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Another gateway opens with the New Moon in Scorpio on 11:11 – a restart in the realms of sex, power and the subconscious. Be mindful now: What you think and feel this week sets the scene for the next chapter of your journey.

This week as we enter into a highly significant New Moon event for Twin Flames, the 11:11 New Moon in Scorpio at 22:44 UTC this Wednesday. New Moons symbolize the beginning of a new phase energetically, we hit the “reset button” and this time our collective energies are entering into a new phase in terms of sexuality and power issues. 

Throughout many months now we’ve been challenged to revisit, reform and renew the Twin Flame connection – with a particular emphasis on reaching a balance both within the individual and within the pair.

New Beginnings in Love

This week’s 11:11 New Moon marks the beginning of a new phase. A lot of the old baggage around sexuality and power has been forced up and released by many Twins over recent months (willingly or unwillingly), and it’s not always been easy.

However, we are beginning to reap the rewards. This New Moon cycle indicates an opening in the energies, increased speed of manifestation – a “gateway” of light high vibrational energies filtering into our physical reality and enabling us to absorb more of the high frequencies and rise above the dregs of history’s dysfunction (especially sexual dysfunction).

Detox in the house of Sex and Power

There is an intense push for renewal right now in the realm of Scorpio and the 8th house – death/rebirth, sex, power. Scorpio’s ruler is the God of the Underworld – Pluto/Hades. Scorpio is magnetic and deep but prone to hang onto attachments – energetically it signifies delving into the subconscious, emotional and physical detox allowing us to reemerge stronger and wiser.

Old love is likely to come “back from the dead” now in some form, whether it be the return of an earlier phase of immaculate bliss experienced between Twins early on in the relationship, or an actual person who returns.

Boosting the Moon’s Benefits

As this new cycle begins, set your deliberate intentions for what you want to bring about over this next moon cycle but also for the next chapter of your Twin Flame Journey. Write down a list of desires and allow anything in the way of these desires to be released.

Use your imagination to serve you — try imagining yourself in a river of light letting the baggage float away — instead of letting your imagination run riot with potential dangers. Your mind is powerful and right now your manifestation abilities are heightened — keep an eye on what your mind is focusing on, because this is what you are aligning with and manifesting.

Create a vision board or write down your ideal situation as if you’re experiencing it right now, having the dream right now. This is powerful manifesting. Dwell in the feelings and thoughts of positivity, and you will be a magnet to more positivity.

The 11:11 gateway is a heightened door to creation at warp speed, and reminds us that with great opportunity comes great responsibility. Make sure you are creating what you desire, not focusing on what you don’t want.

Balancing the Feminine/Masculine

This New Moon is conjunct Mercury and the Sun also in Scorpio, sextile Jupiter in Virgo – the solar system conspires favourably to assist the “upgrade” of sexuality and togetherness.

Echoing this, Mars and Venus are currently conjunct the North Node on the Virgo/Libra cusp – there is still work being done in terms of balancing the Twin Flame pairs’ energies, the feminine/masculine balance, the yin/yang. The Twin Flame Union is an ideal balance, and the process of getting back to this balance is ongoing. 

The Twin Flame Mission

As Mars and Venus are on each side of the North Node (point of the soul’s development, of our collective evolution into the future) – the clear message here is, like an astrological note written in the chart in ancient glyphs “You are here to serve the collective. The Twin Flames are here to help the soul evolution of humanity”. A reminder that it’s not just about us.

The Twin Flame pairs are here to relearn in the physical world what we already knew as souls – unconditional love and perfect balance. By relearning this on the earth plane we become shining examples for humanity, creating energetic blueprints for others to follow – mapping out the road back to “Eden” so others may take the same road and enjoy “Heaven on Earth” with us. Anchoring in the new “5D” reality into the earth planes.

Support Incoming

If this sounds like a lot of pressure, remember we all agreed to this. We were excited by this, we wanted to do it. And – here’s the wonderful caveat – we knew how amazing it would be to find our way back to each other in the midst of the perceived limitations and difficulties of life on earth.

And we knew that just being together in love was all it took. Our happiness and shared love is the template. We don’t have to “work hard” – it is the love that’s the “work”. 

Also indicated by this aspect is that the collective is helping us, the Twin Flame pairs are receiving energetic support from both the universe and the human collective to come together and reach the necessary balance and harmony once again.

The message from the higher realms is that we are getting closer day by day – and as long as we’re progressing, we have every reason to rejoice.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3 

Cassady x

PS: If you missed the energy call last week, you can now download the full 2 hour clearing here. This brand new clearing takes you through eradicating blocks to love and abundance, and we download new blueprints and templates to Twin Flame Union for 2016.

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  1. Dear Cassidy, thank you for this new and encouraging blog. It resonates with me. I also would like to thank you for the clearing, which was wonderful. You are a true and genuine guide to self empowerment and spiritual growth. Following up on the clearing and this blog I have three questions:
    1. On soul level, I feel a big part of the time that we are one: we speak, interact, enjoy, can ‘ melt together or merge into each other’, I feel our masculine and feminine energies mix mingle and interchange between us, and our mutual guide even ‘ married us’ (although the ring is invisible I actually feel it present). However, I sometimes suddenly fall back, loose all the connection for a few days. That is often after I clear energy, in prticular when I intend to clear it for him. Can that be, that when I am light, I invite his still more heavy energy to clear it that this has this effect, or should I still search within myself where it comes from?
    2. In regard to that, is it important to know whose energy it is, and where it comes from, or is it just a matter of continuing to clear and clear until it is gone forgood? I have cleared the Akashic records several times, but some blocks return.
    3. Last one: it remains difficult to maintain the trust that what I feel on soul level will materialize on the physical plane, while being not in physical touch with my twin since he tries to figure out if he wants to stay with his wife or with me (now focussing on them, now she knows about us). How best to deal with my inpatient longing for physical connection (also literally, I really long for reconnecting in a way my 5 physical senses can experience, because I miss that: hearing seeing, feeling, touching, smelling, tasting ;). I feel so close to reconnection, but the last hurdle… sometimes it frightens me it will not happen in this lifetime (he is already quite far in thi life time, we have a vast age difference) so I really welcome your reflection on these questions. Thank you for all your support, love, light and wisdom.
    <3 E.

  2. Hi Cassady, I woke up this morning and went straight to your site and this message, which I know I was meant to hear, thank you! Can you please do a Q and A on why there always seems to be one twin that seems to awake first and knows of the connection and more specifically, the Twin Flame concept and also shed a little more light on what the “still asleep” Twin experiences during this time both emotionally and supernaturally? I know, each couple is varied so it may be a little broad but any insight from you is welcomed as your one of the only TF teachers that reasonate with me! Sending you so much love!

    1. Very interesting Cici as my situation is similar to yours. I became aware of the connection before my TF did and I believe this is what our higher selves agreed to before we incarnated to Earth. It’s a long story but I had a session recently where my TF’s higher self was able to “speak” to me while being channeled through someone and this is what she told me. If that sounds intense, it’s because it was…. but a good kind of intense. 🙂 Anyways, her life is somewhat chaotic as well because of some of the people she surrounds herself with. She is in a very toxic relationship and puts her trust in people that don’t have her best interests at heart. She admitted to me that she believes in reincarnation and feels energy changes so while she is not nearly as aware as I am the potential is there for it to happen as our journey progresses. Scott

      1. I hope you do not mind me slipping in here but I have had the same thing happen with someone else being an intermediary. I know it is because we are scared to connect on the physical plane but also that it is not just fear. The vibrations need to clear on the energetic before we can come back together again. I realized that if it happens before this it may cause more problems. Some energies need to be on that ethereal level to be felt as well. They deepen our connection so that we do not just rely on the physical plane once together. It is complex and yet so simple! You seem to have a good grasp on all of this!

        1. Of course not, the more the merrier. 🙂 Thanks to Cassady and some other people I’ve been fortunate to work with I’ve learned a LOT about this journey in the past 2 years. I highly recommend finding someone that can channel in your TF’s higher self so you can get the answers you need and give you peace of mind. As an example…. my TF’s higher self assured me we will eventually be together in the physical plane but she revealed to me that I am supposed to be in a relationship with someone else prior to her. There are multiple reasons for that but just knowing that makes it a lot easier to navigate my way through this maze. The people I work with are amazing and they are actually TFs themselves so they understand what we’re going through. They can do sessions over phone/skype so if anyone is interested let me know, I am sure they’d be glad to help! Scott

          1. Ok… their names are Amber and Austin. Amber’s email is I will let them know some of you guys might contact them for a Twin Flame session. The cost is not a set fee… basically, it’s just whatever you feel comfortable paying so you can work that out with them. I would just ask that if you book a session please be prepared for anything. You might hear some things you don’t want to hear… you might be thrown a curve ball like I was when they said I had another “love contract” to fulfill before TF Union… who knows? Just be open to what comes through and of course above all trust your own intuition. 🙂

          2. Thanks scott and also thanks for the warning :). Lately i haven’t been using my intuition at all. Last night (its morning here now) i did cassadys meditation in which u meet your tf in a garden… In this meditation he asked me again to give him some time and he doesn’t know what to do and that he loves me. Actually the same what he said in our phone conversation. I dont know if it was just my imagination or a real message. Cant really differentiate. Ant then i dreamt of him which i usually never do. He and his elder daughter were with me and and my morher. We went on a journey. It was a very sweet dream, we behaved like a couple, my mother liked him a lot. We also had some talks abt his money issue and what people would say when he leaves his wife. I got up very confused as i never dream of him and don’t really know how to interpret it. I really miss our good times in our initial stage. We were so much in love and he didn’t care about anyone. Everything has changed…

          3. Trust your intuition. If he said he needs more time then give that to him. You love him so do it for him and do it for yourself… use this time to take care of yourself. Meditate, clear energy, do things for yourself that are fun and will get your mind off of this for a bit. There’s nothing wrong with taking a short “vacation” from this journey and coming back to it later. I’ve had to learn that lesson the hard way 🙂 Scott

          4. U r right… Definitely need a break from all this. Ur words are very soothing. Thanks a lot. How long have u been on this journey?

          5. You’re welcome. My Twin came into my life just over 2 years ago but I didn’t confirm she was my Twin until just a few months ago. I’ve learned a LOT about TFs in that short time span! We work together so it’s quite an intense experience. Being around her is great but I’m going through Ascension and I carry around some anxiety that gets amplified whenever we’re near each other. I recently started working with an energy healer and I am confident she will be able to clear out the energy blocks between me and my Twin. There have been lots of twists and turns in my journey but I feel the best is yet to come once her and I can freely send love back and forth to each other. 🙂 Scott

          6. Wow… I wish i could be that far. I still have to learn a lot. I started learning abt tfs in july. Thats when i realized that we could tfs. I was on holidays at that time and far away from him. He was in his running phase. Now i can say i was much stronger at that time. I didn’t ask any psychic, i just read books and listend to my inner voice. And then he came back. I guess i am much more disturbed this time because he put me in this situation again.
            I am sure one day u will touch her heart and she will open up to you. I can feel that u r a good person.

          7. Oh, I’m still learning as well. We all are. The key is to enjoy the journey. We all want to get to Union with our Twins but not before it is time. We don’t want anything standing in the way when we do come together so the key is to clear out our blocks and resolve the issues now. Ascension is uncomfortable but the end result will be worth it. Keep in tune with your intuition, that will help a lot as you move forward. Scott

          8. Hi Scott, thank you for sharing Amber’s email. It would really help me a lot to understand more what is going on between me and my TF.
            My TF and I reconnected last week and it really felt great. However, I still sense “forces” that are keeping us apart. Early today, I was soo happy that my TF initiated our daily communications. Towards the afternoon though, I felt so much negativity at work. Somehow I feel that my TF relationship and work are related and needs some clearing. This reconnection with my TF gives me so much peace and love and I look forward to this relationship to be forever and that we start working on our mission if not getting completed soon.

          9. i am interested, but i am in a finacial hole, and i know most people require payment i understand why, of course. i am astay at home mom and have no income of my own :/

          10. i have pretty much come to the conclusion that if my twin and i reunited on the physical plane, it may not be until later in life. we have plenty of time though, we are only 25 and 26! but, im struggling with my current marriage. it would still be nice to channel to his higher self, tho.

