Unity Is Calling – In The Most Unexpected Places. Worlds Changing, Dreams Breaking Open. Did You Know Your Twin’s Higher Self Is Doing This For You?

Welcome into another brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Powerful Full Moon in Libra. Self vs other themes in focus. As a pair and as a planet, separation vs oneness are shifting.

Plus, once in a lifetime transit as Jupiter meets Neptune – unity consciousness “wants” to reach through. Are you open?

Discover more below!

Will You Journey With Us?

Before we start, I have some special news.

There has been so much positive feedback for the Twin Flame Soul Alchemy group coaching over the last 9 months…

So I have been guided to take another group through this high level transformation when this beautiful circle of Twin Flames “graduate”.

If you have been waiting for a change that seems slow to show up, I encourage you to apply now so we can get started on creating major quantum shifts for your connection.

twin flame coaching

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Major Transformation

We are still in a period of major transformation this week.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune is exact now, and is a highly rare and powerful transit that only happens once every 12 years. It will not happen in Pisces again for another 150 years.

This is literally a once in a lifetime transit, which can bring transcendence and “heaven on earth” but can be difficult to deal with due to shadow potentials.

It’s a challenging current to master and benefit from.

Transcendence, Illumination…

The reason is, these planets both deal with higher potential and spiritual illumination.

But the big pitfall is being trapped in emotions, victimhood and powerlessness.

So as mentioned last week, Jupiter conjunct Neptune can bring illumination and awakening, inspirations for life changing developments and ideas…

“Miracles”, “magic”…

In The Dark, Light Can Be Found

But Neptune in particular can bring heaviness, powerlessness and feelings of being hopeless in the face of suffering in the world or your own life – especially when amplified by Jupiter.

This won’t necessarily be easy, but you’ll find that in the depths of despair lie glimmers of light through compassion for yourself and others… leading into unconditional love… 

Or, you may dive into your own unconscious and retrieve pearls of wisdom and transcendent artistic creation.

Collective Unconsciousness In Focus

To flow with the highest potential, self awareness, discernment and energy management is key.

Make sure you’re not absorbing others’ unconscious emotions and suffering…

Because the intense Pisces energies (Jupiter, Neptune, Venus and Mars are all now in Pisces) create a blurring of boundaries.

It means we’ll be more easily dragged into others’ emotions and heaviness.

How do you know? Things can feel confusing, hopeless and heavy without it “making logical sense”.

Learn how to protect your energy, cut cords and lift into the highest potential for your path, here. I take you through it step by step.


Changes In Destiny

As Jupiter/Neptune trine Pluto, there is a major reality shift working to happen. Encouraging us to reach into unity consciousness.

Pluto’s influence involves death/rebirth power, sex, secrets, inheritance and the unconscious.

This is set to be a period where we have major “changes in destiny”. Power structures may crumble or “detox”, to make way for a higher state. 

Changing Of Guards

People in positions of power may either change their perspective and choices, or be removed in some way.

People who are “brand new” to influence, may reach into a widespread platform.

Overall, spirit shows us a change of roles. There are big shifts. Key characters leave, new ones step in. On the soul level also.

 Somehow, we are being guided firmly, as agreed prior to life.

Lessons Un-Learned.

We are shown, it’s not solely positive. Because there are lessons we – humanity AND the Twin Flame collective – have not learned.

And it is about building the higher reality “new earth”. Operating from Unity.

Technically the energy grids are already there in place, but so many are not yet ACTING on the higher states.

They are still playing out unconsciousness and the karma of conflict.

Life Changing Gateway For Twin Flames

For Twin Flames, Jupiter conjunct Neptune with Pluto’s involvement is HUGE. It’s a life changing transit that can completely change your situation.

It’s not always positive and CAN trigger the desire to cut the connection off for good. But it can bring positive changes as well.

We are shown in some cases, the Twin Flames’ higher self journeying deeper into the physical in order to shake up the lower self and move the journey forward.

Are You Really Open?

Another element of this “reality change”, is Saturn square the North Node.

This indicates there are challenges between the future and soul purpose VS the past/karma/conservatism.

