twin-flame-1111New Timelines Opening… Plus, Mars Direct, Major Changes In Fortune Coming. Are You Ready For A New Beginning? Your Soul Is Calling.

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Eventful week: 11/11 gateway, Mars finally turns direct after two months of “upgrades” and purging, Mercury and New Moon in Scorpio bring transformations.

Plus, highly rare Jupiter conjunct Pluto impact brings powerful physical world shifts, breakthroughs and major sudden changes in fortune…

Discover more below!


This is set to be an intense time, so remember to use your Free Twin Flame Resources (and if you haven’t already downloaded you can do so here)

“My Twin Flame is a Runner and something amazing happened today… Guess who called me this morning after doing the meditation and energy cleanse? Yup, you guessed it… he called me! I am so darn happy, it’s a miracle!”

– Kristine D, Mass, USA

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Inner Unity…

This is set to be a week full of changes and shifts. Starting the week, the Sun travels past Juno asteroid of marriage and soul mate relationships on his way through Scorpio.

There’s a heightened focus on your “Inner Union Templates”. The spiritual truth is that Twin Flames are already “married” as souls. Twin Flames already “belong” to each other.

And this time is all about awakening and activating these codes in our human bodies, energy and emotions. To re-activate unity on the *physical* plane.

If you go within and activate the inner unity template now, you have an incredible flow of cosmic timing on your side.

twin flame union

Your Shadows And Your Light…

November 10th, Mercury enters Scorpio, setting the stage for a month where communication goes deep (again!).

It’s not about what’s being SAID or made CLEAR on the surface, but is happening on a deeper level.

Scorpio is the house of death, rebirth, detox, sex and the occult.

With Mercury here we get increased unconscious telepathic, emotional and “non physical” phenomena between the Twin Flames – but “darkness” is often stirred up…

Twin Flame Dreaming – The Unconscious Connection

During Mercury in Scorpio, the INNER Twin connection is heightened. Dreams also intensify and IF there are fears or sexual secrets, jealousy and power issues in your connections, they tend to be triggered.

Because they are blocks to unity. Did you notice Twin Flames often “run” after an experience of amazing love and intimacy?

This is because they’re reacting to latent material in their counterpart’s system – such as residue from past sexual experiences with others. When they sense it, during the chakra blowout, they get triggered to pull away.

This happens to so many Twins I was asked to channel a session specifically to solve this issue.

Cycle Changes In The Twin Flame Connection

Mercury is now going “back over shadow terrain” from his Retrograde, so expect to get clarity in issues from last month… And last fall!

When a planet moves back over the same area this consistently, there are deep cosmic messages working to reach us. This is above all about the UNCONSCIOUS deeper beliefs causing issues in your Twin Flame connection.

“As within, so without”.

Be aware of yourself and any latent inner fears or shadows you’ve been shown. You have been shown the past REASONS why your connection may have gotten off track.

Now, as Mercury moves direct through Scorpio it’s time to deal with them once and for all! (Get my Free session to start here)

Your Immense Power – 11:11 Gateway

Active all week but peaking on November 11th, we have the powerful 11/11 gateway – the year’s most heightened gate of manifestation.

You are tapping into your immense power right now so be mindful of the intentions you set. At this gateway everything is sowing a seed for your next period… far into the future.

Work to disregard any past disappointments or habitual patterns of interacting with your Twin and others. Work to release old beliefs about what the world is like, what you are like.

Because your soul is calling for you to step into your true light. 11/11 is the sign shown to those spiritually awakening, to say “remember who you are”.

Union Of The Two Souls Divided

This is a key time to truly launch into a new phase of light for your onward journey. You can make major shifts at this point.

So focus on opening to something higher, create a new identity, write a new story. Focus on light. For Twin Flames 11/11 also represents the union of the two souls divided.

As mentioned earlier in the week with the Sun and Juno, it’s a time for remembering and tapping into the energetic blueprint and truth that we ALREADY ARE ONE deep down.

Twin Flames are not just a couple… We are one original soul who chose to divide to experience the nature of seeming separation and return to unity through love.

 (For more, have a look at this session)

A New Grid Of Light

Our CHOICE is paramount right now. The universe’s gift to us is Free Will.

That’s the “game of life”. We have the choice to create darkness and opposition, or to create light and unity.

11/11 is a gateway where we get the opportunity to align with new and higher timelines via CHOICE above all.

Old “shadow timelines” were being brought up over this last week so that we could make a final choice to release them.

This week, new “timelines of light” are coming online and these are brand new timelines we have never seen before on the planet I’m being shown.

There is a new grid of light coming online.

Are You Willing To Release The Past?

