Big Changes On The Horizon – Love Centers In On Portal To The Universal. The Deepest Aspect Of The Twin Flame Union. Can You Allow For Love In Its Purest Form?

We enter into this week with energetic new starts in multiple arenas.

Mercury just turned direct on April 15th and the New Moon in Aries April 15th both create a strong forward momentum!

To make the most of this time, do make sure you download and use my Free Energy Cleanse Guided Meditation and the other Free resources here.

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Are You Clear On Your Intentions For The Future?

This “restart” is all about the self and identity, spirit shows us. Aries is the sign of the “warrior”, of pioneering energy that goes out and makes things happen in the physical world.

Because the New Moon happens in Aries it means means in many ways a double strength “new” start energy. It sets the signal for a brand new cycle, so be mindful of keeping a high perspective right now.

New Moons are the beginning of a new manifestation phase, so focus on your intentions for the next 28 day period.

Because Mercury is turning direct now also, this is an incredibly favorable time to launch new projects, instigate new developments, and make the intention that you’re allowing yourself to be done with any dissatisfaction and negativity from the past.

That you’re beginning a new era.

Allowing For A New Beginning

The energies are supporting you in this now, and spirit reminds us, *each day we are born again*.

The problem is that we as humans tend to stay stuck in our same old ways of thinking, our same old ways of looking at ourselves. That’s what keeps the “problems” around.

So this week, do your best to close the chapter on old negativity for good. If you can do it on your side, you’ll find your Twin Flame connection shifting into a higher expression.

Because everything inside of you is reflected back to you in the Twin Flame Mirror (read more about this here).

To cleanse out old negativity from yours and your Twin Flame’s chakras and really give yourselves a positive new start on all levels – including removing negative attachments and ancestral blocks to love – have a look here.

Complete harmony Healing Tool


Ego Healing – Cosmic Shift

Another big event in the cosmic energies this week is that on April 17th Chiron enters Aries.

Chiron is the “wounded healer” and deals with the shadow process, of finding the missing pieces of our wholeness. Where we’ve felt disconnected from others, abandoned by love.

Chiron moving into Aries indicates a profound change: the healing process becomes more conscious, more “ego” focused, more about conflict and competition paradigms.

Where the Ego has been wounded in the past. And spirit shows us clearly that, the ultimate Ego wound of separation, is when we feel disconnected and separated from god/source/the universe… from love itself.

On earth, this is often mirrored into feeling abandoned or unloved by parents/caretakers.

The Real Truth Of “Twin Flame Separation”

Twin Flame issues and conflict relate to this, especially in this period. We’re shown, it’s not about where we’ve been heartbroken or rejected by love partners or our Twin, it goes much deeper.

It’s about where we feel rejected from existence itself.

Separation with the Twins reflects an inner separation from self, from the universe, from the energy of love.

Thoughts of “Why am i even here?” not feeling wanted or appreciated in life. In other words, being disconnected from our own source of consciousness, our own power.

In essence that consciousness is pure love, so when we have been disconnected from it it alienates us from the energy of love and from receiving and feeling taken care of in our human lives.

And this is a core block that our souls push for us to resolve on the Twin Flame journey.

Lessons From The Soul

Because if we feel unloved by life or the universe, if we’ve experienced not feeling loved by others, or welcome on this planet even…

Then it’s powerfully deflecting the unconditional love that we share as souls with our Mirror Soul.

To really get to grips with these things for good, to uproot negativity and those “virus programs” that keep us locked away from love – spirit asked me to create an immersive healing session that deals above all with the Heart Chakra and love.

In the higher heart transformation session, we clear out negativity from both sides of the Twin Flame connection, and importantly we downloading the programming of always having been loved and cherished – the light codes of inner wholeness and being aligned with unconditional love within and without.


Click here to discover more and download the session.

Saturn Retrograde – Karmic Recap

Just as Mercury has turned direct, we may heave a collective sigh as communication becomes smoother and less chaotic…

However, Saturn the planet of karma and physical manifestation, turns retrograde right after, on April 17th.

Now he’s in Capricorn fully, this focuses on our own creations from the last 6 months.

Are you feeling good about the direction you’ve been moving in? Have you taken responsibility for yourself and your role in your life? Have you been karmically positive, or creating and aligning with negativity?

If so, you’re being asked to tidy up these things. We’re shown to above all take responsibility for our creation and experiences.

For Twin Flames, this has to do with whether we’ve been pushing negativity, worry, blame and fear into the connection…

Or whether we’ve been fueling our connection with love.

Because whether we realize it or not, we’re always involved in creating and attracting our experiences. Negative influence and others can push us in a damaging direction but we’re *always* the ones doing the “creating”.