It signals that we are in many cases RESISTING the very new existence we are praying and asking for.


An example would be – praying for peace on earth, and yet acting and focusing on conflict in our lives.

Or pleading for our Twin to return for love, then pushing them away in anger.

Saturn shows us that WE ourselves have to be an active part in our prayers and positive intentions.

We have to take responsibility for ourselves.

No one can impose love on us, if we are in a state of hatred. (More on this process here)

“It Takes What It Takes”

For Twin Flames, it shows that KARMA is the reason you may feel that your journey is not moving forward.

And things may be taking longer than you would like or staying stuck in repeating cycles. (Saturn rules both time and karma).

It takes as long as it takes, is the message. 

Because to shift the “outside”, you must in TRUTH and FULLY shift on the inside. “As within, so without”.

Each action, has a repercussion. Cause and effect applies to us all. This is why many are “stuck”. If we do not shift WITHIN, the outer reality cannot shift.

(For help, go here)

Neutralizing To Open To Flow

And if that sounds like a heavy burden to bear, especially if you have been waiting and hoping and praying and trying…

My best advice is work with quantum tools and energy. Because it delivers the most effective shifts I’ve seen – including physical world breakthroughs.

(Have a look at these Twin Flames’ experiences, for real life examples)

The truth is, once you find the one block in your system that may have set you up with a negative experience repeating in cycles, it will resolve.

For instance, repeated experiences of rejection with your Twin…

Once you zap through that energy charge and neutralize it, it shifts in your physical world too.

Blasting Through Twin Flame Blocks

 Energy work is the most impactful method I have discovered in almost 10 years of working with Twin Flames. It really delivers results in a very short space of time.

So if you feel tired, this is where to look.

To zap through foundational blocks quickly, go here where I take you through clearing the most common sources of Twin Flame blocks and separation.


(Note that this is a recorded workshop. It is an active participation, not an energy journey where you simply relax and get benefits.

But if you want results, this is a game changer. This info is essential for the Twin Flame journey, and you will be so much more open after this.) 

“I’ve noticed massive shifts in the dynamic between us since I found your work. For example, my Twin will call me or message me while I’m doing your sessions or straight afterwards. Since I found you, he believes in the concept of Twin Flames and has told me that he thinks we are twins, so that speaks in itself!” – Dionne, VA, USA

“I’ve learned so much about energy and the Twin Flame journey, and it has made such a difference. ” – Jenna, CA, USA 

More testimonials here

Heightened Sensitivity In Love

Also this week, Mars joins Venus in Pisces. This brings themes of deepening emotions and spiritualization of relationships – and unity consciousness in focus.

The blessing and challenge is that sensitivity is on an all time high in relationships – especially for Twin Flames!

Telepathy and the “non physical” aspects of the connection are set to be even more active over the coming month…

But a risk is that you may be reacting to outside emotions, heaviness and patterns. (For help, go here)

There may be illusion or uncertainty, and there will likely be a contrast between the higher self and “lower” self’s ego actions.

Heaven Or …?

The peak potential of this time is unification and unconditional love. However, shadows are escapism, victimhood and fantasy.

The soul self is set to be more active and involved in the connection, but you may be frustrated that the lower self is not matching this.

Expect songs, signs, angel numbers, dreams and more as your counterpart’s soul works to show you their intent and undying love.

(If this is not happening for you, it’s because of congestion. Learn in this article how to open and receive more guidance and help on your journey).

twin flame telepathy

Powerful Full Moon In Libra

Saturday we have a powerful Full Moon in Libra. It happens in a square to Pluto, and a trine to Mars and Saturn.

It signals that taking ACTION and moving forward is the solution to whatever challenges you may have been experiencing in relationships…

But it also indicates you may be unwilling to go there.

Many would prefer to stay in conflict, emotions of hurt and mistreatment, and “owning” the idea that others have wronged them.

Releasing Conflict

As the Full Moon hits in opposition to Chiron and Pallas, we see that whatever hurt has been triggered lately, is actually rooted in the PAST.

It’s to do with feeling rejected by other people. And they are old wounds.

