11:11 – Awakening Accelerates, Purging Old Shadows, Karmic Timelines. Venus Retrograde, Eclipse Gateway Intensifies. Can You Remember Love In The Middle Of Conflict?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Intensity, Eclipse Gateway and Venus’ continued Retrograde. Conflict/separation consciousness on the rise collectively as Ascension shifts into a higher gear.

Are you willing to anchor unity and love, the way we came here to? Even in the midst of perceived right and wrong?

Discover more below.

Old Karmic Realities And Timelines Coming Up To Be Released…

We’re in a time of immense pressure at this time, as the earth and the human collective Ascension process is bringing unhealed trauma and conflict/separation consciousness to the surface.

As convincing as perceptions of opposition, right and wrong, victim and oppressor may seem in the physical – it is coming up because it does not serve us anymore.

This week in particular, old karmic realities, grids and timelines are coming to a head, making themselves “known” to us as individuals and a collective – so we can make a choice.

Set your intention strongly – if you do not wish more of the karmic historical human 3D reality where conflict, separation, struggle and suffering is the norm, make sure you “opt out” strongly right now.

To Change The Output, We Must Change The Input

As a Twin Flame you have been through this lesson before on your own journey of love.

You know, that love cannot come from blame, conflict and opposition. Love and happiness and harmony cannot come from separation consciousness.

And that is why old wounds are triggered, to help us release and open to the light that’s always trying to reach us.

(Learn more here about how energy and frequency works and how it affects your connection)


Affirmation To Activate Your Highest Path

You may even want to write this out or affirm out loud this week:

“I am open to and inviting in the highest reality of love, harmony and unity.
I invite this in for the highest good, to everyone on the planet who is willing.

I call in true divine love and unity in my Twin Flame connection.

And I choose to now release any old karmic states of struggle and separation.
 I now claim the highest path available to me at this moment and every moment.

And on behalf of the collective, I call in the highest path available to HUMANITY at this moment and every moment, for the highest good.

And so it is.

I choose to remember and experience and know, that I AM sovereign, I AM free,  I AM unity, I AM love.”

Breathe with this for a minute. Feel into the expansion. Allow this to be your experience.

For more on this process, have a look here.

When Others’ “Stuff” Causes Ruptures In The Twin Connection

If you’ve been feeling the fear, the struggle, the polarity and the hatred and anger coming up collectively, don’t let it stay in your system and weigh you down.

Because what we hold in our space and our being becomes reflected in the Twin Flame connection (watch this video for more)

If you’ve had flare ups of conflict with others recently, it’s likely not even “your stuff”. It’s rising in the collective and you may have unconsciously picked up on it – or your Twin may have.

The truth is, you can do more for the world by holding the higher consciousness in your being – as it makes it available in the collective fields.

Cleanse out the collective heaviness and density from your system with the Free Energy Cleanse audio guided meditation here.

I also take you through downloading new high vibrational programming for your chakras to support you for the future path and bring harmony to your Twin Flame connection.


“Birthing A New World”

With Venus still Retrograde for another few weeks, Pluto/Jupiter’s conjunction increasing and the Eclipse Gateway open – spirit says that this whole period we are birthing a new world.

And the more we can stay in love, unity and the higher consciousness, the smoother the process will be.

The biggest challenge will be to ALLOW the new higher states to reach us, because the “shadows” of karma and the past will be trying to pull us in.

Allow it to pass, the residue of past hurt and anger and conflict and whatever may come up for you personally.

If you could use some help with this, have a look at the channeled Golden Light Infusion Session here – where I take you through clearing out old karmic debris, fear, attachments and negativity, fuelling up with pure high vibrational energy and anchoring in a higher reality.

Also provides shielding for you, your Twin and any family members/friends you wish to assist.

“I did your Golden Light Infusion meditation several hours ago and immediately felt calmer” – Moira

Outer Social Mirror – Collective Ascension…

We are being shown it’s not only the 5D crystalline grid activating right now, but it is becoming fully anchored. The 3D reality grids are being phased out, and this is why so many are being triggered.