          11. Good glad we can connect ;). I realize why now and I am glad! I am curious about your process. It has been a long road of knowing and messages for me accelerating in the last two years as well. I am already in contact with my TF directly even though I doubt it sometimes! The friend was a lover briefly and it became VERY clear through him who I was meant to be with. There are so many signs all the time that keep me coming back and erasing my doubt. It may be that you need that other learning and possibly a connection through that other person first as well but be careful of that. My friend put it in a way I loved: in physics we are all that specific vibration, some others are close to that and we are drawn to them, but only the one is right. It is interesting to note connections with other twins and how they help us clarify!

          12. My process has been something else, haha. For 2 years I was given great guidance that she was meant to be in my life but nobody once told me she was my TF. I actually was given guidance on something else which indirectly led me to a TF group meditation. It was on that day that they confirmed for me she was my TF. I then booked private sessions with them where my TF’s higher self channeled in and spoke to me. The 1st private session I did is one of the most amazing days of my life. Very hard to put into words but her energy was so strong and to hear her “speak” through someone else gave me chills. I’m so thankful I was able to confirm all of that because now I understand how to proceed from here. Yes, every relationship we are in is meant to teach us lessons. Most of them are actually pre determined before we incarnate to earth. And yes, all of us Twins coming together and helping each other is very powerful… I love to see this 🙂 Scott

          13. Well you surprise me but then again I am not surprised! I did not know you knew this term at all but I remember your reaction to my mention of it. I am curious about this other group. I agree that every relationship is for a reason even if we cannot see it all in the moment. I think we know when we meet someone we have a contract with. What I have seen is somehow it helps the fine tuning of our soul song to meet other TF’s or those close to that. It helps us see what we are looking for. For me, it validated how much he is always there no matter what I do or who I am with. It seemed to make him speak louder to me. In that, I found I don’t want anyone else! No other vibration is ever going to fit me and I will simply not be able to be in the relationship! I hope this is a sign as I think it is that he and I are very close to union.

            It is great to find this community I have been needing that for a long time! To actually hear about other’s journeys is like energy relays keeping the flow going for us all. I am excited to hear how it all works out for you. I think the universe does indeed work for us in search of our personal legend I am seeing it manifest! 🙂

          14. Hi Avendesora, I feel the same with what you wrote. The outside experiences just keep fine tuning for me that I sincerely want my TF and noone else. Whatever comes up in daily life, I feel he is right here with me. Like some things we are spiritually discussing together.The signs, the messages are clear and strong. I guess I just see how things continue to unfold.

          15. Yes! It is so strong today. I am learning to not worry about it at all. The more I let it flow the more I feel it deepen. The signs I get are constant now. If I falter, I see his name or another sign that has been with me all along. Enjoy the journey it is so amazing in and of itself! 🙂

          16. You’re welcome Hannah. If you need any information about how my sessions with them have helped me with my TF let me know, I’d be glad to help. Scott

  3. Dear cassady, thanks a lot for this blog. Sexuality is actually this week’s topic in my tf story. My tf is confused because for the first time after months his wife asked him for sex and he refused. He was so disturbed that again he asked me to give him some time as he needs to think. He said that he needs to take a decision although i never asked him to decide. I guess he doesn’t know how to handle the situation if she asks again. I am giving him his time but its breaking me inside. I have been through this push and pulls so many times with him… I just dont have the strength anymore. I will definitely go through the replay of the last clearing again. Thank you for your support cassady!

    1. I have learned through another twin flame guide on you tube that eventfully they can’t go back to spouse. They won’t be able to do it because of power of truth and twin flame connection. I discovered that a couple weeks in, that it was very difficult as I’m married too. I find even now even more difficult and I feel myself trying to side step relations.

      1. omg yeah i know it sounds terrible but since connecting with my twin, i have no sexual desire towards my spouse. and me and hubby somewhat discussed it last night. i feel so guilty, i told him its not fair to him to be stuck with someone with no sexual interest. like, ive only had sex maybe 15 times in the last 2 years and im only 25 🙁 it doesnt feel right anymore, and ive been with my husband for ten years. i love him truly but i cant stop feeling so guilty.

        1. It was true for me. I was married and met my twin flame. I tried for a year to ignore my connection with my twin but my marriage felt more and more wrong so I left my husband. We were married 18 years (together for 22 years). It was a hard decision but the moment I made the decision I knew in my heart it was the right one. I am so much happier now and have spent the last year working on me and becoming more enlightened. My twin lives in a different country so we dont see each other very often but we talk almost daily. It is not easy and we hope we can be together one day but for now we both are commited to working on bettering ourselves and supporting each other.

          1. I am really glad you found happiness! this is really tough.i am just so worried about my husband, i have always beleived he was a soulmate and i love him truly. i feel so guilty. he is only committed to me. he has never been attracted to other women. i feel like he is not in the marriage he deserves to be in. i have already been working on myself for awhile now, he understands. i just dont feel right about it all.

      2. Hey amber, he told me that he feels guilty for her. I asked him if he wanted to have sex with her and he said a clear no. He said he doesn’t feel like. But i think whats troubling him is that she will ask again and he wouldn’t be able to find any excuse again. I can’t help him here, its his struggle. But what I’ve experienced is that men avoid confrontations and try to remain in their comfort zone. I am just so tired because this has happened so often. Each time its some different problem. But thats his struggle, i cant help him. The only thing i can do is to send him love and light, but at the moment even thhis seems difficult to me.

        1. Yes, being married is tough to work through but ultimately he does have to get there in his own and trust me, that’s just a hint of what he is going through. I see my twins face and it’s just crazy. My twin feels it too. It’s hard to be so unfair to the spouse, I would fully want to know if the roles were reversed. It’s just not so easy to say it and own up to it. But they, the spouse, deserve more, period. Eventually it feels it will eat me alive if I keep going against my truth. I will get there if this doesn’t change. He will too. It’s a very complicated dance and ya know, we’re all learning and trying to keep up with this change. So send the love to him, he could use it.

          1. Thanks for your words. Its good to hear from the married side how it feels. We had a long no contact phase during summer until mid October . Thats when the situation with his wife calmed down a bit. We connected again just three weeks ago and were still as much in love like before. Just this time he is feeling guilty but on the other loves me too much. He is torn and wants to decide. I feel like setting him free. I also told him that yesterday but be wouldn’t let me go. Now i am hanging in the waiting queue again.

          2. that is same with my situation, except my twin doesnt feel that guilty for his spouse. he feels guilty for my husband. we were all 3 the best of friends for years. once we fully merged(, i hugged him after his girlfriend broke up with him and it all changed after that), he said in his own words ” when that connection between us was created, he felt like he killed his best friend” (my husband). i feel the same guilt

          3. well, i have been opening up to my husband more about the situation. he knows im in love with my twin( he doesnt know about the concept. i could never explain it to him because everytime i talk about any spirituality he acts like its mumbojumbo and thinks im just beleiving everything i see on the internet which is definitly not true). and he knows im no longer sexually attracted to him. its sad. i dont even know how to deal with it. i know it nedds to heal but i have no clue about what to do. ignoring it makes it worse, and talking about it makes it worse. i have no clue. and the worst part is, we have a 2 year old daughter who is caught up in the mix. we never discuss this around her, and overall, we have a pretty happy home, and we dont let our personal issues of this manner affect her in anyway. but i dont know what to do about it. i try to ask my spirit guides but they dont seem to answer me very much.

          4. Thats definitely not easy. Well i guess sometimes our spirit guides want us to find our way on our own. They give us hints though. Its just that we need to understand those hints

          5. for about a week i was seeing 111 everywhere. not anymore after me and hubby has the discussions. i looked up the meanings; it is a time of manifestation and to keep your thoughts positive. if that was a hint from them about this situation, i have no clue of the relevance. im really confused, to say the least haha

          6. I keep seeing number sequences and for me it means that he is thinking abt me. And few weeks ago i found two feathers next to my table at work… That was a sign from my guides telling me that they are there watching over me.

          7. thats wonderful! i just wrote another letter to my guides so hopefully i can get some signs soon. i know my guides are there watching over me. i asked for assistance. i know it sounds odd but i am hoping my husband meets someone he deserves soon! i only want whats best for everyone. i had a dream a few nights ago that he did, and he was so happy and i was happy for him! i dont know if that dream meant anything or not though. i know i will be ok emotionally. i just feel like the more concious and aware i become in my spirituality, the less compatible we are.

          8. i have an update! i told my husband about the twin flame concept, and everything, and he was very understanding! i told him my feelings for my twin doesnt change my feelings for him, i elaborated the entire concept and how relevant it was to us, and he was understanding! i told him of everything and now we can finally move forward and all my guilt went away! im so excited!

          9. Thats exciting! Respect to your hubby that he took it in such an understanding way. And how will u proceed with your tf now?

          10. probably just still work on myself, send tf love ans support, and just let the universe do what its going to do. if we are meant to be together in this lifetime, it will happen. if not, then it wont. im just going to move forward and that will be so much easier now that my husband knows everything. and thank you very much for talking to me! im so glad i can talk to people about this 🙂

          11. U r welcome :)… Am happy to be here and able to discuss with like minded people. We could actually go on skype and form a tf group. Anyone could join. What do you say?

          12. Wow, I was just feeling today that I don’t know if I can keep up the charade and tell Hubby too. He knows of twin flame connection but thinks it’s my way of justifying the situation. Our situation is very similar btw. I wrote my twin today, haven’t talked in months. The amount of info I’ve downloaded is overwhelming and so hard to not to be able to bounce off twin bc he always got the same insights. He discovered the the connection first too. Drives me bananas to not know what’s happening on his end. Do you still feel good that you told Hubby?

  4. Hello Cassady,

    “we knew how amazing it would be to find our way back to each other”….. wow, it’s amazing you said that because that exact phrase carries a lot of meaning to me in my personal TF journey 🙂

    Aside from that, I have a question. I know you’ve addressed bringing up the topic of Twin Flames with our Twin Flames but what about when they are in a relationship with someone else? As an example, I have given my TF some guidance to listen to her intuition but I have stopped there. I don’t think it is time to tell her we are TFs but part of me wants to let her know we share something amazing in common. However, at the same time I don’t want to “let the cat out of the bag” before it is time and I also don’t want to make her uncomfortable. Can you give me some advice on this?



  5. I love to read all of your blog posts. It’s odd to me that everyone (at least from what I’ve seen) that comments has met their twin but I haven’t, yet, and I found you before meeting my twin. I guess I’m just being impatient and really want to meet him already!

  6. I have a question about twin flame telepathy: Sometimes, i will start feeling warmth and love in my heart chakra, does that mean my twin is telling me he is thinking of me? i usually have this happen once a day or every couple days. It happens randomly, despite what i am doing and he isn’t constantly on my mind anymore. but, suddenly, i feel that warmth and love in my heart chakra, and then he will come into my mind. Its the same feeling in my heart that i had when we merged, before we were separted. its very blissful and peacful . i have also experienced dream telepathy. I am also an empath, if that has any connection to this.

    1. Mine is no longer constantly on my mind either?? The dreams and insights stepped up significantly though. It’s such a curious time for me, it’s kinda nice but so odd to feel and think so much to almost barely there? Was this recent for you- not so much on mind part?

      1. yes, mostly because we didnt talk in over a year, and i only found out about the twin flame concept six months ago… we had been separated for 2 1/2 years. i talked to him 2 weeks ago and confirmed that his feelings and dreams were the same so he is indeed my twin haha. i knew in my heart but my ego needed confirmation! lol so i think now that it has been confirmed, i have not been in so much pain about it .. all i want is his happiness, and he is at where i was at a year ago. idk why hes not constantly on my mind. the dreams are still occuring somewhat. not as frequently. im glad someone is in the same boat! i almost feel guilty for not thinking of him as much, expesially if my heart chakra feeling is him thinking of me haha. maybe we switched places.. lol are you in a separation with your twin right now?

