Another interesting aspect occurring early in the week is the opposition between Venus in flirty, intellectual Gemini and Saturn in Sagittarius – an aspect that indicates a push and pull between commitment and fun-loving freedom. As Saturn is currently inhabiting the freedom-loving sign of Sagittarius he is more in alignment with Venus in Gemini than he might be at a different placement – we can interpret this as a sign to find a balance between commitment and freedom: remember that commitment doesn’t have to be “heavy” and fun doesn’t have to mean “short fling”.

Above all, you and your Twin Flame are eternally connected on the soul level – you are never truly apart from one another. Cherish your connection this week, whether you spend time enjoying spring together or you simply send your Twin Flame a loving thought if you are not physically together right now.

We wish you the very best on your continued journey!




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