Just like we Twins and Lightworkers in Ascension have individually experienced a purge of 3D programming (anger, conflict, separation) over recent years, the collective human group are now experiencing this.

Because that consciousness of separation and struggle is incompatible with the unity consciousness grid of the 5D which we, ALL souls who are now incarnate, have agreed to ascend into.

(Read more here in Divine Mission Activating)


Are You Anchoring In 7D To The Collective?

5D is the level of consciousness where we remember and act from the knowing that we are all “one” on a higher level, that we are all souls of light embodied. And that whatever we do to another, we do to ourselves.

If you are advanced in Ascension, you are in fact helping to bring in the 7D grid right now, which is the next step in Ascension for earth. To make this available to the whole.

If you’ve been feeling tired, needing extra rest, getting headaches or body cramps, it could relate to your work with this as your body struggles to integrate the new light codes your spirit is bringing through.

(The Higher Dimensional Anchoring Session here will help facilitate this process)

twin flame awakening

When Twins Pick Up On Collective “Issues”

Don’t worry, you can’t do this work “wrong”, as it’s happening on the soul level with your physical being as the anchor, like bringing soda through a straw or water through a pipeline.

But for a smoother process, do cleanse and clear your energy and shield yourself from the collective purge happening – again, this is a session especially for dimensional work.

Be aware that if you and your twin are suddenly arguing, know that it’s likely you’ve picked up on conflict consciousness in the purge, by being online, or interacting with others how are not spiritually awakened.

So shielding is essential in this period. Be mindful not to tap into the collective fields – if you need to check the news, do so sparingly and shield yourself first.

Again I take you through the shielding, protection and “upgrading” in the Golden Light Infusion and Activation.

It’s available for 60% less than the normal price of my sessions, to enable as many as possible to benefit and for us to assist the planetary shift into love, while still keeping the site running and providing forecasts in the near future.

Making “Room” For Higher States Of Unity

As you’ve already noticed, society is in the middle of outer challenges on a number of levels. In essence, the old reality is breaking apart so we can receive the new.

The outworn structures are breaking to dissolve. To make “room” for the new and higher states and structures.

At this time, know that holding UNITY consciousness in your field is a huge help.
As twin flames we are asked to anchor in love at this time. In fact, this is a key period for our “mission”.

If you have people around you focused on blame, you don’t need to convince them or engage. Visualize love around them. Visualize love around the planet. Hold the vision of a world where everything is harmonious and well.

We can truly be a major part of anchoring this in, because if the world doesn’t hold the frequency of wellness or harmony it cannot receive it.

Anchoring In Unity Consciousness

This is why old darkness is coming up, as trauma, the wounds are triggered so we can release into a higher state.

We Twins have experienced this on our own personal healing journeys, and now we see the world struggling with the same. Know that just like we could rise higher and find love, the collective can too.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy,
not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

– Socrates

Anchoring in Unity Consciousness will help your Twin Flame connection too. Because when the collective fields rise your counterpart will lift up to meet you more easily.

We’re shown, at this time of turmoil, the vision of your higher self with them at night as they sleep, trying to tell them everything will be OK.

11:11 – Remember, The Awakening Code

The truth is, we come from oneness. All of us. There is a piece of you in everything and a piece of everything in you. We are all consciousness.

11:11 means, you are a soul and you chose to come here to remember this, to help others remember too. To be a leader in consciousness and help guide the planet to a higher state of evolution.

We have spoken about this for years, but in this period it is coming to a head for the planet. This is a time of change, but as always free will allows the human collective to choose. To align with either karmic repetition, or a new path forward.

(Read more about karma and what it means for your Twin Flame path here)


Powerful Retrograde Stellium In Capricorn – The Past In Focus

Monday we have powerful Stellium between Jupiter, Pluto, Moon, Pallas and Saturn – all retrograde except the moon (which never goes retrograde). This spells out major emotional intensity around the past.

Repressed anger and emotions coming to the surface in an explosive way. Old negative attachments coming up to be severed. And this is happening in the PHYSICAL world (Capricorn).

