Powerful Full Moon Shines Light On Oneness Versus Individuality – Synchronicities Working To Guide Twins Home To Love… Feel Like You’re Walking Through A Dream? There’s A Reason

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:
Did you know your counterpart has been waiting for you this whole time?

Discover more below!

Secrets Revealed, Hidden Motivations

You’ve probably been noticing this week’s first transit already – when Mercury trines Pluto communication goes deep, probing, stopping at nothing to find the truth, answers…

Digging up secrets and deeper motivations.

As these are happening between Virgo and Capricorn there are likely things that have been avoided that come out in the open now, regarding the PHYSICAL side of the connection.

Spirit encourages Twins to discuss any practical challenges they may have been having, with their counterpart. (If you’re dealing with an unawakened Twin have a look at this article on how to broach the subject without “scaring them away”)

How Would YOU Want THEM To Talk To You?

The more honest you are about how you’re feeling, the more your counterpart can hear you and actually help you address what you’ve been experiencing.

Talk to them the way you wish someone would broach big subjects with you. Consider how they may be feeling. This is a time for getting things off your chest.

(For best results clear your energy FIRST so you don’t get triggered or bring heavy emotions to the table. If you can stay in a high vibration, you’ll attract and draw out a more harmonious interaction and get a better result – no matter who you’re talking to. Use my free kit here)


“Hi Cassady, I have been doing this meditation for around last 2 months and the results are truly amazing. Each time I do this session, something special happens in my physical reality.” – Sally, New South Wales, Australia

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What’s Been Hiding All Along… Take Courage

It may sound ominous, the fact that Mercury trine Pluto brings up secrets to be revealed… But this time we see that it’s a good thing.

Spirit shows us the deeper motivations coming to light, Twins stop hiding out of fear.

And the amazing thing is, what’s been hiding all along is love…

The counterparts now being brave enough to be open with each other. Spirit shows us the Twin Flames opening up about how they want to be together.

Speaking up is a key theme this full moon especially. And we see the counterparts (even those who seemed disinterested) have had enough of holding back.

They don’t want to wait anymore. We see reconciliations happening for many.

(Are you close to reuniting with your counterpart? Check this video for the signs)


Passion Grows Deep, Fiery

As Mercury conjuncts Venus in this trine to Pluto we see strong and deep passion between the counterparts pushing to get out.

Love can get incredibly fiery this week – in an amazing way if you’re on good terms (if you’re not have a look at the Oneness activation because their higher self DOES love and want you in every way)

If you’re not on good terms, the great thing is you’re more likely to be able to pinpoint the past hurts and fears that have got between you.

Even the Twin who’s stuck in “ego”/“unawakened” will be likely to see their deeper motivations of fear and how it’s holding them back long term…

Reconciliation is possible where it may have seemed out of reach. Love and communication align to get to the core of the matter.

Planning For The Long Run,
Plus First Time Twin Flame Meetings

As Mars trines Saturn this week too we see that the long-term is on people’s minds. The masculine Twin is considering the long run of life and how things may pan out if he doesn’t go for true love now.

“He’s” being nudged powerfully by the universe to take practical action steps to make reunion happen.

Spirit also shows us Twins who have never met their counterpart in person, that this is being put into motion.

The universe is nudging the unawakened Twin to action, to get to a meeting – either online or in person. It’s likely to happen this week we’re shown.

They’re Out There Searching…

As well as this we see Twins who haven’t yet met their counterpart…

And yet unbeknownst to them their “other self” is out there in the world SEARCHING for them. Wanting to meet. Having had dreams, visions, chakra activations, seeing 11:11 and more…

This is also being facilitated and nudged into happening by guidance and the universal energies. There are a lot of exciting developments happening.

Living In A Dream – Neptune’s Effect

Does it feel like you’re in a haze, like you’re walking through a dream this week? It’s Neptune wielding his watery power over us.

Spirit shows us, a “spiritual fog” is sometimes a wonderful way to make sure we’re not thinking so clearly that we tangle ourselves up in analysis and worries…

Because when we do, we often align with and create stuff we don’t want.

What do you truly believe about your Twin Flame connection? Are you worried about the future, about what might happen if you come together (again)? If so, do make sure you clear these fears as they will only attract the very thing you don’t want.

As Abraham Hicks has said:
“Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want.”

(If you want to get ahead and sow positive seeds of manifestation for your Twin Flame future – go here. I take you through it step by step).

Challenge To Realign With Your HIGHEST Purpose

Sun opposition Neptune also asks us, are we LIVING the kind of life that’s spiritually truthful and aligned with our soul’s purpose?

If not, expect things to feel tense right now. You’re being challenged to realign with your HIGHEST purpose.

Escapism and addiction are a shadow traits of Pisces/Neptune energies, so keep an eye on yourself.

Depression means you secretly believe your dreams to be “impossible” says spirit. So if you’re feeling down, look into this. Your UNCONSCIOUS belief systems are trapping you (often the inherited stuff).

