Love Goes Deep Into Scorpio Territory – Themes Of Sexuality, Secrets And Power… Are You Willing To Enter Into The Dark To Let Connection Emerge Purified Like The Phoenix From The Ashes?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights include:
Death/Rebirth In Love. The Universe Works To “Isolate” You To Reunite You With Yourself, Shift Your Alignment And Bring Magic And True Love Back In The Next Cycle…

Discover more below!

Planning For The Long

Love goes deep this week, but it could turn out to be a blessing if you’re open to the intensity that’s starting to build!

The planets are beginning to “spread out” more compared to last month, so the pressure from the beginning to middle of September is settling. In general you should be feeling a bit more balanced… But we’re also going MUCH deeper.

We have Sun square Saturn, active throughout this week but exact on October 7th. Usually this indicates heaviness, but this time it’s bringing much needed assistance: We’re being asked to consider the long term picture.

Saturn is “concerned” that we’ve not considered certain practical implications of our hopes, dreams or life plans. What will truly serve us in the long run.

We’re being asked to take things back to the drawing board, map out what we want, note down a few steps to take in that direction… Gaining clarity on the forward path. This will help not only this week, but for the long run.

(For a new session where I help you out with this, click here)

Insecurity Triggered… Shadows Rising

The Sun also trines Jupiter from Libra this week, indicating busy and pleasant socializing, enjoying connections with others, making progress on teamwork… However, with several planets in Scorpio, there’s a behind the scenes “taint” to the proceedings.

Amidst other people, your insecurities may be triggered. Or your Twin might seem to be out there with “everyone else” while you’re feeling excluded.

So what’s behind this? Mercury is already in Scorpio and Venus joins him there this week, indicating a shift in our intellectual and romantic focus.

Already, thought and communication has gone deeper.

With Mercury in Scorpio there’s a tendency to obsessive thinking, and if there are insecurities in your system this transit will work to bring them out for healing.

The Power Of Thought

Once a thought (especially one about secrets, betrayal, problems, “shadows”) enters into our mind this period it can feel hard to get out of.

Downward spiralling is more likely than usual, based on getting attached to negative projections that spin out of control.

So be mindful you stay on top of your thoughts, work to CHOOSE your focus instead of being dragged along by whatever floats in via social media, others’ opinions, past experiences and fears…

(Affirmations can be a great way of aligning your UN-conscious mind with positivity so this work gets easier.)

Remember that thoughts are in essence energy and they powerfully affect our state and what we align with and attract into our lives. As the Buddha said: “Nothing can harm you as much as your own thoughts unguarded.”

Read this for more on how energy and thoughts affect our path and our timelines as Twin Flames.


How To Stay “Offline” To Conflict And Twin Stuggle

The fastest way to uplift not only your thoughts and feelings but your whole journey and Twin dynamic, is to clear your energy and meditate.

When you clear your energy, the dark, heavy, negative, fear/shame/conflict based stuff doesn’t “stick” to you anymore because you’ll be in a higher vibration. You’re literally “offline” to it!

It becomes easier and easier to stay in light, attract light, flow through life… Including drawing out a positive dynamic with your Twin.

Watch a video here that explains how it works for the Twin connection.

When People Aren’t Really As “Awakened” As They Believe…

This month more than any other, stay on top of clearing your energy regularly and meditate. Work on focusing your mind in “old fashioned” meditation.

This will be a true eye opener because you will realize:
1) How many thoughts you have at any given moment,
2) How they don’t even feel like “you” or “yours” most of the time,
3) How they can run riot with you if you don’t CHOOSE to set your own conscious intention and focus your mind…

If you find meditation hard, it’s EXTRA important that you get started on it for your sanity, and for your long-term path!

If your life is being pulled ragged by uncontrolled thoughts, it will be a lot harder to get you to where you want to go.


For an easier start, use the GUIDED Free meditations here to start with, and just focus on sitting still in your body and going along with that for a week before you move onto the “classic meditation” of focusing your mind in stillness.

But once you master your mind, your life will never be the same. When we’re full of thoughts from the world and other people, we cannot truly be “awakened”.

We cannot truly live every day in love and light.

Sexual “Upgrade” – Exes, Attachments, Fears…

As Venus also moves into Scorpio at the beginning of the week, we’re entering into new themes for love and relationships.

