Lion’s Gate Star Activations, Awakening To Your Soul’s Power… Plus, Harmonizing The Twin Flame Pair For Love And Unity. Are You Ready?


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies.

Highlights this week include:

The Universe works to show you an inner shift that activates your Twin Flame magnetism and calls in your unity…

Plus, Lion’s gate energies bring powerful “awakening codes”, making shifts available, if you tap in. Your soul self and your Twin are calling. 

Discover more below!

Lion’s Gate Star Portal

Before we get started today:

If you haven’t already taken the brand new channeled energy journey, which I was specifically asked to release at this time, you’ll find that here.

I love hearing from you about your experiences with the channeled sessions, and this one has been getting a lot of amazing feedback already:

“WOW!!! I experienced a physical sensation, first in my heart chakra, like a pull…And I saw my TF and myself sitting next to each other watching the stars as well as being a part of it all. Amazing!” – M. Sweden

“I did the Star Activation session last night and it was amazing. I saw crystallline wings forming behind me and later in my sleep, I heard song lyrics talking of running into my twin in the physical!” – Violet

“I have bought straight away new meditation you have made for Lion’s Gate and I must say it’s incredible! I have all of yours meditations and all are amazing but that one is above all. It shifted me so much from lost and confusion to light and love. Also I have noticed ego games I have been playing in my mind, and it seems to be so silly, like it’s not mine anymore, like it was some illusion, plays behind my true self. I am so much grateful for you, what you have been doing for all Twin Flames, for you amazing meditations and everything. You are true blessing.” – Emilia

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Empowering New Moon, Lion’s Gate

We’re hot off the tail of the New Moon in Leo from 8th August and the Lion’s gate portal, which has been celebrated since ancient times.

This is known as the Sirian gateway and spirit shows us it opens as a bridge to higher dimensional codes entering the earth plane.

Its power will be felt throughout the week. This signals a time to connect with the soul planes. The higher self is set to be more noticeable than usual, including your Twin’s higher self.

“Light Waves” Of Awakening

However, as you may have noticed already it’s also a heightened time of triggering.

Why? The massively powerful light waves incoming are triggering any “falsehood” (i.e. the constructed ego self and limits) to come undone. “There is no hiding anymore”, is the message.

This process means we’re often triggered… So we get the chance to recognize where we may have been holding OURSELVES back with our perspective on the world, our Twin Flame connection and above all our SELVES.

And as we realize these patterns and “shadows”, we get the chance to release them and opt for a higher state. To “up-level” into higher timelines and a state of greater harmony.

As you may have noticed the triggering can be intense and tricky to deal with, so for help with this, use the Free Twin Flame Energy Cleanse here.

It will help you shift out of blocks and negativity with ease, and bring in new light.

Love Lessons

We’re in a time of new beginnings but again, the past and negative outworn patterns and consciousness will tend to be shown up for you to make a new and higher choice.

Because the clearer we are, the more “room” we have for these higher dimensional upgrades and incoming codes. We can embody more of our “light” – love, unity, the soul identity.

So, at this time, until the Full Moon coming, it’s key to work on integrating the massive potential coming in.

Twin Flame closeness is more likely than usual, as we had a recent meeting of Mars and Venus, and so this Lion’s Gate is highly potent for the Twin pair.

Emotional Cleansing

The emotional purging/cleansing process is meant as a “divine gift”.

Although challenging at times, it will ultimately help you able to shift into a higher set-point for the long run.

It’s also a good time to start over.

The changes you decide to make during this period will be much more likely to come to fruition tangibly, especially if you release past habits that have outworn their use.

Major Life Changes

With the Lion’s gate power, it’s above all about soul embodiment. Willingness. Remembrance.

Trusting your higher power, trusting your soul and your Twin’s and the Universe and your original soul plan.

Trusting in your capability (which means inner blocks are likely being pushed to the surface).

You are being pushed to remember or sense into your soul’s purpose and your Twin Flame “plan”, as well as align with your truth for the forward path.

So it can be a time where you feel like making big changes happen in your life to follow your dreams.

With Leo being the ruler of the heart, passion and creativity, you’re likely feeling more inspired and guided. Brave enough to move in the direction of bliss, not merely “playing it safe”.


Courage, Heart, Happiness

Leo represents the journey of self-discovery, exploration, and expression of our divine essence. Each of us is unique, having a distinctive set of talents to offer.

Leo involves the quest to become rulers of our reality.

Having a lion’s heart implies having the courage to step fully into one’s own power as creators, to act from love, and with love. Soul purpose is key.

What makes your heart sing? Could you be more adventurous, artistic, and authentic in the way you love and relate? This is in focus now.

However, Ego battles and drama can be an issue – and conflict patterns may need to be consciously transmuted to avoid “running/chasing” cycles repeating between the Twin Flames. For help with this, go here.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

Mars and Uranus Bring Excitement to Love

Later this week the Moon joins Mars, while Uranus makes a beautiful trine. Uranus is the ruler of rebellion, self-assertion, courage, and independence.

So it’s a great time to reflect on how much of your true purpose you are sacrificing in life.

A time for ‘tough questions’. But if you don’t ask, things can’t change.

This also indicates that the Masculine Twin in particular is being supported and encouraged to go beyond the “normal”, to really begin ACTING on SOUL purpose.

Illusions? Or Divine Love?

With Neptune’s opposition to Venus in Virgo still, since last week, we have a challenge involving perspective above all.

You may be sacrificing yourself for others, or feeling like you are being asked to “save” someone else, or that you are the one who needs “rescue”.

There are likely illusions around.

So how do you know? Ultimately, you are a soul of light and infinitely capable of having and manifesting your desires, including Twin Flame unity.

So anything that tells you otherwise, is an illusion.

