Are You Unconsciously Blocking Union With Your Twin? Discover What And Who Affects Reunion Timing And Whether Twins Come Together In This Lifetime…

This week I’ve decided to instead of giving you the usual astrological/energy forecast, to go deeper… To help you uplift your journey into a higher state for the long run. Because it truly is possible to transcend.

Usually, I let you know what cosmic energies are affecting you – especially the Twin Flame dynamic – from week to week and which soul lessons we’re being asked to learn.

However, there are deeper factors involved, which it would benefit you so much to learn. You see, although I can describe the incoming energies… To let you know the lessons and potential benefits that are highlighted…

YOUR own system is such a big part in affecting how YOU experience those incoming energies. They all affect YOU and YOUR life.

So YOUR unique energy vibration and system are essential to look into.

When Jupiter And 11/11 Don’t Create The Magic You’re Longing For…

Like a chemical reaction, the cosmic energies are pushing, triggering or responding with YOU and YOUR unique system!

So everyone responds differently, everyone’s journey looks slightly different. Not everyone experiences immense blessings on 11/11 or Reunion because Jupiter is in Capricorn, and so on…

And this is something hardly anyone mentions!

So today I want to take a look at the following:

– How and why do things happen the way they do on your journey?

– Even if the astrology forecasts describe something specific, what dictates whether you experience it or not?

– Why do some people experience blessings while others face tough lessons and disappointments?

In short, it’s all about what YOU are “carrying” energetically.

The Second Half Of The Equation

Think of it like, you put a drop of green food color into a glass of clear water… Or into a glass of coffee… The reaction appears completely different even though the INPUT was the same (a drop of green food color)!

Energy is like this. What is put in, ALWAYS creates a reaction…

But WHICH reaction is created, depends on us, what we are ALREADY carrying in our system – our energy vibration.


#1) Energetic Alignment – What vibration are you in?

Sadness, anger, stuckness are “low” vibrations which tend to align us with more of the same. Love, positivity, happiness are “high” vibrations, which tend to powerfully open us up to more pleasant experiences arriving.

When people don’t experience change, there is usually heaviness (low energies) in their system. So-called “blocks”. Those who have a lot of “density” (low vibrational energy) in their systems, will more often get triggered and experience purging when light is incoming.

(Take my quiz here to measure your energy vibration now!)


#2) Karma – Unhealed Wounds

Karma is in essence an unhealed wound from the past. It is a deep-seated scar that, left unhealed, keeps attracting “phantom versions” of the original trauma on repeat.

An example would be, if you were abandoned in childhood or by your Twin two lifetimes ago, your system keeps attracting phantom versions of feeling abandoned over and over. Your soul is always trying to help you resolve karma to help you shift into your highest potential. (Learn more about karma here)


#3) Soul Lessons – Your Pre-Life Choices

Before entering into this lifetime you set up many soul contracts and agreements for what you desired to learn to evolve in your human life.

Nearly all Twins are being pushed to learn lessons of forgiveness, that separation is not truly “real”, that Twins are “each other” and that every single person is a being of light beneath the human ego “facade”.

When we are not facing our soul’s lessons, the cosmic energies and our souls keep pushing us over and over to confront this so we can learn. This is a key reason so many Twins experience cycles of separation, running and conflict…

If it seems like the universe or your guides aren’t helping you with something, there is nearly always a SOUL LESSON involved. Before life, they agreed to not interfere when you were faced with this particular type of scenario. Because it was to your highest good to figure it out yourself. (Read more in Twin Flame timelines)


#4) How The Incoming Energies Interact With Your Personal Chart

An important thing when looking at experiences, the future and your path are also – how are the incoming energies triggering (or not) your personal BIRTH chart, which is how the planets were when you were born.

For example, if you have Moon in Scorpio in your chart, a Full Moon in Scorpio will impact you extra strongly, and so on… (Read more about Twin Flame astrology here)

#5) Current Choices – How You Use Your Free Will

Whatever is happening in our lives, we always have Free Will choice. If there are challenges, we have a choice of how to handle it. We can take a higher perspective and work to resolve the challenge and overcome the block…

Or we can get upset and blame others, or even give up. Our choice makes a huge difference as to what we attract and how we experience the incoming energies.

#6) Taking Guided Action – Knowing Your Highest Good

Knowing the best steps to take – receiving divine guidance is a MAJOR part of living your “best life” possible. We are always receiving guidance on our path, whether through angel numbers, symbols, dreams, visions or repeating info.

Wherever you’re at, guidance is working to reach you and show you the steps to take to get to where you want to go – such as Twin Flame reunion.

The problem for most is we’re often unable to receive this guidance – especially when we’re in the middle of challenges.

