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Watery Full Moon In Cancer Triggers Deep Emotions. Unconditional Love Or Sharing Each Other’s Pain? It’s All About How You Handle These Powerful Energies…


We’re now entering into the year proper – 2017 is set to be a year full of action and progress. The second wave of Twin Flames are now coming into their own in earnest.

We’re shown that this is the year when many will begin to see the positive physical world effects of their inner work with energy clearing, uplifting and soul searching and we’re being applauded for this…

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Entering The Infinite Potentiality Realm

In essence, you’re here to live in your own “heaven on earth.” So ask yourself now, what would that be? What would your paradise on earth look like for you and your Twin?

Feel into this. Get involved with the emotion of having it now. You’re now sending the signal of creation out to the universe – beginning to stir people, places and things into action to meet your request.

Get “dreaming”. Move into the infinite potentiality realm and begin actively creating instead of just experiencing the existing creation of those who came before you.

We’re encouraged in doing this and we’re given the message that those to pick up the mantle will be given support.

If you accept this adventure, this challenge, this joy in creating something grander, love-filled and amazing than the world has ever seen before, say “yes”!


Uncomfortable Changes On The Horizon

This week begins with the sun in a square to Uranus – some recent or imminent changes are making you feel uncomfortable. Perhaps even as your dreams and wishes are getting closer to fulfilment, you realize things are moving faster than you wanted.

The fantasy was pleasant, but real life changes is scary. Spirit’s advice is to clear your energy and meditate (there’s a number of sessions tailored to your needs here), consciously relax. Because what’s really happening is that old energy is being stirred up within you.

Fear is an energy, and when we feel it it’s always because somewhere in the past we got hurt. So in order to prevent future hurt, our system triggers fear to block us from “making the same mistake” again…

However, spirit says – this new change that’s on its way is guided. When you feel in your heart that there is light and expansion in your desires and in the steps and changes you’re set to take – you will not be hurt. Listen to your inner guidance.

And in order to hear guidance clearly, uplift your energy and clear out congestion.

They give this example: If you had a straw full of soda, you wouldn’t be able to clearly taste coffee through it. If the straw was clear, however, the coffee flavor would travel to you instantly… Guidance is the same.

If you’re congested, it can’t get through clearly.


Masculine Polarity Staking “His Own Solo Course”

This week we also have Mars in a sextile to Pluto, dealing with willpower and powerful almost obsessive sexuality. It’s likely that the Masculine polarity Twin will be coming on too strong, to be insensitive to the other half right now.

It’s likely they’re exclusively focused on themselves, with little concern for the “team”.

There’s some dissonance here. We’re shown that the intensity is likely coming from an inner place of insecurity, trying to compensate for not feeling enough.

This transit can also manifest through a desperate urge to get lots of work done, to progress, to reach goals, to succeed – use this power but keep in mind “Why?”, why is it so important to you?


Chance Of Disappointment

Midweek we have a few simultaneous notable transits: Sun in Capricorn square Jupiter, which indicates that big hopes and wishes meet “reality”.

There’s a chance of disappointment. But again, as spirit mentioned before it’s the feeling of disappointment that’s the real key.

This is in essence an adjustment period for most Twins, so clear the feeling of disappointment or fear of disappointment – this will help you to not attract it in the future.

Eyes On The Goal

Mercury also moves back forward into Capricorn now: our focus changes. Dependability and responsibility is key. We’ve got our eye on the future. We’re not content with just having a good time anymore.

We want to know what’s coming next, and we’re willing to put work in but we don’t like uncertainty. Again, fear is a factor. 

The more you clear fear from your space, the freer you feel and the more you can lift into love. Love and fear are on opposite sides of the spectrum and cancel each other out.


Heightened Vulnerability in Love

As Venus now has moved into Pisces and conjuncts Neptune there’s an intense energy of openness and vulnerability in love. This energy is watery and heavy, ethereal to the degree of unpleasantness.

Twin Flame unity is indicated but is it happy or yucky to feel that you and another person are actually one and the same, to have your Twin’s energy and thoughts and feelings and experiences in you? And what if your Twin is with another right now?