Especially now, spirit shows us, illusions around suffering and being lost are coming up for resolution. No one is ever lost.

Be aware that self-love and promoting your OWN INNER UNION and wholeness may be what’s needed most at this time.

The Paradox

Spirit shows us, with Neptune being the ruler of illusions, transcendence and spirituality…

To be careful not to run away from your own self. Don’t chase for salvation or love from the outside due to an inner emptiness.

Give yourself the love and appreciation you long for, and you’ll be magnetic to it from the outside.

If you look to your counterpart to “fill you up” you may be unconsciously deflecting the very love you want.

For more on how this works, go here.

Intensity or Obsession?

Pluto’s trine to Venus, which lasts throughout this week, is a powerful energy. Positively, it can help you tap into your intuition and inner power to avoid getting stuck in a negative situation.

And if you’ve been feeling challenged in shifting your inner situation in love, Pluto is supporting you to transform into a higher state.

However, there can be shadows. Pluto trine Venus often translates into intensity, passion and even obsession in love. It can be amazing, but it can also trigger jealousy, insecurity and power issues.

For more on how to navigate this to the highest potential, have a look here: “What You Must Know About Twin Flame Sex” and use this to clear out residue of karmic connections, outsider involvement and more.


Doubt May Show Up

Throughout the week, Jupiter’s opposition to Mercury in Leo from August 7th until August 13th could make you a bit self-conscious when it comes to talking and discussing your feelings. (And it’s based on past hurts).

You may even think that your opinion is not important or that no one will listen to it when you open up.

It’s actually not true. You may have to express yourself MORE on an authentic level.

Be open and vulnerable. Connect with your Twin’s higher self on the soul level. Tell them what you need help with. Listen to their input.

The more you express your feelings, the clearer the path to harmony and unity will become.

Easier Path Ahead

Some good news, as Uranus’ square to the Sun ends on August 12th, and it signals that relationships will feel less unstable and confusing.

Your situation in general will start to “make more sense” and feel more in flow now. Recent changes are settling in.

After recent weeks’ challenges and changes, you’re set to feel more confident about your ability to handle what comes your way.

More secure in yourself, having weathered some storms.

Some old attachments, habits and self-perceptions may have been shaken loose (and that’s what Uranus was working for) and now you’re moving forward from a new setpoint.

Looking To “Everyone Else”?

So, don’t let Sun opposition Jupiter R on August 12th make you doubt yourself (as this is otherwise a tendency).

Don’t fall into the trap of assuming that someone ELSE holds the key to your happy life, especially at this time.

Don’t assume that you don’t have what it takes. Because Jupiter is working to show you that YOU are your OWN “kingdom”.

The path to your happiness already lies within you.

Your soul is a master at this. You just have to start tapping into that.

(Learn more here – some spaces just opened up for the 12 month soul alchemy group coaching and energy work!)

twin flame coaching

Soul Mastery

Your experiences over recent months and beyond, have made you a much wiser person. You are a soul of light, hold your head high!

Don’t let anyone (including your own shadows) make you feel small.

It helps that throughout the week, Mars trine Uranus helps you tap into your own authentic truth and path forward.

Courage Rising

Remember the Twin Flame Soul Song is activated when we follow our truth.

When Twin Flames leave their center and focus on “everyone else” and the ways of the world and other people, they tend to lose the magnetism that is meant to pull them together.

Mars and Uranus are this week working to get you to break free of any old habits and be true to yourself and your heart, above all.

Because that’s the key to calling in love.

Communication from The Masculine?

Lastly this week, Mercury and Mars join in Virgo, signaling that the Masculine Twin — including runners — will be longing to get in touch, to reach out, to express how they feel.

However, the Virgo influence makes it likely they’ll second guess themselves or talk themselves out of it, from fear of being rejected.

Make sure you’re gentle and aware of how vulnerable your counterpart may be feeling. If there’s been anger and rejection, it’s masking inner fear.

Connect with their higher self for guidance on how to best approach the situation, but know that you’ll likely hear from them somehow this week.

Going Deeper in Love

This is set to be a week of processing and recalibrating, due to “light downloads”, to help you rediscover your inner power and bridge into more of your soul’s gifts.

I take you through this work in the special Star Activation session I was asked to bring to the collective at this time, as the period around 8/8 and the alignment with Sirius is a massively powerful, key energy gateway.

A time where you can (if you know how to fully consciously use the astral and etheric realms) “collect forth” higher programming and templates to benefit your journey, your Twin Flame connection and your own path of bliss.

It’s a time of re-connecting with your soul and shifting into a whole new level of the journey.

Tapping Into The Lion’s Power

If you’ve worked with my programs and sessions before, there is SO much new technology in this session that creates exciting shifts – opening your personal portal to unity.

Specially channeled for Twin Flames, we’re working dimensionally, with fire letters, etheric scripts, bringing in the ancient balanced masculine/feminine template, a light language activation of core unity, re-connecting with your original “soul promise” and so much more…

Are You Brave Enough?

Ultimately this week, you are being asked to remember why you’re here (as a pair).

To release the “3D illusions” and to allow your soul’s light to shine more and more into your physical life.

Your higher dimensional self. (Selves).

You’re being harmonized behind the scenes and may notice this in dreams and subtle undercurrents.

And you’re being asked to learn to stand up for your choices, without fear of going against the crowd or being rejected. To embody more of your soul.

This will anchor in a new state of inner balance, which then attracts your counterpart from a place of true Twin Flame magnetism!

The Power Of Perspective

The planets “say”, the more you encourage your independence and tap into your authentic truth, the faster love shows up on the “outside”.

This is set to be a week of powerful shifts – and above all, they come from your perspective and your willingness to release old ideas of reality, the connection and yourself.

Remember this:
“When you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at change.”

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

Cassady x


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