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Female Twin Flames are called on to step into their fiery power to Complete the Union and Assist the Collective. Plus, we’re reminded why so many Twins go through challenges in early life...


April is a highly significant month for Twin Flames this year, not only did we just have a complete cycle restart for Twins and other Lightworkers on April 7th where the Super Moon/Sun and Uranus pushed and helped us to strip away old identity structures and align closer with our true soul selves, but we’re heading right into Mars Retrograde on April 17th.

The collective Masculine energy fields are then set to be purged of their shadow aspects around abuse of power, aggression, sexual violence and their motivating energies – fear and ego insecurities.

This is a big cosmic project that will be going on for a few months to come, but the results promise to be increased openness and ability to love on the part of males and those with an emphasis on the masculine polarity. We’ll go into more depth in next week’s forecast – because this week the spotlight is on the female.

The Warrior Princess

Venus has just entered Aries – the feminine is being called on to step into her full power, the archetype of the warrior princess. Unafraid, courageous, strong, independent. These Aries energies are strongly supporting the feminine in embracing power, strength and action.

I’m being shown that many Twin Flame females and lightworkers, especially of the later waves, are on earth with a mission to embody new feminine energy templates. To “gift” humanity new identities, new archetypes.


Historically, ideals of femininity have been highly limited on earth, and females have not been given power of self definition the way males are. Lightworkers and Twins are here to help break up old limiting structures – many are born in female bodies but with an emphasis on masculine traits and energy, or who are simply unwilling to submit to the existing roles available to women.

The Twin Flame Balancing Act

Often Twins and Lightworkers feel they never fit in while growing up, and we are reminded that as way showers and providers of new archetypes this is a natural by product because there is no one out there like us.

Spirit commends those who are able to stay true to themselves despite the often immense pressure from family and society to ‘fit in’ and adhere to existing gender roles.

We can heal a lot of old wounds by accessing the inner child to clear negative experiences out of our energy fields – this is a profound way to clear underlying blocks that can have been causing disruption between the Twin Flames too. We go through this in my new Inner Child Healing.

Venus in Aries is all about the female embracing her own power, recognizing her own strength, being fearless.

And she is now supported strongly in this by Mars in Sagittarius! There is a sense of the Twins being fiercely proud of each other as souls, being on this adventure of helping the planet and journeying towards unconditional love together.

There is a great cosmic balancing act going on right now, with the Twin Flames on the main stage: The Masculine polarity is being “feminized” and uplifted, while the Feminine polarity is “masculinized” and empowered.

As with the Twin couples, there is an emphasis on balance and harmony. We are here not only to reach balance as a pair, but to assist a balancing for the collective. To clear out congestion and negativity and download new programming and light codes for Union, have a look at my second Energy Clearing Session for Twin Flames here.

Positive Encouragement

We’re reminded for those who have been struggling lately, to feel deep inside to where your soul knowing lies. The truth is that earth life is only a part of who we are as souls – twins share a foundation of complete love for each other from the very beginning of existence. The message is: “You’ve got this”.

Later in the week Venus receives stimulation from Pluto, stirring the feminine to recognize the places where she has denied her own power, given away her freedom and action to others. Aries is the sign of the warrior, the pioneer. Now, Pluto is assisting the feminine in releasing anything that has compromised her power, her action, her self belief.

This is a continuation of the strong cycle shift from the New Moon. Anything that’s been holding us back is being brought up to be cleared.

Many females have patterns of self doubt, self criticism, undermining their own power and decisions, needing others’ approval, needing others to be on board before taking action or making a decision. Most often these patterns are carried from generation to generation, mother to daughter.

It is how we learn to be “human”, to imprint our parents’ issues. How to be a “real woman”, a “good girl”. Twins are here to break open these perceptions, put an end to limiting karma and stagnant energy patterns.

Only when the two Twin Flames are free within themselves and able to be true to themselves, can harmony and complete union exist. The same is true for the collective. As long as males and females are playing roles, their hearts are not truly open to unconditional love.


The Power Of The Voice

Come midweek, we have an exciting interaction between Neptune and Jupiter trine Mercury in Taurus – and amazing time for communicating love. Taurus rules the throat and singing, and there is an emphasis now on how the voice carries energy vibrations and “light codes”.

If you’re a singer or a speaker, someone who uses their voice in some way – expect to feel supercharged with divine power now. It might feel like the higher realms speaking, your soul coming through your voice. There is a strong connection between crown and throat chakras right now (if you’re fairly clear, this will mean immense and powerful flow but if there are blocks, they can be triggered to flare up now).

Experiment with healing through the voice this week, even if you’ve never done this before. Pay attention to the effects of your voice and your words and the sounds you make. Feel how the simple act of humming influences the feeling in your body.


Expressing Your Truth

This is why monks chant, why “OM”, the “sacred syllable of all existence” is used during meditation – it has a waveform vibration that sends a high vibration frequency into the very cellular structure of the body. Binaural beat audios are great at utilising this for healing, but right now it’s all about using your own voice.

Science shows that cats soothe and heal themselves with purring – sending vibrations into their own bodies – and ancient cultures had temples for sound healing. Experimenting with this now is set to be very fruitful.

