Twin Flame Soul Connections On High: Telepathy, Dreams And More. Expect The Unexpected In 3D, As Neptune/Jupiter Gateway Works To Open You To Unconditional Love…

Welcome into another brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Powerful Jupiter/Neptune spiritual gateway still in effect, plus Mercury joins Uranus – opening to new and higher states of love.

But confusion and instability lingers – for a purpose.

Expect the unexpected in spirituality and relationships…

Discover more below!

The Twin Flame “Treadmill”

Before we get started, I wanted to address a question I often get. Are Twin Flames “meant” to reunite? The answer is yes.

The spiritual truth is, every single Twin Flame came here with the intention of reuniting and has the capability to do so. 

So why do so many Twins end up stuck in repeating cycles of frustration and heartbreak?

The answer is because they’re “missing” key ingredients and steps.

Twin Flame Soul Alchemy

This spring, I’ve been guided to re-open enrollment for the Twin Flame Soul Alchemy group work to help you with just this.

twin flame coaching

In this high level group coaching you also get specially created activations every month and Q&A advice and feedback.

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Heightened Spiritual Gateway

And now onto this week’s forecast:

 Jupiter/Neptune’s gateway is still in effect from last week, and Mars and Venus are both travelling through Pisces now – this means there’s an exceptional current of “spiritual energy” around.

You may already have noticed signs of this.

Key themes are increased empathy, unconditional love for all beings, heightened intuition… Twin Flame dreams, telepathy and visions.

Pisces: The Double-Edged Sword

In short, we’re in a rare gateway of heightened spiritual potential.

But it can also bring confusion, sadness over perceived suffering, and feeling out of sorts as you pick up on others’ or collective heaviness.

This transit continues throughout the week.

Their Soul “Steps Forth”

As before, make sure you shield yourself and keep your energy clear, so you’re open to the higher potential looking to come through.

If you are clear and in your own resonance, you’ll likely receive inspirations, guidance, Twin Flame SOUL connections and steps to take to unity, shared dreams and more during this week…

Get started with the Free Energy Cleanse and Free Meditation To Connect With Your Twin Flame on the Soul Planes here.


Expect The Unexpected

Also this week, we have another significant transit affecting it, as Mercury joins Uranus.

This is all about new incoming info, perspectives and change – especially regarding love/relationships and creativity.

It can be exhilarating and exciting and feel electrifying… But it can also bring instability, and contribute to the general feeling of confusion this week.

It’s not easy to make decisions right now, and it’s because we are being asked to open to something new and higher than we have ever known before.

So ask yourself:
Where am I being shown that I’m settling for less or not reaching high enough? 

New World Opening

With these powerful and rare gateways coinciding, we see it’s all about opening to new and higher states of love as a collective. A “new world” is opening.

The key is, it’s not being IMPOSED on us.

It’s a “new world” that we access via our consciousness, choice and alignment.

So your state of mind and energetic vibration is KEY right now.

What “Ticket” Are You Holding?

Spirit says, your state is the “ticket” to the experience you line up with.

Ask yourself, what am I inviting in more of right now? What does more of THIS particular thought/emotion look like? 

And if that’s not good, you have to CHOOSE to shift.
(More info on this here)

Neptune and Pisces is all about bridging into unity, but it is our responsibility whether we dive into the suffering of all beings…  or higher into spirit, where we find SOLUTIONS to what may be “wrong”.

Spiritual Expansion

So in short this week, new and HIGHER states are working to reach through. A new “world” is opening”.

Expect the unexpected in spirituality and relationships – this can involve your Twin Flame, but with Mars conjunct Saturn still, it could also show up karmic connections.

Be open to working with what shows up. If a block is shown, clear it. If guided steps show up, follow them – or at the very least make a note for later reference if you’re not quite sure.

In some way, what transpires now is meant to help you – whether through a challenge or through a blessing.


Mars conjunct Juno and Saturn shows us in general that karma and in particular “outsider” karmic love contracts, are coming up for resolution, and have been for the last week.

They are being shown to you – likely through a dream or intuitive insights – so you can release them and move on… (Go here to do this)

This could also mean, running into an ex or suddenly thinking of or hearing from someone you hadn’t realized you still had a connection to.

The purpose is to give you resolution, so your Twin Flame journey can progress.

Because “outsider” contracts can hold the union process back.

Deepening Priorities

Combined with the heightened spiritual gateway, Mars and Saturn as a “team” also indicate responsibility, steadfastness and commitment.

We’re shown a deep and true desire to build a valuable and enjoyable long term relationship or a better world that benefits all.

Spirit shows us that in a world that has been as disrupted and challenged as what we’ve been for several years now, people’s priorities are deepening.

“Fun”, ego gratification and social expansion is not as important to most as it was. Deeper values are awakening…

What The Runner Feels…

Including for the Twin Flame Runner. They REMEMBER deep down, spirit says.