        1. Yes, seperated since March and we both at the time confirmed all the downloads, dreams, past lives, being knocked over by the love wave basically. So I knew it was odd but didn’t figure out twin stuff till later. Best friend for almost 20 years and then BAM we go the pull. I know when we were in separation for a week before I felt better and not on mind while he about fell apart and couldn’t stop thinking of me. So either we flip flopped again or I don’t know?! It’s nice to have a break! Also considering I have hit the surrender and total de-attached stage? I guess I’m on here so not totally but I feel so much more neutral now, it’s just so weird, about a month now…

          1. i know what you mean! its so niceto have a break! haha and im at the surrender stage too. and the other day i sensed him distancing himself again and i broke down and told him the twin flame concept. i think i scared him at first but i think at an ego level he is starting to come to terms. i know he knew the significance to begin with because he was the first to mention our connection, and how he has loved me since school. but he got into a marriage with another woman (same name as me) and had a child so he has been bottling stuff in because he doesnt know how to deal with it. he told me those exact words. idk, its confusing but i think we flip flopped too lol separation is so painful at first. i went 2 years befor i knew of the concept. i couldnt understand what happened lol

          2. 2 years?! Oh my gosh! You poor thing!! I had a few people, healers, mention it to me and I went straight to google and was beside myself. I can’t believe in this amount of time how much I have grown and know now. It’s an accelerated process for sure. Thinking of reaching out to my twin, which is odd since I don’t have such a strong pull. But it’s like, tweet!! Can we take a time out here and discuss?!? Holy moly it’s a ton!!! I think it’s good you told him, it’s not such an easy answer to find. I was relieved to find an answer and that was one month in only!

          3. yeah the whole 2 years was really tough. i just ignored it and hoped it would go away but i was wrong. the entire time was filled with recurring dreams of us every single night. i would wake up so heartbroken, soul shattered. it became too much. so i finally had to contact him, i had to know so i could move on. i have grown so much spiritually. i want so badly to talk in person or call him. i have only talked to him recently via text. its frustrating. he barely ever even used the internet im concerned that he wont learn anything about spirituality anytime soon

          4. I should grab your email, our story is so close it’s weird and were in the same time frame it seems!

    2. I have experienced (and continue to experience) the same thing…warmth in my heart chakra, “butterflies, etc. Like you, my TF is not consciously in mind much anymore, but I definitely sense him. As a matter of fact, over the past week or so I’ve found myself feeling angry with him. Angry for not being “awakened.” Angry for running. Angry for living a life that is largely controlled by ego and societal expectations. Angry for his inability to stand up to his controlling, possessive wife. Our earthly relationship was strictly professional, but deep in my soul it was so much more. He allowed her to interfere with something that was a shared passion and critical to my professional development. I feel so frustrated that I’m not in a positive place mentally where my TF flame relationship is concerned. Part of me is relieved by the “break.” Another part of me is somewhat unsettled by it…causing some major insecurities and anxiety about our connection. Perhaps this is the time where all my “baggage” is coming to the surface. Perhaps it is him that I am feeling. Sometimes my emotions do not feel like my own. The intensity of a connection this strong is incomprehensible at times. Glad we’re all in this together!

      1. Hey ann, my tf is married too and living a life which society expects him to live. With me its the same…few weeks ago meditation helped me a lot, but now i am just angry for what he is doing to me…. Whenever there is some issue at home he pushes me away. It drains me and its no more healthy. Not even meditation helps at the moment. I used to be such a strong woman.

        1. Hi Sunrise, that’s so uncanny because my twin does the same, when there is a problem at home, he withdraws even with me! I too realized that I was carrying anger and resentment towards him for not be awake, for being a slave to societal expectations, staying with his wife, being hot and cold with me etc but during Cassadys clearing call I worked through ALOT of those blocks, especially after contacting my and my twins inner child, I’m getting it now, why I’m being impatient, why his unconsciousness and actions thereof is triggering me…it’s about me and the stuff I was holding on to since childhood. I spent 11 years unawakened and then 9 more months doubting, being skeptical and trying to rationalize the truth! Why was I angry with my twin for not getting in 9 months what it took me 11 years and 9 months to get? Right now I’m choosing to focus on the positive and extend some compassion to him and continue to send him love and support because being angry and negative got me nowhere except even more angry and even more negative lol

          1. Hey cici, thanks for your reply. I will go through the clearing meditation again. I need to find my strength back. And i really need to listen to my gut feeling. I know its going to be a long and tough journey. I will try to think positive and send him love. Thanks for your encouragement!

          2. Just to chime in my TF does the same…. whenever she has fights with her boyfriend she lashes out at me. This is normal…. it’s because we represent the lessons they need to learn and these are *hard* lessons. Don’t take it personally…. let it play out and give them space 🙂 Scott

          3. Thanks scott for this input. I am trying not to take it personally but it still hurts. Thats the fifth time within 10 months that he pulls back and needs time to think/decide. I am giving him space and didn’t argue on that. In fact stayed very calm when he said that.

          4. You’re welcome. Cassady said in the most recent clearing session that at certain points our souls will push for separation to teach us how to love ourselves. Even though I work with my TF we have been “separated” for a month as she has barely acknowledged me. Believe me, I know it hurts but it happens for reason. We need to clear out the blocks and raise our vibration so we can come back together. Do the clearing meditations and let him work through it so you can reconnect later on in a higher vibration. Scott

          5. Oh wow :). I will go through the replay again. Usually i do the break through kit meditation. U r so right….. I need to be in a higher vibration when he calls again with his decision, whatever it may be. Thanks for your encouragement!

          6. Hi Scott, I love it when I see 11:11 or different variations of it! Get this, my boss placed ongoing meetings on my outlook calendar and they are titled one on one sessions and it appears in my inbox as 1:1 sessions! You got to love it! Also it’s pretty intense that you were told that you have another soul relationship to fulfill. I was actually told the opposite, I was told not to date or seek anyone else out! Which gets just as frustrating lol btw I was not ignored today but I was also not personally addressed either lol

          7. Hi Cici…. Oh yeah, I see 1:11 and 11:11 constantly. It’s ridiculous how often I see them. The most meaningful time I saw it was the day after I asked for guidance as to whether or not she was my TF. It was like, ok then…. there’s my answer! My TF completely ignored me again today, haha. I’m not surprised because I had given her some guidance a month ago that might have ruffled her feathers a bit. I’m not really worried about it as my intuition keeps telling me we need to be in a short separation period right now as I get prepared to see an energy healer next week to remove some blocks. That’s fascinating that you were told not to date anyone else. Very interesting…. that suggests to me there is a LOT going on behind the scenes in your situation. Exciting!! 🙂

          8. Hi Scott, thats good to know because that’s happening to me too although I dont know if its his controlling ex wife or a girlfriend. I’m free and clear. But I’m suffering from low self esteem due to a prior abusive relationship. Me and him are in the same boat but coming from opposite sides. I’m healing quicker though because I’ve had no contact with my prior person and I never will again. It ended badly.

          9. Anytime! Remember, yes it’s a journey but it doesn’t have to be long and rough, it can also be beautiful and everlasting. It’s all how you look at it!

        2. Same here. We haven’t seen or spoken to another since March. We also never, ever acknowledged the connection because of our professional relationship and power differential. Although I totally understand that, there was always an elephant in the room. When he made the decision to end our work together (which was so abrupt and unexpected), he gave a million stupid reasons why things should end. At the time, I was unusually calm and collected. I accepted it and was gracious in my response. Now, I find myself feeling irritated and angry with him. Some days, meditation helps. Other days, I feel like it puts me in a worse frame of mind.

          1. Lets just not give up. We know that the tf journey is a roller-coaster journey. Its good that we can share our experiences here… Things i cannot share with my closest friends.

          2. I completely agree Sunrise…let’s not give up! And you make a good point about not being able to share this, even with close friends. One of my closest friends happens to be an intuitive…and she is good. But she will not, under any circumstances, allow me to bring my TF up in discussion – ever. She won’t answer my questions or give any guidance. So, I’ve given up on that – haha. Weeks ago, I did ask her what she thought about me cutting my TF energetic cord. I was desperate to end this madness. She advised against it. I remember Cassidy mentioning that in her first live energy clearing…your soul will not cut any cords that it “needs.” After all, we did agree to this!

          3. Even i have a friend who thinks she is very spiritual. But the only thing she has been doing is to project her own story into mine. That’s why i started keeping a distance from her

          4. Interesting. My friend is legitimately a psychic. She’s spot on about so many things, where myself and others are concerned. She’s actually one of the most peaceful, centered people I’ve ever known. She just won’t tell me anything whatsoever about my current or future TF situation. She’s very careful (even with others) about any premonitions she has. She maintains that a “real” psychic/intuitive will make it clear that any vision is one of many future paths and it depends on free will. When it comes to my TF, she did say it’s particularly difficult since certain outcomes depend on his decision making. Since I understand and respect that, I don’t (and won’t) make any contact with him. I just feel like some guidance would be helpful! As for other friends, I have kept distance. Especially from those who function on a more superficial level as well as those who tend to complain a lot or give off negative energy. At this point, I’m fairly content with solitude.

          5. I agree! I love that we have this community to share our experiences as I use to be scared to speak but now I love to interact with you guys! I too have no one else in my life to discuss what’s going so this site is a blessing! Remember, the positivity is in you too, just tap into it! I know it gets painful but it also gets so much better!

        3. i feel the same way, i havent even been wanting to meditate this past week. although i have been at the surrender stage, and just recently started feeling angry, the time for me has felt like its gone so slow the past couple weeks. ive been meditating to send him love and support and now im frustrated because i dont even know if its working or not.

          1. I can relate lotusflower. I remember cassady saying that meditation works best if you are in a positive mind. Maybe we should do the meditation for ourselves in the first place not thinking if its going to help tf or not. I want to feel better, am actually not concerned abt him at the moment.

          2. i was always in a positive mindset when i did those meditations, i have only done them 3 times. all the other meditations were for myself 🙂

          3. Thats good. I wasnt. Probably thats why it didn’t really work. Which meditation are doing? The ones from the break through kit?

          4. no i havent done that yet, im new to this site. i just do my normal meditation, i focus om my breathing, and once my body feels like its on autopilot and im not conciously controlling my breathing anymore i will tell him i love him, and i miss him. i will tell him to not be afraid, that everything will be ok.

      2. i am so glad to know that other people are sharing the same experience and im very grateful for having people to talk to. its kinda funny you mentioned being angry at your twin, because today i woke up and i feel kinda angry too. i had a dream last night that his wife found out about us. my husband knew about us the entire time, because we became friends because him and my husband were friends. but, im not angry or jealous at all about him marrying another woman. i cant expect him to put his life on hold while i made it clead im not leaving my husband. but, im mad because he just bottles his feelings up. he numbs them with drugs and alchohol and doesnt face his issues. he doesnt talk to me more because he is afraid of my husband. and i dont know what to do about it. i also had a dream the other night that my husband met another woman, fell in love, and found that perfect person for him. i was very happy for him in the dream. i woke up confused haha.

        1. Oh the dreams! Been there many times. I haven’t had any dreams in a good while, but the past few were confusing as heck. Some of them involved me, him, and his wife. Others involved only me and him…those dreams always seemed like premonitions or visions of us in the future. Either way, I would wake feeling completely distracted.

          1. i had recurring dreams for 2 1/2 years. they would always be where we would meet up somewhere, sit in silence and just enjoy eachothers presence. they were all so real! then a few weeks back, i dreamt of his wife yelling at him and he told me how miserable he is, and desperate to get away but has a child with her so he cant. we got invited to a pool party and met up in the water, looked into eachothers eyes, kissed and floated on the water, holding hands. that was the realist one. after he told me his pain, i could feel it, so i contacted him and it was all confirmed. a few days ago, i had a dream where we just embraced eachother for a long time. then, as i said, last night i dreamt his wife found out about us. i think the ones of us were just meeting up to be together in the astral plane i know the pool party one was him reaching out to me about his pain, but maybe this last one was actually his wife finding out. do you have any thoughts on that one? all these dreams feel more real than real life, like i could actually feel his energy.