Spirit immediately shows us a purge of the sacral chakra, as this is Scorpio’s domain (learn what the sacral chakra is all about here).

How this coming month with Venus in Scorpio goes for you depends a lot on the state of your (sexual/romantic) connection.

The depths are being stirred in romance, and that can mean simmering sex or disturbing subconscious resentments – the Scorpio tension can go either way.

Human sexuality is receiving an overhaul, and for Twin Flames this is especially true for the balance in your relationship. Old attachments and cords will likely be brought up for resolution. (Learn more about twin flame sex here).


The Healer Of Darkness

You may meet an ex during the next few weeks, hear from them out of the blue or dream about them – this is to bring the old connection to the surface so you can release it.

Because when we have attachments to others in our field it complicates and can block the union process. (Read more about that here – and use the Harmony Healing to get to grips with it and open to a state of mutual love with your counterpart).

Any blocks to being sexually or romantically open are also set to be shown up, as Scorpio is a “healer” energy which works to detoxify the system.

Wounds and repressed feelings of betrayal, fear of abandonment and so on may be shown to you in some form so you can deal with it, heal and be able to open to your full potential as a romantic partner!

“Death” And “Rebirth” Of Love

An ancient symbol of Scorpio is the phoenix rising from the ashes. Many a Twin Flame relationship is undergoing an emotional and energetic death/rebirth process this fall.

If this has been the case for you, don’t give up. It is when one cycle ends, that another can begin. After winter, all of nature comes back to life in spring.

Be open to a rebirth of your Twin Flame connection over the next few weeks – and keep in mind that it might appear different than you expected.

You may find yourself in the midst of what seems like darkness, only to discover that the light was there all along.

Secrets Coming Out In The Open…

On October 7th we hit a bit of a snag as Mercury Oppositions Uranus… But it can work out as a blessing.

This transit indicates secrets and hidden motivations suddenly brought to light. Not so nice surprises, especially regarding sex, secrets and power.

Mercury in Scorpio is dark, so it can also deal with thoughts of vengeance and jealousy towards a partner or ex.

(Remember that sending negativity to your True Twin will only affect you badly, as you are on the same frequency as “one soul in two bodies”!)

You may feel challenged right now, but there’s also a chance you’ll be relieved – as what seemed to be big dark problems turn out not to be so bad after all. Spirit shows us, trolls bursting in the light of day.

Remember there’s a cosmic purpose to what’s going on right now!

Sudden Changes In Relationships/Love

A few days later, hitting an exact on 12th October, Venus moves into this same opposition with Uranus. This is a classic indicator of dramatic sudden changes, surprises and disruptions in relationships and love.

Sexual connections in particular, are changing!

Spirit highlights that if your sex drive has been feeling low, it could be you and your counterpart’s souls working in tandem to shut down this kind of interaction with outsiders…

If your counterpart is with a third party, the “shared libido” may be put on hold to discourage that “outside” connection. (Again, the Complete Harmony Healing will help you shift into a state of love as a PAIR and cut off outside attachments)

Complete harmony Healing Tool

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Universe Working To End Non-Twin Romantic Connections To Make Way For Divine Love…

We’re shown that the purpose of this Uranus opposition for Twin Flames is that the universe is, as over recent weeks, strongly pushing to break off non-Twin romantic (especially sexual) connections.

So if you’re with a False Twin or your Twin Flame is with a Karmic partner, these connections are set to be severely challenged right now.

The universe is working to help you both break free from toxic bonds to open up to the true divine Twin Flame connection!

A theme for this whole week, is that the universe would rather cut you loose from negativity to be alone for a while, than in a connection that doesn’t serve you.

Even if it’s regarding your Twin. To make room for a new and higher state, a negative dynamic may be broken apart in a sudden way.

Baggage Of Disappointment That’s Not Yours

Friday 11th we have a challenging conjunction between Lilith/the Moon and Neptune R, all in Pisces.

This indicates a triggering of female karmic shadows, the historical collective emotional and unconscious content of experiences revolving in essence around “the universe doesn’t support me/I am not loved”.

This is content we are tapped into via our biological bodies (males are tied to the collective masculine karmic fields and females to the collective feminine karmic fields, unless we clear it – which I take you through here).

Remember that this stuff isn’t really “yours”! It’s old baggage from all of history’s disappointments.

