The Falsehood That’s “Infected” So Many Twin Flames’ Connections… What Your Twin Is Trying To Tell You. Gateway To Love. Will You Listen?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

New Moon, Neptune/Sun conjunction cause heightened “supernatural” experiences.

Plus, desperate measures… Why the Masculine collective is begging for their counterpart’s attention this week.

Learn more below…



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It’s All About Unconditional Love

The Twin Flame connection’s “supernatural” aspects are on high this whole week because not only are we in Pisces season, but the Sun joins Neptune, its ruler.

This means it’s a heightened time for Twin Flame love on the higher planes!

Dreams, telepathy, remote romance, and more are extra heightened — or rather more noticed than usual — provided your system isn’t congested.

Navigate wisely and use your energy tools to avoid getting pulled down by collective heaviness and karmic suffering.

(Read more about Twin Flame telepathy here)


Are They Angry With You?

So many Twins ask me if their counterpart is angry or have they shut off – is that why they’re not hearing from them/dreaming together and so on?

The answer is always no, they LOVE you!

The truth is the Twin Flame connection is never “offline …”

But what happens is that we in the human world are exposed to other people and outside energy every day, even via the internet, and so our system and the Twin connection gets “congested.”

That means we FEEL it’s gone, even when it’s not!

Congestion Vs Disconnection

Like with a pipeline of water filled with rubble and debris, the water isn’t able to flow even though it’s there “wanting” to.

So if you’re not hearing from your Twin or dreaming about them, please know it’s not because they don’t want to! It’s congestion.

You can also have a look here for more info, and learn how to open your connection to harmony and love no matter what.

Is It Really “Your Stuff?”

The potential negative side of this conjunction is confusion and haziness and being pulled down by the “undertow” of the human collective’s unconscious negative emotions.

Keep your wits about you and shield yourself in this period.

You don’t want to walk around like a sponge to outsiders’ sadness, anger, heaviness, conflict and other content that will only cause problems for your Twin Flame connection.

To learn more about shielding, protection, cutting cords, how to deal with negative energy and more, I teach you specific methods for Twin Flames in the 10 modules Vibrational Alignment Program.

Illusions, Depths, Confusion . . .

Another issue this week is, don’t take surfaces for granted.

Neptune is the “master of illusions”, so remember that everything is reflecting back to you something inside of YOU, spirit says.

Do you feel your heartache for the children of the world this period?
Where is YOUR inner child hurting, and how can you help them right now?

Do you feel angry with your Twin Flame?
Where are you angry with YOURSELF deep down? And how can you remedy this?

What Are You Fueling Into?

Remember, pity, anger and other negative emotions don’t help anyone – unless we use them to fuel us into action.

A major trap of STAYING with emotions, is that it can cloud us from actually taking action. It doesn’t help anyone that we feel sorry for them, and nothing changes from just being angry…

We have to hold positive intentions or/and take action to bring change and actual solutions!

Being aware of the energy and vibration you interact with this week will be immensely helpful. Because you may encounter situations and people who drain you. Spirit shows us, people who aren’t accessing their OWN light.

Anchoring into Your Light

It’s not your job to rescue others because every single person has an innate connection to the universe, to light, and to support.

If we let others feed off our light, or we try to feed off others, it causes distortions. ESPECIALLY for Twin Flames, as we lose magnetism when we leave our true center (The “Twin Flame soul song”).

The divine truth is, we cannot have our happiness, our true bliss if we are leaving our center to either give or take from someone else’s wellspring.

It comes when we open to our OWN connection to light.

(Watch a brief video on that here:)

twin flame video

Twin Flame Magnetism Lacking?

For Twin Flames this is extra important, as when we leave our center and feed off/give our light to others, it disrupts the magnetism we are meant to have for each OTHER.

Be highly aware of these tendencies this week. Everyone has access to light, everyone is powerful. It’s just about whether they recognize and allow that state.

Not everyone is allowing their own inner connection. Not everyone is open.

So the real “mission” is to stay in our light and encourage others to open to theirs too. Boundaries are necessary for this.