Childhood related, or even from karmic patterns including past lives.

The cosmic wisdom says, be willing to release the emotions of hurt now and stop nurturing  ideas of “wrongness”.

The Way Forward.

Remember that forgiveness is for YOUR sake.

It is so that you don’t have to carry pain and hurt in your being.

We’re asked now to release the past, and be pragmatic and action oriented about the future. Move toward your positive goals instead of focusing on past wrongs.

This is the way forward.

Sure, you may feel like doing the opposite, but this is the cosmic message and the solution. Use your higher mind, and focus on what you want more of.


Not Experiencing Unity? 

Throughout the coming weeks Mars and Venus move further apart.

If you have had a reconnection since their “reunion” in February, enjoy.

This is a solid new chapter that you will continue to deepen and evolve.

If you have not experienced the 3D unity you were wanting, know that there may be more work needed on either side of your connection…

And do your best to see it as a work in progress.

Toxins Affecting The Twin Flames

Any absence of love or unity is NOT intended personally, spirit says.

 Your counterpart may be the one who is not “ready” because they are too full of ego patterns or toxins.

If so, you can speed up the process so that you move closer and into harmony. (Learn more about how to handle this here)


Correcting Course

As Mars conjuncts Juno, ruler of soul relationships, we see that the counterpart’s higher self is working to guide them, trying to help them to correct course if necessary.

Spirit has the following advice for Twins whose counterpart seems hopelessly stuck in 3D patterns, ego and not being open to love and unity.

What is the “win” for them in staying unconscious?

And what are they unconsciously afraid of, with awakening?

Fear Of Facing The Self

Their advice is, that many unawakened Twins are afraid of facing THEMSELVES.

In staying unconscious and unaware, in ego, conflict and staying shut off, they are “safe” from their own judgment.

Awakening means, they will have to admit to themselves that they have not been their highest and most evolved.

They will have to face up to hurt they have brought. So they are trying to escape into unawareness. Spirit says, in many cases they KNOW.

The Secret About Runner Twins

They are afraid of not being accepted, so they play it safe by “fitting in” with the regular world. Because if they awaken and you reject them, they cannot forget again.

So what is the solution? You can help their soul trigger awakening in them, which is their own higher Free Will choice from the “inside out”…

Or, you can forgive them no matter what, and show them that you will not punish them for any harm brought to you. That you are OK either way.

This means they will not have such fear of getting close or opening up to you.

The Twin Flame Runner’s Pain

If this is your situation, their soul is eager to let you know, it is not your burden to bear. You should be celebrated and loved and cherished.

 They want us to know, someone who is running from their truth and their Twin Soul, is never happy.

Their soul will give you a sign of their presence, and they want you to know their loyalty is to YOU. Not their lower self.

You deserve the world, is what they tell us.

And they are sorry if things have not been good for you. They will work to change it. Even if it means hurting their own self in the process.

Inspiration, Unexpected Info Incoming

This weekend, Mercury joins Uranus in Taurus. This is a transit of higher insights, inspiration, electricity and “advanced” new solutions.

It’s a time of receiving ideas, new perspectives, which help you move forward in leaps and bounds.

This is “magic” energy, in terms of communication and mental understanding.

You may also receive unexpected communication and information, including from your Twin’s soul or information that helps you move toward unity.

New Info On Love

As Mercury conjuncts Uranus in a trine to Venus, the info incoming likely pertains to love.

This new information is all about clarity, higher truths and breaking open a situation that may have seemed stuck. It can also relate to “starseed” info, higher spiritual insights or something that opens your perspective wide.

For best results, go within so you are available to the insights, “downloads” and codes working to reach you.

A Weeek For Deep Change

A new chapter is starting, and the cosmic message is, put yourself first right now.

And the rest of life will fall into place.

This is set to be a week of deep changes, and looking back a few months from now you’ll see why things happened the way they did.

In short, we are in the process of shifting out of the reality of division and into unity consciousness.

It may not be smooth along the way, but if you can hold oneness within, it will flow with ease in the “outer” world as well.

If you would like more direct help with this, remember to apply for coaching here.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

twin flame union

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