Rooting Out Self Worth Lies To Open To Twin Flame Harmony. New Plutonian Era Intensifies With Libra Full Moon… And, Did you Know This “Undercover” Change Was Happening With The Masculine Twin? 


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: 

Pluto’s new Aquarian influence expands, bringing frustrations which are divinely guided.

Plus, Powerful Full Moon in Libra, and Sun conjunct Chiron the wounded healer, puts pressure on underlying issues around self worth.

A week for deep healing – but your counterpart’s higher self is guiding throughout, reaching through with unconditional love…

Discover more below! 

A New Era

We’re entering into a week full of transformative potential – and we are now officially in a new era, astrologically speaking!

With Pluto in Aquarius and Saturn now in Pisces, we are entering into a brand new chapter, which we may already notice emerging.

(Especially since the Aries New Moon at the beginning of last week).

Pluto is a slow moving but intense force, and his influence will begin to shift the themes of collective experiences and the Twin Flame journey over coming years.

Detoxing The Third Eye

Maybe you already have noticed this:

The third eye is strongly in focus, and you may have been feeling pressure around this chakra or your brow area, as Pluto pushes for a detox of any “lies” you have taken on.

What does that mean?

In spiritual terms, you are an infinite, unlimited being of light and can always manifest your dreams into physical reality.

Anything that tells you this is NOT so, is a spiritual “lie”, and Pluto will work to push you to detox it over coming years.

Releasing Outworn Connections

He may also work to rid your life of outworn friend connections, work situations or other “affiliations” that have held you back from your true soul path and power.

If something has been limiting or toxic to you, Pluto will work to free you from it now.

It may not be as easy as it sounds, however, as the deeper fears and wounds that held them in your life are triggered.

For example, if you have had a history of friendships where you were betrayed, Pluto would push you to recognize the origin of the pattern – most often childhood – see how it affected your Twin Flame connection, so you can clear them now and start over.

The Issue With TF Attachments

Often, the reason Twin Flames get knocked “off course” on their journey is attachments and cords to outsiders – including exes, karmic partners, friends and even family members…

The reason is that the Union journey is all about purification of the Twin Flames back to love. And outsider attachments and cords keep the pair looped into a non-soul frequency that causes distortions.

Clearing outworn soul contracts and dealing with attachments to exes is a crucial step to enter into Union.

“Outsider” attachments can indeed prolong separation/running and block reunion – so it’s a powerful way to break open the connection to unity.

Have a look here for the Complete Twin Flame Harmony Healing session where I take you through it step by step to open you to togetherness and harmony once more.

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Twin Flame Soul Experiences

For Twin Flames, Pluto in Aquarius will also increase soul experiences and starseed activations!

You may begin to notice yourself having more astral experiences with your counterpart, and to be pushed to fully open to the non-physical aspect of romance.

We’re shown that this can be a wildly passionate and immensely blissful love experience with your Twin Soul, and you may be shown to really “give yourself to” that side of the connection rather than solely focusing on the 3D physical.


Then when you have fully opened, the 3D physical next opens up, is the message. (More on that here)

Pluto will begin to ignite the Twin Flame connection on a more “advanced ascension level” than before…

And you will likely experience an increase in the “supernatural” as he travels through Aquarius – especially if you release any toxins and fully activate your third eye chakra.



Aside from these “deep underground shifts”, there are some challenges this week.

With Mercury square Pluto, tying in the North Node, we see that we on the 3D “ego level” may feel impatient and wish to rush forward.

But the cosmic wisdom shows us that there are some factors we are not aware of yet.

Things may have to fall into place, or we may need a deeper level of understanding, or we may need to reach a higher vibration or clear a limiting belief…

You’ll likely feel that things “should” be moving forward quickly but there are delays.

Things may feel slow or challenged.

The Magic Of Going Within

It’s due to collective soul lessons, to a large part, and Pluto tells us that going within and getting your INNER world into a state of harmony is what will lead you to your ideal.

Not rushing and pushing on the outside, however tempting that seems right now.

Yes, take action on your guidance and your desires, says Mars sextile North Node/Mercury… But release the patterns of power/opposition/fighting/conflict/desperation, says Pluto.

Otherwise your actions will carry distorted results.

Mercury Retrograde Shadow

This is particularly heightened as Mercury is in now the shadow zone of his retrograde beginning in May.

You’ll likely undergo a period of deepening your understanding and becoming more mentally aligned with your ideal these next two months.

By the end of May, you will see why things may have seemed stalled or blocked now.