          2. I have experienced almost the same thing, in terms of dreams! We meet up and just sit, talk, laugh, and even argue (about work-related stuff). There have also been dreams where he and I were literally running away from his wife. In the most recent dream, the three of us were sitting in a room and he said to her, “you’re smart but not that smart.” In the dream, I sat there completely speechless because he has no backbone where she is concerned. In another recent dream, he and I were older. We were vacationing on a beautiful island…having sex on the beach dare I say. That dream was especially striking. Overall, I could feel him so strongly for days after these dreams. I wonder if he experiences the same dreams.

      3. During the meditation I realized that she responds to my messages .
        The first days i felt those kind of mixed emotions then the good ones and after time I sensed only the butterflies and the warmth .
        So I was pissed once of the fact that I was not sure if my doing something at all and I kinda said well why don’t you too do something about it (big mistake never ever do this!!!!) and i felt that she god upset .
        So the next time I apologized and I said way more positive things and I felt this great emotion of happiness .
        Still not sure if the messages gotten in to her consciousness or subconsciousness and higher-self but she could be still a asleep and I’m doing what I can .

    3. Hi, the first time I saw him after 7 months of not seeing him I got that same feeling. My heart was on fire and jumping out of my chest. Is that what merging is? We are separated too. He separated with me again as he did before the post 7 month meet up. Its like deja vu, exactly a year later. He must know something I dont.

      1. yeah, merging is like the best feeling ever! you feel the flame in your heart, you feel so consumed by the energy in every ounce of your being! you feel euphoric and magnetized. you feel like you can do anything in the world! its incredible! and i still feel that way alot even though we have been separted for years

  7. I’m curious twin flame peeps. I realized this weekend that I truly believe with my whole heart that I’m a twin. I have so many reasons to believe it for almost a year now but kept hesitating. For so many reasons, it’s too out there, impossible, I’m crazy and so on. Yet, this weekend I have come to complete terms with it. It’s real, it’s my truth, it just is. There’s complete calm/strength and silence in that knowing. It just is. I did listen to Cassidy’s live session on Friday and she did mention something that just about made me fall out of my chair, that gave me goose bumps and took my breath away. Her statement solidified the doubts, in fact crushed them. Maybe it was the whole session clearing or maybe it was that one nugget, not sure. I talked to another friend that is a twin flame, (that I met on here), and she came to the same conclusion yesterday, knows she’s a twin flame, complete clarity for her. So it just makes me wonder, maybe it was the clearing, maybe it’s the 11/11 coming, who knows. I was just curious if anyone else shifted to that place too??

    1. i felt like that as soon as i heard of the concept, but a month or so ago after a deep meditation, i had an intense realization; me and my twin had known eachother since school. i always had an intrest in him anyways, i remembered in high school, he was dating some girl for ovr a year. and my brother told me about how they broke up and idk why, i cried for hours. my heart felt broken. i was confused at the time, but blew it off. we never even talked in school. i just knew we shared the same favorite band,which was a very unheard of band haha. but yeah i remembered that not long ago, and i felt the same way you described above 🙂

      1. Ya’ll, I hit the mother load of this whole twin flame thing! I can’t even believe I’m about to write this but it’s so powerful. Just a few days ago I had a dream Mary Magdalene came to me, I don’t even know how I knew it was her because i nothing about her. The words I remembered her saying were, sacred, ritual, ceremony, union, symbolic and anointed. I then put it out of my mind but kept hearing an inner voice to look her up and see how it involved a twin flame. It’s so beautiful and she was here then with Jesus to help bring balance to the masculine and feminine. She and Jesus were in Union and she coming through again and now and to me to awaken a deeper knowing of why we are doing this!! Holy moly twin peeps!! It’s so beautiful and real. Period. Google her and see what comes up, you will benefit. Also, Patricia McNeily on YouTube talks of spouses not being able to go back when twin flame is involved. I still can but its not easy.

    2. Yes, this weekend was powerful for me, too! I was asleep, deep sleep because of all the clearing I did on Saturday. I woke to a vision of him arriving which I won’t share all of just yet but it woke me up hitting deep in my center (hara actually!) and I sat up and gasped. It was so clear no doubts! I feel this new moon is a great opportunity to rebirth our knowing for sure. The energies trying to keep this under wraps are dissolving.

  8. Yes, I totally relate. Like you, I work with my TF. I try to appreciate it because I know a lot of people here are dealing with painful separation but it is very intense and some days are rough. I’m going through Ascension and whenever I’m around her (which is obviously a LOT!) I can literally feel low vibration energies trying to release from me. And like your situation it’s very hot and cold. I know she feels the connection between us but she tries to block it and on some days she will just ignore me (I still sense her “feeling” me though if that makes any sense). Thankfully, now that I know she’s my TF I don’t get quite as upset about that as I used to because I understand what is going on. My TF is in a relationship where she’s being taught some hard lessons and it sounds like that is happening with your TF as well. I’ve learned to not interfere with that because it is meant to happen. Just clear out the blocks keeping you apart on the physical plane and keep sending love in their direction. 🙂

  9. Hello, thank you very much for the words and insight, I am looking forward to the new moon. As I continue to focus on a bright future and union all my mind thinks of as of lately is letting go, surrendering to what is, instead of how I wanted it to be, I am accepting easier now that my twin flame is in another relationship, one he went back to immediately after ending the romance with me, the reason he ended our relationship we had picked back up and were building. I see them appear to be so happy, I see the reflection of her in him, and although I believe him to be my twin I feel I need to let the thought of us together go. I know the universe wants what is best for me and is doing just that but that does not change the fact that I have there are so many times I feel alone. My twin and I never made a commitment this second time we reconnected, being I travel the country and we are both very young, although we talked about it being the goal of the relationship; however, I’ve now seen him happy with someone else, do I not deserve that same happiness? Part of me wants to start to get to know others on a more then friend level, being a Libra women, partnership makes us feel more stable. I’m scared though, scared to love another, not being patient and getting myself into a relationship after my twin flame and I’s first separation is the reasoning for this whole situation, his current girlfriend was not existent when my twin came back to me after some growth, but I was in a relationship and told him to leave me alone, something I wish I hadn’t, but tell myself it was for a reason. Outcome being he eventually found another and she introduced some of the worst habits he now has, so as you can see I am unsure where to follow my heart. I wasn’t true to myself telling my twin I was happy in my relationship and he shouldn’t contact him, I wanted to tell him otherwise but didn’t want to hurt my partner at the time, now, I feel maybe I should just move on. I feel happy inside, maybe I can find love with someone else, or is it just going to be the same lesson over again, scared to love, love and light, Alexandra.

  10. i see a lot of people commenting here about their TF being married. I went through this with mine, but because I didn’t know about twinflames back then, I’m afraid we went about things the wrong way, and that by trying to interfere, it hindered the process and caused more damage than if it had been left alone. his ex has since moved on, is marrying, and had a child with someone else. but my TF suffers from depression over the angst of losing his former family, mainly losing custody of his son. it was an extremely difficult, painful divorce for them. I’m not sure if I need to do specific clearing sessions because of this. its been 2 years since their divorce was final, but he is still not healed.
    he and I, our union went through a lot, a lot of pain over the years. and it was damaged. I met him 7 years ago. his divorce was final over 2 years ago. and I had to walk away from him 3 weeks ago because his behavior was too unbearable for me to take. I am doing my best to bring myself into proper alignment, and am going to listen to the clearing sessions to see if that helps too. im hoping this new moon brings him back to me and we can finally have a chance to start fresh, and form a new beginning with each other. the old paradigm absolutely needed to come to an end. I did the meditation tool this morning, and we had a really positive encounter telepathically. I feel like he and I are in perfect harmony and bliss when we meet on the other plane, through meditation, in dreams… and we have had glimpses of that perfection in the physical, through sporadic encounters… but hes never been able to be consistent and available to me, in the full physical sense. hes never been able to commit. i hope that this will change.

    1. to explain further, Im pretty certain his ex knew who I was, and is not fond of me. and I think that may go for her extended family, and his extended family, some of whom is still close to his ex. so… I wonder if this has always played a part in his inability to commit to me. maybe because he thinks his family wouldn’t accept me. or maybe because his ex wouldn’t want me around their child. I do not know. but its something I’ve thought about a lot.

  11. As I speak I’m at work and my TF is ignoring me, LOL!!! The difference now is that I can laugh about it instead of getting upset because I know why it’s happening. A lot of times when things go bad in her personal life she takes it out on me because I represent the lessons she needs to learn. She’s a stubborn one, haha. It’s nice to finally find someone on here who works with their TF… this is an exclusive club we’re a part of. It definitely is hard but hang in there…. better days are ahead for us. 🙂

    1. Lol! I never know from day to day what I’m going to get from my twin! I’ll let you know if I get ignored today too lol it is nice to have twin that works with their twin! Thank you for the encouragement!

      1. Oh, one thing I forgot to mention about one TF being more awakened or aware than the other… I had a conversation with her a few weeks ago in which she mentioned that she would not want to know about future events even if she could because she prefers to live life in the present. The meaning of that comment has finally sunk into my brain, LOL! If you think about it, subconsciously wayyyyy deep down she knows she’s not as awakened as me right now and her role in our TF journey was pre determined before we incarnated to Earth. So, she’s not consciously aware of that but the fact that she feels that way is pretty fascinating when you consider that is her role in our journey together. Scott

        1. Wow! Thank you, for that! That resonated with me! My intuition is telling me to share something’s with my twin to let him know we are brought together by the universe and the rest he will figure out on his own, if at all! I also don’t think it’s necessary for our union but I think it will be more beneficial for me to plant the seed and him to figure it out!

          1. It’s interesting you bring up this topic Cici because that’s one I’m wrestling with. My TF recently confessed to me that she feels the energy of changes and she believes in reincarnation. I just about fell over when she said that because I had no clue she was that open. I assumed she was completely “asleep” but that’s not the case. Knowing that, I sent her an email a month ago encouraging her to tap into her intuition and not to avoid red flags. She has not spoken to me since then (although part of that is because I was out of the office) and so I think I may have flustered her a bit, haha. I didn’t mention her boyfriend by name but she’s a smart girl and I think she knows I’m referring to him when I said “red flags”. She’s also probably wondering how I even know she had seen red flags with her boyfriend!!! I think that freaked her out a bit because she hides her relationship problems from me. I do not regret sending that email but my point is just be careful and don’t let the cat totally out of the bag before it is time. As always, trust your intuition and if that’s what it’s telling you then listen to it. Nothing wrong with planting seeds.

  12. I just wanted to come back and say that I have noticed the human collective very active in helping my twin flame and I from the start. There was telepathic communication between his friends and I when he could not talk to me directly. My kids channel information even in drawings! It is amazing. I have a friend I got close to and he has been a channel both ways when we cannot seem to hear each other. Thankfully when the energy is clear we are in direct communication. Nature has been a channel as well. I heard him in a thunderstorm recently which leads back to the relationship I was in when he and I re-met (he has been in my family circle for years ironically!) where I thought the other man was the one through a lightening storm in the distance. This one went RIGHT OVER ME. It was so obvious and wonderfully beautiful. It was a perfect timing for expression and connecting. My family has been integral as well, careful to not take free will away and not knowing all the depth of what is happening directly which is just for my twin and I anyway. We are both very tied into animal totems and I had a hawk follow me one day in the park. I am sure it was him. I have been hesitant to speak these things, but I know we are all here to anchor this energy. I feel it rising inside of me, affecting everyone around me in a positive loving way. I am so excited for union! I am also though loving the journey. It took me some time to see it as a joyful only because I was so wanting just that physical union. I feel the birth coming inside of me as well with this new moon. It is beautiful and tender and sweet. Fragile as well though, needing tenderness to emerge. I am honored to be a part of all this!

  13. Thank you so much for saying I did the right thing by sending that email. I know that deep down but considering we haven’t spoken for a month since then my mind will play tricks on me at times. But you are so right Cici…. she feels the connection and I think at times it overwhelms her because she doesn’t understand it. The funny thing is, I see her look at me out of the corner of her eye sometimes when she walks past and I just crack up inside, haha! I look forward to TF Union down the road when her and I can laugh about these kinds of things. I agree, this conversation has given me a lot of optimism moving forward. We should stay in touch… we both work with our TFs so I think it’s safe to say we will have lots of things to talk about! Feel free to reach out to me anytime, ok? 🙂

    1. OMG! My twin does the SAME thing!!!!!! I catch him staring at me like all the time, I mean ALL the time! Even if he’s ignoring me, he’s staring at me! I laugh inside, too and I think to myself …how long is he going to keep this up and fight the inevitable lol I certainly stay in touch! It’s so nice to find someone who can relate to me. I thank Cassady, once again for bringing us all together!