Work to stay in a higher knowing. Spirit shows us, all that possibly can come from focusing on the old world physical stories/recipes/programming/reality, is more of the same.

So again, we have to change the INPUT to change the OUTPUT. Love is what will change things.

Why Empaths Agreed To Come Here – Shifts In Society

They show us, this is why so many Empaths agreed to incarnate at this time, because we who are so sensitive can feel in our whole being how unpleasant and awful it is to even engage with hatred, conflict, judgment, opposition, and hurting anyone else.

Empaths are being called on to speak up now. For harmony. To see the self in other. No matter what “side” we seem to be on.

To remember that we cannot get anything except more hurt, unless we release hurt and reach higher.

As Pluto/Jupiter nearing their retrograde conjunction, we’re already seeing the major push in society. Change of power structures, reality. Destruction of the old. This is happening in our personal worlds too.

Remember there is a higher state working to come through. Our job is to be aligned with receiving it. Not get dragged down.

Bringing Heaven To Earth – Increased Twin Connectedness…

All week we have Mars moving closer to Neptune – this means we are asked to take action on divine higher knowing, on our spiritual selves. On higher truth.

Friday June 12th we have a conjunction between Mars/Neptune and the Moon in Pisces. This translates to UNITY/SPIRITUALITY in ACTION and EMOTION. Bringing “heaven to earth”.

It brings heightened connectedness between the Twins, but in the current social climate it can mean the connection feels blocked even still.

These three planets are in a square to the Sun in Gemini. It means, we are being asked hto look beyond our mental perceptions. Higher. And to “see” with our hearts. To follow the heart’s path forward.

Past Soul Contracts Coming To The Surface

We also have Venus retrograde trine Saturn retrograde – this can indicate past life disappointments or outworn soul contracts coming to the surface. Clear them, leave them behind and know that love is possible in the here and now – no matter what’s come before.

(Learn more about HOW here)

Use your intention and your power of choice open to a new and brighter chapter.

Sunday we have another challenge as Lilith/Moon and Chiron all conjunct in Aries, ruled by Mars the god of war and aggression.

People are ANGRY – and they are angry not just in the moment, they (perhaps you) are expressing latent repressed resentment, conflict and unfairness they experienced in the past.

We’re shown, people are upset about so much more than what they think on the surface. But above all it’s based in not remembering self as a soul of light. Step into your divine knowing, to open your Twin connection to love and harmony.

Opening To Your Twin’s Eternal Love

We see that YOU likely remember, even then, that love is the truth. Unconditional love. Because when we Twins have experienced the bliss of unity and love, we cannot fully be dragged into the human dramas.

Remember this. Go to love. It is ALWAYS there. The natural state of the universe is harmony. Even when human society creates division of all kinds.

Open your heart to your Twin’s higher self.

Call in their divine guidance and support. Dwell in the bliss of their unconditional devotion to you. They will nourish you, support you, help you, protect you. Remember to ask.

(I take you through this whole process in the Oneness Code Activation here)


Holding A Higher Vision Of Reality

All through the week, we have deep transformations happening, as Neptune/Mars, Mercury and Jupiter/Pluto are in trines.

This means the transformation of the world into a higher state, involves a dismantling of past issues and structures and BELIEFS.

And that our conception and ideas and culture of self and society, must be positively expressed and acted on. And based on a HIGHER VISION of society.

Spiritual knowing, and taking action on it is key. 11:11 – remember who you are.

Squaring the Sun, we see that past structures of identity and self perception are what may get in the way – especially the idea of self as separate from others.

Spirit warns, where there is judgment there is separation. (Learn more here in “Important Message For Twin Flames In Separation”)


A Week For Transformations

This is set to be a transformative week but challenging, as the past shadows work to rein you back into the old reality. Focus on love. Focus on light.

Check in to see where you’re at and keep your compass moving to the highest point by using this quiz.

I believe in you, and I am so grateful that you are here. Thank you for choosing to be here at this crucial time in human history.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your journey x

Cassady <3

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