Don’t Get Drained . . .

Some people may be all too comfortable leaning on you this week. You may feel drained. Pay attention to where and with whom this happens – it’s a message.

You might have to be selective about who you choose to spend your time with and back away if you feel a downward spiral.

(This will get better in a few weeks but spirit highlights, this process is an important LESSON for many – because our energy alignment is extra “LOUD” right now!

If someone or something feels draining – it’s a sign you would benefit from keep stronger boundaries and/or restrict interaction.)

Shielding and grounding yourself will make this process a LOT easier. (Again, use the free kit here for help)

Logic And Romance Hand In Hand?

This also includes considering realism when it comes to relationships – as Neptune often shows up illusions and empty daydreams.

Because one thing many misunderstand is – manifesting and daydreaming are SUCH DIFFERENT THINGS!!!!

Daydreaming about possibilities isn’t enough to make those dreams actually happen, so be aware of yourself.

You may need to be a bit “real” with yourself.

If dreaming and hoping hasn’t worked so far, it’s time to try something different. To make sure you’re working with your energy as a co-creator, not getting lost in fantasies.

Remember, “as within, so without”. If your outer reality isn’t matching what you desire, it means an inner energy shift is highly needed. For more on this, click here.

Make A Wish!

The effect of the Neptune/Sun conjunction isn’t very long lasting, but it can yield higher inspiration and “downloads” for the future path if you’re open to the key dimensional shifts working to reach you…

The Pisces New Moon on the 13th is an ideal time to commit to the more positive sides of the Neptune/Pisces energy.

Releasing judgment is key.

You’ll find that forgiveness can be the magic that opens your path and your Twin Flame connection again. (I help you with that here — not to allow anyone to hurt you again, but to cleanse out heaviness so you attract a happier situation moving forward).

Rare Love Restart On A Higher Plane…

During the New Moon we also have a conjunction between Venus and Neptune. It signals new beginnings in love, on a higher plane.

Again, for Twin Flames this indicates that the soul connection is highly noticeable right now.

It’s an important time for their higher self to reach you, give you guidance for the next chapter…

So you can experience the happiest path together.

Going Within to Allow Guidance to Show Up

So they’re asking, please go within and be in stillness so they can reach you…

Write down what they bring, whether it’s a dream or a song in your mind, or the feeling of them holding you as you go to sleep at night, some words they say, some KNOWING you feel about their guidance…

Because this will make ALL the difference in the next chapter of your journey.

They say to us, they are ALWAYS working to guide you back to happiness and each other…

But if you don’t listen, how can it work?

Love Is the Answer

If you’re busy debating and stressing with other Twins online taking on dubious advice from others who have been hurt, or if you’re too busy paying attention to everything that’s wrong – in your life, the media or the world…

****How can they reach you?****

You have to resolve to trust them, so your system is OPEN to them.

Pull back your energy from those outside distortions, so you can start over together.

“A clean slate”, they say. Then wait for their guidance.

They will bring it, but PLEASE pay attention.

Their Song For You

Ultimately, love is the answer. And know that anything that tells you they DON’T love you, is a lie.

Anything that says men or women or people don’t belong together, or have problems, that the world is a dark place, anything FEAR BASED… Will ONLY serve to deflect you from each other.

And that means, your Twin’s higher self could be there trying to help you, but it’s “falling on deaf ears.”

Begin to LISTEN to the inner voice, because that’s often how they speak to you.

(One quick method is, right now, ask for a song!

What’s the first song you hear? What does it mean to you and your Twin connection?

Comment below)

TF 11:11 Private Facebook Group?

So many Twins have asked me to start a Facebook group so they can connect and talk with each other.

I recently asked spirit again if we should try this, and the answer was, with a smile:

“It’s not a good idea. Because there is SO MUCH NOISE out there already. Now, more than ever.”

“Twin Flames won’t benefit from talking MORE. They will benefit from going WITHIN and get in touch with their own SOUL and their counterpart.

