Can Ego Really Get In The Way Of Your Souls’ Plan For Love? Feminine Twin Set To Feel Unsupported As Masculine Returns To Destructive Past Habits. Discover The Deeper Purpose Of Recent Challenges…


We begin this week with last week’s Mars/Jupiter/Neptune interaction still highly active until the end of the week.

This could pose challenges to the Twin pair as it likely deals with the Masculine Twin’s return to old habits in terms of freedom seeking, socialising, romance…

Read more in last week’s forecast to refresh your memory of what this means for you.


Dealing With Outer Dissonance – Go Within

And again the advice right now is to connect with your Twin as souls in order to strengthen the bond between you and assist them from the inside out to make a new path for themselves, moving away from past destructive behaviours and toward a more lasting, fulfilling and soul lead lifestyle.

Underlining this difficult transit from last week, Venus is now opposition Jupiter. There’s a sense of feeling that higher realms should be stepping in to resolve problems and shift the Masculine Twin into more loving and considerate behavior, and the Feminine feels her prayers are going unheard…

The wisdom in this is that in the Ascension process it’s not a straight path up toward love and unity. Usually there are bouts of ego flaring up intermittently as the “Unawakened” sense that their accustomed boundaries are being pushed.


Why Your Twin Flame’s Soul Is Actually Trying To Help You

Spirit shows us that this is the soul’s way of bringing things to a head so things can finally change once and for all.

In order to open “him” up to love, some masculine Twins need to reencounter their old ways so they can recognize potentially destructive behavior with their own eyes.

Read more here about why your Twin Flame hurting you might really be an undercover attempt to “help” you.

These are themes we are dealing with. It’s a school of love, and some have more learning to do than others. We always knew this would be the case, and we knew there would be solutions.

I had a comment recently on the blog that not all Twins will come together, because of free will choices, and that it’s futile to try to get together for some.

As an answer to this, which might be on the mind of many, keep in mind that there are levels of free will choices.

What Ego Choice Trumps What Soul Choice?

When you have signed soul contracts with your Twin Soul before coming to life, that you would come together and be in each other’s lives in an effort to unite in love.

This creates such a strong energetic propulsion for you to come together. Your soul’s choices are the main “core” of the frequency you carry.

Your souls will literally be pushing for Reunion, over and over. It’s how your souls orchestrate your meeting in the first place, and why Ascension happens, so that you can remove the ego structures that are blocks to love.

To say that free will choices block Twins from coming together, is to ignore the role and the power of the soul on this journey. The soul is strongly involved every step of the way.

If you have a soul contract with someone, circumstances, events and people will be moved and shifted in an effort to make this happen.


Why Nothing Happens By Accident

Think of people who meet on the internet by chance, from completely different countries, where it seems like a stroke of luck has happened – most often, these people have been nudged by their inner guidance to take the actions that got them to that place.

In the Universe, nothing happens by “accident”, everything follows the laws of “like matches like” and cause and effect. If you are a match with a soul mate, sooner or later you will attract a physical meeting.

As the Twin Flames are a “perfect match” as souls, there’s every chance of coming together. In fact the Twins have to work very hard to stay apart.

So to people who focus on the free will choices of the Twin Flames – the free will long term choices you made on the infinite planes by forming soul contracts, scripting in meetings and pre-arranging connections before you ever came to life… those weigh much heavier than current ego based choices.

It’s why we sometimes are pushed to go through “lessons” – because we ourselves pre-arranged it for ourselves.


Twin Flame Soul Contracts

If you met your Twin Flame by “accident” in the first place – most do – you’ll see the power behind this.

The Twin Flame journey is above all one of breaking all boundaries of human belief structures. This is why outsiders so often just don’t “get it”.

So if someone tells you you and your Twin won’t come together because of Free Will choices – ask them if they’re familiar with soul contracts. That’s the free will of the soul, not the patterning of the ego.

Soul contracts keep pulling two people together, often in spite of overwhelming circumstances. When the soul is involved, nothing is “impossible”.

Mercury now conjuncts Uranus proper on his way back to Taurus, and again we’re set to be receiving sudden and surprising news or communication might show up “out of the blue”.

Stay open to insights from spirit and unorthodox information coming to you through friends, organizations and the internet – you might also communicate with your Twin this way.


Full Moon In The Sign Of Sex, Power, Death/Rebirth

The 10th May Full Moon in Scorpio falls opposite the Taurus Sun and makes for an intense time. Scorpio’s domain is sexuality, the unconscious, death and rebirth.

Traditionally, the sign where the human being journeys to transcend their “animal” instinctual nature and reach up into divinity while still on earth.

With strong Scorpio energies, we are assisted in healing those issues that have been repressed, particularly relating to sexuality.

The human psyche is multifaceted and deep, with unconscious beliefs and patterns that must be examined closer in order to heal and resolve.