        1. I wanted to not interrupt the flow here but to let you both know I was the twin married and in a relationship almost married again. He reached me through all of it, SPIRIT reached me through all of it. This was always what I would say to my ex, that our foundation was not solid and it made our whole marriage a farce. I realized also that in the line of jealousy we are cheating on our twin in every relationship that is not them! I was told to reread the contract between us it is all there! People cannot steal a contract, those others can never fill who you are to your twin.

          My twin has gone to amazing lengths to make sure that foundation, this beginning is so far beyond any of that. He knows how important it is to me. That being said, keep doing what you are to build that foundation. Reach out to your Twin and send miracles, meaningful energetic Namastes (the soul in me sees the soul in you). They will feel it. Don’t be too pushy, we all have to make the choice and that is what is beautiful in clearing our need to feel needed as well as jealousy! Simply state you love them and you choose them. When they are ready they can come home.

          1. Thank you, that is great advice. It sounds like your Twin has a good understanding of the overall situation…. you two have an amazing future ahead of you. It’s interesting you used the word “foundation” several times because that is what keeps coming into my thoughts regarding the relationship between my Twin and her boyfriend. The foundation is not solid (I believe he is cheating on her and using her for financial purposes) and it will not last. I know she is meant to learn lessons from this relationship so I need to not interfere and let her learn at her own pace. Right now I’m concentrating on myself and I know by clearing out blocks it will help both of us. Scott

          2. I too received the message last weekend to “build” the foundation, our love, our connection around the clock. I too have experienced if you have the pure intention to love them and choose them (and yourself!) and let them know you are actively making space for them to come home then that does help shift the energy also.

          3. Thank you much for that beautiful message Avendesora! I needed to hear that. Here is wishing you and your twin all the great things that the universe has to offer!!!! 🙂

      1. In honor of today being 11-11 I thought I would share a little inspirational story on my TF. I started doing Cassady’s energy clearing meditation back in September and for a while I was doing it just about every day. Cassady has stated many times that because we share an energy space with our twins we can actually clear for the both of us even if our twin is not actively doing anything to assist. Well, I had a moment one day where that was made quite clear to me! My twin was on her way outside for a break at work and I just happened to pass her in the hallway. As soon as she saw me she had this “deer in the headlights” look on her face… she suddenly stopped in her tracks and looked like she wanted to say something to me. She appeared to be overcome with emotion for no apparent reason. What has been explained to me since then is that by clearing away some of the blocks between us it allowed her in that moment to feel the unconditional love between us and on some deep level she may have had a realization of why we are both here on Earth together. That was a pretty powerful moment so if you ever need any inspirational to do clearing meditations just keep that story in mind 🙂 Scott

        1. Hi Scott! Thank you for the inspiration! I actually took the day off of work today just so I take advantage of this day and I plan to spend it doing meditations, clearings those whole 9 yards. Trust me, I know that 1 twin can do the work for the collective. I am living it with my twin now. The energy and dynamic between us has gotten 10 times better and after i started doing the breakthrough kit he started calling me and I mean he would say I am going to call you at four and at 3:59 he would be calling lol so I have tons of inspiration lol enjoy the 11:11 gateway today! I can feel so much energy since last night….

          1. That is awesome Cici!!! By the way… there is one more thing we have in common. I read your comment today about how your TF recently moved into a house with someone else. That just happened in my TF situation as well!!! She moved into a house with her boyfriend a few months ago and I’ve really struggled with it. When it initially occurred she seemed so happy and excited about it and it took everything I had to not show my true emotions to her because it was killing me inside. But the metaphor I always think of is that you can’t build a house without a solid foundation and in their case they definitely do not have a solid foundation. Ironically, since that happened there have been a long chain of events in my favor. I love your optimism… keep spreading it around because it’s contagious haha Scott

          2. Scott! You just gave me chills and I am screaming right now because that is the exact message, I was given that night! I just did not post the entire message earlier but this is what i was told in detail, “They (meaning my twin and spouse) can move into as many houses as they want, it’s the foundation that is important. A house is not a home!” Scott, I am speechless right now! Thank you, I will continue to spread my optimism, you do the same, yours is also contagious!

      2. Cici and Scott, my TF used to do that too when we were working on a project. I caught him several times and felt somehow special that someone was checking on you at the corner of his eyes.
        We are scheduled to have another project starting tomorrow but for some reason I’m assigned in another area. I’ve been encountering situations that I’ve dreamt of on a daily basis since October and I hope only the good things will happen. For some reason after I got to know my TF, I’ve had many dreams that became real. Mostly warnings.
        One persistent dream is a big disaster that I dreamt of in series in various locations. I’ve seen people who will not survive by just looking in their eyes. I’ve warned my TF about this as he has control over the area which will be greatly affected. I just pray everything will work out in the next 3 weeks.

        1. Hi Cally, I can relate…I too have had all kind of dreams of my twin and things that might be about occur in his life, some of them not so good…what i did was ask our guides and angels to protect him and prevent anything that is NOT destined for his soul growth or meant to take place….I catch my twin staring at me all the time and it’s funny because I always catch him and he immediately gets the “deer caught in headlight look” it’s cute though,I’ve come to appreciate it!

          1. Hi Cici, I just realized that the disaster dream I had is about the intense negative energy around this week. Today I was also able to confirm that my TF is seeing a new young woman whom he recently met at a University. I had all the clues in front of me and it took me some time to realize this. I really need to work on my self-love more. My TF also created some space between us after our meeting, after 2 months of separation. It’s a great time to work on myself more…

  14. Hi Cici, again I am on your wavelength! The other day the song “Stuck On You” came on the radio and the words just felt like it was for me. (I’m stuck on you, Been a fool too long I guess it’s time for me to come on home, Guess I’m on my way, So hard to see, That a woman like you could wait around for a man like me) ….makes my heart smile….

    1. Yesss, 11amor! The songs, OMG! The song that came on the radio right after I received that message on the TV, goes like this “You can keep me inside the pockets of your ripped jeans, until our eyes meet, you won’t ever be alone, wait for me to come home!” The song is called Photograph. Now get this, I have a picture of my twin in my cell phone and I look at it every now and then to remind me of what I’m fighting for! I could on with the songs on our journey but you get it lol

      1. I just wanted to chime in here, too, that I feel so much in that song and all of them that have the same message! Music is a great way to hear this connection. I get so many these days! It makes me smile to read all the other experiences here, too! Bloodstream by Stateless just came on Pandora as I type this. Another one that feels so so right. We had a brief moment of looking each other in the eye and he was the one to verbalize how it felt. It was not direct, sideways glance as it was when we were still blocked. I am excited to see him again but these feelings inside are growing so wonderfully warm and like “home” more than I could have ever described the word.

        1. Hi Avendesora, Feel free to always chime in! It’s funny that you mention the song Bloodstream because that song appears in my Youtube recommendations often and I am drawn to it but now I am definitely going to go and listen to it! I know what you mean by feeling more and more home and warm! Ever since, I did the clearing call, something just won’t let me be negative, whenever I have a negative thought, I can no longer stay there…it’s like I have a block to the blocks lol

          1. Thanks Cici! I hope you find some vision in it too! Mine is deep I realized and another level just happened tonight! I won’t go into it as the lesson is personal and I found related to health in a way I was not even hearing before. I agree about the clearing call negativity does not stick in me anymore as well! I feel it more deeply but I am aware it is the clearing that is happening and once it is through the positivity and messages flood back in! It feels wonderful to have that block to blocks as you say.

          2. I hope everything is okay! Thank you, for the beautiful messages that you posted about the 11:11 gateway today, they were so encouraging! I’m so happy for your experiences with your twin coming through today! I too know about keeping some things on this journey, I wont tell some things until my twin knows about them and then I can share with everyone :0

          3. I think it keeps things clear and there is a potency to the quiet inner conversations. I honor and love them. Some happenings though as Cassady said maybe should not be shared as we are all unique and the experiences are for us and our twin alone. 🙂 It is so encouraging to share though and I think many of the signs are for all of us even if they happen to just one set of twins! I know it has resonated and opened me up reading the reflections in other stories here.

          4. I couldn’t agree with you more…reading all of the other twins messages and experiences has helped me right along with Cassady’s posts! This particular post was insane…. in a good way!!!

  15. “The message from the higher realms is that we are getting closer day by day – and as long as we’re progressing, we have every reason to rejoice.”

    Most certainly feels that way…had this exact thought in my head just before I read this article. Spot on once again, Cassady.

  16. Dear cigi…. Thank u soooo much for sharing this. Its really encouraging. Its just in his case that i cannot differentiate between divine message and ego. I love your a house is not a home story. Its so true…. Love makes a home. Thats what i always try to explain my tf too. But they have to realize on their own.

  17. It is beautiful how much is shared here on this post! I just wanted to share that the 11/11 11:11 experience for me was INTENSE. My twin wants me to keep details to us, but I was drawn right where I needed to be right at that time… He was there and showed me exactly how much he loves me. I am 100% certain of this connection! Did anyone else have an opening at that time today?

    1. Nothing to report here as my TF ignored me today as she’s been doing lately (I ruffled her feathers a few weeks ago, haha) but I plan to do some energy clearing tonight and I hope to feel the power of the 11:11 New Moon. I will say that as I was waking up this morning I heard several “voices” near me. I can’t quite recall what was said to me but they clearly came from inside my bedroom and not outside so they must have been spirit guides, angels or something to that effect.

      1. I have to say I heard your twin after talking to you about intermediaries! I was not sure if I should say so because I was not sure what I was hearing and if I was supposed to tell you. Your answer here though tells me I am supposed to say so. She says she loves you. I reminded her she can tell you directly. 🙂 This gateway is powerful today. I think we will see more effects as the days go by!

        1. WOW!!! Oh my goodness… you have no idea how much that means to me! She has not spoken to me in about a month and it’s been very difficult for me. Thank you so much!!!!!!!

          1. I’m so happy for you that you got that message Scott! I now know that this is the energy I was picking from yours and my conversation, yesterday. Remember, when I said to you that I was picking up serious energy from our conversation, thanks to Avendesora I now know that was your twin! She’s quite powerful but then so are you and the message I was getting was that when you too come together in union, you are going to be a force to be reckoned with! I wanted to tell you yesterday but I didn’t know if I should, I didn’t want to scare you 🙂

          2. You guys……… I am overwhelmed with emotions right now and speechless. This is so amazing. What a great thing to happen on 11-11! Thank you again for sharing these messages from her. Yes…. she is indeed very powerful in both realms. She is quite a “handful”… that’s an inside joke between her and I that I will share at a later date, ha!!! 🙂 I have felt the same, that when we reach Union it’s really going to be intense as we are both very passionate. She knew I needed to hear this message and she went out of her way to speak to me through both of you. That’s amazing.

          3. All this is so beautiful and encouraging. I am so happy to have found this place. Is it somehow possible to discuss outside this place where we can all come together?

          4. I gave my email address to Cici and I will post it here as well. You guys are more than welcome to discuss your TF journeys with me if you want…. I think sharing all this positive energy is very powerful! 🙂

          5. Talking with you has been very therapeutic and fun!!! You are so right when you said that all of us coming together on this post is something amazing, as the comments just keep pouring in!!! Everyone is so open to share their experience in a way that I have never seen on previous posts, my gosh that gateway was POWERFUL!!!!! I also think that as twins, we are not just meant to come together with our divine counterparts but with other twins as well, so our collective energies can join together!!!!

          6. Talking with Scott, as well as all the other twin’s on the post has been very therapeutic,,, if you want to email me and vent, yell, scream about your journey, feel free anytime! 🙂 Also, a suggestion on trying to decipher between divine communication and ego…Divine communication will never fuel our fears or negativity or ego…it will always seek to free and empower us and tell us the truth beyond all may not always be what we would like to hear but it will certainly be what we need to hear!!!