If your counterpart is “running”, they know just as well as you how intense the connection was, and is. They are not silly. They have been scared, perhaps.

But things are shifting, deep down.

They are thinking about you a LOT lately.

We’re shown, from the deep survival perspective of… if the world ended tomorrow, you are the one they would wish to be with. They don’t want to wait any longer.

Making Twin Flame Unity Happen

They seem to be thinking about it a LOT in recent times and this week.

They may still be mulling it over and unsure HOW to reach out, especially if there have been challenges… but they are wanting to.

Their higher self is nudging them noticeably. We’re shown they are dreaming of you, seeing numbers, your name perhaps. They ARE being guided.

Twin Flame Daydreaming

If they have a lot of ego patterns and deeper fears, it might not be an overnight thing – but if you work with their soul on the energy level it CAN be. (Look at these testimonials)

With Neptune/Jupiter so strong, it’s likely they’re enjoying the daydream, more than making a physical world connection. (Because it’s no risk to them).

But you CAN help them, nudge them to get back in touch.

And yes, it is in FULL alignment with their Free Will.

(More help and guidance in this article).


Collective Shift

With the North Node trine Jupiter and Neptune, we’re shown that there is a massive collective shift happening in this period.

Since 2020, there has been a breakdown of the “old karmic reality” on a structural energetic level… And begins the new higher reality, it is anchored in more strongly.

As Jupiter and Neptune are two powerful higher spiritual energies, during this “gateway” of higher spiritual consciousness of unity, we are receiving new coding.

Hard To Sleep?

In consciousness terms, we’re receiving galactic codes of a higher reality.

You may notice this by not being able to sleep, feeling extra inspired and elated, or feeling tingles in your third eye chakra and more.

It’s like someone opened a doorway to pure crystalline light, and the North Node shows us this is instrumental for the soul path of the whole human collective.

For the future. Seeds of the “new world” are coming through.


Venus squares the North Node, however. This shows us, that odd as it may sound, surface interests can block the immense positive potential of this flow.

As one potential example:
A female Twin Flame being so concerned with her appearance and being “worthy” of love, that she is not present in her HEART…

and therefore is not available to LOVE and the shift that wants to reach through.

It can manifest in other ways, as Venus also represents relationships, art, creativity and money.

Preventing Progress

In short, this challenge is about outer factors and interests, diverting focus out of the heart and therefore preventing the progress that’s guided.

So right now, the most powerful thing you can do is ignore all the “regular concerns” such as appearance, self worth issues or whatever else is going on in the “outer” reality…

And BE in your heart. No matter what. Feel into your true soul bliss. Be in your center.

This will make you available to the higher shifts.

The “Trick Lesson”

We are really asked to make a decision, above all.

To ignore the places we have been TRYing to be worthy. And to anchor into the heart instead.

Spirit shows us, this opens the gates to love open wide. Including to unity for a lot of Twins who haven’t realized they weren’t aligned with it.

This is a test we are being asked to pass.

The paradox is, it makes us magnetic to those outer things we may have been chasing for as well.

Love Calms Down

In good news, when the Sun enters Taurus on April 19th, it will be somewhat easier to calm and ground into what’s going on.

With so much energy in Pisces, including both Mars and Venus, it will help you anchor in and make sense of the spiritual experiences of love in a deeper way, in the 3D physical.

Things will make more sense on a FEELING level. Intuition will be more accurate.

Bubbles Bursting?

At the end of the week, Mercury squares Saturn and simultaneously sextiles Neptune.

This indicates that bubbles may be burst… Or that we or others around us may doubt our own highest wishes.  

It requires honesty with ourselves. It can cause you to feel that nothing will ever work out for you, when that is in fact not true… Going within is helpful. Releasing stress.

Rushing Into Things…?

Rushing into things is not recommended right now. Due to the “heavyweights” Uranus, Neptune, Saturn and Pluto all being strongly involved, and the North Node central in a love challenge…

In general, things are not as they seem. Karma is at work, and soul will is working to guide us beyond what we may have thought possible.

You may feel the energy of panic of missing out, or that things are going in a bad direction, but there is more to the story.

Open higher. Go beyond the logical mind.

A Week Of Instability

This whole week we are receiving major influxes of new codes and shifting on a deeper inner level. The more open and clear you are, the smoother this process is.

(Slow and impactful) change is happening on a fundamental level. A karmic recalibration of the human collective fields is in process.

As a Twin Flame, this means you may experience triggering around deep-seated issues such as man vs woman-based conflict…

Or feel that things are changing uncomfortably and you’re not sure what lies ahead.

Bringing “Heaven To Earth”

Ultimately, the purpose of what’s happening at this time is to move you to love.

Unconditional love and unity, not just as an idea or a wish, but a physical world experience.

I would be honoured to take you through this deeper process.

If you feel called to work together more closely, go here to apply, and I’ll see you on the “inside”.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x


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