Solar Eclipse Opens Up For Change – Are You Ready For A New Chapter? Help For Those Who Lost Hope. Plus, Healing Goes Within – Where Is Ego In Hiding And Holding Up Your Journey?

This is set to be one of this year’s most transformative times in the cosmic energies, a key time for Twin Flames and those in Ascension.

Big changes are happening, not just within but in our physical reality. The journey intensifies – are you ready to step up to the plate?

Rising Into Light

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Twin Flame Journey Turning Inward…

So now onto the forecast: It’s set to be a week full of intensity and you may be feeling it already!

With this powerful Eclipse we are being put to the test more and more to make heightened choices. Are we ready to live as enlightened beings in human society?

These are key themes for the week and the month. We enter into this week with a significant Retrograde casting a challenge over events.

With Chiron the wounded healer moving “backwards” through the Zodiac, it signifies that healing goes deeper, it goes within and happening in Aries spirit shows us it’s all about where *we ourselves* have been rejecting ourselves.

Where have *you* been judging yourself not to be deserving or worthy or able to be loved unconditionally?

We’re shown again the Twin Flame mirror (click here to watch a video on it, and be sure to subscribe for more video content)


A New Start For Your Connection

With this retrograde happening for the next few months we’re set to be dealing with and sorting through – being shown in some way – our own negative commentary about our ego self. And where this originally came from.

Know that you can transcend limitations, you can move into completely new territory of unconditional love with your other self… But these inner judgments have likely been holding you and them back “secretly”.

We’re being pushed to face up to the fact that most likely, we’re the ones who have been judging *ourselves* and pushing love away with these judgments.

To remove these kinds of blocks from your system and your shared energy field with your Twin Flame, have a look here at the Complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames.

Includes Deep Chakra Cleanse, Shielding & Protection, Light Code Infusion, Programming Upgrades, Path/Timeline Alignment

Complete harmony Healing Tool

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New Cosmic Cycle In Love

Come 9th July Venus enters a new sign, setting the start of a new cycle in love. Venus in Virgo is considered a less beneficial placement for love.

A tendency this next month will be a feeling of loneliness in love, based in things like not having someone to rely on… Or loving someone else but not receiving the love and adoration you desire and long for – so much you feel drained.

This can be a tricky time for love but for best results be open about anything you need or want in a gentle way, and be careful with your expectations.

Venus in Virgo is prone to having such high standards no one can live up to them and others can end up feeling criticized and unloved.

If you can step into the fullness and golden radiance of self love now, you’ll uplift your journey for the long run. Counteracting negativity right now is highlighted to carry positive repercussions.

Have a look here for a session where we “upgrade” and activate your heart chakra to its full functioning and go into why self love is so crucial on the Twin Flame journey – “As within so without”.

What you hold towards yourself is what you attract in your Twin Flame connection, and self love is the key to manifesting unity and harmony with your Twin Soul.

The Planet Of “Luck” And Expansion

A happy event this week is Jupiter turning direct July 10th. Although “he” will be moving through ‘shadow terrain’ for a while longer this is a huge and positive thing!

In essence it shows us progress is now open again, doors that were closed begin to open. Positivity shows up. Even what you might have given up on.

Your own personal energy and manifestations, your karma and timelines strongly affect this and whether your system is aligned with positivity… However Jupiter turning direct tends to feel like we can breathe more easily again.

“Lesson learning” feels a bit smoother, we feel like we’re moving forwards again, we feel a little more supported on our journey.

To open up to the beneficent power of Jupiter, which is all about aligning with the peak of positivity, have a look at these Twin Flame Affirmation Audios with high vibration music I was guided to create.

Your unconscious mind has such a huge effect on your dynamic with your Twin, and affirmations has now been scientifically proven to alter your unconscious thoughts, creating new and positive neural pathways.

When used regularly, affirmations can dramatically uplift your state, your situation, your timelines and your Twin Flame dynamic. If you want to power your journey up into its higher potential, this is an important thing to work on.