          7. Hey Cici, thank you for your offer :)….you and Scott, i feel, are very enlightend and already gone a Long spiritual way. I did cassady´s Meditation again this morning (Meeting tf in a garden) and my tf told me again that he Needs a Little more time and even if we cannot be together he would always love me. Again in the back of my mind something told me that he wont decide for me. Again i wasnt sure what was divine and what was ego. You know i try to be very understanding, try to send him love and think positive abt him. But there´s a lot of Anger inside me, because all his withdrawal acts are too much for me to handle. He knows that it goes on my health and still does it. I told him in our last conversation, that he doesnt Need to withdraw and take time to think and decide….instead i would go to make things easier. He didnt agree to that. I just feel that his behaviour is selfish.

          8. Hi Sunrise, I totally get it! You have every right to communicate and tell your twin how his behavior is affecting you. Twins need to communicate (on the physical plane) with each other, just like all other couples, actually even more so. I did with my twin and he has made true effort to really keep his ego in check because underneath it all, the distant cold behavior, the staying in lesser fulfilling relationships, the confusion, the ego based lies and deception, they really do love us…it’s in their eyes when they look at us, it’s in the way they come to us and then leave again and it’s in the way we feel them, all the time! Now, let’s do a little exercise shall we…I’m going to quote back to you some of the things you said in your previous post and then I will also write the correlating emotion that goes along with it, so you can see all of the negative energy that you are aligning yourself with and sending to your twin: “there’s a lot of anger inside of me” =FEAR…”I feel his behavior is selfish”=Judgement…”His withdrawal is too much for me to handle” =RESENTMENT…”I’m not sure what is ego or divine” =Trust Issues/Self Doubt/Skepticism…”I would go to make things easier” Fight or Flight Survival instinct or what we have come to know in the time flame community as “The RUNNER”…..I could go on but I’m sure you get the point. Now as you see some of these are some the most common blocks that Cassady forewarns us about on the journey, and if she was right about these, then doesn’t the possibility exists, that she might be right about all the other things too, like all the more beautiful aspects of this journey???? You will be ok, we all will! 🙂

          9. Cici, my respect to you. You are so right. U just opened my eyes again and am having tears in my eyes. I still have to learn so much. Your message is like a wake up call. I really need to change my thoughts else its too late. Thank u so much for being there. It means a lot to me.

          10. I’m happy and honored that I could help! Remember, what you are feeling is okay and normal! We are all going through this Ascension process together….the beauty is once, we get through it, it’s over and we won’t have to go through it again 🙂

          11. Waiting for that day cici! Yesterday night i asked my guides to give me a sign if its worth waiting for my tf. I had a dream afterwards… He was very distanced, in a way pushed me away but couldn’t resist kissing me. I asked him whats holding him back and he said that his wife wanted to have sex. Immediately i got up because i didn’t want to hear what happened next. Actually this topic is troubling me for the last couple of days because this is actually one of the reasons why he ran this time. I guess thats why i had this dream. But then i also i asked for a sign, so this might be one? Couple of days ago i had a very positive dream. Am a bit confused…

          12. Hi Sunrise, I totally think it was a positive sign, but it only matters what you think. Just remember what Cassady says, action and energy are neutral, we charge it with negativity or positivity. That dream is truly consistent with all your other messages. Your twin continues to give you the same message and that is that he loves you! You are going to have to refrain from placing conditions on that love. I know, I know, I know it is hard! I know what it is like to have a twin who is married to another, I know how challenging that is every sense of the word but here is the reality, our twins made that choice not knowing who they were or who we are to them and one day they find themselves starting to remember who they are and who their love really is but they have the choices that they made before us to still deal with. They are innocent in all of this, just like we are. Your the one he is connected too not her, your his eternal partner, not her, your the one that been with him in every past life, and will be for every life there after. Please find out what it is you are running from? You don’t have to answer me or on this blog but find out and you will be able to heal it. It may be past life issues, or childhood issues. If you need space or a break from your twin take it, he’ll understand and will still love you…

          13. Hey cici, thanks for your wise words. he is actually running at the moment. Its been a week now. I ran in August until October. He is scared to lose everything i guess. He told me that he is feeling guilty, his wife is trying to come closer and that everything is complicated, but he would always love me. He said i should give him time as he doesn’t know what to do. That was last week. Well but u r right, i have my issues too…. Childhood issues, past relationships etc. And i am already trying to work on those. Yup my briggest challenge is to put no conditions on our love story. Thank you my dear… U r awesome!!!!!

          14. Hi Sunrise,

            The reason why I made the statement to find out what you are running from is because of your reaction to the dream that I have to remind you, you asked your guides to give you and then when your twin was speaking his truth, you forced yourself to wake up because you didn’t want to hear anymore when he brought up sex with his spouse…that’s running! What I am coming to realize on this journey is that what happens to one twin is happening to the other. I didn’t always agree with this and I would get upset whenever I would read it on TF sites and blogs but then I remembered what Cassady said about sometimes when you get angry with hearing certain information, it’s because your soul really needs to hear it in that moment…so if one twin is running, it makes sense that the other one may be on some level as well but of course every situation is unique and different. I used to feel the same way, that I was ready and the more so spiritual one and was doing all the heavy work and my twin was a coldhearted, egotistical jerk that was holding up our relationship and causing me pain and not making me a priority because he just wouldn’t get it…and then came Cassady’s clearing call and the inner child meditation and I had so much bottled up pain that the moment I saw my inner child I burst into tears and then came me discovering the blog on impatience and reading that the root cause to most bouts of impatience and senses of urgency is not being happy with the present moment because we are not happy with ourselves and then I GOT IT! All that time that I was calling myself ready and thinking I was the “more evolved” twin and I was no different because I was not ready either because I still had healing to do. Remember, there is no twin more inferior or superior to the other and that both souls are working towards union…BOTH of you! One night my twin came to me in a dream and started talking to me about how may orgasms his wife had one night and then went into speaking provocatively to me…needless to say I was disgusted and was about to get very angry but then it hit me, 1) he really wanted to start the conversation about sex with me and this is why he brought up his sex with his wife to pump himself up (which is so my twin in the waking world) and 2) this is what UNION is…it is the pure unadulterated merging of 2 individuals in in mind, body and soul of nothing but 100% TRUTH! There is no EGO, there is no lies,no secrets, no manipulations, everything is exposed and brought to the table…and we as twins have got to understand this this why on every TF site and blog they always say, this is not a normal relationship what I take from that is that the universe sees and conducts relationships totally different than the way us humans on earth. I hope this made some sense to you…sending you love 🙂

          15. hi Cici, you are very right…..i forced myself to wake up because i didnt want to hear the truth. Its like that in reality too. I cannot deal with this topic. Its very very difficult for me….but i am learning. Even if they have sex i cant Change it. Its his Body, his mind and he has to deal with it….sooner or later he will realize where his Soul belongs. Yesterday i had lots of time to think and realized i have to work on looooooots of things, my past, my heart aches over the years, my negative thoughts. I cant stress myself on meaningless things like him having sex or not. Its really more important for me that i get out of those negative thoughts and start living again (the way i was a few months ago). Like you say, i thought i was ready for this relationship…but no…i am definitely not. Last night i sent him a message through my thoughts that he shouldnt contact me yet because I still Need to stable myself. So you i see, I realize that he cant be ready if i am not ready. Yesterday i also skipped the Meditation because i was in a low Vibration. I bought a book on twin flames which is also very helpful to understand why he is doing all that. You know something? I Keep re-reading your Messages because they make so much sense. I am so happy to be here and to gain much more understanding for this journey. Lots of love & hugs

          16. That is so awesome! You know I do the same thing…I reread of a lot of messages and posts that I came across at the start of this journey and each time, I get something new out of it , because I’m more open to receiving it now. Regarding the situation with your twin having sex with your wife, I feel you…I was there too, sometimes I still am, I was going to type some words of encouragement but instead I recommend you to reread Cassady’s blog post on “Are Twins Made To Be With Just Each Other?” Everything I was going to say, is already covered here and more…I posted the link below…

          17. That is so awesome! You know I do the same thing…I reread a lot of messages and posts that I came across at the start of this journey and each time, I get something new out of it , because I’m more open to receiving it now. Regarding the situation with your twin having sex with his wife, I feel you…I was there too, sometimes I still am, I was going to type some words of encouragement but instead I recommend you to reread Cassady’s blog post on “Are Twins Made To Be With Just Each Other?” Everything I was going to say, is already covered here and more…lots of hugs and loves back…p.s. if you see this message come through twice, the first one says pending so just disregard it 🙂

          18. Thx cici…. Just read that. Thx for the advise. It gives me a better understanding of all that. I haven’t read all her blogs but going through it slowly. Lots of love!

          19. Cici, I have noticed already before that you are very good in putting your finger on the right spot when helping others. You have a gift there. As you mention above, that you would want to do something for twin flames (within your possibilities) and I believe you should. I was happy to read your advice here that also physical communication in necessary. I agree, but it is hard to find advice on HOW, considering the tf principle. That might be also what you could complement to Cassady’s good work. 🙂
            anyway, thank you for being here.
            <3 E.

          20. Awww, thank you so much, Me! That really means alot to me! Before this world was open up to me, I had plans to open up a non profit and help those that were abused and bullied, so helping twin flames is an extension of this as well 🙂 Communication is important and key in all relationships. If we want openness, honesty, transparency…then we have to give it and then we will call it in energetically to us or in otherwise words, “what you put out, you get back”. I’m with you, there is no manual or advice to HOW to communicate with someone you know is your eternal partner, so just start with removing the twin flame title (remember Cassady said we are so much more than just generic Twin Flames) and speak your TRUTH, no matter what it is! Speak the truth that you feel most comfortable speaking…the other person may not like it, they may run from it, they might get up and walk out, they may hang up on you, they may even stop speaking to you!!!! Just remember, that your truth won’t change just because of someones reaction to it, if they care about you on the most basic of levels, they will respect you for sharing it and they will return! Your relationship can only grow….also, you should ask Cassady to do a Q and A on earthly communication between twin flames, maybe spirit might have some great tips for us! 🙂 Communication is so difficult because so many of us fear rejection or abandonment and then there are those of us that suffer from the “martyrdom complex” where we want everyone else to be comfortable and okay even at the expense of our well-being…especially feminine energy.

          21. I did this weeks ago. I wrote a lengthy email stating that I’m an Aquarius and expressive and I deserve to be me and say what I need to say. Of course I got ignored tho 😡 it’s so infuriating and hurtful. I really think he’s bipolar or something to be honest.

          22. Hi Brokenhearted, what your twin is, is someone who is terrified as hell! Who he is is someone that was brave enough, courageous enough and loving enough to agree to not only come to earth to help raise it from some deep pain and separation but to also find his way back to you and help you to discover who you really are! 🙂 p.s. I’m also an Aquarius!!!!

          23. Thank you Cici. Holding onto hope hurts and letting go hurts..the missing him hurts to death.

          24. You don’t have to miss him. He is always with you! If you seek inside, you”ll feel him! Separation is an illusion…try contacting him by using Cassady”s twin flame meditation, see what he has to tell you.

          25. I have always had trouble feeling him. He said he always feels me with him and could feel us holding hands. He said in August that he had a signal that I was very depressed and that it appeared with very grey images and that he was afraid to message me in fear I wouldn’t reply. (I had contacted him late September and after two weeks of him being warm and cold he told me he had walls up). But anyway… He has always been able to feel me energetically but I could never feel him. I do the meditations but I don’t really get many signs :-/

          26. The more blocks you clean the more you’ll begin to be open to feeling him! Start by doing something that makes you happy…read a book, watch your favorite show, go Rock climbing, whatever will raise your vibration then go and do the meditation.

          27. is that how its supposed to be done? Are we supposed to first raise our vibration prior to the meditation? My vibration is pretty low at the moment..i did the garden meditation earlier and as soon as my twin met me “in the tent” i started crying uncontrollably, both happy and sad tears, but i sat and finished the meditation.