If you’re interested in learning more about this, there’s some useful info in these two articles: “Twin Flame Sabotage” and “Twin Flame Timelines”


Saturn’s Promise – The Gift Of Manifestation

Saturn’s “promise” to us, and this is very clear, is that if we can accept responsibility and embrace our role as co-creators, all our dreams really can come true.

We’re shown – the reason most people go wanting and disappointed isn’t because the world is hard or the universe is unloving or they’re “unlucky”… It’s because they haven’t mastered their role as a creative force.

When people long for something and it’s not happening, it’s because unconscious faculties have still been running the show and creating negativity on autopilot.

Because old wounds have been sending out negative signals behind the scenes.

Saturn shows us that if we can make the first step of *taking responsibility*, the rest will naturally follow. We will begin to see how things work on a daily basis.

We will begin to find it easier to adjust our manifestation process because we will be lighting up the forces involved. We will be aware. Conscious manifestors.

Are You Embracing Your Divine Power?

The message right now is, please take that first step.

Accept that your current situation is a result of your previous (often unconscious) thoughts, feelings, energy and intentions. And those things could have been pushed onto you by society or family… But you have nevertheless been the one activating and aligning with them.

Next, become aware as you go about your life, that your thoughts, feelings, energy and intentions *in the now* are affecting what you reap for the future.

It can seem overwhelming, but it’s your true nature as a soul to manifest light and love and joy and happiness. So the more you can return to your truth, the easier positivity becomes.

The dark, negative, hurtful stuff is “virus programming” we’re shown.

So how do you make sure you uplift your manifestations and your path if you’re not happy with how things look right now?

To clear out the “virus programming” of hardship, conflict, suffering – have a look at the vibrational alignment program where I take you through the process step by step.

Or, if you’re new to energy clearing and management take this full beginner session for Twin Flames where I explain step by step the journey to reunion, including how and why energy is the crux of the twin flame connection, and how to use this to uplift your relationship into a state of lasting harmony.


Calmer Flow Opening

A happy event towards the end of this week is the Sun entering Taurus on April19th.

As the Sun enters Taurus we’re officially out of “Aries Season”. Things will begin to calm down a bit more. Taurus is all about enjoying the good life, BE-ing.

Many people with strong Taurus energies have a slow, Zen way about them that can be infuriating to others – they don’t rush for anyone, but choose to enjoy life along the way.

Taurus’ wisdom shows us we don’t have to do anything to deserve love or for the universe to take care of us. That what we desire on the outside already exists in its potentiality inside us.

Taurus as a sign is all about practicality, creation – the home sign of Venus, planet of Love. Taurus energies speak volumes about manifestation – so don’t give up if things haven’t happened the way you want just yet.

Taurus energies are attuned to deliberate, patient manifestation and reminds us that like with a flower planted from a seed, there is quite a lot of growing that has to be done below the ground before we ever see the plant emerging over the surface.

Don’t Lose Faith In Your Manifestations

So if you’ve been working on manifesting something that hasn’t yet shown up – don’t lose hope, your manifestation could be just out of visibility. Keep nurturing those “seeds” daily and you’ll manifest surely and quickly.

(For a session on this, where we go through positive manifestation step by step, have a look here)

Doubt, skepticism and so on disrupt the energetic attraction and just makes it take longer or block the process completely. You might want to address any blocks to receiving in this period.

We manifest when we consistently send energy and emotions and thoughts out, in a particular vibrational match with what we desire.

Present Moment Focus

At the end of the week we have yet another major planetary force, Pluto, going retrograde until late summer.

This signals that we’re going even deeper within.This transit is all about lighting up our own inner sabotage, our shadows, our fears.

And if that sounds scary, please don’t be alarmed. Our shadow aspects are those parts of us that are locked in fear.

When we can illuminate them and shine the light of love onto them, we can integrate these into a new, harmonious whole. Be aware that this is what’s going on in this period.

I’m shown by spirit that first we begin peeling back the layers where mind, ideas and beliefs have caused fear in you – especially fear around not being “good enough” – and then we move deeper onto the realm of emotion.

Unconscious fears of not being enough, or of people taking their love away from you. Fears you might have taken on before you were old enough to think.

Energy healing is an amazing help in this, as we can clear the things we’re not quite able to articulate into words.

Past Causes Of Blocks

A yucky feeling or a sense that the past is repeating itself, a vision of a childhood home or a person we haven’t spoken to in years – when we begin the journey of healing our soul is always trying to let us know where the block is…

Where the cause of any unhappiness lies.

Expect these flashes of insight in this coming 6 month period – but instead of just thinking “Wow, how weird, I haven’t thought of John from primary school in 20 years”, feel into the feeling accompanying the memory.

What was it you associate with that person or situation that might be blocking you now? And then clear it.