Deeper wounds around sexuality and self expression are coming up for resolution now (we go through clearing much of this in the first clearing session for Twin Flames).

As Scorpio is the ruling sign of the Sacral Chakra – creativity, sexuality, power – we are being nudged to address any imbalances and repressed negativity in this realm. When there are blockages in the chakra system we become imbalanced and can develop symptoms of negativity.


Is Your Sacral Chakra Balanced And Open To Physical Love?

In traditional Ayurvedic practice it is described that Sacral chakra blocks can cause feelings of disempowerment and helplessness, lacking or overactive sex drive, jealousy, an inability to express one’s creative truth, procrastination, lack of self esteem, obsessive attachment to others, lots of drama in life, denial of pleasure, digestive disorders, shyness or excessive fear, lack of passion and excitement in life…

Scorpio energies tend to push for a detox, purging anything unhealthy that needs to go in order for full health (energetically and physically) to be restored. Right now, there’s a strong focus on purging unconscious sexual blocks.

Keep in mind that much of the energetic baggage we carry related to sexuality and the Sacral chakra are ancestral issues. If things don’t make sense to you and your situation now, that is very likely why.

You are the genetic result of thousands of generations of people thinking, feeling and fearing around sex, self expression and power.

We are only a few short generations into the relatively safe, comfortable modern society we now live in – but the energy we carry in the deeper energetic layers often stems from way before that.

If you feel that you could use some help in resolving negative emotions and patterns individually or in your Twin Flame dynamic, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Energy Program I’ve created for Twin Flames.

It focuses on giving you day-to-day tools and information for you to shift out of anything that’s holding you back. We lift your vibration and move you towards Twin Flame Harmony and Union with ease and speed.


Unlocking Deeper Wisdom

Emotions are set to run high in this Full Moon period. If you feel low, frustrated or enraged – Look below the surface, ask yourself questions.

Where is this coming from? What is it really I’m afraid of, deep down? Where do I feel lacking? What is this trying to tell me? In any tough lesson, there is a gift waiting to be unlocked.

Energy clearing will enable you to clear any old negativity that’s been blocking your chakra system so you can shift into your full capability and uplift your vibration – so energy flows smoothly within you and through you.

Successful manifestation depends on source energy – light, pure potentiality – moving through all the chakras and into the physical realm.

If there are blockages in the chakras, this hampers the process and can stop us from being able to receive and experience our dreams in the physical reality.

Many “spiritual” people are very strong with the non-physical side of things but have blocks in the root chakra, which prevent their full power from expressing into positive physical reality changes. It means they end up meditating, scrying and ritualizing for years with few practical results.

For a manifestation focused session that helps you clear chakra blockages, ensuring your system is capable of manifesting your dreams and goals not only in your mind but into physical reality, go here.

There are a number of common mistakes people make when trying to manifest love, harmony and happy relationships. I take you through what these are and how to avoid them, plus simple yet powerful ways to boost your future path and manifestations.

twin flame heart transformation

Ego Vs Feelings

The Full Moon is all about reaping the results of this past moon cycle, so if you’re not happy with the state of affairs right now, you have a chance to manifest differently these next 28 days

As always when the Full Moon happens opposite the Sun, there’s set to be a sense of inner turmoil and confusion. What’s happening is that your unconscious feeling material and your conscious awareness are at loggerheads.

The Full Moon is stirring up all the negative emotion material but you might be confused as to why you’re feeling yucky, as there’s no “real outer cause”. The reason is unconscious past material coming up for resolution.

In truth you don’t have to understand it clearly because it could stem from before you were old enough to really know what the issue was about. Just use your tools, like the free energy cleanse here, and clear the feeling and the energy out of your being and your space. You’ll feel instant relief.

You might have been walking through life with a load of baggage weighing you down so far, but you’re allowed to set the bags down so you can move on with lightness and increased joy.

When you “put down your burdens” (clear your energy) your vibration rises higher and higher, lifting you up into the vibrations of love and unity.

And this is key to lasting harmony between the Twin Flames.

To discover what vibration you’re in right now and how open you really are to Twin Flame Reunion and harmony, have a look here.


Until next time I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


Want more? For my step-by-step “roadmap” to Twin Flame Union, created after my Twin and I reached Union on my own journey – have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames. And you can read here about other Twins’ experiences with the program!


twin flame program

“This has been truly amazing, every time I use the energy cleanse tool my Twin Flame texts or calls me immediately afterwards. It’s really crazy! And then we always get to some kind of different level of communication or we express ourselves in different ways. We are continuing to heal. It’s amazing that I can do this type of thing and my Twin be so affected by it as well!”

– Teresa B., USA

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  1. I have had similar experiences too. When it comes to advising you what you should do, I think that’s crossing the line. All of these people have different spiritual ideologies to each other, so who/what is right, exactly? Take what makes sense to you and leave the rest. We are all just trying to do our best in this world.

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