Listening to these affirmations audios regularly will over time uplift your inner state dramatically. And the beauty is that all you have to do is listen along! Use it at the gym, on your commute, when waking up in the morning, when in the shower… it’s such a great positive boost to stay in a state of love, positivity and attraction to harmony.


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Losing Hold Of Reality – To Rise Higher

Come 13th July the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer hits. This is one of the year’s most powerful cosmic events – one of 5 eclipses this year (usually there are only 4 in a given 12 months).

This particular eclipse deals with emotions in the double. The Moon is the ruler of Cancer, the sign of intuition, emotion, creativity, motherhood… So this is an extra powerful and significant event.

We see big changes in emotional cycles, patterning. Where your life has been running on “automatic” due to unconscious habits. As the Moon obscures the Sun it might be challenging, like you temporarily lose hold of yourself, reality, something significant…

But the gift is that you now get a chance to see yourself and your life clearly. From a different perspective.

To see how your emotions and the habitual emotional processes you’ve had since early life (likely inherited by others) have impacted the path of your life. And you can make a second choice.

We see forgiveness between the Twin Flames.

We see how emotions, which are often an illusion, spread by “contagion” between people, has congested the radiance of the connection more than you realize.

Illumination, Activation, Life’s Purpose

In the space of darkness, the truth of the immaculate spirit rises forth. Light. True light – not the false light of Ego conditioning but in the absence of thought and mental understanding… your higher light, spirit, steps forth.

A key theme is we’re being pushed away from Ego (the “small self” identity we’ve got used to in life) to open up to something bigger. Breakthroughs. Love.

It’s likely things feel confusing before and after this Eclipse, as old unconscious emotions brew… but we also see profound ILLUMINATION and clarity regarding your life’s purpose, what you’re really here for, what you really are passionate about, your heart’s calling!

Big breaks can come during this period. But the key and the potential downfall is to become too absorbed by the old emotions rising to the surface.

It’s crucial to stay in a state of higher perception, to cleanse out and release the old content that arises, in order to be able to align with and permanently step into a higher experience.

To align with the bliss that is naturally your birthright as a divine being. To align with unity with your other self.

At any given time, we choose what to align with. We choose whether to listen to and be guided by fear, the ego mind – or to be guided by love. Love is always available to you, is spirit’s message. But the choice is yours.

Doors That Were Shut, Opening

Stay aware of yourself in this time. This period is set to be transformative. It might be subtle inner changes for some… but compared to other cosmic events this can truly impact physical reality.

We’re shown doors that were closed, being blown open in many cases. “Last minute rescue” comes to mind.

Spirit shows us many, many things being reshuffled for Twin Flames in terms of timelines and coming together in this period.

We see more and more are being assisted in reaching Reunion physically, in coming together, being given a push, a new chance, for the sake of assisting the collective like the plan was from the beginning.

But know that it will likely be a push, you meet by accident or forgiveness happens, but then it’s up to the Twins to have “learned” the lessons to now make a new start and not repeat the same old cycles over again…

You Are Never Alone – To The Rescue

As the effects of the eclipse begin to settle, we have another significant event as Uranus interacts with Chiron retrograde at the weekend (but subtly active throughout the week).

We see relief through new perspectives. Old hurts being released through being able to step out of the old perception and alignment.

An energetic process where your higher self presence and the current of this energy kind of “sparks the charge out of” some old negativity, deactivating it.

We’re shown some Twins in recent times doubting whether life was for them, contemplating ending it all. Even if you’ve never told anyone, spirit knows.

That you were contemplating whether you could live without your Twin, whether you could ever be happy, having faced the kind of pain you may have been through…

At this time you are set to be shown in some way that yes, you are meant to be here. It will most likely be a very subtle shift.

Often, “emergency intervention” from spirit happens in the dream state, or when you’re meditating or even if you’re under sedation or anesthesia during a medical procedure.

Another Chance Coming

Some small but significant shift is set to happen on a different level of consciousness that removes some deeper grain of negativity that caused the experiences, thoughts, drive to not be around anymore.

To give you another chance. This is happening with many Twin Flames who have had the thought of ending it all in recent years.