          28. It doesn’t have to be that way. I just suggested it because, you says it was hard to feel him. Also, it never hurts to raise your vibration …

          29. Cici…. several people have emailed me from here which is awesome. I’m trying to keep up with their emails as best I can… now I know how Cassady feels, ha! 🙂 Someone suggested creating an online group where we can all chat. I’ll try and come up with something but I’d like your thoughts. Should we go that route or do we continue to post here on this blog like we’ve been doing? Scott

          30. Hi Scott, I can imagine! lol You are so great for doing this…I say let’s do it! We can talk more about it in the upcoming weeks and make sure its something that we will have time for and commit to, with your new promotion and i’m going back to college in january. We can keep posting here as well, in the meantime! I know moderators such as Cassady they get so many emails and messages that they don’t have the time to respond and I know that it makes them feel bad, so you know I’m open to helping Twin Flames anyway I can! 🙂

          31. You are welcome! I think it was my turn to give back all the help I have received. 🙂 I hope she talks to you again soon. I get that it is your own closed door on your heart that is the block though. Maybe I am wrong, but I thought I was the one awake and aware and wow how I have been shown something different! I can see how I was the one asleep and in fact in ways running.

          32. Yes, I have a fear of abandonment. I lost my Mom at a very young age. Also, it’s been pointed out to me by two different people (one of them was Cassady) that my Twin and I were traumatically separated in a prior life. I suspect she has a fear of abandonment as well which is why Ascension feels so INTENSE! I am scheduled to see an energy healer next week to address these issues. I can’t wait to start clearing out the blocks between us and get to the part of my journey where I can send and receive love freely with her 🙂 Scott

          33. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. That would be a major wound. That fear is a big one no matter how it lodges in us. I think these are wounds we are meant to help each other heal in the TF dynamic. I am sure she will feel it and it will help her, too!

          34. But anyways, my Twin was probably trying to get a message to me through you guys because my blocks are in the way of her talking to me directly. I’m guessing that is why she felt so powerful to you, she wanted to be darn sure she got the message through… haha!! 🙂

          35. I hesitated to mention, but I had a vision of a past life death as well that came up years ago. Just recently I saw how my twin was involved. He has helped me heal that wound and I feel it not only physically but that it has brought us closer.

          36. Wow, that’s amazing that clearing the block has brought you closer together. That is my hope as well and I think it’s all a part of this journey we’re on. I have seen some minor effects on my Twin when doing clearing sessions. I look forward to helping us both by using the energy healer and taking things to the next level so we can be closer. I’ve realized I need some help to clear some of my major blocks because they run very deep. I asked my guides for help getting over the hump and they pointed me in the energy healer’s direction and they also gave me a way to pay for it! I’m so happy to finally know how to move forward because a year ago I didn’t know she was my Twin and I was lost. Now, I have so much great information to rely on and this blog is a big part of that.

          37. Better yet I finally got to see him again! There has been a HUGE breakthrough for us! I am getting to see just how many others are involved in our coming together not only here but in the Spirit realm. I can’t say more now but I am so grateful for all the help we have. Energy healing is wonderful I am so happy to hear you are getting this support. The things that happen to us in our lives past and present can get stuck and create so much more confusion and pain. I actually found this block while in cranial sacral training. I remember now I got the message that I would not fully clear it without him back then. I saw that I left him torn and heartbroken. So the flip side was me healing the tear in his heart through the tools I learned in that energy work! There are so many spirals within this path. I am constantly blown away.

          38. Fear of abandonment is HUGE for both me and my twin. He comes from divorced family and was moved around to more than 10 places before the age of 12. I was born in india and brought to Mother Teresas orphanage at just a few weeks old, so I definitely am experiencing abandonment issues. We’ve talked about our issues of abandonment thats why this whole thing gets so puzzling for me. He’s run a few times before. Each time I was here to take him back and we got closer. The one time I chose to run he now wont “take me back”. It just seems unfair. We are identical mirrors of each other. I just didnt expect his heart to withdraw from me. I cant stop crying. This is the most painful thing a human can experience. To be apart from the one they love. It really makes me question life. It shouldnt be this hard.

          39. he is just afraid of the loss. my twin was similar. i wont say too much out of respect for him but since he was born, his parents were both severe drug addicts. his parents divorced and eventually his mom got clean, but he has alot of mother issues. he has been resentful of his dad for abandoning him, and just a few years back, around the time of our merge, his mom got back into the alcoholism. she went crazy with it. my twin has been in alot of relationships with different women, because he needs that love he never got as a child. he told me he has never broken up with a girl, and knew the signs when a girl was about to end the relationship. he was very overwhelmed by our connection( we werent dating or anything because i was already in a long term relationship) but i didnt realize until a month ago that i was the one who ran first. i didnt cut off contact, but i started pushing him away, so he left one day because he knew the “signs” and he couldnt handle the abandonment again and ended it before i could. ive noticed abandonment issues is a huge theme between all of us. he just is afraid of being hurt again, nobodyis going to willingly put themselves in pain like that. its something he needs to heal on his own, even if it takes time. unfortunately, my twin does what his mom did, he uses drugs to numb his pain and it breaks my heart. it will probably be a very long time until my twin heals his wounds. 🙁 i know its really painful but constantly dwelling on it keeps you from growing and healing will become a much stronger person. ive been through it all the past 2 1/2 years, and i have realized that if i can make it through that, i can make it through anything! and same goes for you!

      1. Hang in there. My TF continues to ignore me as well today but we know why they behave like that…. they feel the connection between us and they are scared & confused.

        1. yeah i definitely agree. my twin has a fear of abandonment. he is consumed by his ego and pain. he told me a few weeks back that he doesnt know how to deal with it. plus i scared him even more by telling him of the twin flame concept haha.

      2. Hang in there sometimes we need to look inside to find each other again as we know! I have had this happen even though I am so wanting to just focus on him. Spirit has pushed me to look inside instead and I know he felt I was ignoring him. We never really are though we are a mirror so maybe there is a message in the action?

        1. hehe thanks for the advice, but i texted him so im not ignoring him but he probably just needs more space right now. he just lost his job, and i had this crazy dream a few nights ago that his wife found out about us… so i think hes going through alot right now.

          1. hi there, im sorry to bother you, im just having a really hard time with this. My twin ignored all my emails and is currently running…I dont know a person who truly loves you can just turn their back on you completely. I know men are better at emotionally withdrawing and compartmentalizing etc, but this pain is destroying me. i have days where I cant understand life or why the one thing that matters to me is taken away from me.

          2. What you see on the outside does not reflect what’s happening behind the scenes. Your twin does love you but the connection between you is INTENSE and they most likely are not as aware or awakened as you are at this point. Your higher self might have forced you into separation so you can look within and release any low vibration energies holding you back. I recommend using Cassady’s free breakthrough kit to raise your vibration. The clearing sessions are extremely helpful as well. Just understand that your twin is always with you and that separation here in the physical realm is not permanent.

          3. Thank you so much for being here and getting back to me so fast. I was on the live clearing session last week and I’ve been listening to it daily. It actually has helped me shift my energy but I have to work hard every moment of the day not to message him and not to break down in tears. I spent the last 90 days in tears missing him and saddened over the shattered dreams of our future. I came into this world to find true love. Its the only thing I have ever wanted and searched for. Without it I just feel like life is so pointless.

          4. When I am unsure where to turn in the next step of my TF journey I pray to my spirit guides & angels and ask for guidance. In a lot of cases they will not intervene unless we specifically ask them for help. If you ask for the help make sure to be open and aware for signals that come your way because they will do everything they can to get your attention. 🙂

          5. dont worry, you are not bothering me , im here to help! i know what you are going through, i have been there myself. my twin was the same way and it hurt so bad, i thought i was crazy! loving yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself my entire life i always hated myself. like really hated myself. and back in january, a few months after my twin cut off all contact, i realized one day, i didnt want to feel like this anymore. i was angry that i allowed myself to bring myself down from it all. so i started meditating, and shortly afterwards i started seeing the bigger picture of things, and started loving myself. it was very difficult, and i am an empath so to me, i put everyone before myself, and the thought of putting myself before others made me cringe. but i did it. my advice is, do anything you can to distract yourself for the time being. pick up a hobby, treat yourself. do what you love to do for yourself. you will never forget about what happened, but the pain will ease up. send him love, forgive him and yourself. its a tough thing to go through but once you can learn tobe ok without him, you wont hurt much anymore. if you need to talk more, email me at ill be happy to help in any way i can!i know it is rough right now, but i promise you, everything will be ok!

          6. Maybe it is as Cassady says that the lesson is inside of YOU. I had to learn the hard way too. Are you ignoring YOURSELF??? I am alone right now but I realized it is GOOD in so many ways! I needed the space to take a deep breath and love myself just as I am. I am learning to let go of all the junk inside of me that is in the way because that is really all I have any control over. Once you do this, you start to see how you are actually helping your Twin clear and they start helping you in tangible ways. We are always there with each other but sometimes back to back like we don’t see each other and are fighting our own battles. Turn inside to what you see and things will become clear. 🙂

          7. You are 100% right. Im just really having a hard time respecting myself by letting him ignore me the way he has and yet im still supposed to “send him love” and do energy clearings to help him when he has completely turned his back on me in my time of need. I have been there for him every single time he would run and return. The ONE time i did it he is not willing to take me back? or even talk to me on email? or respond to any of my heartfelt messages? Im just really angry about the one-sided treatment.

          8. OK this says to me exactly what Cassady said in the clearing I attended. It sounds like you are being pushed to be alone. I was accused of being “needy” by a soul mate I was with. He left me for that and I know it was because he was afraid of his own need. I realized what he did for me as well though! He made me look at my NEED. Instead of clamping down and trying to make myself think I did not need and had to be self sufficient I wrote down EXACTLY what I DO need. It was so freeing! I started really accepting inside myself what I want and how I was blocking that. I saw how what I want is so far beyond what many “normal” relationships are. And it lead me HERE. So I suggest taking time for you. Forget what he is doing or not doing. Just love him unconditionally. Turn inside. This work is so powerful for both of you. Focus on you. Do things you love to do. Treat yourself, take care of yourself. Journal and write out what it is you REALLY need and want! I am sure you will find if you do this you will clear so many blocks! And how can that not help him, too? 🙂 Light and Peace to you!

          9. OH WOW! Thank you BrokenHearted1111! I just realized a very important piece to my story! My Twin and I had a really strong meeting that ended in so much to be cleared and thus separation. I was engaged and had asked to know if I actually had this kind of love in my life. It lead to the meeting and being in a room together forced to see each other. I loved seeing him in truth, it was what got me up in the morning! It was hard though my ex was involved and it made it all such a mess. I was seeing my Twin’s name everywhere and feeling him so so much. I had finally been able to let go of my ex-fiancee and see him go back to his home country. It was hard I was really a mess because I had let myself get so close to the wrong decision. The last part of that was me calling my Twin and trying desperately to connect but in a place of confusion and chaos.The last thing I said before my Twin hung up on me was “I don’t need…” It haunted me since then. He wrote a song about it it turns out and the last chords are like an open phone line….I only got to hear that NOW after all this clearing I have done! I just realized how much that challenge to my need made me come here! I am crying and laughing at the same time. What a blessing!!!

          10. Thank you. He lives in Europe…tonight I messaged him about the Isis and told him i asked our angels to keep him and his loved ones safe. He totally ignored me and I’m
            Filled with anxiety and really wishing I never messaged. It felt like the right thing to do at the time and I felt I was being true to myself by messaging that which came straight from my soul not my ego. It took strength for me to send him that message but now to of course be ignored. He probably wishes I was dead.

          11. Why would anyone wish that in real life? The kind of death and rebirth we go through on this journey could be what you are picking up on. I think this attack really brings it home for us all about how important it is to stay in love and light. I would guess you may be making things hard on his life with his wife. Maybe he is focused on his family and can’t take the stress of added tension with how you are feeling. I would still encourage you to focus inside and calm that fear in you! You are just as important and he will feel it on the ethereal. I think that is part of the plan of separation. It makes us feel each other on the energetic and deeper dimensions. It is well worth it to explore that and find how to fill yourself and him. I know from experience how that can help so much! Still sending you light.