Doing this regularly is like having an expert personal energy healer at hand. Your soul shows it up to help you, and you press the “delete” button.

Again, it’s got to do with the fact that in order to open up to the future, the past must be resolved.

As the saying goes: “You’re not ready for your new chapter if you keep re-reading the last one!”

Twin Flames: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back?

This next 6 month period will deal with themes of where we have ‘given away our power’ to others, especially where we have got into the belief that others are more powerful than we are.

For Twin Flames this highlights issues of where you may have allowed your counterpart to dictate a situation in which you feel you can’t come together. Or where you have subtly allowed society or other Twins to sow seeds of negativity in your mind.


Many Twins have a situation where they intend and pray for harmony and Reunion for periods of time, making big progress, but then get triggered by negativity and change their minds overnight.

This is such a common thing, we see… And we’re not expected to be immune to negativity and being triggered.

However, it can slow down the manifestation of your happy dream come true. If you don’t want to be sabotaging your own happiness, do be very very careful with your anger.

Taking Charge

If you get angry or frustrated, make sure you stay in charge of your emotions. Go to the gym, go boxing or running, or focus on a task you’ve been putting off – use the energy to get it completed.

By all means, don’t stay in the anger letting yourself mentally “talk” to your Twin about how angry you are and how you don’t want to see them anymore, or telling your guides you don’t want to reunite after all.

Even if you don’t realize that they can hear you, or they’re not attuned to telepathy yet (read more here) they *will* pick up on your anger or blame energetically and emotionally. In fact, it can cause major blocks between you.

I respect your choices: you can say and intend whatever you want, but you may regret it later so take time outs to fuel any anger or upset into something else.

You don’t want the force of emotions to meddle with your manifestation process.

Are You Blocking Your Own Progress?

To remove the kinds of triggers that keep so many Twins stuck in loops of back and forths and “I want you/I can’t stand you” types of scenarios where they’re taking two steps forwards and one step back, have a look here.

The truth is, those triggers that make you angry or upset aren’t really “you”. It’s the human conflict and fear paradigms passed onto you in ancestry and society…

And if your Twin has acted in a hurtful or distant way towards you, it’s not an expression of their soul’s truth, it’s the human “virus programming”.

Clearing these “virus programs” out of you and your Twin’s systems for good can revolutionize your whole Twin Flame journey.

Click here for a session where you’re taken through this step by step – all you have to do is listen along.

Counting Your Blessings

This is set to be a week with many energetic shifts. My personal advice is to do your best to close the door on the past early this week with the New Moon, resolve that the future will be different and lighter…

Then work to tap into the calm flow of the Taurus/Venus energies available to you this week. To do so, cleanse out any static and congested energy, and resolve to relax, let go, align with love.

Smell the proverbial roses, count your blessings, open your eyes to the love that surrounds you already in whatever small way you can find.

When you do this, you’ll find you invite in love in bigger and bigger ways.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey!

I’m so honored to be on this beautiful path alongside you. <3

Cassady x

Want more? For an easy, smooth way to clear blocks, heal your energy and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here.

twin flame program

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– Clarity, Victoria, Australia


Alternatively you can try our Free Help Kit For Twin Flames here

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  1. Cassady, what a wonderful article. Thank you and spirit for all the guidance. My Twin and I are in spiritual union 5 years ago. Our anniversary is on the 28 of april. Sending all the Twins my love.

  2. Thank you Cassady for all your guidance x I just wanted to share something with everyone about the important work we do on this journey which makes it so much more than just about the union. My spirit family just gave me an amazing healing during which a massive mistrust and fear of men that I’ve had my whole life was lifted and replaced with love and trust. I realised that I come from generations of abused women on both sides of my family, both physical and mental / emotional. During this healing not only was the ancestral abuse cleared but I felt it had far reaching implications for both women and men across the world. This my friends is the true beauty of our path…

  3. Thank you for this wonderful resource. I only recently discovered that this connection I have is actually my TF (after running/chasing over past 5 years). And I cried and cried as EVERYTHING I read about this TF connection made complete sense. I wasn’t going crazy. There are reasons for this (sometimes) impossible relationship. My twin and I are in separation right now and have been for 4 months. But this time it’s different. I physically feel his energy in the Sacrel over the years. I know when he wakes in the morning. I know if he’s sending loving thoughts or sending energy to remove my headaches. It’s usually a beautiful feeling. But the past few weeks it has become an uncomfortable feeling at times. Almost like cramping. I have also recognised the timing of this uncomfortable feeling seems to be on a fri or sat night. And I’m wondering if he is now starting to date? Could this be the reason? And if so is there any way of turning it down or blocking the feeling? I still hold out hope that we will unite again but in the mean time how can I manage this energy between us? Has anyone else experienced this physical energy connection?

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