Our life’s experiences are powerfully uplifted when we become able to receive true high vibrational guidance to overcome challenges or make the most of positive incoming energy… (Learn how to tap into your divine guidance here)


How To Uplift Your Journey For The Long Run

So, as you can see, the cosmic incoming energies don’t create the exact same results for every single person. There are themes, but importantly we can learn to work WITH the universe to experience the most positive journey possible.

I recently released the Twin Flames 11:11 Oracle Card app to help you shift into the highest potential of your journey.

This is a resource that will help you discover the lessons your soul is working to show you, tell you what’s really going on with your Twin dynamic, why your counterpart may be struggling or acting up, how to handle things to reach unity, and so much more…it’s unlike anything I’ve released before.

This oracle deck will powerfully help you become aware, move through lessons with more ease, help you make guided choices and uplift your alignment.

 One big new feature is:

  •  Single Card Readings Are Now Free

Since it was released last week, it’s received some amazing feedback – click to see some of the reviews:


A big thank you to everyone who’s subscribed so far!!

It really means a lot to me. This is something I worked very hard on to launch. It took 2 years to make and was costly to develop and is something I’m going to be regularly expanding upon with new features in the future, providing we get enough subscribers.

To answer some of your questions about this new resource I thought it would be good to put together an FAQ:

Q: Why is it a subscription model?

A: An App unlike my other tools is actually an going process, it constantly needs updating in order to work on all Android and Apple devices and software, error free, now and in the future. I want this tool to be available for all Twin Flames for the future, not just today. So I’ve employed a development team to keep it updated regularly.

A: The Twin Flame community is small and very specific compared to other spirituality subjects – most oracle apps are for a mass audience with millions of people and so a fixed price fee will not cover the ongoing developer and admin costs.

An app is not just a one off product, if it’s to have a future, I hope you can appreciate it’s a continual process for a relatively small amount of users.

Q: Will there be a physical Twin Flame oracle card deck?

A: There will NOT be a physical deck – The reason for this is there are considerable logistics, admin and tax implications involved around the sale of a physical deck for a small audience like the Twin Flame community that make it financially unsustainable.

Shipping worldwide is complex and costly for a small one person business like mine, I would have to hire staff to handle missing packages, replacements and potential refunds and also manage and remit taxes to the government at different rates in all 50 states quarterly. In comparison, Google and Apple take a flat 30% fee of every app subscription to handle distribution and remit all taxes.

PS: You can’t get a card deck out physically at the office or on the subway easily – but the app is always in your pocket!

Q: How is this oracle resource different from other decks?

A: There are no other decks out there like this. It contains 77 cards specific for the Twin Flame path. Most apps which you buy outright or in physical form are 40 or 44 cards – and it’s hard to find one that adequately addresses the Twin Flame path’s specifics.

A: In this app you get more info, actionable insights than regular oracle decks – it means having direct spiritual guidance with you every step of the way. I could have made a program or published a book with the amount of info that’s in this app – but I wanted a  direct, modern way to help you when you need it most!

A: In addition this is a way for me to communicate with you, give you special tips and advice directly for your journey and I’ll be dropping in from time to time with some extra help and resources.

Q: What are the benefits?

*Helps you move through your soul’s lessons faster
*Helps you make aligned choices when you need it most
*Helps your Twin’s higher self stay in touch with you
*Makes you able to receive true divine guidance 24/7 whenever you need it
*Helps you manifest more love and unity on your journey

Q: Why do I need this?

A:  If you’ve been waiting on a big breakthrough, it’s time you begin taking aligned action and shifting what YOU are putting into your journey. This resource will help you uplift, every step of the way.

Your OUTER experiences are ALWAYS an expression of what you hold within.

This app was created to give you the answers you are asking for and help you create a tangible physical shift. If you’ve ever asked me a question in the comments, emailed me or contacted me for help – this app is my answer!

This is like having spirit and I assisting you every single step of your journey.

I know that this resource is one that can help you shift into a new and higher chapter of your journey and I truly mean it when I say I wish I had this with me when I was first starting out.

Q: How do you know if subscribing will be worth it for you?

– How much have you spent on psychic readings, astrology reports, Twin Flame coaching and other advice for your journey?

– How much time have you spent running in circles, not sure why cycles of separation, conflict, ghosting or other frustrations keep showing up?

– How much time have you spent upset, low, confused – moments where you prayed to feel supported, loved and guided? All the times you asked the universe/spirit/source/god/angels to bring you help?

Here is that guidance and that support. Here is help.

Where do you want to be a few years down the line?

You can spend months with subscriptions to Netflix and other entertainment… To phone games or other time zaps…

You can keep HOPING that things will change with your Twin Flame journey through mysterious intervention… That a runner Twin will suddenly miraculously change overnight…

Or you can begin to tap into and take action on the divine guidance that’s working to reach you…

Try the oracle app for one month and experience the positive shifts –


As always, I’m sending you love and light <3

Cassady x

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