As Pluto is also trine Mercury in Taurus, we can expect that subconscious issues relating to self expression will be coming up for healing. Any hidden reasons you don’t feel comfortable expressing yourself, especially around others.

Expressing our truth through the throat chakra is part of our healthy functioning, so if you have issues with being able to speak up or share your voice with the world, you most likely have blocks here.

Opening Up To Your Full Potential

The throat chakra first develops during childhood (approx. 8-12) so if you had any challenging life events around this time, such as changing schools or not fitting in, or parents so busy with divorce that you felt ignored or not heard, or you’ve felt like you’ve had to keep a lot of secrets you most likely have some healing work to do with this chakra. Similarly if you were born with Mercury retrograde in your chart.

When energy gets stuck in particular chakras, it blocks the free flow of our spiritual potential – clearing our energy uplifts our journey in so many areas at once, as doors that were once closed come open.

Why It Had To Be That Way

Lastly, we’re given a message by spirit that many Twins experience hardship early in life in order to form a strong foundation from which to assist humanity from later in life, after Ascension has happened and we’re energetically clear. We ourselves volunteered to this.

Spirit has reminded me many times: If you didn’t experience those challenging things then, how would you know how to help others now? How would you understand human existence and what so many struggle with if you yourself hadn’t struggled?

If you look back to your beginnings in life, there will be traces of clues that point in the direction of your “mission”, challenges you experienced might have been there specifically so that you as a soul could know the experience from the inside so that you could then help others overcome that very trauma.

The great thing for Twins is that the challenging beginnings are usually set to shift into an increased sense of freedom and joy later. We come here to share love and joy, and this is what we’re assisted to experience once we’ve “understood”.

Know that Your Efforts Are Paying Off

Spirit wants us to know that our meditation, energy clearing and soul journeys within are very helpful in smoothing and speeding up the Ascension process. It helps very strongly in releasing negativity so that we can move up into higher vibrations for good and align with more and more positivity – opening up to Divine Timing.

Divine Timing is not about the Universe making a decision that you’re worthy or unworthy, or that you have to wait or be more patient because the universe decrees so…

The expression “Divine Timing” means that your energy is in alignment with what you desire, and therefore it comes to you. Until it’s a match, the universe can’t make it happen, because it’s a case of “tuning into the right channel”.

When we take responsibility for our part of the journey, the message goes, the rest of our lives flow a lot smoother than the first part. Their message is that Twins were aware of this when coming to earth – that we would be expected to co-create our Union and our bliss.

We Twin Flames knew that Soul Reunion would not be imposed on us, but co-created with us by the universe as we learned to manage our energy and manifest consciously, following our hearts back to each other…


As always, I am sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x



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  1. Greetings, and many thanks for all the encouragement you are gifting to us. I look forward to reading the updates every week. I have not written for some time, but I started my day today, remembering a dream last night, my twin was singing to me! I didn’t know he could sing so well. I have had my focus brought to throat chakra lately. Thank you for the direction with this. When reading this message, I knew I needed to write.

    1. Jane, that’s so beautiful! Congratulations! Could it be you and your Twin’s “soul song” perhaps? 😉 Songs speak so deeply to the soul x <3 Cassady

  2. As far as I can tell whether twin comes back or not-I get to become the person I’ve been dreaming of becoming through this process! I was just thinking this past week how I really need to work with healing the reason I always talk so fast and feel the need to not talk too long for fear of people not wanting to hear my opinion or thoughts. This has bothered me for so very long and here it is, up for healing! I already could feel this past weekend throat stuff coming into play and wondered what was changing now. I’ve also continued to feel the inner strength come through in such a palpable way that is laughable at this point. I’m RISING. PERIOD. My work has tripled in less than 2 months and for the first time in my life I feel it’s all coming together. I’m becoming the vision I had aspired to be years ago, I just couldn’t reach her. I’ve done years of work on myself, fantastic work and nothing can compare to the change has taken place this past year. So, thank you universe, ascended Masters, Mary Magdalene and so many others for this amazing journey to bringing me to my highest potential. It’s so beautiful that’s it’s already worth it!!!! It’s been hard but the scale is tipping into th rewards and it’s breathtaking. Thank you Cassidy and all others on this journey that are a guiding light! Xoxo??

  3. My goodness Cassady, this article was so intense – thank you! Especially the part with “Divine Timing”, i think so many of us (including me) got this “concept” wrong… you explained it so simple and it totally resonated with me… now i have my answer!

    1. Oh I’m so glad to hear that, Kat! That’s how I felt too and my Twin and guides were so keen to reach through and explain this, because I’d felt so discouraged early on my journey… Energy is so “neutral” and straight-forward, there really is no judgment being made, it’s just a question of whether it’s a match or not. Quite a relief! xx <3 Cassady

  4. Wow! Congratulations, Innerchi! How lovely, and I hope you had a great birthday x And I’m glad you enjoyed the article <3 Sending you love and light for all your wonderful continued journey together

  5. I get all of this, but why do I struggle feeling that my twin is “hiding” from me in the physical plane. They know who I am and we are close ethericly, but they ignore me and stay distant in the physical world. I feel staying open and close in the connection only enables their hiding from me in the physical world. I can’t find a balance with this. Thank you for being there for us!

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