The Key: Self Perception

We also have Sun conjunct Chiron this week, which shows great healing around self perception and identity.

It is happening in Aries, sign of self, action and individualism.

This shows us that how we SEE ourselves is crucial for how we approach life, how our relationships pan out and what we ultimately experience.

Chiron always triggers deeper wounds to come up, so any early life trauma around feeling rejected, unloved, not “good enough” or criticised will likely be triggered.

twin flame coaching

Phantoms Of The Past

Remember this, if “now moment phantoms” of old negativity shows up in some form.

It’s a “mirror” working to help you ultimately to heal.

It may feel unpleasant, but you can use what happens in this period as a cosmic gift to move forward, freer and more open to love and harmony.

How? Clear what comes up by using energy healing, like the guided sessions for Twin Flames here.

Since Jupiter is joined with Chiron and the Sun, it does show us that now moment blessings or positivity can be a great help in releasing past wounds.

Expecting Problems?

Spirit tells us, this particularly deals with the planets trying to support us to release any unconscious “self fulfilling prophecies” of expecting disappointment and letdowns.

So look at your Twin Flame connection. Have you on any level been subtly expecting problems?

Ultimately, this is a childhood pattern – and now is the time to deal with it once and for all!

Because it will unfortunately ONLY cause negativity and struggle for you, especially with your Twin Flame.

Growing Up With These Beliefs…

You were born a “blank slate” in so many ways.

But as you grew up, you were given and absorbed beliefs and ideas about what the world was supposedly like and what you were going to experience.

This is where so many Twin Flame blocks stem from.

Because unfortunately, when we have a strong belief, even if it’s unconscious, it becomes attracted and reinforced energetically.

So if you can understand and release this energetically now – zap it at the root – you can move forward on a much higher level of harmony.

Go here, and I’ll help you step by step. All you have to do is listen along and I’ll take you through it.

Masculine Twin “Stirring”

Mercury/North Node sextile Mars also indicates that there are things happening with the Masculine Twin – Pluto signals to have patience even if it feels challenging.

Mercury in the shadow zone indicates that there are things about the Masculine Twin that are not yet clear, that will be revealed over coming months!

Internal thoughts and emotions they are having.

A process of questioning, especially regarding their destiny and path in life, and the greater themes of existence.

(More in my article on the Unawakened Twin Flame)

Full Moon In Libra

With Venus sextile Neptune throughout the week, we see that your counterpart’s HIGHER self will be strongly expressing themselves and supporting this week.

Or rather, you will notice it more (they are always there working to reach you).

Wednesday’s Full Moon in Libra is also putting pressure on us for the future path.

Happening opposite the Sun in Aries, this is all about self vs other, the collective versus the individual.

Magnetism Or Dilution?

This can be challenging for Twin Flames, as we are one original self divided”…

We are reminded by spirit that a key to the Twin Flame journey is to return to our authentic *self* as individuals.

Because we then activate our shared Twin Flame soul song”, a clarion call to attract our counterpart in harmony.

This is all about Magnetism, which we deal with in the Twin Flame gold coaching – when you are magnetic, you attract your Twin with ease.

When you are out of alignment, it can feel like whatever you do is repelling them…!

What Is Your Soul Saying?

If you’re sacrificing your truth or abandoning your own “bliss”, you are likely finding it very hard to call in your counterpart physically.

(If so, a crucial step is to get back in alignment with your “soul song” and the Twin Flame bond!)

If your Twin Flame seems out of reach – could it be your souls are calling for you as an *individual* to find your way back to your OWN authentic truth?

Could it be your own system is calling for you to deal with your own SELF first?

To fully embrace yourSELF in love? (This is what aligns you with love on the “outside” too!)

(More on that here)

The Deepest Bond

When you can stand strong in your own truth, you will find the Twin Flame connection opens up more smoothly – because you are aligned with the deepest bond of love.

Yes, there may be inner work and past hurts that need disentangling for you to find this easy to do – if were feeling pulled in different directions or full of old fear it can be hard to be true to ourselves.

Do you need some help with this? Your Twin Flames higher self is ready and waiting to assist you.

(Have a look here where I take you through an etheric transmission, where they step forth and take the journey with you.)


This week can bring challenges, but ultimately it’s working to help you heal and to liberate you from past toxins.

You may be pushed uncomfortably to release old “baggage”, but the rewards are immense!

Opening your Twin Flame bond once more, on such a deep level that nothing can shake up the connection anymore from either side.

That’s when you know you have reached true balance, true harmony.

You have everything it takes and more!

And until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

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