Don’t let it affect your reality and your Twin connection, because it will “play out” in your connection as drama and separation, the classic “woman vs man” betrayal disappointment paradigm.

(I take you through clearing this karmic “false baggage” in the Oneness Activation Session here).


Twin Flame Pathfinders…

The Universe is working to help you right now. In order to show you how loved you are and to bring that love into your physical reality, and for your Twin connection to rise into that state… You’re being shown all the content in your system that’s blocking it from happening.

You may be feeling you’re not being loved or helped, but the opposite is true. It’s just happening in a different way than you may prefer.

We’re shown by spirit this is for a reason – we wanted to UNDERSTAND what keeps humanity out of love. And our souls volunteered for us to be here as pathfinders…

So we with our new understanding of this could show the rest of humanity (the “unawakened) what’s really going on. Why so many of them struggle with relationships, why so many have problems with love.

So in order for us to inform the collective of the path out of struggle, we chose to experience the reasons WHY they struggle.

Working For The Future Of Light

In the long run it will be worth it. So much more is possible than what we’ve been experiencing so far, is spirit’s input. Stick with it, because it WILL begin to pay noticeable physical dividends.

Spirit is eager to point out that when you clear and uplift your energy it DOES begin to tangibly affect your connection with your twin flame in the physical too, because “as within so without”.

We’re shown that many Twins are so high vibrational as souls, we’ve felt mal-adjusted as human beings most of our lives.But this was deliberate.

Because we are here to help shift OUT of the old state. We will “activate” fully, align with our true light when the PLANET’s own energy rises.

This is set to happen more and more over the next few years (2022-24 are highlighted as a key time).

Aries Full Moon – Authenticity, Oneness Of Self

Come October 13th we have a major Full Moon hitting in Aries, sign of self, courage and action. The Aries Full Moon shows us the wisdom of INNER unity.

Ultimately, that love comes when you’re united with yourself, focused on your bliss. (Especially as this activates your Twin Flame soul song.)

The Full Moon in Aries demands authenticity above all. So it’s likely that any areas of your life where you’ve been OUT of your soul’s truth, compromising your bliss will be highlighted so you can release them.

In order to live as our authentic self, we have to find out who we are! This is a big part of the Twin Flame Ascension process, to peel back the layers and discover what’s there underneath it all. The undying soul self.

Not where we went to school, or where we grew up or what our job is, but who we are as infinite souls and why we came here.

Solar Plexus “Upgrade” With Strong Lunar Influx

When you align with your authentic self, you align with the core energy frequency you share with your Twin Flame – the “soul song” becoming yet again magnets to attracting each other from a place of pure unconditional love.

Often it takes a challenge to really snap us out of our habitual “non-authentic” view of self… It’s most often your soul self who arranges these challenges so that you will finally wake up to the truth.

This is the kind of thing you may be experiencing right now.

Alternately, you may notice dreams and hunches about places where you compromised your truth in the past, so you can avoid doing it again.

The Aries Full Moon brings a strong focus on willpower, and a purge of old density from the solar plexus.

So make sure you don’t get “fooled” into accepting feelings of powerlessness, helplessness or conflict/drama – if this is going on or you feel it, it’s a sign it’s being brought up for you to RELEASE!

It’s not an indication of the future or the truth. It’s just old baggage you’re being asked to release!

(Same if your tummy is feeling unsettled, it can be due to the lunar energy push and will settle within a few days of the peak Full Moon).

Mirror Soul Cosmic Challenge – To Open To A New Chapter

This Full Moon in Aries signals that you may need to focus on yourself for a while. Then love will come TO YOU in the next cycle.

This is a soul’s lesson we’re all being pushed to learn:
To align with our authenticity, so we attract the highest form of divine love which is truly worthy of us!

It might feel lonely for a little bit but tap into your inner love. (Use the Oneness Activation Session here to do so) and then before you know it, love will be there in a tangible way from your “mirror soul” too.

Better than before. Reborn and more full of light.

Focus On Self To Open To Love

This is set to be an intense week…

But if you approach these powerful energies with a “can-do” attitude and cleanse out negativity to make room for light, you can move into the next chapter more energized and ready for a cycle of increased closeness.

Focus on yourself, find your inner state of oneness and the rest will follow.

I believe in you!

And as always I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

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