          12. Thanks again for the response 🙂 no he is single, by loved ones I meant his mom, dad, sister, brother and friends. I guess there’s nothing I can do anymore except give up all expectations of him ever being back in my life. I’m so tired of being so depressed and feeling so empty after six years of beautiful warm friendship and love together.

          13. Sorry I got you mixed up with another person here I think! Don’t give up. Just change the game you are playing. 🙂 Another lesson for me recently has been to not take this so seriously. It is meant to be fun and happy! The heaviness is indeed just things that need to be cleared. I just found an explanation on Facebook about depression being stuck in the past and anxiety being stuck in the future. To find peace, find the magic in the present moment. Try mindfulness meditations just being in the moment in everything you do. The good is still there it is just covered in the things you both need to clear. 🙂

          14. No brokenheart, i am sure he doesn’t wiish anything bad for u. Dont write any more. Whenever mine asked me for space i stayed away and didn’t contact him until he came. Chasing them makes them even run faster. Just let him be. I know its damn difficult and i know it hurts as i am going through the same. Keep doing the meditation. Hugs!!

          15. It sounds like you sending him love and light with open hands right now might be a good way to go. 🙂

          16. omg just a few hours ago…. i was sending him love via meditation, and i could feel him there, like i was actually with him. i felt the warmth in my heart chakra, felt by a pain. it felt like a knot then i open my eyes, and his wife texted me!! and she confronted me about the situation, although she seemed understanding, i dont think she really is. and i freaked out! my dream was accurate, so im thinking all my other dreams involving him were too. im full of mixed emotions and need a hug.

          17. Sending you a big HUG!!! It sounds like she is clearing too. Just work on you and how you can ground and stay clear. 🙂

          18. A big hug lotusflower. Write down your dreams. I have started doing this. I also did the meditation last night and the message he gave me was completely different from what.i was thinking it would be. In the morning when i got up i had a vision or it was a dream (am not sure) that we were cuddling on the sofa. It was just for a second.

          19. thanks guys for the love and hugs. ugh i had trouble sleeping last night, and i just woke up. he didnt send me any messages in my dreams last night. i still dont know how i feel. a part of me is glad she knows, part of me kinda wishes she didnt. she was trying to rub her “perfect relationship” in my face, i can tell shes jealous. im not hurt tho. im still mostly in shock about the dream accuracy, and the knot in my chest right before i got her message. maybe thats how he felt? cause he was with her when she confronted me. even though i didnt doubt him being my twin before (my ego had questioned it before just because our brains are programmed to be logical and solve problems) , despite what i knew in my heart, i have this feeling now that there is no way i could ever deny or question it now.

  18. I feel so alone. My twin and i met online 6 years ago and never met. we live in different countries but shared the most extraordinary love. The distance was killing us so I ended us in July. We had no contact till I messaged him at the end of september. He would be warm some days and cold on others. Then he admitted to having walls up. I told him ill be here if he ever wants to let down his walls. Then within 2 weeks I had sent several emails and he ignored each and every one and still he is no longer communicating with me. I feel devastated. He is spiritual and for the first 4 years of our friendship I turned to him as my spiritual mentor. We talked of a future for the longest time. I just don’t understand what’s going on. We lived very similar life paths, a lot of synchronicity, but neither of us are financially free and we really need to face ourselves and grow as individuals. Cassady says sometimes our souls will push into separation, but it’s the most painful feeling ever. I have contemplated ending my life several times which only indicates to me how much work i have to do. But i do not want to live without his love and i miss the friendship. The only thing worth living for is true love, i just dont want to live without it.

    I can’t understand how when a “Runner” runs, aka “ignores you” … how is ignoring someone respectful? Wouldnt allowing ourselves to be disrespected aka ignored and shoved aside be something that should wake us up that the guy/girl we thought was our twin wasnt? I mean, i feel like twin flames running phase is a lack of respect no? I feel like I shouldnt be treated this way. Can someone help me understand this better?

    1. It might that this feeling, that you deserve better treatment, is your new way. Treat yourself as you would want him to treat you. Then you find the wholeness Cassady speaks about. That means now choosing you over him. Paradox, because that will, according to Cassady, bring you together in the end. Not easy, it is a fight we are all fighting (otherwise we would not be here but be happy with our twins) but it will help you at least to feel a bit better. Comfort yourself as you would him (or your birth mom) to comfort you, be kind and gentle to yourself. You are beautiful, special, worthy of everything you wish for. I send you love and strenght to love you too.

      1. Very encouraging ME. He used to treat me so nicely… I really miss that. But i know that now its my turn to treat myself nicely and with respect.

      2. thank you so much <3 Im having a really hard time with the separation. Being physically separated and now virtually separated. The pain is unbearable.

    2. Hi Brokenhearted1111, I’m going to share with you one of the first messages that I was given right before this TF world was revealed to me…”The most beautiful love story ever told, was not about one loving another but about one loving themselves!” Just as I shared with Scott, my biological mother abused and abandoned me…she even tried to gaslight me, literally!!! My father abused drugs and women and ignored me, every chance he got, so I had deep seated abandonment issues! Remember, as Twin Flames, we agreed to incarnate into broken homes and families, so that we could in turn, go through Ascension and come back and show them the way, to Unconditional Love and break down old paradigms of love, that no longer serves anyone! Remember what Cassady said that you were fiercely brave and ambitious in deciding to incarnate to earth, not only to help Earth’s Ascension but to unite with your twin!!! You knew you could do it and you already have the map to show you the way…You are beautiful and whole and your life is worth living, right now, just the way it is…chose YOU!!!!

      1. Cici I am so very sorry to hear about your very difficult and painful upbringing!! I wouldnt wish that kind of treatment on my worst enemy. You are so strong for all you have been through. I think one of my biggest struggles is really seeing the difference between the concepts of “Love Addiction” vs. “Twin Flames”. I know for a fact that I chose to come into this life to experience Unconditional Love. Thats why i picked parents who gave me up for adoption. Even my adopted parents loved me the best they could but it was still conditional. I dated a lot growing up in search for that soul love which I did find six years ago. Im also currently in a relationship of nine years with a soul mate but there has not been a romantic connection for 5 years or so. On a soul level I can view his “running” rationally and not take it personal that it ignored my heartfelt emails over a 2 week period. But then my ego kicks in and says “”Runner or not, his fear and lack of stability/commitment makes me scared that if I pick up and leave my current situation, it will be a huge mistake.” I just wish my emotions and thoughts would find a consistent stream because the highs and lows are really draining.

        1. Hi Brokenhearted, I get it! This journey and all it entails almost led me to have a mental and emotional breakdown because I was just that confused. I was confused because I was not trusting my intuition and my inner know-er and trusting that I am safe and protected and blessed, no matter what and that this journey is just an addition to my already wonderful life!

  19. Cassady I just put the live clearing session onto my phone so that I can listen in the car and while sleeping. You bring me so much comfort, thank you so much for being you <3

  20. Hello fellow Lightworkers aka Twin Flames! It seems that the city of romance, Paris, is under attack in the wake of this gateway meant to anchor LOVE! It seems a cry for us to reach out, remember who we are and how very very important we are in bringing about change! The link we have is powerful, let’s use it to help bring Light back to the city of romance and love!!! We are more powerful when we are singing all together!

    1. i cried when i heard about that. its so sad that people can still be so hateful towards others.. but i have been sending love and light their way.

    2. The song Bloodstream is a metaphor. I spoke of a wound in the past that was partially healed during a training session. The man who stood as conduit spoke words I already knew to be true. The wound was inflicted during a great battle. It was made by a spear. Listen! The only way to heal this wound completely is for the two who are not dual to come together. One needs the other and the other needs the One. Many are in the puzzle. Their pieces hold space for those in the center of the circle. Laughter and those things we scorn will bring Light into our hearts. Surrender to the flow and we will return to source. The river is higher now, an abnormal height beyond what nature alone can create. Return to source, it is near.

  21. My boyfriend Rob died a few years ago. I just found out about this twin flame thing although I always knew we made eachother whole and we’ve done this before many times for thousands of years. After he died I began talking to him as he went through different levels away from his human self. The amount of sorrow I experienced losing him was unbearable and I dont know what the hell we were thinking signing ourselves up for this life I believe it was my choice, probably not his. Anyways he began telling me things about the universe and explaining how things work also warning me about people and saving me in hundreds of occasions I became very reckless after he died. Anyways my healing started when I found out I was pregnant with my son. At first I thought it could be a reincarnation of Rob, as he’s the one who told me I would get pregnant with my son a few months before I did and that was the last time I heard him clearly. But that just doesn’t satisfy me and I keep feeling like hes OUR son. Part of him and part of someone else not necessarily me. How does that make sense and I dont talk to him anymore because I feel like hes so far from me, is my human logic getting in the way of the gift that he gave me. Also I began seeing 1111 6 months ago now I see 1010, 444, 555 every day and 111. What are they trying to show me. Things are changing quickly right now I am growing quickly. I am glad I found this its all new to me I cannot believe this is happening to other people!

    1. Hi Chelsea. I can say the numbers are significant. Cassady talks about them as well but i can give you my two cents on the phenomenon. These numbers came up for me about 19 years ago right after I had my first son. The 1111 as we all are learning is the reflection of the Divine in the Twin Flames. It is as above so below, the masculine/feminine as a representation of duality in all forms, meant to be a vehicle for raising kundalini and thus life energy. It is all harmonic. 1010 I am still working with understanding all the meanings to. 444 for me came in when I found a deep, deep Love that consumed me. It was immediately a symbol for the heart chakra to me. In Greek the term is agape or universal love. 555 is a completion and a sign of things to come. It is halfway to 10, the completion of cycles. Think of starfish and of humans on the image made by Da Vinci. 111 I just recently found out from another Twin who is connected to me on Facebook is a sign that manifestation is instantaneous. Be mindful of what you think when you see this one. To me it also has symbolized the Divine as one still reflecting the Twins in the physical. A reminder of how there is no duality on the higher plains. If anyone else has anything to chime in please do! These numbers are important sign posts, synchronicity in many levels.

      Thank you for posting about your experience! You are probably quite right that this baby has his imprint! I would suggest reading Cassady’s post about crystal children. 🙂

  22. Hi Angel! I was worried about you and was about to send you a message. I’m sorry to hear about you being ill, I hope you feel better soon. I don’t think it’s just you, this gateway has been powerful and I think it’s impacting all of us in different ways, if you read this blog we have all been experiencing some pretty intense things! You are so awesome! I am glad to hear that you are taking my advice and choosing to focus on positive energy, neutral energy instead of the heavy dark negative energy that is so easy to come by in this journey and in life.It’s because we are always taught to be afraid (which is what negativity is), therefore we don’t know how to be positive…trust me, you are doing more for your TF connection, then you realize and more importantly, your doing more for YOU! Keep it up….:-)

  23. Unaware of this forecast me and my twin who were separated for almost a year now came together on this day of 11:11 and we could not resist each other. She has a boyfriend even but her and I were literally on fire and well this now makes sense. I also intuitively was making a vision board to with her about future. Incredible

  24. I’m doing great! I just worked through another slight block I was feeling over the weekend but I too now know because of Cassady’s post what was driving it…Umm, when I do the TF meditation my twin used to be quiet but now he is starting to open up more and more…this past weekend I could definitely tell he picked up on what I was feeling because he pulled me tightly to him and he keeps saying ” make sure you come back” and he also now leaves the tent and watches me leave and walk back down the staircase….Yes, I certainly believe he feels the shift with you and yes he knows you are sending him love, he may not realize where it is coming from but he feels it because your connected. See how the dynamic is already starting to shift because of the change within you!!! Your twin is starting to open up to you and tell you his truth, just keep letting him open up and doing the clearings and sending him love…I’m so happy for you and this turn of events!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!

  25. Thank you for this article, Cassady. What you are saying must be correct, as my twin has not responded back to me in several weeks now. It makes me so sad. We were in separation once before for five months before he returned. I hope it’s not that long this time. I DO understand and agree that we both need to do more inner work and heal in order to have union. If we came into union right now, we’d just be triggering each other and fighting like crazy. I’d rather that we heal more.

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