Something more is possible, but you have to untangle yourself from those old limiting webs and allow something more to show up. I can help you get started with this here

The Human Being Who Forgot They Were A Soul Of Light

Sun opposition Neptune symbolizes the human being who forgot they were a soul of light. This is in focus now. Any unhappiness revolves around this, we’re shown.

ESPECIALLY with the Twin Flames.

As Mars squares Jupiter also this week, we see that restraint is being called for.

Especially for the Masculine Twin. Many will literally not feel the same urge to act out, romantically or socially as before.

They are becoming more focused in themselves and prepared to rise higher. For now it seems they just don’t feel like acting in the “same old way” anymore – and even if they do it feels empty, shallow, unsatisfying.

The universe is showing them by way of contrast, how empty life can be without true love.

Full Moon In Pisces
– Burdens That Weren’t Yours To Carry

September 14th we have the peak of intensity – building throughout the week. As Mercury and Venus together enter Libra, the Full Moon reaches its climax in Pisces and we have an opposition between Mars and Neptune.

This indicates both a tension and release, an old burden that WASN’T EVEN YOURS TO BEAR being pushed up so you can set it down for good…

And then move into harmony, into unity.

If you’re the Feminine Twin we see you struggling less with this particular Full Moon than your counterpart – but you may likely FEEL their struggle.

Keep that in mind this week, you may be feeling THEIR emotions stronger than your own.

If this is the case, the Harmony Healing will really help – click to learn more about how this works and why you may be picking up on your Twin’s emotions.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

Major Spiritual Revelations About The Masculine
– The Karmic Reason They Have “Acted Out”

Highlighted in this period is that the Masculine Twin has been struggling with, affected by, aligned unconsciously with the HISTORIC COLLECTIVE MALE KARMA…

And that they in particular act out on it because of energetic sensitivity (as compared to “normal” males).

This means that the Twins who have been the MOST “stereotypically” masculine, with abuse, sexual activity, narcissism, power trips… Are the ones who are paradoxically the most sensitive.

They have signed up agreeing to take this darkness in their system as Twin Flame volunteer souls, so that:

1) You could release the masculine karmic pain together by you forgiving them and loving them as a SOUL despite those painful things


2) So that they eventually could awaken, learn and rise into a higher state of consciousness and symbolically release and transmute those dense energies and patterns…

Thereby paving an energetic path from the dark into light, for the masculine collective.

Why They Have Been “Channeling” Darkness Unknowingly

I’m honestly stunned as I write because this resonates so much for my personal journey and my Twin.

This is the purpose of the darkness. This is why their soul “signed up” for it.

How they acted wasn’t really “them” it was a phantom of the collective energies they were unwittingly “channeling” in their bodies.

If you have spiritual gifts, remember so do they. But whereas you have been doing work on shielding, staying in awareness…

They have likely been like an unprotected wildcard, absorbing like a sponge that kind of negativity throughout their life and expressing it as if it was who they were.

Why They Are So Afraid Deep Down

We see many of them afraid. They may have been unprepared for the weight of how this material would hold them back, hurt you.

But they still believe that love can win the day.

Spirit shows us an image of the Masculine Twin locked in their tower like a prisoner, waiting for you to come and unlock the door to set them free.

And how do you do this? By seeing the light inside them.

The secret “loving self” they may have been so scared of showing to anyone. By loving them when they were at their most unloveable.

(Read more about the Divine Masculine,
the higher self aspect of Masculine Twins, here)

The “Twin Flame Test” Of Unconditional Love

At the beginning of my own journey I had strange experiences of “tests” like this, where I dreamed of finding my Twin passed out unconscious in the street in disarray, from drugs, drinking…

And when I leaned over to care for him and said I loved him no matter what, the dream turned to light.

When speaking to psychics over the years I learned this one thing, a hallmark of the Twin Flame connection. How they always knew whether it was a true soul bond.

That unconditional love is the sign, the gate, the portal, the “tell-talle” of the true Twin connection.

Because when two souls have been one, we never truly stop loving each other even in the midst of darkness. Because we ARE each other.

(Let them show you their unconditional love for you – if you’ve been angry or upset with them it may be blocked from reaching you. Learn more here)

Vulnerability Opens To A  Complete Game-Changer

This is set to be a week full of profound revelations and epiphanies on both sides of the connection. The fruit is ripe for picking, says spirit, meaning that the Masculine Twin’s vulnerability opens to a complete game-changer.

Feel with your intuition, and when you sense the time is right, reach out in complete acceptance without expecting anything back.

If you feel skeptical, then do it as an experiment just to see. It will have a good effect regardless.

They have been waiting for you this whole time, says spirit.

Take the key, put it in the lock and open the door. There is light to come.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

“I have made such a progress in my journey just within the last months by consistently practicing the Vibrational Alignment Program. I feel like our telepathic connection has gotten stronger and clearer. My dreams are vivid and deep again as they were before and during our initial meeting four years ago, and even though we are apart I feel complete, content, and happy within myself as well as stronger than ever. “

– Detelina, Georgia, USA

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