We’re shown, life is sacred. And when someone is alive in a human body, this is a divine opportunity and gift which is not taken lightly – so in most cases with a high vibrational soul – all efforts are made to keep the person here.

Do know that your soul has a plan for you. We’re reminded of famous authors and speakers who often faced severe hardships only to go on assisting others and enjoying success as thought leaders and celebrities in their field (read about some of their amazing stories here).

People who went through addictions, poverty, even near death experiences.

It’s never really hopeless. No matter how it seems. This is what we’re shown.

The Role Only You Could Fulfill

And spirit wants us to know, in some cases a person leaving the earth plane can destabilize the whole energy grid, because they were instrumental in holding up the alignment, maintaining, managing the system…

Many Twins are highly important players, without ever realizing it.

You are important, is their message. It might not be something you know of consciously, but there is a very specific reason why you’re here. A role only you could fulfill.

A place that is exactly for you. If you’ve felt hopeless, their message for you is, please allow yourself to relax, to “let go” and to allow yourself to shift into your rightful place.

With your willingness, when you set the intention, it will happen bit by bit… You will notice yourself being moved and moving as if there’s a stream of light pulling you into your “home”.

That space or setting where you click into your essence. To know what your essence is, where you are at one with yourself, feel with your heart what you’re the most passionate about. What your soul longs for.

The Week When Everything Changes?

This can be the start of a new chapter – the time when everything changes.

Resolve to let go of the past. Set your highest intention, feel yourself in the space where you would be immaculately happy and let that intention pull you forward.

And if you want someone to hold your hand on the journey, to help you uplift and see the meaning and the beauty, to step more and more into a state of love have a look here.

Ask yourself what you feel the most guided to. That’s your intuition, your soul speaking to you.

I believe in you! And as always I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


“Cassady’s teachings and techniques have lifted me from utter soul sickness to greater peace and increasing forgiveness, self love and love for my partner. Now I can greet my fear and anguish with peace and love. I am finally feeling more calm, clear and confident. Thank you Cassady!”

Kate, California, USA


Try my free energy cleanse tool here to connect back to pure light and begin to experience what it feels like to dwell in high vibrational energies – that’s where love lives!

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  1. This is so cool! It reminds me of a vision I’ve been shown repeatedly recently. A giant hand in the nighttime sky grasping “something”…or rather gathering “something” unto itself in a circular motion. I feel it connects to the shamanic concept of soul retrieval and calling back “lost” parts of ourselves and reclaiming our power. Beautiful forecast and much love to you,

  2. I was looking for answers and have been waiting for this week’s forecast.
    You heard me, and you’ve answered all my questions.
    Thank you

  3. I had a young woman approach me in a dream. She warned me to go below ground. She was very serious. Does this signify going deeper into my dark side?

  4. Thank you for the lovely message Cassady. For me, these past few months have probably been the hardest yet in my twin flame journey, very up and down and all over the place. I admit, that I too have experienced those reoccurring shadows of doubt you talked about and wondering seriously if I am just being unrealistic about my twin and reunion. It almost feels like you wrote this post specifically for me. Maybe this really is the week everything begins to turn around. Maybe I am about to get everything I ever wanted… So much love and light to you. Thank you for your continued positivity<3 xoxo

  5. Thank you Cassady

    You’re so wonderful and spot on everything you write, weekly. It’s phenomenal. I enjoy your site so much. You’re amazing..your voice is soothing, and just wow.. in separation with my twin flame… crazy every week i relate to something you write … this week is everything this post is… said I’m done chasing, need to let go of negativity and what’s holding me back and we are mirrors of eachother…

    I’m buying your book, and downloading all of your things .. have been following for while..

  6. Seems like Spirit really heard me…I am so grateful and humbled by this forecast, shows me I’m not alone, I’m supported..I’m holding on..thank you..xoxox

  7. thank you cassady, exactly what i needed to hear! including the article about the well-known people who overcame hardship.

  8. Thank you Cassady. I do have a question. I have been in union with my twin for a little over a month, but something feels “off”. I can’t place my finger on it. Is there anything I can do to get clarity on this?

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