Evening the scales

“Dear Twin Flames,

This coming week of April 2015 will be one where the energies encourage and gently push you to seek and find balance. Look at your current situation and get a feel for where you could make adjustments for increased fulfillment and happiness. Your home life, your career, your relationship – where are you out of balance? Where do you feel unfulfilled right now?

The focus for the Twin Flames to come together is to find balance both within and between themselves. You are now being asked to look at where in your life you are out of balance so that you can find balance within yourself, readying yourself for union – which is the ultimate balance between you and your divine counterpart’s energies.

Drawing back your energy

So ask yourself, where in your life are you giving more than you are receiving? It is important to reach a balance of energy flowing in and out. Look at what habits you have of relating to others – are your relationships balanced in terms of family, friends, love? If not, what can you do to address that imbalance at this point? Ask your guides to help you bring insight that you can use to move forward. And if you feel depleted or weary, imagine a brilliant sun shining above your head drawing back your energy that you may have expended in dealing with others, and bringing it back into your body. This will strengthen you. Do this regularly for maximum benefit.

Getting to where the magic happens

This search for balance also applies to your Twin Flame dynamic: think about two joints of a pipeline – if they are not lining up, water cannot flow through; it will be lost through leakages and the water will never get from its starting point to its intended destination. Perfect alignment creates perfect flow on the energetic plane. And you and your Twin are, above all, energetic beings. If there is imbalance, there will be blockages to the free flow of energy and to your coming together. When you are in balance and in flow, magic starts to happen in life – there are no more “leakages” seeping out your strength, and you are swiftly pulled forwards on the path to your desires.

Resolving separation

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