The issue is, when new light comes in, old darkness gets triggered. How you experience this time, will depend a lot on YOUR system, your thoughts, your intentions, your alignment…

And, spirit says, how willing you are to release the past to invite in a higher state.

If you feel like you’re still struggling, it means your soul is telling you there’s still “shadow material” in your being you need to get to grips with before you’re open to that state.

(If you need help with that, click here, where you can get started for Free in the Twin Flame Help Kit… Or to dive deeper and release low timelines and anchor in a higher state as a pair, go here)

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto – Sudden Change In Fortune

November 12th we have another KEY event as Jupiter and Pluto meet in Capricorn (joined by Pallas, asteroid of the divine Feminine higher self).

It’s been increasing over recent weeks so you may already have noticed the pressured feeling. This cosmic event indicates MAJOR SUDDEN CHANGES IN FORTUNE, says spirit.

And as it’s Capricorn, it means physical world changes. We’re shown, situations changing inside out. What was up, comes down, what was down, comes up.

Spirit shows us, the rise of a new elite aligned with light.

If you have felt that luck was evading you, that all hope was lost, you’re likely to experience some major shifts right now. If not sudden, then putting you on the PATH to major change somehow.

Changes on The Horizon

Because this is happening on a PLANETARY scale. It’s the cosmic energies aligning with major change…

You’re not just working from the INDIVIDUAL level trying to impact the mass field.

It’s the mass field, causing major shifts for the WHOLE in some way.

Change is happening for ALL, in some way. How exactly the changes look in YOUR life or connection, depends on you and what you’re aligned with:

Divine Order Being Restored

This transit can also bring massive influxes of power, which can go overboard and cause major ruptures…

But because Pluto is the master of “detox” it seems the changes happening right now are to the highest good.

‘Divine order is being restored’, are the words we receive.

In April this year, we ALSO had a conjunction between these two planets. Over the summer months, they moved retrograde “back on their own path” and now they meet again, direct.

There has been much UN-DOING of what had outworn its purpose, over these last 6-7 months. The energies have been pushing for it.

Blocking Masculine And Feminine From Uniting?

As Pluto/Jupiter/Pallas join again now, they trine Neptune and Sun/Juno, but square Venus/Mercury and Mars.

The purpose of this is to redirect the counterparts to go higher WITHIN. Into unity.

To transcend the divisions of gender, the human separation and polarity mentality. To go upwards in identity, to the soul. Oneness.

In fact, they’re positioned as blocking Masculine/Feminine from reaching each other – deliberately. To push us to go beyond physicality and to the SOUL LOVE, to transcend above polarity.

Old Identities Blowing Up

Old gender divisions and ego identities are being blown out. A new higher more spiritual mode is rising forth.

We see that INNER unity and INNER soul alignment, creates outer balance and satisfying relationships. In fact, it is KEY to our further path.

This is why we’re often being blocked. It’s to “force” us to leave behind the old human modes and go into INNER UNITY. To anchor into the SOUL.

The old stuff must go. There may be challenges and sudden breakdowns in that which has supported the old…

And sudden increase in spotlight to what is supporting the new era…

Why Many Twins Are Being Pushed Away From Physical Unity

Again we’re reminded by spirit, that Twins are here for this for a reason. In fact 2020 is and has been a KEY year in the “mission”. (Read more here)

We are people who are always reminded of the INNER self, the soul, by meeting “OURSELVES” in another body…

We of all people are being shown so strongly, pushed to realize it’s about love and UNITY.

About the SOUL. This is why many are being pushed AWAY from outer physical unity, and faced with their Twin as a *spiritual presence*. To return to this knowing.

Constructed Ego Detours

To find the “self” in “other”, to find the SOUL behind the ego, to find TRUE LOVE beyond conflict, opposition and division.

11:11 – Remember who you are. This is a key week where “everything” can change. You can shift into a “new reality” – new timelines and states.

The more you resist the knowing of the SOUL – that you ARE your Twin and you’re already one as souls… the more the drama builds up, in an effort to get you to realize.

Let go of the old stuff. Clear it out. It’s just “clothing”, layers of constructed identities.

When YOU do this, we’re shown your counterpart follows suit on the “outside”. There is a soul contract for this, we’re shown.

(I take you through this work here)

11/11 Intention

Spirit suggests writing out an 11/11 intention.

“I now invite in to the highest good:”

And then list your desires. Pay attention to intuitive nudges you get as you write, as to what to include and what to perhaps reconsider…

And end with: “This or something better. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And so it is.”

You’ll also enjoy the Higher Heart Activation Session where I take you through a deep alpha level guided journey to your soul, to plant seeds of your desires – and importantly I tell you how to make sure your desires tangibly show up.