This is something we’re dealing with in this period. The “secret answer” is served up instantly by spirit – when you’re feeling your Twin’s love in your body, it’s pure bliss. It’s the low vibrations that feel bad. It’s designed to be this way. So clear yourself and clear the channels between you of negativity and low energies.

This ensures you stay up, together. I’m given a sense of deja vu writing this – an indication that this is not simply a piece of advice for this current week but a key to securing the happiness of your whole journey together.

Clear all the negatives and keep the connection feeding into an endless self-reinforcing loop of love and bliss…


The River Of Shared Feelings

With the Neptune/Venus conjunction and the Full Moon in Cancer, we see the Twin Pair as a flowing river now.

Boundaries dissolve. Dream encounters, astral journeys, telepathy is highly activated and likely right now. Make sure you calm your mind, as these things aren’t able to connect if you’re habitually preoccupied in analysis and stress mode mentally.

But again, emotions travel fast between the Twins, so careful you’re not reacting negatively to your Twin’s “stuff” – or someone else’s entirely. Energy awareness is essential.

If your Twin Flame is “Unawakened” you can help them avoid absorbing outsiders’ energies. We go through shielding both you and your Twin Flame in the complete harmony healing.


Clinginess Ahead

With the Full Moon in Cancer on the same day, this is highly emphasized. These are powerful, watery energies that deal with emotions. As the Moon is the planetary ruler of Cancer, this is set to be an extra intense time.

Cancer and Full Moon energies are inclined to clinginess, crying for “no reason”… People with strong Cancerian/Lunar energies are often accused of being dramatic or oversensitive but the truth is they’re just reacting to energy and emotion.

Unconscious issues are coming to the surface throughout this whole week in the run-up to the Full Moon and you might feel emotional or sad or angry or confused for “no apparent reason”.


The Mystery of Emotions

Spirit’s advice is – don’t try to figure it out so much, you might be knocking on a closed door.

The simple solution to dealing with unconscious negativity (i.e. hurts and trauma, fears and resentments you don’t even clearly remember the cause of – from childhood or even past lives) is to clear the energy.

This eradicates the feeling and the electromagnetic charge from your being, meaning it’s gone. You won’t feel it anymore. And you’ll now be open to attracting more positivity into your life.

And you don’t need to understand why it was there in the first place. Spirit shows us, wash your hands off it – you’ve got a life to live!

Clear the energy and move on. Now, you can see clearly again. Now, you’re open to love!


How To Make The Most Of The Coming 12 Months

This article is just a tiny excerpt of the powerful energies brewing for the coming year…

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Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3 ?

Cassady x



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I have been blessed to be guided to this information during some very challenging transitions. Her insight has really helped me move through deep soul work that my partner and I have been moving through towards. Thank you Cassady!”

Jeanine, California, USA

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  1. i find great insight with each visit to this website. i am thankful that it exists & that you’re keeping it going because it’s been helping me a lot along my journey. it’s given me clarity & assurance with areas in my life that were stuck with me. i have released plenty & have been guided to an inner peace that’s refreshing to my soul. thank you again.

  2. You said, “your twin may be with another right now”.. if that’s the case.. then they don’t love you. If they loved you.. you would be together. That part should be simple. If I love someone.. then I’m not with someone else. Again, that part is simple.

  3. Hi Angel Rose,

    Spirit wants you to know the more you meditate, the stronger the connection gets and your ego won’t be able to “meddle” so much. The progress you’ve noticed will increase more and more as you go. They applaud you on taking the time for this and reassure you that it will pay off.

    Sending you love and light <3 x


  4. Hi Annie,

    I’m so glad you’ve used the higher heart transformation session! Spirit wants you to know your manifestations are beginning to “sprout”, I see little green shoots beginning to come up above the surface of healthy earth…

    Ask your higher self to help you remember the full dream and to make sure any essential details stand out, so you KNOW the meaning somehow.

    There seems to be a deep childhood belief that as a female you’re not “important” or “worthy” enough of your Twin’s attention… It might not make conscious sense, but go within and see if this resonates. It’s like… as a female you were taught you’re not the boss of your destiny.

    Sending you love and light <3

    Cassady x

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