To be AVAILABLE to their counterpart’s love, and to the guidance of the universe.”

Why I Do Things Differently

“The more talk, the more confusion, the less they FEEL and are available to RECEIVE the love that’s working to reach through . . .”

So if you’ve been wondering why I’m not doing what everyone else is doing, it’s because of the guidance on this subject.

“Nothing can substitute your own soul connection”, spirit says.

Letting The Noise Settle

If you can just take TWO minutes daily to sit in silence and allow the noise of the world to settle… Like tea leaves in a cup… So much will change for the better.

Let the noise settle. Clarity will come.

Release the “wrongs” and the “rights” of the world and you will realize things are a lot different than you thought. Good is always a breath away.

Love is right there.

But you may have been distracted…

Will You Follow Through?

The higher self-presence of Twin Flames’ counterparts are kind of laughing as I write this.

Because this isn’t the first time most Twins have been told this! They know it’s not easy to change…

The world is very persuasive. Most Twins will likely not implement what they’re asking, their counterpart is saying.

This isn’t their first time trying to reach through with this…

It’s always your choice. But if you can change that ONE tiny thing in your life.. It will blossom into positive change. More than you ever expected.

Can You Gift Yourself 2 Minutes?

My own Twin Flame was first able to get my attention because I began to go within. (I help you with the method he and I developed on the soul level here)

If I had been preoccupied on the outside with the noise of the world and other people, you might not be here on this site today because he may NEVER have been able to fully reach me.

If you can change ONE thing this next 30–45 days (that’s how long it takes the system, the neural pathways to create new habits and patterns)… it will change the whole momentum.

So can you take just 2 minutes to go within and be in silence daily? Can you do the Free Connection Meditation here daily to see your Twin Flame’s higher self and open to their guidance?

Is It Costing You Your Peace?

Or can you stop reading your Facebook or Instagram first thing in the morning, maybe turn off the notifications?

Can you mute some groups or pages that seem stressful to you, stop having negativity or noise in the background, even unfollow some accounts?

You yourself know what causes the most stress and static for you. Listen to your guidance on what would be most helpful for you.

These little actions, when implemented daily, will make a huge difference over time.

The Falsehoods Tricking So Many

The higher self-presence of the (mostly masculine) Twin Flame counterparts say, so many Twins complain that love is not there.

But it’s completely false. LOVE is there the whole time.

It’s just that so many are stuck listening to its opposite.

They show us, a girl… With the world shouting at her from one side, her counterpart whispering on the other side.

It’s an illusion…

She is turned toward the world, and so she believes her counterpart missing. But it’s not true. It’s a perspective.

You are the one who must take action if you want this to change. They ARE trying, no matter how it seems.

But the physical world can be magnetic with its pull of fear, drama, and static unless we deliberately use our focus.

(I help you release the negative entanglements and open to more of your Twin Flame’s support here.)

A Week for Major Breakthroughs

This week, things don’t have to be logical or sensible. Hold boundaries so you are in your truth, available to guidance – keep your space sacred.

Listen to the voice of love.

Allow the whisper of the higher reality to reach you this week, and you’ll realize love was there all along.

That love IS there with support and devotion – but YOU have to be AVAILABLE to it.

Follow your Twin Flame’s higher guidance, and things will turn around faster than you ever thought possible.

This week they ask you to PLEASE go to them, to use this opening in the dimensional energies to allow love to find you.

Will you?

(If you find this tricky, I help you tap into their messages here, step by step).

I’m rooting for you. I’m holding their intention of love for your both.

All my blessings <3

Cassady x

“Your Vibrational Alignment program and Harmony Healing have been so valuable to me and I use them daily. I also use the Higher Heart weekly. Thank you!!! My Twin Flame and I reconnected again in a way that was better than I ever could have imagined.” – Joy, California, USA

Read more testimonials here

twin flame program

Want more? For my step-by-step “roadmap” to Twin Flame Union, created after my Twin and I reached Union – have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program.

Alternatively, download the Free Twin Flame Help Kit which contains samples from the full program.

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