Because there are some key mistakes most people make that block their wishes from arriving… Click here to learn more and download.

Soul Love Rising

Also happening at this time, Mercury opposed Uranus Retrograde shows us you may feel RESISTANT to new ways of looking at things, but it is the guided path to happiness.

Uranus is the planet of androgyny, which means when the polarities have been UNITED. When it’s not about masculine vs feminine anymore. But about SOUL LOVE.

This is the true “Hieros Gamos”, which is in fact not a Twin Flame exclusive term but comes from ancient Alchemical traditions.

A key spiritual goal and ritual where seekers since the dawn of time went through a process of uniting their INNER polarities, their shadows and light, their masculine and feminine essence…

In order to emerge as the SOUL the illuminated self, the infinite being… while alive in the physical.

To have INNER wholeness. To have spiritual mastery. To ascend.

Sacred Spiritual Teachings From The Ancients

This has been a sacred process, a secret knowing since the ancient Egyptians, Sumerians and beyond.

Some people ask me why I share this information openly, when it used to be tightly guarded.

Students used to have to train for years, often decades, to be allowed to and earn the right know these deep spiritual truths.

My perception and why I share it so freely is, your SOUL already knows it.

I’m just reminding you. And the fact that you’re here, in awakening, means your soul has chosen to REMEMBER.

Staying “Asleep” Vs Awakening

It’s your choice to take action on it or not. The amazing thing these days is that we have information so widely available, but so many people don’t USE it…

Because it’s not just about reading words or understanding with your mind.

These are templates and spiritual codes that must be ACTED upon. This is ancient sacred mastery, not just ideas.

It’s the choice between staying “asleep”, experiencing life as being beyond your control and staying on the “roller-coaster”… versus rising into your soul’s mastery.

Twin Flames are souls who chose to experience this heightened life experience, and to journey into this state of divine love together.

Alignment Calling…

If you’re feeling like, this stuff is so complicated… I just want to have LOVE in my life…!

The amazing thing is that when you EMBODY unity, when those templates are active in your being, “outer” love is the result. It is the most complete and lasting way to call it to you.

And Mars R opposition Venus “says” we’re still NOT fully unified within. That’s why outer “completion” isn’t happening for many. We can’t fake alignment, remember.

If we’re aligned with love, love comes to us. If it doesn’t, it means we’re “off the channel”.

Mars Direct

Longing for love and feeling that it’s far away is heightened, especially for the female Twin on November 12th as the Moon travels across Venus in Libra.

Mars is about to turn direct on November 14th, and we see the Masculine Twin with a feeling of exhaustion from the deep energy “upgrades” and purging that’s been going on since early September…

Mars Retrograde has brought “upgrades” and processing for the masculine collective, Aries natives and our action, sexuality and karmic blueprint…

If you’re reading this early in the week, you still have time to benefit:

Have a look here at the 11 Secret Twin Flame benefits from Mars Retrograde.

New Moon In Scorpio

This process of change and upgrades won’t truly be over until January, but the intense purge will begin to settle now.

November 15th we have a New Moon in Scorpio, and along with the rest of the week’s powerful transits, it’s about aligning with the soul…

We are being called on to be a part of the planet’s ascension into unity consciousness.

The planetary energies are tugging at you in this period, signalling that the “time is now”. Your soul’s deeper knowing is being activated more and more. 

The “Shortcut” To Twin Flame Unity

You ARE being brought together with your Twin whether on the inside or in the physical, but again you are being pushed to step into inner unity with YOURSELF first of all.

That’s the “shortcut”, says spirit.

Read more here in “self love for the Twin Flame journey”.

Sunday we have a potential snag with Lilith joining Uranus.

It shows you may be irritated that it seems to be “all on you” as the female twin or a female in general, the feeling that you’re having to work hard or make an extra effort.

Beyond Ego…

The truth is, it’s an illusion! As the planets are trying to remind you, you’re a soul. You CHOSE to be female. It wasn’t imposed on you.

It could just as well have been your Twin in your stead.

So release any suffering paradigm and the karmic baggage from the female collective fields (I help you with it here) because it will only attract more of the same!

Beyond the human realm, there is ALL LOVE, all unity with your Twin. Anything opposed to that, is distortions from the human legacy of opposition, playing out in your reality.

Remember who you are.

A New Era Calling

This is a week where the higher realms are very noticeably “calling”. We’re being activated.

The past is over, and a new era is dawning.

We’re being called on to step up.

You already know the path. Above all, it goes from within.

Listen to your soul. It knows the way.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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